About Kevin Hollister

Kevin Hollister is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Kevin is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Kevin’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Kevin bring your home ownership dreams to life!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Paula G. December 2018
“Professional, quick, accurate documents.”
Roger C. December 2018
“This team goes above and beyond expectations.”
Kevin G. December 2018
“Kevin Hollister is great. Lori Rondon is very thorough, patient and helpful!”
Jon A. December 2018
“They bent over backwards for us.”
Robert S. December 2018
“Homebridge was very hands on and responsive in guiding us through the process.”
Carl D. December 2018
“Kevin and I attend the same church.”
Christopher B. December 2018
“Good contact constant updates. Monica was great to work with. Closed fast! Awesome job Kevin!”
Jerry S. December 2018
“They were professional, detailed, friendly and appreciated this process as if it was very personal to them.”
Bryan W. November 2018
“Extremely accessible and willing to help in every matter.”
Brooke F. October 2018
“There were a number of discrepancies that needed to be pointed out and amended.”
Erin M. October 2018
“Excellent communication, fast responses, easy to understand, close on time without surprises and an overall great experience.”
John N. October 2018
“Explained every detail extremely well.”
Gregory S. October 2018
“Very smooth process and great communication.”
Joshua H. October 2018
“Kevin and his associates took the time to make sure I understood the entire process. They were quick to answer questions, easy to reach and made the process, for a first time home buyer easier than expected.”
Tyler K. October 2018
“Everyone was great to work with and took time to explain everything and made the process easy.”
Erin W. October 2018
“Very personable, efficient and helpful.”
Michael H. October 2018
“Great customer service.”
Matthew L. October 2018
“Personal attention.”
Christopher M. October 2018
“Kevin was always quick to respond and answer any of our questions.”
Jennifer S. September 2018
“Great customer service and fast turn around.”
Antonio S. September 2018
“Great environment and friendly staff.”
Linda I. September 2018
“Accessibility of the personnel. Friendliness, professionalism.”
William G. Aug-18
“They were extremely attentive and friendly, accessible and very "on it"!”
Jason F. Aug-18
“Excellent communication and effort!”
Erin C. Aug-18
“Good, prompt service and answers. Knowledgeable.”
Jason F. August 2018
“Excellent communication and effort!”
Erin C. August 2018
“Good, prompt service and answers. Knowledgeable.”
Jason F. August 2018
“Excellent communication and effort!”
Erin C. August 2018
“Good, prompt service and answers. Knowledgeable.”
Jordan D. June 2018
“Kevin and his team educated us on the entire process and helped us with every step. We appreciated their engagement and attention.”
Jennifer E. June 2018
“It was a very easy and smooth process.”
Nathan P. May 2018
“Prompt responses and closed on time.”
Scott V. April 2018
“The entire staff was outstanding!”
Britni D. April 2018
“Easy and good communication.”
James P. April 2018
“Quick and easy closing! Such great service and wonderful people!!”
John B. April 2018
“You always want the lending process to be smooth and carefree. HomeBridge helped us do that!”
Taylor F. April 2018
“Customer service and communication.”
Christopher C. March 2018
“Easy to work with. Provided lots of information.”
Steven P. March 2018
“Kevin and Julie did an excellent job!”
Qiwei L. March 2018
“Nice job as usual. Ease of doing business as repeat customers.”
Richard T. March 2018
“Extremely professional. Great resource and insight. Great follow-up.”
Clarence M. March 2018
“Very personal experience. They worked with me through the entire process.”
Christopher L. March 2018
“Knowledgeable of all the paperwork.”
Quinten C. March 2018
“Kevin and his team were extremely helpful. Everything was explained in detail and Kevin helped me make the best decision for me and not what netted the loan company the most money. I will 100% use HomeBridge again in the future!”
Robin K. December 2017
“Kevin Hollister, Licensed Loan Partner Julie Osborn and Loan Processor Lori Rondon have been very easy and wonderful to work with through the entire loan process.”
Robert H. December 2017
“Simple process, very timely, professional. No complaints.”
Christina A. December 2017
“Very detailed.”
Mark P. October 2017
“I trust Kevin Hollister. He is very successful and honest man.”
Keith and Darlene W. November 2016
“Kevin was quick to respond, easy to work with and very knowledgeable!”
Gregory and Karen C. November 2016
“Kevin and his team provided excellent service! We are very pleased with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Jose and Iris M. December 2016
“Kevin provided great customer service! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gayland C. September 2017
“Kevin and his team were very professional, friendly and they provided great customer service!”
Kyle M. August 2017
“Kevin was extremely helpful throughout this entire process! ”
Donovan and Lauren S. December 2016
“Kevin has helped us twice and has been great both times! ”
Melissa T. August 2017
“Kevin was very personable and he spent a lot of time explaining the details! ”
Joseph and Christy W. August 2017
“Kevin and his team were very responsive! Kevin has been our Loan Originator for over ten years!”
Patrick and Olga H. July 2017
“Kevin provided very professional and personal service! ”
Robert G. July 2017
“Kevin was very fast, knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you for the fast closing!”
Elaine G. July 2017
“Kevin worked with me on a complicated loan and he communicated well! He was quick to answer questions and to provide accurate information!”
Alise F. July 2017
“Kevin was very efficient and thorough! He provided awesome service! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael D. July 2017
“Kevin was very fast and informative! He made this process easy and flawless! Thank you!”
Robert B. June 2017
“Kevin was very informative and he kept us up to date on the process! Thank you!”
Michael W. May 2017
“Kevin went out of his way to help us with this entire process!  HomeBridge was very easy to work with and very helpful!”
Ryan T. June 2017
“Kevin was very easy to work with!  We would return to HomeBridge again due to the great relationship that we built with this staff!”
William and Pamela B. June 2017
“Kevin and his team were great!  They were very responsive and easy to work with!”
David and Jamie H. June 2017
“I refer clients to HomeBridge all the time and always have a positive experience!  No issues at all!  Thank you!”
Amber H. June 2017
“Kevin was very accommodating and friendly!  He was very professional and provided quick responses!  This is the third time I've worked with Kevin!  Thank you!”
Steven R. May 2017
“Kevin and his staff have always been first class!  I appreciated their willingness to answer my questions at almost any time of the day!”
Jordan P. May 2017
“Kevin made this a very efficient process!  He had a straight forward, organized approach and he handled everything in a very professional manner!  Thank you!”
Robert G. and Tiffany J. May 2017
“Kevin made this process really smooth and took care of our needs as a buyer!  He was great to work with!”
Viviane B. May 2017
“Kevin is a good teacher!  He explained the process to us with a lot of patience!  We felt very comfortable and secure in his hands especially since we are not from the U.S.!  Everyone was so kind and helpful!  We loved the experience and we trust them!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Juan J. May 2017
“Kevin and his team went above and beyond while working with us!  They called frequently to give us updates on the status of our loan and made this process easier!  Thank you!”
Diego and Edwigs A. April 2017
“Kevin provided excellent customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jared M. April 2017
“Kevin was very informative and easy to work with!  He was super accessible when we needed to contact or speak with him!  Everything was great!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David and Paulette C. April 2017
“Kevin is very professional and he has an excellent team!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert D. March 2017
“Kevin was very helpful and efficient throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Grant C. March 2017
“Kevin was extremely helpful answering any questions we had.  He always answered his phone and responded to emails.  We are grateful for how hard he and his team worked for us!”
Animesh B. and Sunmeet S. March 2017
“Kevin and his team provided great knowledge and excellent customer service!”
Arigesta B. February 2017
“Kevin was very professional and informative!  I had all of my questions answered and never felt like I couldn't call and ask anything!  The process was so easy and everyone that I worked with was so professional and kind!  I also appreciated Kevin at the closing for support!  HomeBridge is amazing!”
Richard W. February 2017
“I really appreciated the fast and easy processing!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Scott and Renee M. February 2017
“Kevin provided open and easy communication!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Caitlin H. February 2017
“Kevin and his team were very quick to process and polite!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cheryl and Anthony A. January 2017
“Kevin and his team were easy to work with and they kept us informed at every stage of the process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jackie H. November 2016
“Kevin and his team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly throughout this transaction!  I would like to use HomeBridge again in the future due to this positive experience!”
Brock B. October 2016
“Kevin was extremely professional and easy to work with!  He treated our family great!  We are very thankful for all that he did!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dustin S. October 2016
“Kevin and his team are good people who were a pleasure to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jean B. October 2016
“Kevin was great to work with!  He was always available, even outside of normal work hours.  We had a few issues during the process that Kevin was able to jump in and help resolve.  He was able to provide a letter of purchase without notice on a Saturday afternoon which allowed us to make an offer.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
William and Brenda P. September 2016
“Kevin was very nice and personable throughout this process!  He provided excellent service!”
John S. September 2016
“Kevin was friendly, responsive and prompt!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dana R. August 2016
“Kevin and his team worked with us very closely.  We were kept well informed of everything as it came up.  They answered all of our questions and made excellent recommendations!”
Peter and Amanda D. August 2016
“Kevin was very accommodating and attentive!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Clark and Rebecca D. August 2016
“Kevin was very friendly and helpful!  He explained everything well and was always quick to respond!  I was referred to HomeBridge by a friend and it has been a great experience!  Thank you!”
Jonathan and Emily G. July 2016
“Kevin Hollister was more than efficient and professional!  He was thorough and personally invested in our loan and closing.  We can't recommend him highly enough!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jacob K. June 2016
“This was an extremely easy process!  The service and friendliness was top notch!   I would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future and recommend them to everyone!”
Eric and Cathy R. May 2016
“Kevin and his team were all very professional!  They explained everything clearly and went out of their way to take care of us!  This was such a smooth process and great people to work with!”
Gregory and Colette M. April 2016
“Kevin and everyone we worked with were outstanding from start to finish!”
Tyler and Hannah M. April 2016
“Kevin and his team were all great people to work with!  They were so helpful, timely and thorough!”
Tiffany B. April 2016
“HomeBridge provided amazing customer service.  This was a super fast process in getting our loan under written and closed!  Thank you!”

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