About Kendal Becker

With over 23 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Kendal Becker has built his career on integrity, transparency and securing the funding his clients need. His personal approach to mortgage lending includes listening to his clients needs, wants and goals, then customizing a loan packages that make sense for them – leading to greater satisfaction in the home buying/financing process. This, along with his education (Washington State University BA Business Administration: Accounting/Finance – 1989; Certified Mortgage Planner since 9/2016), decades of experience and industry knowledge, has led to many satisfied homeowners.

Raised in Richland WA since 1967, Kendal makes sure to spend at least 20 hours a week giving back to his community through volunteer work. He understands the local/regional markets and how to best serve residents and buyers in need of home financing solutions. As his client, he will make your homeownership goals his top priority and work on your behalf to reach them.

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Thomas G. May-22
“We were very impressed with Kendal. We have worked with him before and will certainly work with him again in the future if we need another loan.”
Brandi B. May-22
“Kendal Becker has assisted me in my home loan process twice now and he has made my experience as simple, thorough, and stress free as possible! He is greatly appreciated!!”
Tiffany L. May-22
“The whole process was really very smooth. I am self-employed and my fiance works for a family business. I was really happy with how everything went. Kendal Becker actually worked with us for over a year. Answering my questions, helping us to know what to do next to prepare our credit and income. I cannot say enough awesome stuff about him!! I have already recommended him to multiple people. Thank you so much, we are so excited.”
Christopher W. May-22
“Kendal was great to work with. I was uneducated about the process as this is my first home and he informed me of the process and ways to make it painless. Kendal found a program to benefit me and make the loan work for my best interest. If I ever buy another home or need financing in the future Kendal would be my number one choice.”
Marisol D. May-22
“We are so thankful to have gone through homebridge to purchase our first home. Kendal made the whole process as easy as possible for us. He was attentive and always took the time to explain what was going on to us. I will be recommending Kendal and homebridge to my family and friends because our experience was just that amazing. Thank you! ”
David W. Apr-22
“Kendal Becker, was professional, attentive, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to make things go as smoothly as possible. I have used his service's before and would not hesitate to use them again. He did a wonderful job.”
Nina W. Mar-22
“Kendal made the home buying experience as stress free as possible. He was excellent at explaining the process and communicating what was needed to get our loan processed. He responded quickly to questions and was able to get us into our dream home! Thanks!”
Jorge C. Feb-22
“Very professional. Highly recomend!!!”
Lori G. Jan-22
“Kendal Becker made my home buying process so stress free and wonderful. Everything went better than expected and very smooth. Kendal was very knowledgeable and professional in every step of the process. I will highly recommend Kendal Becker to anyone buying a home. ”
Jacob B. Jan-22
“Kendal was incredibly professional and helpful throughout the entire process. Thanks Kendal!”
Kevin L. Dec-21
“Kendal really helped us to buy a house and it am glad that we could work with Kendal. It means alot to us that we got approved. Thanks for everything.”
Michael S. Nov-21
“Kendal did an excellent job with the loan. I would recommend him to any person in need of a home loan. Kendal gave us many options to choose from for finance and a payment plan that worked with our budget I never felt pressured or obligated, just informed to make the best choice for me. I would like to thank Kendal for the work he done and the under standing of our needs.”
Asaul C. Nov-21
“My husband and I were very pleased with Kendall's professionalism and timeliness. He also keep us informed every step of the process.”
Tyler B. Oct-21
“Kendal is a wealth of knowledge and is an absolute joy to work with. He kept us informed at every step of the process and went above and beyond to ensure we had a smooth experience.”
Joaquin S. Sep-21
“Kendal becker did an amazing job throughout the whole process. I was definitely satisfied with him. He made it an ease”
Graciela G. Sep-21
“Kendal Becker was very professional in all aspects of my home loan. He went over and beyond the expectations to help me purchase a home. I will definitely consider Homebridge in the future and refer Kendal and Homebridge to my family & friends. Again, thank you to Kendal and Homebridge for the amazing and stressless experience.”
Anna C. Aug-21
“Kendall was great to work with and readily available to answer any questions we had. I would work with him again in the future if needed.”
Tammy L. Aug-21
“I wouldn't have been able to even consider getting a home if it wasn't for Kendal Becker assisting me with improving my credit score.”
Ricardo R. Aug-21
“Our experience with Kendal was very great. Very knowledgeable and explained everything with great detail. I will definitely refer him to friends and family. The entire Homebridge team was excellent in making our home buying experience smooth. Thank you.”
Adrian M. Jul-21
“Very please with Kendal. He is very efficient & friendly, gets the job done quickly.”
Edith Z. Jul-21
“We have nothing but excellent things to say about Kendal. As first time home buyers we had questions from the very beginning of the process to the very end. Buying our first home felt like a very intimidating process but Kendal made sure to help us every step of the way. Kendal was readily available to answer all of our questions and explain all of the details necessary to move forward with our home buying process. Kendal is a wealth of knowledge and made our home buying process very straightforward. We look forward to working with Kendal again in the future.”
Roberto O. May-21
“Kendal was outstanding. He responded quickly and even after hours to our questions. He was knowledgeable, professional, and always prepared. I will be recommending him to everyone we know.”
Duane H. Apr-21
“Kendal was great. Very professional and informative. The process was smooth fast”
Amy F. Mar-21
“Quick, easy, stress free, and excellent service. I never felt uninformed or oit of the loop it was an exceptional experience and will be a return customer.”
Jose G. Feb-21
“This is the 2nd time Kendal has helped me. Each time he was very helpful and gave me lots of options to choose from. He is very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend him.”
Lori F. Jan-21
“Kendall was timely, professional, and we appreciated how frequently and throughly he communicated with us through the process.”
Jared T. Jan-21
“Kendal Becker was recommended by a friend. Everything in my friend's glowing review was spot on. Kendal is very thorough and a great communicator. I've already recommended him and Homebridge twice and will continue to do so. I am beyond satisfied with the services we received. 10 out of 10 for sure.”
Karl G. Jan-21
“I met Kendal Becker when he was working for Homebridge financial. He is a dedicated professional that any person would feel secure and comfortable dealing with. I'm very happy with Kendal Becker.”
Charles G. Dec-20
“Kendal was awesome. He made the process east to understand and kept me up to date on everything. Plus he was super friendly and very helpful!!!”
Joseph T. Nov-20
“Great communication very happy with all processes”
Jordan S. Nov-20
“Kendal is amazing. He addressed all of our needs in a timely manner and was always willing to help. Kendal ensured we had all of documents in order before they were needed so that there was no stress or rush on our end. We are very happy we found Kendal to help us and have already recommended him to anyone needing a new loan. In fact one of out family members started using him for their home buying process and are extremely glad they switched loan providers because of it.”
Patrick J. Nov-20
“Kendal was very attentative with every aspect of our loan. Quick with responses to our questions.”
Brian C. Nov-20
“Our experience with Homebridge Financial was amazing! Kendal Becker was very informative and kept us in the loop during the whole process. Always answered our questions! I will recommend this company and agent always. Thank you for an amazing process!”
Heidi J. Oct-20
“Kendal was very kind yet professional. He seemed very knowledgeable and made the whole process extremely easy. I don't recall 1 hiccup other than the sale of our house not happening on time but that was on the other end of things. I ended up not even shopping around, as Kendal was so easy to work with.”
Carrie A. Sep-20
“Kendal was very thorough and honest.”
Noe M. Sep-20
“Kendal is amazing. He helped us when we bought our home and now with our refinance. He is always helpful and knowledgeable. I have referred him to people we know and will continue to do so.”
Jay B. Sep-20
“Thank you Kendal Becker for your professional insight and service guiding us through the process to purchase our new home! You made the process very simple with your excellent knowledge and communication with us. It's much appreciated!”
Richard R. Aug-20
“Kendal was very thorough, helped us understand our refinance through the entire process, and always kept us updated on any changes. We will definitely be using Kendal and Homebridge again for any of our financing needs in the future.”
Nasser D. Jul-20
“He is the most responsive person I ever worked with. On time,on the target, and all the time.”
Daniel T. Jun-20
“Kendal Becker was great to work with and made buying my first home very pleasant. I highly recommend him!”
SUSAN L. May-20
“Wonderful process, he was easy to work with. Would recommend him as often as possible.”
RODGER P. Apr-20
“We have worked with Kendal in the past and will continue coming to him for our financing needs. He is incredibly professional, prompt and ethical. He over delivers every time.”
“As I said, Kendal was a gift. He made the process painless and kept me apprised if everything. He also reminded me promptly to get required paperwork in when I was lagging behind to keep the process on track.”
COLTON M. Dec-19
“Kendal is very friendly and seems very knowledgeable. Several times Kendal worked far outside of the hours I would have expected of him such as late at night and on Sunday to address my needs. I felt that Kendal kept my best interests in mind throughout the loan process.”
AN D. Dec-19
“very friendly and nice.”

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