About Kelly Williamson

Kelly Williamson works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. His commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Kelly knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for his clients. With this, Kelly brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Kelly’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

“Kelly Williamson was very responsive and accommodating. Thank you for all your help!”
Brandon T. Oct-19
“Great process and develop a friendship”
Christopher D. Sep-19
“Kelly was great and very helpful every step of my process”
Jarcelynn H. December 2018
“Responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy service.”
Kevin G. December 2018
“Great follow up and patience.”
Jerrold H. December 2018
“The loan originator was very knowledgeable and responsive to any requests that I had and or with respect to resolving any issues.”
Ladonna W. December 2018
“Thorough and efficient with great customer service.”
Maria H. November 2018
“Very professional.”
Gina S. November 2018
“The process was so quick and the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.”
Stephanie D. October 2018
“Every person I interfaced with was awesome. I felt they bent over backwards to ensure my loan sped through the process. Kelly, Sharon, Tommy and whoever I didn't see made a great team.”
Rucila P. October 2018
“Homebridge team is always ready to assist. They are all easy to deal with.”
Olaseinde A. September 2018
“Very detailed service received.”
Hamid E. June 2018
“They do their best to get the work done professionally and answering questions.”
Sonia S. June 2018
“Very nice and very welcoming.”
Donya M. June 2018
“They were very patient with me.”
Conrad B. June 2018
“The team was very diligent in keeping us abreast of each step of the process and always made themselves available for any of our questions or concerns.”
Kalita W. May 2018
“It was a very smooth process. They were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!”
Sundia G. March 2018
“Word of mouth was consistent with my experience of timing, communication and efficiency.”
Eric S. January 2018
“Kelly was an awesome team lead. Everyone was professional and polite. Great experience.”
Christian W. December 2017
“She was very nice and very patient with me.”
Alexandra O. December 2017
“Kelly is amazing! He will go above and beyond to assist you.”
Pamela D. December 2017
“They (HomeBridge) were very effective. They were able to get me approved in the past when no one was able to get my approved for a home. ”
Nicole F. December 2017
“Kelly and team were very informative and helpful throughout the entire process.”
Anita L. November 2017
“Caring, helpful staff. Very professional ethics and outstanding communication with customers. They were patient and accommodating throughout the financial transaction.”
Paullen F. October 2017
“Happy and very clear.”
Sherry R. September 2017
“Kelly and his team were so helpful and pleasant! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Chinemeze I. September 2017
“HomeBridge provided excellent service and personnel! Keep up the good work!”
Mario M. August 2017
“Kelly and his team provided wonderful, spot on service! Don't change a thing!”
Nicholas P. May 2017
“Kelly and his team made me feel comfortable to ask anything that I didn't understand.  I could reach out to them at any time and they were all good people to work with!”
Octavia and Germaine S. May 2017
“I immediately felt comfortable with Kelly's approach.  The made the process absolutely wonderful!  I will always remember the outstanding service that she provided!  Every moment of every interaction with any representative has been incredible!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tearra H. May 2017
“Kelly provided a very seamless and great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Chinemeze I. May 2017
“Kelly and his team provided excellent customer service!”
Delroy H. April 2017
“Kelly was extremely helpful to me and very professional throughout the process!  I would like to do business with HomeBridge again in the future!  Thank you!”
Channa W. March 2017
“Kelly was very patient and he explained everything in detail.  It was a very pleasant process!  Keep up the exceptional customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Vera C. March 2017
“Kelly is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Braxton S. March 2017
“Kelly was very friendly and easy to work with!  He was easy to reach and very personable!”
Rommani E. February 2017
“Kelly was very professional and efficient!  I like the promptness and the personal service.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David G. January 2017
“Kelly and his team were all helpful and professional!  I had a very pleasant experience at HomeBridge!”
Richard and Marechal E. January 2017
“Kelly provided experience, knowledge and kindness during the process of our refinance!  Not once did we not receive a call, text or email when we needed to.  Kelly was always available to help!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Javon C. December 2016
“Kelly and his staff were straight forward and they communicated well! And most of all, they got the job done!”
Maxine and Clive A. November 2016
“Kelly was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout this entire process! We were extremely pleased him! We would return to HomeBridge again based on the knowledge of the HomeBridge staff and their responsiveness!”
Tamar S. November 2016
“Kelly was extremely helpful with all information and questons throughout this process!”
Audrey B. September 2016
“Kelly was very professional and he provided excellent customer service from beginning to end!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sharonda A. September 2016
“Kelly provided prompt follow up and great customer service!  He was very knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions!  I had an exceptional experience at HomeBridge!  Keep on doing what you do!  Great job!  Thank you!”
Riven D. September 2016
“Kelly was very professional and helpful throughout this entire process!  He really wanted to help us and to make sure that we were happy with the mortgage process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tamara E. September 2016
“Kelly provided exceptional services!  He was responsive and he exceeded all expectations!  He got the job done when other lenders could not!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Marian and Nnaemeka C. August 2016
“Kelly and his team provided great service!  They guided us through each step of this process!  They were very friendly and professional!”
Bradley B. August 2016
“Kelly was very responsive to all questions and concerns and he was always accessible.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cory and Jodie C. July 2016
“Kelli provided excellent customer service!  He was available at our convenience which is great for Military families and working couples.  We will absolutely use HomeBridge from now on!  They provided good rates and excellent customer service!  Don't change a thing!”
BreAnna A. July 2016
“Kelly was awesome to work with!  He was very helpful, trustworthy and knowledgeable throughout the process!  I have already recommended others to HomeBridge and will continue to do so!”
Zabrina L. October 2015
“Kelly was very helpful and willing to listen.  He really went above and beyond to help us!  He did a great job!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Evelyn F. June 2016
“Kelly and his team provided excellent customer service!  They continuously exhibited concern for me as I progressed through the home buying process.  I really liked the access to electronic document services!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Angela and Ferdinand O. June 2016
“Kelly and his team were very precise, prompt and helpful!   This was a very good experience for us!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Georgia W. May 2016
“Kelly worked quickly and efficiently in processing my loan.  He maintained great communication throughout the process.  The customer service I received was great and everything was done in a timely and professional manner!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Angella S. October 2015
“Kelly was so patient, supportive and available during this process.  I was so happy with Kelly and HomeBridge that I would not go anywhere else for my loan needs!  Keep up the wonderful work!”
Reginald W. May 2016
“Kelly was very professional and knowledgeable of the process.  He kept us very informed throughout this transaction!  I felt really comfortable and was given extreme details with this first time home purchase.  I felt a family setting during all of my communications!  HomeBridge did a great job!  Keep up the good work!”
Cleo G. May 2016
“Kelly was very attentive, professional and responsive throughout this process!”
Wesley and Maria C. May 2016
“Kelly and his team were very knowledgeable and easy to contact.  Everyone involved was so easy to work with.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Andrea I. November 2015
“Kelly was very helpful and professional throughout this process.  His professionalism and knowledge of the industry is awesome!  He made this process smooth and painless!”
Latrell B. November 2015
“Kelly and the HomeBridge team were exceptional to all of my needs during this process.  They were always very attentive and paid such attention to detail.  I am very grateful for their assistance!”
David W. May 2016
“Kelly and her team provided outstanding service and communication throughout the process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cassandra S. January 2016
“Kelly and everyone at HomeBridge were very friendly,  knowledgeable and great to work with.    It felt like I met new friends!  Great Job!”
Rahsaan H. Baltimore, MD
“I have been in my new home for almost two months and I want to take the time out to personally thank Mr. Kelly Williamson and the greatest mortgage loan team on the planet for making my dream a reality. Without them, owning a home at this time could not be possible and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. When the "big" mortgage company denied my loan and I was ready to give up, Kelly and his team reached out and beyond to get my mortgage approved. They also went the extra mile, were completely honest, walked me through the entire process, and made sure I was satisfied. Without a doubt, Kelly Williamson and Homebridge Financial is the company to use when financing a home.”
Ebony MD
“I prayed and hoped to own a home one day, and after a few bad encounters, I was introduced to one of the friendliest men in real estate. To be honest, he held my hand throughout this process as if we'd known each other for years. His staff was just as great. If there were any questions or concerns day or night, he took time out to speak to me. I don't think I could have done this without him. As a single mom with 4 kids, he made this experience in my life one of the best. You don't meet too many people these days with your best interest in mind, but I'm glad I met him. Kelly, you are truly a great business man and I'm glad I was blessed with your presence. From my family to yours, we thank you.”
Sharnetta Baltimore, MD
“I would like to thank Kelly for helping me purchase my home ! After getting the run-around from two separate banks, Kelly was able to step in and assist me! Kelly was very knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend Kelly if you are shopping for a home mortgage. Kelly gave me exceptional and outstanding professional service during the purchase of my home. Thanks again!”
Chika and Linda O. Randallstown, MD
“My wife and I are the newest home owners in town. Kelly is awesome and a great professional.He was with us through every step we took toward approving our loan. His advice, instructions, teachings, and information were perfect, and always on time. He worked beyond his official work hours just to help us through it all. I will always refer clients to him at anytime.Thank you once again, Kelly.”
Tam and Sam B. Baltimore, MD
“My husband and I just purchased our home a month ago, thanks to Kelly. We went to two loan companies before we meet with Kelly. He has been working with us for the past six months. He took the time to come out and meet with us. Whether it was early morning or late night, I would call him. Kelly would always call me back. We really appreciate that Kelly; his management team took the time to address questions pertaining to our loan. Kelly treated us like family and was always patient and professional. Kelly worked very diligently to get our loan processed. I could tell that he loves what he does and he cares about his clients. Thank you, Kelly, for all your hard work. We will send referrals!”
Charnice Randallston, MD
“I am now a homeowner thanks to Kelly. I've been trying to purchase for a couple of years, and he has been there every step of the way. He is amazing and a true blessing, I didn't think I would be purchasing this soon. He was with me every step of the way and kept me informed on any new program that was being offered. He always made himself available for any questions I came up with and always had an answer. I give him 10 stars!”
Katrina Owings Mills, MD
“I was introduced to the wonderful Kelly Williamson by the best Realtor in Maryland, Eugene Elias. I found my dream home, and Kelly made it happened less then 45 days. Kelly worked with me while spending time with his family. He worked with me during all hours, never hesitating, pushing me through this process. With the help of Kelly, I'm so proud that I went from the worst student in the class to the Dean's list in his words. I owe you the world. Thanks always for making my dream come true.”
Sharnice Washington, DC
“I have had a great experience with HomeBridge . My lender, Kelly, is awesome and he has been a great help with getting me financed and finding programs that could be used to purchase a home. I have been blessed to have a lender like Kelly. I have been dealing with him for over 3 years, and he has always checked on me to see if I was ready to purchase when I had to put things on hold. I could not ask for a better lender with excellent customer service.”
Zina P. Baltimore, MD
“I am currently a homeowner and was nervous, but interested in refinancing my home. My God-sister referred Kelly Williamson and his staff to me. During the process, Kelly assured me that he would assist me every step of the way. Kelly and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I appreciate all the time, effort and patience Kelly spent while developing my loan. If you are in search of a home / refinancing Mortgage Loan Originator, you have found your guy. Kelly, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done!”
Carla Pikesville, MD
“I couldn't be more satisfied with Kelly and his team at HomeBridge. I am a first time home buyer doing a full 203(k) loan. Kelly was available to answer all my questions, day and night, throughout the entire process and even after. Kelly and his team come highly recommended.”
Renee Baltimore, MD
“I was referred to Mr. Kelly by my home ownership counselor. Working with Mr. Kelly was a Godsend. He walked me through the process at every step. Any problems that I encountered, he was able to help me overcome them. He treated me as though I was his only client at the time. If I had any questions, he made sure he fully explained the answers to me until I had a definite understanding. Working with Mr. Kelly, I was able to relax and know that I was in great hands. He is very hands-on with each and every one of his clients. I would, without a doubt, recommend Mr. Kelly to anyone I know that is ready to purchase a home. That's how confident I am in Mr. Kelly. I thank God for Mr. Kelly he was truly a blessing to me. If I had to do it all over again, he would definitely be my first choice!”
Marlo Baltimore, MD
“Kelly and his staff are the best at what they do. They helped me with the purchase of my first home, and it was an awesome experience.”
Camille District Heights, MD
“I was 27 years old and did not know anything about buying a home. Kelly significantly helped me during the entire process. He was very informative and walked me through every step with detailed reasons as to why we were taking that step. Being a first time home buyer, I was a little nervous, but Kelly made me feel comfortable and was very easy to talk to. He was always available whenever I had a question. I highly recommend Kelly to work with!”
Thomas D. Parkville, MD
“I'm a 28 year-old black male who was looking to complete my first major home purchase. I started out with another mortgage company  and found there was some difficulty. I decided to no longer work with them and was referred to Kelly by a Realtor. Working with Kelly. I found everything to go smoothly. He was very professional, informative and detailed every step of the process, with his experience and knowledge. Most importantly, he responded to my calls and messages right away. That meant the most to me because buying a home can be very stressful at times, and the last thing you want to deal with is inadequate communication. With Kelly, that didn't exist. We're still in contact to this day, months after I bought the house. I highly recommended Kelly!”
Shana Waldorf, MD
“I refinanced my home this month and from the first day until settlement, Kelly was there every step of the way. I was pleased with my rate and service received from Kelly and his team. Any questions, concerns, thoughts, advice... Kelly was there. Always providing superb service and very prompt. I would recommend Kelly to anyone whether it is a first time home buy, refinance, second home, vacation home.. whatever the case, Kelly is my loan originator recommendation. He is very knowledgeable in the business and it shows. I felt like he was my friend versus me being just another client; he cares about his clients and it shows. Kelly is truly extraordinary. Many Many Many Thanks!”
Elonda Upper Marlboro, MD
“Thanks to Kelly and his exceptional service, I am a confident first-time homeowner. Kelly was very patient with me as I bombarded him with questions on a regular basis about the home buying process and all the unexpected hurdles we encountered along the way. Throughout the months we worked together, he educated me on organizing my finances, raising my credit score, and the details of acquiring and maintaining a mortgage. I can say, without a doubt, if it was not for Kelly and his late nights dedicated to his clients like me, I would not be a homeowner today. Thank you Kelly for being my Superman”
R. Reynolds Upper Marlboro, MD
“Kelly was relentless in ensuring the success of my loan. We hit some snags, however he worked tirelessly to make sure that we were able to finish the process. If it were not for his perseverance, I would not have been able to purchase my home. I appreciate everything that he and his team did to help me with my new home!!! Thanks Kelly!”
Dwayne Randallstown, MD
“Kelly gave exceptional and outstanding professional services to my family and me while assisting us with purchasing our home. We inquired about purchasing a home many years before we actually did it. He gave us very useful advice and told us what we had to do to make becoming a home owner actually happen. He is very knowledgeable and willing to work hard, long hours in assisting us with what we needed. We are so grateful for all of his and his team's work throughout the process. Thank you so much Kelly and REMN! ”
Zina Baltimore, MD
“I am a first time home buyer, who didn't know where to start nor whom to talk to about a mortgage loan with a grant attached. One call to Kelly and he was there to assist me with exceptional services. I called Kelly asking thousands of question and he showed outstanding professionalism answering them all. Thanks to Kelly and REMN I'm a home owner. If I ever buy another home Kelly will be the first person I call. Thank you Kelly for your time and your patience! ”
Antonio Baltimore, MD
“I started the process of purchasing a home in May of 2012. I anticipated a long process maybe a year or more but in two months I was ready to go to choose a loan company. I had to search for the right person with the knowledge, tenacity and perseverance to close my loan. I researched two companies, but when I talked to Mr. Kelly Williamson I knew my search was over. Mr. Kelly said he could close my loan in 30 days and he did. I was in my home before Thanksgiving 2012. Thank God for Kelly Williamson and his team at REMN. If you are looking for a loan closer give KELLY WILLIAMSON a call!”
Angela Baltimore, MD
“I was a second time home buyer that had a previous foreclosure; so I wasn't sure what to expect when I was ready to buy again. Kelly worked with me and the process went a lot smoother than I thought. Everything he said would happen, happened, so there were no surprises. Kelly was very knowledgeable and personable and I would recommend him to anybody. ”
Suzanne Reisterstown, MD
“I am homeowner who was interested in refinancing my home to take advantage of the current low interest rates. I was referred to Kelly Williamson by a friend whom he had just worked with in the purchase of her new home. During the refinancing process, Kelly was always available to answer any questions that I had and ensured that I received the best interest rate possible for refinancing. With Kelly”
Ruben Randallstown, MD
“This was my very first home purchase. I can testify that having Kelly as my loan officer was truly a blessing to my family. He is professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. There were a few rough spots in the purchase of my home; however, he was able to navigate us through those rough areas with precise skill. I recommend Kelly without hesitation to anyone looking to finance his or her next home. He and his team work for the best interest of their client from start to finish. Thanks again Kelly!”
Yveatte Gwyn Oaks, MD
“I want to start by saying, Kelly, you are your mission statement! I was a first time home buyer and I started the process of buying my home against ALL odds. Kelly first said to me, "If you do everything I tell you to do, you will be a home owner!" With that said, I am a home owner. ”
Henry Catonsville, MD
“Thank you for your exceptional service. We appreciate your time and finding us a great rate on our new home. ”
Robin Baltimore, MD
“Kelly worked as my lender when I recently purchased my first home. It was a pleasure working Kelly! He was very knowledgeable with a lot of different grants that I was eligible for, which was a great help because I did not have to come out of my pocket at all for closing costs. It was great working with Kelly and I would recommend everyone to contact him when ready to purchase a home!!”
Deon Randallstown, MD
“I recently worked with Kelly to purchase my home. He was extremely helpful. Kelly kept me informed every step of the way and always answered all of my questions. It was a pleasure doing business with him!”
Lisa Laurel, MD
“I worked with Kelly to refinance my home and was quite amazed with how low my rate was and how quick the whole process was. It was a pleasure working with him and I now have my sister working with him to buy her first home. Exceptional customer service goes a long way. Thank you Kelly!”
Enimini Beltsville, MD
“Thanks to Kelly Williamson my wife and I have become first-time homeowners! He consistently proved himself to be professional, punctual, and prepared for everything needed. I appreciated him availing himself beyond his 8 to 5 work hours, and ensuring that our loan was processed quickly. He addressed questions we've had concerning our escrow, questionable letters, and taxes on our property....and for all that I say, THANK YOU!”
Theresa & Charles Captial Heights, MD
“We just want to thank Kelly for helping us to purchase our first home. We really appreciate that Kelly took the time after hours to address questions pertaining to our loan. We had to vacate our apartment by the end of the month, and Kelly worked very diligently to get our loan processed. God bless you and we can not thank you enough. We will send referrals!”
Tyra Randallstown, MD
“My husband and I just purchased our first home a few months ago, thanks to Kelly. He has been working with us for the past 3 years. He has educated us about managing our finances, how to raise our credit scores, and everything else we needed to know about purchasing a home. Best of all he got us a really low interest rate. Whether its early morning or late night, Kelly has always kept us updated about any new information he had for us. This man is awesome! Kelly treated us like family and was always diligent, patient, and professional. He even called months after we bought our home just to say hello and happy birthday to me. Thank you Kelly for sticking with us. Gotta love this guy. ”

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