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You must be looking for home financing. I can help with that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Ryan L. Feb-22
“Kelly and her team are true professionals, they were quick to answer any questions, comments or concerns I had. Kelly was also very good at explaining things in a way that I could understand. I will be using them for all my home financial needs in the future.”
Paul W. Feb-22
“Very responsive and great follow-up on all details.”
Sere P. Feb-22
“Great experience- open, transparent communication through the entire process. Available to answer every question, concern, comment I had at any given time. Would definitely use again!”
Laura S. Dec-21
“Kelly is extremely informative and thorough. She took her time with us so we really understood our various options and scenarios. She seemed to genuinely care about making sure we got the home loan we needed. Honestly, I feel she went above and beyond - staying later on calls and making sure we got locked into our rates. Very patient, very kind, very warm, and extremely smart. We feel lucky to have been able to work with Kelly on this loan and have learned a lot from her in the process.”
Cristopher V. Dec-21
“Kelly brown-hagler is a fantastic loan officer. Very reliable, understanding, takes her time to get her point across. I would definitely recommend anyone to come and work with her so they can have the same great or better experience that i had.”
Eva F. Oct-21
“I have worked with Kelly Brown-Hagler and her staff and it has always been a wonderful experience. They are helpful and have always kept me informed as we going through the process. I give them the highest recommendation.”
Arameh A. Sep-21
“Hagler family and their team are the best even above the best”
PETER J. Sep-21
“Thanks Mark and Kelly. Really appreciate the effort and great results.”
Claymon V. Sep-21
“We would like to thank Kelly and Mark and their team for the smooth transaction. They are very helpful and knowledgeable with the process. As a first time home buyer they make it a breeze on acquiring our loan and our first home.”
Scott J. Aug-21
“The Hagler team is always a delight to work with! Professional, polished, and poised throughout the process with a sense of urgency that is refreshing. We are so pleased to have Kelly's guidance throughout such a complex process!”
Gustavo M. Aug-21
“Thank you for the great help and support through the transaction.”
Cante S. Jul-21
“We were so happy to work with such a competent group from Homebridge. I will be using them in the future when needed. Great job team! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Cheers!”
Mary Beth M. Jul-21
“Kelly is over and above amazing in every way. She helps with any unexpected hiccups and explains things in an easy to understand format where she makes you feel informed and a partner in the process!”
Cassandra F. Jul-21
“You and your Team are amazing, I know that I have made friends for a life time! Sincerely, Cass”
Richard C. Jul-21
“The entire process as professional, quality, honest and an overall great experience. I will proudly recommend them to friends and family. In fact I want my son to refi his residence to him. My daughter that assisted me in the documentation has recommended them.”
Kerrie C. Apr-21
“Love Kelly!!! Best originator”
Wayne P. Apr-21
“Kelly Brown-Hagler is the best, that's why we came back as returning customers. Trying to get refinance done with limitations brought on by COVID, Kelly made it very easy and clear. I was able to drop off my personal financial documents at her home, when I was initially having problems uploading PDF docs on my computer. She made it very convenient to do so, which helped facilitate the loan app. Thank you so much to Kelly making the loans happen, did a GREAT job for us, as she answered any and all my questions and got it done! Our best to all who helped us at Homebridge as I know there were other players, who worked as a team, they were great to work with as well. Anne & Wayne P.”
Hannah S. Mar-21
“Kelly is professional, fast, accurate and extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for such a smooth transaction.”
MANUEL P. Mar-21
“I have been working with Kelly and Mark since I bought the house, and always have been the better option on my list. I like to work with Kelly and Mark because of the time to respond, always have an answer for my several questions, and explain to me the difference and get better options to compare to 4 to 5 lenders I am working in the time of refinancing. Thanks.”
Jennifer D. Mar-21
“Had a great experience, Kelly was responsive and easy to work with.”
Gregory A. Feb-21
“Mark was very informative and developed a rapport with me that was supported by his good work.”
Alexandre R. Feb-21
“Kelly and her team helped us to get the loan on our house over two years ago and we trusted them to get the job done regarding the refinancing as well. We were not disappointed. Thank Kelly, Pam and Mark for a job well done. I already recommended their services to two people. Thank you.”
ARIANE K. Jan-21
“I was quite pleased with the process of financing with Kelly at Homebridge. As someone new to purchasing a home, it was nice to feel I could ask questions and trust I would get a full answer (even if it took me a while to completely understand the complexity). The only problems that arose were due to the pandemic and completely out of the control of anyone. I am overall quite happy.”
Anne Claire R. Jan-21
“Homebridge has helped us get our first home. Kelly and her team have been there for us since day 1. They did everything that they can to make sure that we get approved and finally close in on our dream of owning a house. Highly recommended!”
Jorge E. Dec-20
“Thank you!”
Denise L. Dec-20
“I have & will continue to recommend Kelly Brown-Hagler and Homebridge to my family & friends for their mortgage needs. ”
Troy H. Dec-20
“Kelly and Mark were very professional and helpful”
Robert F. Dec-20
“Kelly and the team are extremely knowledgeable, patient, efficient, and available. We put in offers for 7 homes (6/7 we lost in bidding wars) and they came through every time. We appreciated the gentle reminders for updating our docs as needed to stay current. When we were down to the wire on offers, the loan documentation from HomeBridge always came through. Thank you! We couldn't have done this without the Hagler Team! We're now in our forever home.”
Carl S. Dec-20
“Through our time with Homebridge we did a re-finance and closed on a new home within a few months. We have had an outstanding experience with Kelly and her team. I would definitely recommend to others.”
Diana A. Dec-20
“Great person to work with, explains everything in detail”
Julian K. Nov-20
“I had a very satisfying experience with Kelly and Mark and their team. They were very responsive to our questions and kept us update on the loan progress. They even worked over the weekend to make things happen. We really appreciate all the hard work they completed for us and would highly recommend them and of course use them again if we needed.”
David J. Nov-20
“Fantastic team, keep up the great work!”
Jamie C. Nov-20
“Kelly and Team Hagler always knock it out of the park in meeting our mortgage needs both personally and professionally as I am involved in real estate sales. The team members are all fully dialed in with the loan process and able to jump to answer any question in a timely fashion, our loans are often a little more complex due to self employment but I never feel stressed about the process. Would highly recommend Team Hagler and HomeBridge Financial!”
Scott C. Nov-20
“Team Hagler has always been extremely responsive and very professional. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again!”
Gloria D. Nov-20
“Will never work with anyone else!”
Tyler P. Nov-20
“Thanks for everything, Kelly. It was great to work with you again.”
C G. Nov-20
“Kelly and Mark are great to work with. They explain the loan options and lay out what to expect during the process. All through the process they and their team kept me informed so there were no surprises and I never had to reach out. This was a very hassle feee experience on what can be a challenging time, I was at ease they would handle every step professionally and exceeded my expectations. Thanks team!!”
“Team Hagler was very Professional, fast and efficient in their business dealings. They were very patient with me as I was a first time homebuyer. I sensed a good and kind heart amidst our correspondence, I am very grateful as they home buying experience a dream. More Power and Blessings to Team Hagler. Special Thanks to Pam Lawless .”
Karissa D. Oct-20
“Kelly was very knowledgeable and helpful to a first time home buyer. She took the time to explain the process and go over our unique situation.”
Anne G. Sep-20
“Kelly, along with Pamela and Cynthia on her team have been great to work with....again. I was a satisfied customer 5 years ago and am more than satisfied now. Have recommended them to others already. Thank you!”
Laura M. Aug-20
“Kelly is amazing. I can't say enough about her; she is professional, courteous kind, caring, and goes beyone her duties as an exceptional person does. Kelly is a total asset to your company, and an awesoem human being.”
Brittany A. Aug-20
“Kelly and her team were AMAZING! As first time home buyers they made the process smooth and somewhat enjoyable actually! Kelly was so informative and was really into helping us understand our options. It was so great to work with someone who really seemed to care about us.”
Todd W. Jun-20
“Kelly was great. A true pro.”
ALISON F. May-20
“My husband and I greatly value the personal touch that Kelly and Mark Hagler bring to this process. They have been very responsive and helpful in answering all of our questions and delivering the financing that meets our needs. Thank you!”
“The entire team was absolutely fantastic.”
APRIL D. Apr-20
“You all were Awesome!!!!”
JOSEPH S. Dec-19
“Kelly and Mark were fantastic! I couldn't ask for a better team of lenders and professionals to work with on my condo refi in San Francisco. They were attentive , detailed , and thorough throughout the process. I was made aware of all of my options and they were looking out for my best interests from the very beginning. I am in the Real Estate industry and know so many lenders and they definitely will get future business from me going forward. They put me first, not THEM. Mark made it clear to find the lowest rate possible and explained all of the necessary steps needed to accomplish our goal within our target timeline. He made it about it as pain free as one could ask for as it was not an easy refi given the rental ratio in my condo building. In short, it EXCEEDED my expectations and was a great holiday gift. I am saving money on my rental payment (cash positive ) and pulled cash out at the same time! Thank you Mark!”
“Kelly and her team are the best loan team I know!”
CASEY C. Nov-19
“Mark and his team were excellent. Very responsive and made the process easy. Really appreciate the communication and visibility.”
Ronald L. Oct-19
“I believe Kelly Brown-Hagler worked very hard to keep this loan process moving forward.”
LUCAS W. Sep-19
“Kelly and Mark are the best in the business. My 4th loan thru them always a pleasure.”

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