About Kelli Halvorson

Kelli Halvorson began her career in the mortgage industry in 2005. Her years of experience, combined with her knowledge of the local market, means she’s able to provide her customers with the knowledge they need to successfully obtain a home loan. Kelli maintains an honest, straightforward approach with her clients, and is passionate about helping them achieve their dream of homeownership. She prides herself on guiding them through the loan process smoothly, with the ultimate goal of a simple and painless closing.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Michael N. Sep-20
“Kelli made the process very easy and kept me informed all the way through until closing. She was always available and knew the answer to every question I had. I don't think I would have been able to get the home I did with how competitive the market is had I gone with a big bank over working with Kelli.”
Jimmy Y. Aug-20
“Kelli is awesome! We had issues with one particular notary getting the docs wrong... not homebridge's fault. Once we got that corrected the closing went fine”
Lynn L. Aug-20
“Kelli was absolutely amazing to work with - I could not imagine someone more competent and communicative.”
Virginia F. Aug-20
“I am a REALTOR and I only recommend Kelli for any buyer business I have. My only frustration had nothing to do with Kelli or Homebridge. I am a self-employed individual so I had to provide additional stuff. Kelli is, in my opinion as a 35 year REALTOR, one of the best I've ever worked with.”
SHAWN P. 20-Apr
“As I said many times, Kelli is the best. We are grateful for her hard work on our behalf and hope to be able to work with her again on any future mortgage needs. Thanks Kelli.”
ISAAC F. 20-Apr
“She is an absolute superstar!”
“Kelli was great. Very responsive and communicated constantly. Felt very confident in her knowledge and ability.”
Tiffany F. Sep-19
“Kelli has been fabulous to work with. She has provided (3) loans for us over the last few years and she has been fantastic. She's incredibly responsive, timely and knowledgeable. I really enjoy working with her.”
Faye H. Sep-19
“Kelli is terrific to work with. Could not ask for better. She is always on top of this gs and kept me well informed each step of the way.”
Philip B. April-19
“Kelli, is the ultimate professional! I have recommended her several times and everyone is always please. She genuinely cares about me as a client and works hard to help. Can't speak more highly of someone to work with.”
Stephen D. April-19
“Kelli is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. She went out of her way to answer my many questions quickly and verified I understood the process at every step. Highly recommend.”
Jesse M. May-19
“Kelli did an outstanding job. Overall a very pleasant experience.”
Dennis R. April-19
“She is everything you could ask for through the whole process. Whatever she did not know she got the answers. She is the best”
Danielle N. October 2018
“They're great!”
Jessica C. September 2018
“They kept us very informed throughout the process.”
Bradford H. September 2018
“Kelli is a pleasure to work with!”
Isis A. June 2018
“Excellent customer service!”
Dennis R. April 2018
“Always been very good.”
Alexandra M. March 2018
“Kelli is the best! She was always available to answer all of our questions and couldn't have been better!”
Bradford H. and Megan R. August 2017
“Kelli is wonderful! She provided good, personal customer service! This was another good experience at HomeBridge!”
Melvin S. June 2017
“Kelli was very friendly, professional and detailed.  I enjoyed working with her very much!  This was done out of state and I am so happy with the process!  Kelli rocks! Keep up the great work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mathieu V. June 2017
“Kelli was very resourceful and she explored several options for our unique situation.  She was very responsive, timely, informative and knowledgeable!  Based on this experience, we would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future!”
Joshua B. April 2017
“Working with Kelli was a great experience!  She explained the process and made it seamless!  I have already recommended her to friends and family!  We plan to use Kelli and HomeBridge for all future transactions!”
Manju K. February 2017
“Kelli was always prompt in returning phone calls.  She was always very helpful and knowledgeable!  I am very satisfied with the service that HomeBridge provided!”
Michael F. January 2017
“We had a very informative and pleasant experience at HomeBridge!  We are very pleased with the service that we received!   Thank you!”
Anthony and Patricia L. October 2016
“Kelli was very informative, responsive, proactive, kind and friendly!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Nick C. and Irina M. October 2016
“Kelli and her team provided awesome service!  They were very helpful, informative and provided award winning treatment from start to finish!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Amy M. September 2016
“Kelli provided very friendly customer service!  She was quick to respond to questions and other needs!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Virginia S. August 2016
“Kelli was very prompt and communicative throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Elijah T. August 2016
“Kelli was kind, friendly and very helpful!  She provided prompt, great service!  I will definitely refer her to friends and family.  Also, we would use HomeBridge again for any future home purchases!  Perfection!”
Ernesto C. July 2016
“Kelli is an excellent professional and it was great to work with her!”
Anthony and Patricia L. June 2016
“Kelli is always available and knows her stuff!  The process was very smooth and easy! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Paul and Marilynn G. June 2016
“Kelli was very helpful and always available for assistance.  This was such a smooth and easy process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Javed and Steffanie S. May 2016
“This was a very smooth process with no complications!  HomeBridge is a great company!  I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone I know!”
Dennis and Clara R. May 2016
“It has been great working with Kelli, she is very sharp.  We would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future, why go somewhere else if you've already met greatness!  Thank you!”
Paul and Marilynn G. December 2015
“Kelli is the best!  She was amazing!  We love her!  Thank you!”
Lakesha C. April 2016
“This has been an excellent experience!  Kelli was always professional, prompt and provided wonderful customer service!”
Steven and Margaret T. April 2016
“Kelli has been extremely helpful in the process of refinancing our home.  She really went above and beyond to make sure this was an easy process for us.  Thank you!”
David and Maria J. March 2016
“Kelli did an amazing job explaining this process to me.  She answered all of my questions and was very reassuring and professional.   Kelli was always available and trustworthy.  Thanks!”

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