About Keith Cooper

Keith Cooper was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and still calls it home to this day with wife and 2 daughters. He understands the ins and outs of the Northeast housing market with experience as a top producing Mortgage Loan Originator at Calibur Home Loans and Well Fargo. Keith’s 20 plus years of experience in the mortgage industry allows him to make the best decision when assisting clients in choosing a home loan. Keith prides himself in his ability to make the process as simple and smooth as possible by listening and fully understanding his clients needs’. In his spare time Keith is proud to be a board member for the Nikki Perlow Foundation, which raises money for the recovery of alcohol and drug addiction. With each customer’s desires and goals as his top priority, Keith is ready to assist with all your home financing needs!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Stephen H. Sep-21
“Keith did a great job in securing a loan ASAP for my new home and met our closing deadline with ease. Made the process very smooth and understandable for a first time homebuyer.”
“Keith was great! He was available at all times and explained everything!”
Mark A. Aug-21
“Thank you for all your help and hard work”
AUDREY W. Aug-21
“During this process, the entire staff was friendly and very professional. I feel that they went far and beyond the expectations of duty to work with me. Keith was extremely patience with me as I can get on some ones nerves at times. Any time I texted Keith and or called or emailed him and or the title company, they always responded, maintaining professionalism. They took time out to answer any and every question that I may have had. Ethan Yukna, the appraiser was professional, nice, on time and straight to the point. Thank you Keith Cooper, Terron Picket and staff for providing me with quality satisfaction.”
Alexander J. Aug-21
“Keith was a great loan officer. He walked me through the process, explained everything, and answered all my questions.”
Nora O. Jul-21
“My husband and I are very grateful to Keith and his team for making our dream come true. We admired their high level of dedication, patience and professionalism. They made us feel that we are also an important part of the whole process, where everyone benefits.”
PAMELA Z. May-21
“Keith Cooper was absolutely amazing! He answered every question, anticipating most of them and answering them before I even had to ask. He, and his team, kept me up to speed with everything and were in constant contact via email, calls, and text so that I never had to worry that we were set to close on time. My rate was wonderful. Keith locked it in and herded the seller's agent and problematic seller to keep everything going. The best part is that on our first call, Keith let me know everything I would need, asked tons of questions, and gave me his 'best guess' on where I would land with rate and time frame and he was absolutely right about every thing! I'm giving his card to everyone I know who are looking to purchase or refinance!”
Jeffrey J. May-21
“Keith Cooper did a great job with constructing my home loan. His responsiveness, knowledge and attention to details made the process smooth.”
Grant H. Apr-21
“Keith was fantastic. I originally contacted him about a different opportunity, and we ended up chatting about the home I was buying. He explained a few things to me, and we learned that he was able to give me a much better deal than my home builder was. He was very responsive and excellent to work with.”
Sarah U. Apr-21
“Keith is the man!”
GARY L. Mar-21
“Keith was very knowledgeable about the industry, the process, and was very client oriented. Very attentive.”
“Was excellent job with the people keep up the good work”
“Great Service through your the process . Keith and Jonna were super responsive and helpful .Appreciate all your help . Thank you so much team .Good luck!!”
Maria A. Mar-21
“Individual that assisted with the financing are pleasant and customer service was great”
Lois F. Jan-21
“Keith Cooper was very patient and professional in advising me on the important information I needed for my loan from the start. He provided outstanding service along with his team. I would highly recommend Homebridge and Keith Cooper for mortgage needs. Thank you again for helping me with my home mortgage needs. Lois F ”
EDWIN H. Jan-21
“Keith Cooper was Awesome and very helpful.”
Steven L. Jan-21
“Keith is excellent, thank you so much for making the process as stress free as possible”
“Very happy with the services provided. I would not post on social media because I do not use it.”
“Thanks Keith!You walked me through this process with a great professionalism and and you were always available to answer all my questions.”
THOMAS G. Nov-20
“The Homebridge team was efficient and friendly. The uploading side of the portal I found to be a little tricky but we got thru it fine.”
“Keith was very professional and pleasant! He helped make my refinancing a smooth and easy!”
“it was a pleasure working with you again and explaining every detail”
“Kieth did everything he could to make it possible. He had me stressing for 45 days?? but they say buying a home is stressful. But I highly recommend him!! He works hard for his client and very smart too??”
“Keith was very helpful in making us understand every step of the process. It is intimidating going through the mortgage process and he made us feel very comfortable!”
“Keith did an amazing job. I would go through Keith again and recommend him to others.”
KEVIN K. Oct-20
“Keith was very helpful and responsive to our needs. The request for wet signatures was a unreasonable given it is 2020 and a pandemic, but ultimately were able to work with items electronically.”
“I was a first time home buyer very unsure about the whole process. Keith and homebridge made it easy and simple and i ended up in a better position then i could have ever imagined.”
Fredy H. Oct-20
“I'm just very grateful for all help and thank you”
Kimesha H. Oct-20
“Working with Keith Copper was a very good experience. He made a process that can be overwhelming very smooth. He was very responsive and answered all my questions in a manner that made the terms of the loan and the process easy to understand and follow. He made time to walk through different scenarios and explained options with me that works for my specific situation. He is great at what he does and he made me feel like he had my best interest at heart throughout the process. That is a great characteristic to have as it builds trust. I would definitely work with Keith again in the future.”
Scott H. Sep-20
“Keith Cooper was an absolute pleasure to work with. I truly felt like he had my best interest in mind when working on a refi solution. He was thorough, open and honest.”
Sonya B. Aug-20
“Keith was knowledgeable, helpful and extremely responsive. I have already recommended him to family members seeking to buy a new home.”
Sonya S. Aug-20
“Keith was great the first time and great the 2nd time. Highly recommended!”
SHERRI L. Aug-20
“Keith was excellent to work with. When I had questions he took accountability to answer especially when I had concerns about fees. Keith takes personal accountability for his customers and really cares about his and his company's reputation. I would highly recommend him to a friend or colleague.”
Tasha M. Aug-20
“Over the past 15 years I've used Homebridge Financial for my refinances of my home. Most recently, I used them for the purchase through Keith Cooper. He's wonderful and kept me informed with next steps and was always available for any questions I had. I also got a really good rate!”
“I must say Keith was amazing to work with! My wife and I decided that we will most likely be looking to purchase another home in a few years and Keith will be our guy! Very informative and We felt like we were the only clients. If he promised to call at a certain without fail the call took place which made me confident that we had our guy! I will always promote and talk about Homebridge! Special thanks to Keith and Homebridge Family! Thank you for everything!”
Hugh F. Jul-20
“Keith, as always is a true professional. He looks out for his clients and does what he says he is going to do. i would highly recommend Keith for any financial transactions.”
“Keith was knowledgable and very responsive to any questions that I had”
“I think Keith went above and beyond with many options to help me In my choice with refinancing, he kept in touch with updates to keep me informed”
Clyde H. Jun-20
“Very knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
“This is the 3rd transaction I've used Homebridge and Keith Cooper for and I can say the service has remained consistent each time. Keith is by far the best at what he does. He knows what will work best for his clients and is knowledgeable of the process. His positive energy, quick response time, and customer service is 2nd to none and is always appreciated. I'll continue to use Homebridge as long as Keith Cooper is there!”
JOSHUA F. May-20
“Keith was very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail and helped talk me through any issues I had.”
KIM C. May-20
“We've been working with Keith for several years no. He's always responsive, thorough and well informed. He will go above and beyond to find you the best loan for your needs”
JOSHUA F. May-20
“Keith was very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail and helped talk me through any issues I had.”
“I want to thank Keith Cooper with the very quick and accurate response he answered every question I had so I understood them every step of the way thank you Homebridge financial.”
“Keith is good and guide us all through the application process. Thank you”
“Keith Cooper did a fantastic job for us. He is so knowledgeable and understands our unique financial goals.”
“Buying a home is usually one of the happiest times in a lifetime but the process is generally complicated and stressful but Homebridge made it easy. This is my second time around using Keith and his team. I honestly didn't shop around for rates because I felt the rates presented to me were fair and I trusted Keith and even if it was a bit higher I feel it's worth every penny. Keith was extremely responsive and on top of the whole loan process. Amazing service once again from Keith and his team at Homebridge. Highly recommend and will be using them again for a hassle free loan process to help close in time & get the keys!”
MELVIN H. June-19
“Keith Cooper and Homebridge were a lifesaver. Stepping in and saving the day. In what started with a different lender.”
GEORGE S. June-19
“Keith thank you very much for the speedy organization of my home buying process.”
ALBERTA S. June-19
“Keith Cooper has mastered his craft and really works with his customers to get the best deal!”
Michael A. December 2018
“Keith Cooper.”
Tiffany R. October 2018
“Fast and easy to work with.”
Dustin J. September 2018
“Keith Cooper went above and beyond on assisting me through this process. The customer service was great.”
Amanda B. September 2018
“Great communication and quick responses.”
Peggy S. Aug-18
“Integrity, hard working and personal services.”
Peggy S. August 2018
“Integrity, hard working and personal services.”
Peggy S. August 2018
“Integrity, hard working and personal services.”
Jeffrey H. June 2018
“They were very easy to work with and provided very fast service.”
Moussa M. June 2018
“The customer service is great! The process went very well and smooth!”
Olugbenga O. May 2018
“Because everything was straight forward and I got a response on every question that I had.”
Susan P. March 2018
“Easy to work with and good communication.”
Sakina C. March 2018
“Very attentive and responsive.”
Scott M. March 2018
“Excellent customer service.”
Stephen P. March 2018
“Wonderful experience! Easy to get in contact with.”
Steven W. March 2018
“Because of Keith Cooper. Hands down one of the best finance people I've worked with.”
Bradley N. December 2017
“Closed quickly, everything was taken care of.”
Derrick S. December 2017
“The process went very well. He was very professional, accurate, courteous and helpful. He explained everything very simply. ”
Lawrence M. November 2017
“Good service, knowledgeable.”
Maria D. October 2017
“Great communication, everything done in a timely manner. Great professionalism.”
Tracey T. October 2017
“Very knowledgeable, patient and hard working for us.”
Christian P. December 2016
“Keith was very helpful and always available for questions. He made the process very easy!”
Dominic F. August 2017
“Keith was very organized and competent! Everything went smoothly with no issue!”
Charles Z. August 2017
“HomeBridge is a full service lender. They were always available when we called, very knowledgeable and very responsive! They went above and beyond in assisting us!”
Jayson and Kami B. August 2017
“Keith is great! He is very knowledgeable and made this process go so smoothly! ”
Sarah G. August 2017
“Keith was very responsive throughout the process, he always got back to me quickly and answered all of my questions. Thank you!”
Ryan S. August 2017
“Keith provided good communication and he simplified the process! This was a good experience at HomeBridge and I would like to work with them again!”
Sheila G. June 2017
“Keith was very professional and friendly! Thank you!”
Daniel D. July 2017
“Keith and his team were extremely accommodating and they explained the process thoroughly! I had a great experience at HomeBridge! Keep on being awesome!”
Patrick and Sarah L. June 2017
“Keith was extremely responsive and knowledgeable! He was highly professional, wonderful and patient! He saved our loan! Thank you so much!”
Joseph G. June 2017
“Keith was always available, always clear and very helpful! He made this an easy process and he really looked out for our best interest!”
Michael and Christianne F. May 2017
“Keith and his team provided great customer service throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Charlene W. May 2017
“Keith and his team provided awesome service!  They were friendly, considerate and they explained the process clearly!”
Nicholas and Tara M. April 2017
“Keith provided fantastic and friendly service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Benjamin and Robin C. April 2017
“Keith and his team were reliable, personable, accurate and they got the job done!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kelly and Elwyn E. April 2017
“Keith and his team were very helpful and informative throughout this process!  They made it easy for us!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Amanda K. March 2017
“Keith was very easy to communicate with and always available.  He made sure that we understood everything and always answered any and all questions without hesitation!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kelly D. March 2017
“Keith and his team provided great customer service, advice and support!  They were always very friendly and I am so pleased!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Bonnie C. February 2017
“Keith has been very efficient and accessible!  He has provided very good service!”
Brittney F. February 2017
“Keith was very helpful and nice!  I am very happy with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Jack and Meredith L. February 2017
“Keith provided attention to detail, fast processing and good service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rodney B. February 2017
“Keith provided great attention to detail and processed our loan quickly!  Due to the professional responses and being ahead of questions that impacted the purchasing process, we would return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Michael G. January 2017
“Keith and his team were very helpful and informative.  They were all knowledgeable and kind!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dustin and Arizelle P. January 2017
“Keith and his team were very informative throughout this process.  They always kept us in the loop and were fantastic to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Benjamin S. October 2016
“Keith and his team were very helpful and thorough throughout all stages of this home buying process!  My first time home purchase went very smoothly!”
Delori T. August 2016
“Keith and his team were very quick and efficient with this process!  I felt that I was treated in a very professional manner!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Abby M. August 2016
“Keith was extremely responsive when I had questions.  He walked me through the mortgage process in an easy to understand manner!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Christopher and Telicia L. August 2016
“Keith explained all of the information in detail to us which was great for us as first time home buyers.  Everything was done promptly and we are completely satisfied with our experience at HomeBridge!  Keep up the good work!”
Nathan J. July 2016
“Keith was pleasant to work with and was fast and efficient!  The process went quickly and smoothly!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Anthony and Lora G. May 2016
“Keith and his team were wonderful to work with.  They provided fast, excellent service throughout the process!”
Antoinette T. April 2016
“Keith was very professional, he explained everything in terms that I could understand.  The transaction was handled quickly and to my satisfaction.  Thanks!”
Derrica H. April 2016
“Keith and the HomeBridge team have been very informative and professional!  I would use HomeBridge again for any future loan needs!”

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