About Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes’ over 14 years of experience in the mortgage industry, combined with her knowledge of the local market, allow her to provide her customers with the knowledge they need to obtain a home loan. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Administration, she launched her career in the mortgage industry with HomeBanc Mortgage. Katie previously worked at Prospect Mortgage as well, among others. She has been a member of the President’s Club (top 100 Mortgage Loan Originators in the company) for the past 4 years. She works with first time home buyers, jumbo loans, renovation loans, among many others. Katie and her family support Autism Awareness, an organization that is near and dear to their hearts. She always has an honest, straightforward approach with her clients, and is passionate about helping them achieve their dream of home ownership. Katie prides herself on guiding them through the loan process smoothly, with the ultimate goal of a simple and painless closing.

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Jonathan J. December 2018
“No mistakes, pleasant to work with, stayed on top of everything.”
Heather N. December 2018
“Katie was exceptionally responsive. She was easy to get a hold of and always helpful when explaining each step of the process.”
Irene S. December 2018
“Efficient, understandable service and a good mortgage rate. I remembered Katie Hughes from 7 years ago and I like her a lot.”
Carolyn D. December 2018
“Knowledgeable, extremely responsive and easy to work with.”
Charles E. November 2018
“Customer service. Trust in Katie.”
Jeffrey S. November 2018
“Katie Hughes was wonderful to work with. Thorough, great with prompt follow up and always positive! Thank you Katie!”
Jordan E. November 2018
“Katie and her team were very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.”
Debra P. November 2018
“Great communication and follow through.”
Thomas R. November 2018
“Everyone was very thorough, professional and kept me up to date on everything. That was very important to me being out of state during the process.”
Joseph W. November 2018
“Wonderful service.”
Hector A. October 2018
“Customer service. Katie. she is the best (we love her).”
Dianne P. October 2018
“Superior construction and customer service.”
Jonathan J. October 2018
“Very responsive.”
Gregory C. October 2018
“Very responsive and professional.”
Michael T. October 2018
“Katie and the entire Homebridge staff was very helpful and always replied promptly to any questions.”
Rachael T. October 2018
“Katie was extremely helpful every step of the way.”
John L. October 2018
“Ease of process.”
Jessie K. October 2018
“Excellent service.”
Lynn F. September 2018
“Always available for questions. Very patient.”
Frederick S. September 2018
“Everything went smoothly.”
Kelly V. Aug-18
“Easy to work with and efficient.”
William M. Aug-18
“Katie Hughes was great!”
Kelly V. August 2018
“Easy to work with and efficient.”
William M. August 2018
“Katie Hughes was great!”
Kelly V. August 2018
“Easy to work with and efficient.”
William M. August 2018
“Katie Hughes was great!”
Brigitte C. June 2018
“Katie Hughes is awesome!”
Carlos M. May 2018
“Katie communicated clearly and consistently. The treatment was fair. I would definitely recommend.”
David K. April 2018
“You are the best!”
Timothy Z. March 2018
“History! We have worked with Katie since 2005. She and her team are simply the best!”
Cynthia S. March 2018
“Katie was so polite and very professional!”
Emily K. March 2018
“Very wonderful to work with in a timely manner. They made the process very easy and seamless.”
Christopher S. January 2018
“Very personable, walked us through every step. Let us know all of our options.”
Stephen S. December 2017
“Katie was spectacular. Very helpful and knowledgeable.”
Nicholas H. December 2017
“She was amazing! Always willing to help us with any questions in a timely manner. Very professional and nice. Was a pleasure to work with.”
Phillip G. December 2017
“Great service!”
Todd W. December 2017
“Excellent service. ”
Nicholas T. December 2017
“Katie is pleasant, efficient and highly skilled. ”
Allison C. November 2017
“I've worked with Katie twice now, she has made everything as easy and painless as possible. She is a delight to work with and I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to finance a new home.”
Heidi M. October 2017
“Realtor suggested Katie and she was absolutely the best!”
Kimberly G. October 2017
“Everyone was great to work with and very timely with responses.”
Shannan M. October 2017
“Katie was extremely professional throughout the whole process; her level of organizations and responsiveness was outstanding ”
Tessa and Justin B. November 2016
“Katie and her team were prompt and amazing to work with! They made this process quick and easy!”
Stephanie and Robert R. December 2016
“Katie Hughes is amazing! She made the process easy!”
Ashley and Nicolas M. December 2016
“Katie and her team were fast and friendly! They provided great service! Keep up the great work!”
Lindsay K. December 2016
“Katie and her entire team were so responsive and helpful! They kept me in the loop every step of the way! All was good!”
Kelli G. December 2016
“Katie and her team were very accommodating! All was great, thank you!”
Mary M. December 2016
“Katie and her entire team were extremely nice and helpful!”
David S. September 2017
“Katie provided excellent communication and was always very helpful!”
Judith and John S. August 2017
“The Katie Hughes team was great to work with! They were easy to reach and kept us well informed! ”
Camilo M. August 2017
“Katie provided extremely good customer service! She was not bothered by questions, rather happy to help! Katie had the ability to genuinely engender trust! I couldn't be happier with how this process went!”
Robert and Donna R. August 2017
“Katie was remarkably efficient and a pleasure to work with! She was very accessible as well. We highly recommend this team and HomeBridge!”
Vizell and Tonya R. July 2017
“Katie and her team were very proficient and courteous!”
Dale O. July 2017
“Katie and her team were awesome! They were all friendly and so easy to work with! ”
Judith L. July 2017
“Katie was super helpful and easy to work with! I will use HomeBridge again in the future if I purchase another home! I love Katie!”
William and Joni S. June 2017
“Katie is the best! Her and her team were outstanding!”
Christopher T. June 2017
“Katie is awesome! I would definitely return to HomeBridge again in the future due to this positive experience! I will also recommend them to everyone!”
Todd F. June 2017
“Katie and her team made this an extremely smooth transaction!  They were very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and detail oriented!  This has been an amazing experience at HomeBridge!  I will definitely spread the word!”
Jennifer P. June 2017
“Katie did a great job!  She followed up and made sure all documents were complete!  She was a pleasure to work with!”
Sean W. May 2017
“Katie and her team were very helpful throughout this process!  I would definitely recommend them to others!  This was a very easy and trustworthy process and I will definitely use HomeBridge again in the future!  Everything was great!”
James and Deidre L. May 2017
“Katie is the best!  She is fast, efficient, friendly and accommodating!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nathan H. April 2017
“No matter what time or day, someone was always willing to assist!  Katie is pretty awesome as well!”
Lynsey S. April 2017
“Katie and her team were a pleasure to work with!  I wouldn't use anyone other than HomeBridge and Katie! I will certainly recommend them to everyone I know!”
Robert and Kristi M. April 2017
“Katie was extremely helpful, professional, prompt and informative!  Thank you!”
Jennifer L. March 2017
“Katie Hughes is awesome!  I was kept informed at all times! Katie made this an easy process and she handled everything in a timely manner!  This experience was great at HomeBridge!”
Thomas and Nereida E. March 2017
“Katie and her team provided fast and efficient service!  Thank you!”
Carolyn D. March 2017
“Katie Hughes and her team were very knowledgeable and helpful!  Katie went out of her way to help us through the process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joshua P. March 2017
“Katie and her team were all great to work with!  They did an awesome job!  They were outstanding with the short closing time frame!  Keep up the great work!”
Jason C. March 2017
“Katie and her team provided great response times and friendly service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Paul and Holly H. March 2017
“Katie and her team were quick, responsive and thorough!  They provided great customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Anthony C. March 2017
“Katie and her team were responsive and great to work with!  They helped me through insurance challenges and were very professional and knowledgeable!  You are all great!”
Deborah M. January 2017
“Katie Hughes was very organized and easy to work with!  I would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs due to this positive experience!”
John and Megan B. February 2017
“Katie made this a quick and easy process!  She was always available to reach and very helpful!”
Donald and Ruth M. November 2016
“Katie has been great to work with!  She has been kind and accurate along the way!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sean M. October 2016
“Katie and her team provided a smooth and easy mortgage process!  They were great people to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Steven and Mary Z. September 2016
“Katie was extremely responsive and knowledgeable during this process!  She provided great customer service!”
Jeffery C. August 2016
“Katie and her team were very professional and they kept us informed at all times!  They were all a pleasure to work with!  This was a very good experience throughout!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Darren F. August 2016
“Katie and her team were very responsive and provided excellent service!  The communication and staff were excellent!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tammy and Daniel L. July 2016
“Katie was great!  She was always available and helpful!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and we will return for any future needs!  Thanks!”
Nina and Bryce W. September 2015
“Katie and her team were very helpful every step of the way!  They were all very friendly and quick to answer any questions that we had.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David H. July 2016
“Katie Hughes was great!  She provided fast, smooth service!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Andrew and Amanda D. July 2016
“Katie was very attentive and quick to respond!  The entire team was courteous and on the ball!  Thank you!”
Franco and Janet C. June 2016
“Katie and her team were so professional and pleasant!  HomeBridge is highly reputable and recommended!  We are very pleased with the service that we received!  Thank you!”
Laura S. June 2016
“Katie and her team were available, knowledgeable and efficient throughout this transaction!  The process was clear, fast and painless!”
Kristine C. October 2015
“Katie provided excellent service!  She was on point with all of our needs and the transaction ran very smoothly.  We can't thank her enough for everything!  We really enjoyed working with Katie!  She did a fantastic job!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David S. May 2016
“Katie was always quick to answer any questions that I had.  She was always very helpful.  This whole process has been very easy for me!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brady and Michelle B. May 2016
“Katie and her team were extremely helpful and available for questions at all times.  They were all very prompt, friendly and helpful which made this such an enjoyable experience for us!  We couldn't be happier with HomeBridge as first time home buyers.  Everything was great!”
Carol M. May 2016
“Katie and her team were so easy to work with.  They were all very professional, communicative and informative throughout the process.  They made everything simple!  Excellent customer service was provided!”
Heather D. November 2015
“Working with Katie and her team was fantastic.  I would highly recommend her to everyone.  She was very prompt, courteous and helpful throughout the process!”
Stacey H. November 2015
“Katie and her team were very friendly and efficient.  They did a wonderful job!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sarah B. December 2015
“Katie Hughes and her team were amazing to work with!  They were all extremely professional and organized.  I will forever use Katie Hughes for any future needs!”
Madison C. April 2016
“Katie and her team were always very helpful, they responded quickly to any questions or concerns that I had.  Everything went so smoothly.   Everyone was wonderful!”
Robert M. April 2016
“Katie provided such quick response time and amazing customer service!  Thank you!”
Joseph A. April 2016
“Working with Katie and her team was awesome!  She had great patience with me as I am bad with paperwork, she helped me every step of the way!  I was saved a ton of time compared to other companies I have used in the past.  Thank you!”
Thatagupa S. April 2016
“Katie was very easy to work with, she was friendly, prompt and professional at all times!”
Kevin H. January 2016
“Katie and her team were easily accessible and responsive to any of my needs.  The process ran very smoothly.  Katie was very informative and helped me through every step on purchasing my first home!  Thanks!”
Laurie and Jason S. January 2016
“Katie provided excellent customer service, she was quick to communicate and explained things very well.  Thank you!”
Ronald and Lois W. March 2016
“Katie has been outstanding!  I would recommend HomeBridge in a heartbeat!”
Christina S.
“I worked with Katie Hughes in the past and she was wonderful.  Katie and her staff were prompt, friendly and professional,  they went above and beyond to make this process quick and easy!”
Jeffrey and Jennifer L.
“Katie was a great communicator, she was very helpful in overcoming obstacles that came up due to the nature of building a house.  Katie rocks!  she really went to bat for us!”
Marysol B.
“Katie made everything easy for me, this was a very smooth process!  Thank you!”
David and Amber S.
“Katie is a very thorough person and has helped us along the way. She offered great customer service.”
Tracy M.
“Katie has been so wonderful to work with. She has been patient and has educated me along the way. She got me a low interest rate and offered great customer service.”
Carolina P.
“Katie is awesome to work with; she kept me informed at all times. Even though my file was complex, she was patient and helpful, and especially very competent and professional. This was the best experience I've ever had. Thanks.”
Jane and Joshua D.
“We loved working with Katie Hughes; she was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. She was always a pleasure to work with.”
Timothy and Kimberly M.
“We were very well-informed throughout the entire process and received excellent customer service! We could not have asked for better service than we experienced with Katie. The world needs more individuals who are as dedicated and knowledgeable as her!”

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