About Kathy Burns

A mortgage in retirement years is a significant decision for those over the age of 60.  Kathy has been an originator of HECM Refinance, Proprietary Jumbo and Purchase Reverse Mortgages specializing exclusively in the product since 2004.

For nearly 20 years, Kathy has been dedicated to educating her customers, their family members, and advisors. She has proven to be a valuable guide by making each customer feel comfortable and assured when it comes to choosing a reverse mortgage solution. A reverse mortgage cannot be rushed. Kathy has first-hand knowledge about the reverse mortgage process and is grateful for this personal insight which resulted from helping her parents with their reverse mortgage planning.

When Kathy is not busy helping clients like you, she enjoys cycling, spending time with family, traveling, and enjoying live concerts.

Contact Kathy Burns Anytime

Feel free to contact Kathy anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Kathy Burns will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.


What Our Customers Say About Me

Paul F. – Jan 2018
“Kathy, your diligence and communication and that of your team was great. You returned calls and text quickly and kept us up to date. I was also appreciative of the way you were able to communicate with my client. As you know, he is an elderly gentleman (86) and is not in the best of health. Your work with him was terrific. Thank you.”
Bill C. – Jan 2018
“Purchase of our new home in Gig Harbor We highly recommend Kathy Burns as a Reverse Mortgage loan officer. During our 10 month long escrow Kathy stayed on top of every detail in an up to the minute fashion. She is the ultimate professional. In September 2017 she learned that the rules for Reverse Mortgages were going to change Kathy and I worked through an evening emailing and signing 65 different documents to meet.”
Colly G. – Feb 2018
“Answered each and every question clearly and concisely which relieved me of any anxiety I might have had. Kathy was most kind and considerate with my feelings having just lost my beloved husband Norman.”
Gene P. – Feb 2018
“Knowledge and professionalism!”
Carlotta L. – Jan 2018
“Kathy was very clear, honest, about the process. She worked late at night on our loan. She was an advocate for us with the builder on close date. We tried to provide her what she needed within 12-24 hours and it made everyone’s life better I think. As I speak to others about loans, I will definitely give her name among 3.”
Paul M. – Feb 2018
“Kathy is very knowledgeable and was very professional and helpful throughout the process. She was also able to get us Kathy is very knowledgeable and was very professional and helpful throughout the process. She was also able to get us better loan terms than initially indicated. Thank you, Kathy!  ”
Donald S. – April 2018
“You all worked very hard to make it happen. The level of communication between everyone was excellent. Thanks for all the effort.”
Adrian O. – June 2018
“Kathy and her Team made our Reverse Mortgage experience great by communicating every detail so we were always well prepared for the next step in the process. Their dedication to making us comfortable with the process, was felt every step of the way. Kathy and her Team treated us like family!”
Jeff C. – May 2018
“Accurate and timely communication are a huge part of the reverse mortgage process. Kathy Burns and her team did a fantastic job! Kathy helped me through the entire process, from start to finish. All my questions were answered in a very courteous, professional, and timely manner. Now my parents can have financial security in their golden years. I was impressed by Kathy Burns, and her great team, and would highly recommend them.”
Richard C. – March 2018
“Either Kathy or her assistant called us back right away, and always had the answers to any of our questions.”
Margaret D. – June 2018
“Kathy is very knowledgeable about her field of work. It is obvious she has much experience and is adept at remedying any problems that may arise. She is a pleasure to work with and made an arduous task much easier to deal with!”
Tony M. – July 2018
Donna S. – Aug 2018
“During this process, I experienced health issues that caused me to delay action on the RM. Kathy informed me about changes due to the delay and was sensitive to my issues and kindly put everything on hold until my health issues were resolved. I really appreciate her patience and understanding during this time. Her kindness was really helpful during this time.”
Mary H. – Oct 2018
“Kathy made this very important process a breeze. She was professional, well-spoken and on top of her game. Not only was she responsive, she was proactive in her treatment of my husband and myself. Never any surprises. We were very pleased.”
Marcy B. – Nov 2018
“I have worked with Kathy for 15 years because she always delivers what she promises in an extremely professional manner.”
Gregory B. – Nov 2018
“Getting to a conclusion with my loan process took a long time. There were many factors and delays not in Kathy's control. But she stood by me all the way and got me to a closing. Her advice, informativeness and encouragement were invaluable. Kathy and her team are professionals of the highest order.”
Joanne K. – Dec 2018
“Kathy was always available to help facilitate my loan closing. It was a more than unusual layering of problems that they always solved in order to get the job done. Thank you.”
Alan G. – Feb 2019
“Promptness and determination to see the process through. All involved were very courteous. Thank you all.”
Bruce W. – April 2019
“Very pleasant and efficient, extremely easy to work with.”

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