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About Katherine Libed

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in California (NMLS #683113), Katherine Libed can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-time purchase
  • Second-home purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA loans
  • Conventional loans
  • 203(k) Renovation loans
  • Jumbo loans

Katherine welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Katherine has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Katherine Libed Anytime

Feel free to contact Katherine anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Katherine Libed will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.



What Our Customers Say About Me

Jacqueline F. Mar-21
“I appreciated working with Kathy and her team. They always kept me in the loop with where the process of the loan was and was always available to answer questions. I would definitely work with her again and cannot wait to recommend her to all my friends and family.”
Ver D. Oct-20
“Ms. Libed was very professional and provided help and understanding throughout the loan process. Great customer service from all involved. Would recommend Homebridge Financial Services to anyone searching for a loan.”
Kisha W. Sep-20
“Katherine and her Loan Partner Jhun were very professional, attentive & patient. I was very skeptical to find someone new to assist me with my refi but Katherine put me at ease from the very first conversation! Thank you so much for your assistance!”
Liezelle P. Sep-20
“Katherine exceeded my expectations! She was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had and was extremely quick to respond. I needed to get an approval letter quickly and received it faster than another financial institution i was considering and she was able to get me a competitive interest rate. She kept me informed throughout the process and kept other parties informed on deadlines so extra costs/fees wouldn't be passed on to myself if deadlines weren't made. She went above and beyond and exceeding my expectations!”
Jordan P. Aug-20
“Katherine helped me and my wife really understand exactly what we were approved for in every scenario. She helped us look at our finances and gave us advice on what to focus on first. Katherine was never using us as an opportunity to make money and has treated us like friends/family right from the start. I would highly recommend Katherine to all of my friends, because I know that she will take care of them and not just sell them at their limit but really educate them on what they can afford.”
Alexander A. Jun-20
“Katherine Libed is one amazing individual who will make purchasing a new home or going through a refinance so easy! My wife and I entered the market very nervous and scared as two naive individuals. Katherine explained the process in the best way to where we had a comfortable grasp as to what the process entails during the purchase of our new home. She is SO AMAZING that she did the exact same thing for us during our first home Refinance! Words can not express how grateful We are for her. Our Loyalty lies with Katherine!”
Alexander A. April-19
“As a first time home buyer, we cannot brag enough on how smooth and seamless the process went! Our team: Katherine Libed, Damaris, Jhun Nebril and all others involved were absolutely AMAZING, especially Katherine. She was there through every step of the way and her and her team provided numerous updates throughout the process. We are forever grateful and would definitely recommend Katherine and Team at Homebridge Financial to anyone who's looking to finance their home. We gained life long friends through the process and will never forget this wonderful experience. Keep up the SUPERIOR & EXCELLENT customer service!!!”
Anthony V. October 2018
“Very proficient at their job.”

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