About Karen Natapoff

I have been collecting art since my early twenties and I deeply respect the dedication that an artist needs to translate his or her vision to canvas.

In my professional life, I bring the same passion and dedication to finding the best financing solution for you and your family. To me, each loan is its own work of art and determining the best loan for your individual situation is like discovering the right combination of pigments to make a painting come alive. In addition, I am committed to working closely with you until the final stroke of the brush. We can then stand back and admire the work of art we made together!

For decades, my artful approach has consistently helped the people I work with:

  • First-time homebuyers
  • Move-up homebuyers
  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Owners of rental properties

Additionally, Homebridge Financial Services is one of the top privately-held non-bank mortgage lending firms in the US. Their vision is to make the dream of homeownership a reality for every customer.

I make the complex mortgage lending experience simple, transparent and affordable and I offer a diverse line of loan options to give my customers the most appropriate loan to make their home financing dreams a reality!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Gloria V. Sep-20
“It was a pleasure working with Karen.”
Michael W. Aug-20
“It was a tough time to do a refinance and Karen did everything she could to make the process smooth. If it had not been for our relationship, I probably would have abandoned the process. The online tool looked good but didn't serve us well in this case. Suggestion: canvas your processors to see what workflow changes can be made to make the online tool more inline with how they "real world" have to process.”
Waylon B. Aug-20
“Karen did a fantastic job supporting us in the refinancing process. She got us a great rate and coached us through the whole process - but more than that, she gave us the resources to make sure this was the right step toward our long-term goals.”
Jaime N. Aug-20
“Karen is fantastic! She is friendly, a great communicator, and knowledgeable. This is the third time we've worked with Karen (our original mortgage plus 2 refi's), and we'll definitely call her again in the future.”
Ron W. May-20
“Our experience working with Karen Natapoff was excellent from the beginning all the way through closing. Karen's expertise, guidance and advice were always timely and excellent. She answered all of our questions and kept us informed throughout the process. Karen was was very friendly and easy to work with. She explained things clearly and made everything easy to understand. We were very happy working with Karen and her partner, Celia. They were always accommodating and professional from application through closing. We will absolutely recommend Karen whenever referral opportunities arise.”
Frank G. Apr-20
“Karen anticipated my needs throughout and planned accordingly. She gave friendly timely comprehensive advice, so that nothing was a surprise or difficult when I had to deal with it. And always available to answer a question, no matter how small it might have seemed.”
Vicki M. Apr-20
“Karen is always available and on top of things, any day any time. She cares and has alot of ideas of how to make things work out so that the loan will be successful. I've worked with her on a number of refi's over the years, and she is wonderful.”
Mark S. Apr-20
“Karen has always exceeded our expectations in Home Financing Services. She actually anticipates the applicants needs and concerns every step of the way.”
Walter W. Apr-20
“Fantastic. Professional yet personable”
Judith G. Apr-20
“Karen was very supportive and kept me informed at all times. She would tell me, Don't worry, I'll handle it.”
Gloria V. Nov-19
“Easy to work with...attentive and responsive”

Our Latest Thinking

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