About Justin Mead

Justin Mead is a dedicated mortgage professional whose focus is on delivering an outstanding loan experience for every customer. He’s able to do so by offering a diverse line of loan solutions to fit their unique situation. Situations that can include:

  • First-time home purchases
  • Second home/investment purchases
  • Loan refinancing
  • Home renovation lending
  • Federal loan program access (VA, FHA, USDA)

Justin understands that customers want not only mortgage solutions for the short-term, but loan options to help them sustain financial health. That’s why he takes the time to listen to your home finance needs, educate you on all your available loan choices and then guide you to a successful close!

When Justin isn’t helping his customers secure the right loan, he’s spending time with his wife and their baby girl. Justin is also on the Northwestern Vermont Realtors Community Service Committee. He works to put together fundraising events that help local housing related non-profits. Justin understands the communities he serves and knows how to help homeowners establish roots through better home financing.

Contact Justin today to put his passion and expertise to work for you and your homeownership goals!



What Our Customers Say About Me

Roshan M. Feb-22
“I am very satisfied with Justin Mead and HBFSI. I never felt that I was going to not have a house because my team and him kept asked me for required document to succeed. And kept me in contact for updates.”
Edward B. Jan-22
“Justin was absolutely awesome to work with throughout the loan process. With weekly updates and the ability to reach him whenever I had a question was super helpful. This is my second home that I've financed with Justin, and I come back to him because he is a stellar person to work with.”
Charles S. Jan-22
“It was a pleasure going through my process with Justin Mead. I always felt at ease and stress free. He's awesome to speak with very professional and knows well about the financial business. I highly recommend Justin. Excellent service!”
Janet S. Nov-21
“Justin and his team were very helpful during the whole process. They kept me up to date as well as responded to all my concerns and inquiries quickly and with a high level of knowledge.”
David J. Nov-21
“Justin was great to work with. He found a great mortgage for our specific situation and he and his team kept us well informed as the process progressed Great experience all around!”
Ines E. Nov-21
“Justin went above and beyond during my loan finalizing. He exceeded my expectations. He found a way out of no way. Despite the stressful ride, if I must do it again, I'll still pick Justin as my Loan Officer. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to take on the homeowner endeavor.”
Paul W. Nov-21
“Justin is fantastic. He has been an invaluable resource for me every time I have looked into refinancing my home. I would highly recommend Justin to anyone needing to complete a home purchase or mortgage refinance.”
Jean-Marie C. Sep-21
“Justin was fantastic to work with! He was incredibly responsive and answered all our questions the whole way. We would highly recommend him to our friends and will look to work with him again.”
Chelsea C. Sep-21
“Justin was extremely thorough and helpful in explaining the whole process, what was needed, and next steps. Thanks for making this all go so smoothly!”
Devon B. Aug-21
“Justin was great. Very professional, helpful, and easy to work with.”
Alyssa S. Aug-21
“My husband and I tried for 3 years to buy our first home. We got shot down time and time again. My father had recently bought a house with Justin Mead and gave us his contact information. Justin had us pre approved within a week! He was great with providing weekly phone call updates and nearly daily text messages. He was there for us when we needed someone most. I couldn't have asked for a better person than him. We will definitely be using him again in the future!”
Mary Lou R. May-21
“Justin Mead made the whole process of getting a mortgage a very pleasant experience. He always kept me in the loop on what was going on and if I called or emailed with questions, he replied immediately and explained in terms that I could easily understand. I highly recommend him and his team at Homebridge.”
Patrick B. May-21
“Working with Justin was awesome. He was a great communicator and was very helpful in accommodating for our unique situation. We definitely recommend him.”
Kalan I. Apr-21
“Justin was very easy to get in touch with and kept me informed of everything going on each step of the way.”
Richard S. Apr-21
“Justin Mead and his team went above and beyond to make buying our first home an incredibly easy and straightforward process. They were on top of all emails and quick to respond if we ever had any questions, even outside of normal business hours. I can't recommend Justin and Homebridge Financial services enough!”
Gregory G. Mar-21
“Justin was awesome as well as professional and I will recommend him and Homebridge to everyone”
John T. Jan-21
“Justin is very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I can't recommend working with him enough. He was always right on top of our weekly check ins, he never let a question go unanswered, and the way he explained everything was thorough and easy to understand. The overall experience was a 10/10.”
Danyelle D. Jan-21
“Justin stepped in when our previous lender sort of left us high and dry. Within a few hours we were well on our way to application/approval and then within our time frame, on to closing. Justin helped us as needed without harping or being annoying. He reached out when needed/expected. I highly recommend Justin!”
Guerda M. Dec-20
“Justin Mead was very helpful with the home financing process. He did an amazing job keeping me informed every step of the way. He was empathetic to my obstacles that arose during the loan process and found solutions to them in a timely manner. He provided great customer service and remained professional throughout the whole process. He was easily reachable at any time of the day. Overall a great experience. Thank you Justin!”
Axel H. Dec-20
“Justin Mead was very knowledgeable and engaged in the process. Routine updates, even if there was nothing new to report, was fantastic and a great reassurance that I hadn't missed anything and was on track. His support team was just as responsive and friendly. They were clear about what they needed and when, and they were clear about the process and the time line. Excellent service from start to finish all capped with a fun personalized closing gift.”
Stephen J. Dec-20
“Thanks Justin and Megan. Perfect process. Very easy on my end. Thanks again, Steve”
Tristan S. Nov-20
“Justin Mead is a wonderful, attentive mortgage provider. He made the process easy.”
Kevin M. Oct-20
“Justin was extremely helpful throughout the process. He managed to ease my apprehension and often times seemed to sense exactly where i would start to feel anxious and continue to talk me through the process and what i should expect. There was never any point where i felt out of the loop or uninformed, since any time i had a question i could reach out and he would promptly answer. all of that was on top of our weekly updates via phone calls, which were all greatly appreciated and highly informative. I will happily recommend Justin to any and all friends and family that look to buy a home in the future.”
John H. Oct-20
“Justin was with us every step of the way, answering questions, and keeping us updated. Justin explained more to us in five minutes than other lenders had in five months! Highly highly recommend!!”
Jevonne M. Oct-20
“Justin and the servicing team that we worked with were great. they answered questions in a timely manner and helped us understand the process. We will definitely continue to use Justin as our loan officer and Homebridge for financing should we need it again.”
Zachary V. Oct-20
“Justin was awesome. He was knowledgeable and was very Quick to respond to my questions. If anything the only negative about the whole experience was I felt that the length of time it took was a little long but other than that it was excellent”
Mark B. Oct-20
“Justin was a great help! I was impressed with how quickly he'd respond and how helpful and knowledgeable he was”
Sarah H. Aug-20
“Justin was kind, professional and helpful. We had a lot to learn in the home buying process; Justin was patient, well-informed and encouraging throughout the process. Megan was also helpful and encouraging. They made everything less intimidating and helped make our dream come true!”
Nicholas G. Aug-20
“Justin was wonderful to work with throughout the lending process! He was excellent with communication and guidance. He helped ensure that it was a smooth transaction!”
Kevin L. Aug-20
“He's the reason I went with HomeBridge”
Shervan Y. Jul-20
“Very nice and informative.”
Jonathan R. Jun-20
“Justin, Megan and the rest of the team at Homebridge are a real pleasure to work with. They're attentive and patient and do their utmost to make the home buying experience as fluid and easy to understand as possible. I especially appreciated how they broke down legalese and the mountains of paperwork into digestible chunks, highlighting what you had to accomplish and outlining what they'll be working on along with you.”
Aurore M. Jun-20
“Justin was wonderful to work with. He was thorough, accommodating, patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend him to others looking for a lender.”
Kelly A. Jun-20
“Despite the uncertain times, everyone we worked with at Homebridge kept us well-informed throughout the process. Justin was super easy to work with and available to answer any and all questions that came up.”
“Justin is awesome, absolutely no complaints working with him and the team.”
JAMES S. 20-Apr
“Justin rocks. ”
LEE-ANN T. Mar-20
“Our closing was during the COVID-19 epidemic and Justin and Meghan made it really easy for us to work out having a remote closing for all parties involved. This kept our closing on time and kept everyone safe. Thank you Justin and Meghan.”
KELSEY C. Jan-20
“Justin Mead was very helpful and responsive. He was personable and worked hard to get everything done correctly and well!”
NATHAN C. Dec-19
“Justin was very informative and provided timely updates to us. He was great to deal with through the entire process.”
LEAH C. Dec-19
“For a first time home buyer, I honestly had no expectations and no experience in the process. But this team of wonderful people helped me every step of the way and made sure I knew what I was signing and were always there to answer my questions. Even with the delay in the closing, they kept me informed every day and stayed on top of the issue until it was fixed. I appreciate so much all the time and effort everyone put it to help me buy my first house!”
Francis B. June-19
“Justin did a fantastic job of helping with all loan phases of buying a home.”
Francis B. June-19
“Justin did a fantastic job of helping with all loan phases of buying a home.”
Mitchell T. December 2018
“Justin was very quick to respond and made the process very easy.”
Elizabeth L. October 2018
“My lender and staff were extremely helpful.”
Tre E. September 2018
“Everything was great!”
Scott B. September 2018
“Loan finished in time.”
Elena G. September 2018
“Responsive and timely. Felt well taken care of and that Justin and team were working to give me the best "deal".”
Ethan L. September 2018
“They were always extremely responsive and answered all our questions.”
James S. August 2018
“Justin was low pressure, normal person that didn't make me feel like I was a business profit. His communication was excellent.”
Jonathan D. June 2018
“Very helpful!”
Nicholas K. May 2018
“Very nice and easy to work with.”
Kyle F. May 2018
“They were quick to respond and explained things very thoroughly.”

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