About Julie Grove Miller

Julie Grove Miller is an experienced mortgage professional who has been helping her borrowers reach their homeownership goals since 1990. She’s done so by offering service that exceeds expectations.  Always accessible to her clients throughout the loan process, she keeps both her borrowers and realtor partners continually updated on loan status until their loan has funded. 

   She offers a diverse line of mortgage solutions to fit each customer’s unique needs.  Although Julie can easily help clients with competitive rates and terms on all types of loans, she specializes in helping borrowers with complicated financial situations that require more than standard expertise and knowledge.  Typical scenarios include: 

  • Jumbo Loans 
  • Self-employed borrowers 
  • First Time Home Purchases 
  • Loan refinancing– Debt consolidation and loan restructuring 
  • Second-home/investment purchases 
  • Federal loan program access (VA, FHA, USDA) 
  • Home renovation 

Julie’s years in the industry means that she’s able to assist with any homebuying situation. She is also a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) and a Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA), making her more than capable of successfully guiding you through the mortgage process. 

Through every step of the way, Julie provides education, transparency, and clear communication. She’s built her career by treating clients like family and takes great pride in the fact that she’s done multiple loans for the same families. In some cases, she’s even worked with multiple generations! 

Working with Julie means having a top-level mortgage professional by your side. Put her expertise and dedication to work for you! 

What Our Customers Say About Me

Ubaldo G. Mar-22
“We've known Julie since 1992 when we purchased our first home. Her expertise, knowledge, and dedication to her clients makes her the ideal loan officer. She's available always with satisfactory and clear answers. Can't think of a better professional to guide us through this complicated process!”
Johnathon P. Feb-22
“Julie was absolutely fantastic. Not only did she guide me through the mortgage process, she recommended an OUTSTANDING realtor team to me. If it wasn't for the combined efforts of Julie and the realtors she recommended, I would not have closed on a home that I love as quickly and as cost effectively as I did. And that's saying a lot in this hot housing market of 2021-2022! Julie was knowledgable and she was real. I had other loan officers that I spoke to that were trying to sell me their services and I could tell they weren't transparent. Julie told me the good, the bad, and the ugly of my situation and armed me with the knowledge to make the most of it. The next time I purchase a home, I'm calling Julie right away”
John W. Jan-22
“Julie and her team were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Next time I have to obtain a mortgage, I will definitely work with Julie again.”
Jerome W. Aug-21
“Very happy and impressed with the work Julie Miller did on this refinance”
Shachindra P. Jul-21
“Julie Miller went over and above in helping us throughout the loan process. She is a knowledgeable and amazing person. I would recommend her highly to anyone without hesitation.”
Jeffrey S. Jul-21
“Julie is fantastic!!!!!”
Jeffrey S. Jul-21
“Julie is fantastic!!”
Shachindra P. Jul-21
“Julie Miller went over and above in helping us throughout the loan process. She is a knowledgeable and amazing person. I would recommend her highly to anyone without hesitation.”
Thomas I. Jun-21
“Julie was great from start to finish. She provided multiple loan options for me to consider, provide personal attention to meeting my specific needs, and helped me navigate the decision-making process to select the right loan. She provided pleasant and timely follow-up to keep the process moving. And, the loan was ready very quickly to close. It was delayed only by some of my documents not being updated prior to closing. Julie quickly got the Homebridge team geared up to direct me on the quickest solution and facilitated arrangements for a quit-claim deed, including a notary, and directions on correcting our home insurance policy. I really appreciated all the attention and patience from Julie and the entire team.”
Barry H. Jun-21
“Julie is very fast and responsive to questions. She provides also provides timely information. I really liked the videos and tools she used to go over the different aspects and options of loans. I'm not planning on moving again but if I do I would use Julie again without question.”
Paul V. Mar-21
“Julie Miller was very proactive in notifying us when it was a good time to refinance and easily walked us through the process. Very thorough and professional. We have financed and refinanced this home and another previous residence with Julie and will continue to do so as long as we live here in California. Thanks Julie!”
Bryce D. Mar-21
“Julie is a champ! She is such a hard worker to get us where we needed to be. When we felt stressed about last minute deadlines, no matter the time, she was there and more than willing to help. We could not have done this without here and can't thank her enough for the effort she put in.”
Jan P. Feb-21
“Julie put a lot of effort into my refi. Although every now and then I would get a little overwhelmed, Julie did her best to make things as efficient as possible, which I greatly appreciated. She and her assistant Diana were always accessible and very responsive. Both were very professional and pleasant. I will recommend them to anyone who asks.”
Trevor M. Dec-20
“Julie was fantastic to work with throughout the entire process. She was knowledgeable, responsive and worked extremely fast to meet a rushed deadline. She was also personable and made us feel comfortable throughout a process my wife and I had never been through before. I would highly recommend Julie.”
Uzzell B. Aug-20
“Julie is great. Her knowledge about available loan products and the loan process is fantastic. She has always been a breeze to reach. Despite the current wave of refinances, she has kept me a priority and always followed through.”
Alden W. Jul-20
“We had another great experience with Julie!”
Dennis W. Jun-20
“Julie Miller is the best loan officer that we have ever worked with! She provided us with a preliminary loan approval letter on short notice even when I told here I was not sure what loan company we would use. She kept us informed during the entire loan process, and responded immediately answering any questions we had.”
Arthur O. – Nov 2019
“From the very first moment that we were introduced to Julie, it was perfect. Julie was communicative throughout our home purchase, realistic about the options we were faced with, educated about the interest rates, and responsive to all our inquiries. Julie made the process go so much smoother than I ever dreamed of. I appreciated all her hard work, diligence, and kindness. Julie is definitely a go-to for any home loan needs. Bravo Julie!!!”
Carol Z. – Sept 2019
“I’ve been working with Julie for many years and she has always been the upmost professional, extremely knowledgeable and pays attention to every detail. She really has you and your client’s back. If you want your loan to close and close on time, I highly recommend working with Julie!!”
Peter J. – Sept 2018
“Julie made our home purchase process feel like a walk in the park! She is a great communicator, professional, detailed and accessible. Her knowledge and experience in her field was so helpful to keeping us on track and to close on time! I recommend Julie and her staff to anyone who needs her services! Thank you Julie!”
Frank Hom - Technical Marketing
“Julie contacted me and suggested we review my current mortgage. She gave a couple of options for refinance and we were able to complete the process in just a few weeks. Julie and her staff were very thorough and we completed the refinance quickly. I highly recommend her for your mortgage needs,”
Lori Butler - CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) for Non-Profits
“If you think you have a difficult lending situation or need some hand holding, expertise and extra support Julie is the best person for you to work with. I was refinancing and going through a difficult divorce. Julie was available at all times to not only offer her extensive knowledge and assistance but her kindness and understanding. I can't speak highly of her enough. She has turned me not only into fan of Homebridge Bank but has restored my faith that there are honest, hardworking and kind people in the industry. Her assistant and entire team are just the best. Thank you Julie Grove Miller and Homebridge!”
Patricia Sundell - Client
“Julie and her team are amazing. We bought and sold in 21 days and closed on both within 6 hours because how on top of it she was. We are now in our dream house!!! There were no hiccups along the way which has never happened to us with a loan, there always seems to be some last minute, very stressful close of a loan. Highly recommend Julie Grove Miller.”
Patrick Conrad - President, Postal Strategy Consulting, LLC
“Julie helped us with our mortgage, and then because we had such a great experience, we went back to her when for a re-fi when we needed additional cash for our ongoing remodeling work. In short, Julie provides the kind of service you tell your friends about--or what I call old-fashioned customer service. She is an excellent communicator--and by this I mean she kept us apprised along every step of the process and this included weekends and other "Non-work" hours. This was very important to us. She explained everything very thoroughly and didn't act like she was doing us a favor, but rather the reverse! This is customer service at it's finest. Julie also has a very able assistant, Skylar, who was just as "on top" of every aspect of our required documentation and ensuring the process was moving along. Finally, Julie delivered what she promised, and that is hard to come by today--and no "voice mail jail" to boot. In a word, "wow!"”
Deborah Walsh - Realtor, Windermere
“Julie and her team did a fantastic job! I can truly say that I have utilized Julie's mortgage services firsthand! Julie made our transaction run so smoothly - even though some curve balls were thrown her way! Julie's positivity and thorough knowledge on the lending side made her such a valuable resource. Her meticulous planning and understanding of the various loans and options was greatly appreciated and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to all of my clients in the future and know that they will be in excellent hands - with no surprises- just wonderful, caring service! Cheers, Deborah Walsh ”
Sonya Engle - Vice President
“Julie provided expertise, flexibility and creative solutions to help me during a quick home purchase for a job relocation. There were a lot of moving parts and as significant level of complexity involved in the deal. And I had limited time to focus on this important decision. Julie presented multiple options, came to my office and made my purchase the highest priority. Ultimately we got it done and I am completely satisfied with the outcome! I would definitely recommend Julie to friends and colleagues!”
Brandon Harrison - District Sales Manager
“Julie was absolutely fantastic in helping me to navigate through my first home mortgage! She guided me through what could have been a very stressful process with ease. I highly recommend working with Julie and I hope to work with her again in the future!”
Christian schutz
“I really appreciate everything Julie did for us to refinance our mortgage. After shopping around for loan rates Julie offered the best rate in the area. I picked Julie not only for her competitive rate but also for her can-do attitude. She was very friendly and courteous throughout the process. I am very happy & satisfied with the outcome. I would definitely use Julie again and feel confident she could do just as good a job for anyone else. I would refer to friends and family if the opportunity arises. ”
Alice Beasley - Registered Nurse
“We started working with Julie while we were still in Virginia. She was so very helpful in teaching us what we needed to know for buying for California. When the househunt heated up she was there 100% with amazing timing. She answered our questions and was there for us when we needed her. I will never go with anyone else if we buy again! Thanks Julie!!”
“Julie was exceptional! Our mortgage situation was an extremely complicated one and Julie found a way to make it work. No matter what obstacle came up she helped us find a solution in order to close the deal.”
Katti Jessen - Executive Director
“Julie did an excellent job completing our home loan processing and finalization. She made the process seem effortless which is far from reality. She was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, with a delightful personality. She was so prompt in responding to any call or email and was a wealth of knowledge about every little detail. Julie was absolutely wonderful! I would whole-heartedly recommend her! ”
Greg Jones - Vice President, Lowe
“Julie and team did an excellent job refinancing my residence. This is the second time I've used her financial services. I am extremely satisfied. Greg”
Sharon Ginger - Sr. Paralegal
“We used Julie for our new home purchase in February 2018. We were initially with another lender (a friend), but when we saw the interest rate and monthly payment (it was much higher than we expected), we were about to cancel the whole transaction. Our agent then recommended a quote from Julie. I honestly didn’t think there was any hope of getting the rate where we needed it to be, but she did it! We paid a point, but it was well worth it since interest rates soared to the highest levels in 4 years right after we locked. Whew! If we had cancelled, we would have gotten a lot less home for more money, she really saved the day on our home loan. Highly recommend her!!!”
Marcus Webb - Exec VP
“I have worked w/ Julie on a number of occasions to apply for mortgages and manage the transaction to completion. In each case Julie and her team have displayed a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, and a sense of urgency that moved activities along at the required pace. During my most recent transaction an issue came up regarding a previously unknown lien and Julie was able to work w/ Underwriting to make sure that my close date was not impacted. When I need another mortgage, or refinancing options, my first call will be to Julie.”
Maxine Sarjeant - Maxine Sarjeant
“ This is the second time we have worked with Julie. She is very efficient and fast and made the whole process very easy and seamless. We will absolutely use her again and recommend her to friends. ”
Jeffery Mark Figgins - Project Manager
“Julie helped me get a great loan and into my new house on time. I hadn't been a new home owner in over 20 years and she throughly walked me through the process and answered all my questions. She is very professional, extremely nice and I highly recommend her. ”
Sue Quitmeyer - Accountant
“Julie was instrumental as she worked with so many people to make the loan process go so smoothly. We moved from out of state And assisted us with any questions or concerns we had along the way. She ROCKS at her job!”
Beth Kind - CEO
“I had an incredible experience with Julie and her Homebridge team! I had almost given up hope on a refinance after dealing with some of the mainstream banks. Julie got the job done through a very difficult/complex process and all the while treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. I definitely give she and her team a 5 star rating!!”
Jessica Brown
“Julie was a friend from the get-go. She was extremely responsive, personable and made you feel like she truly cared. I am so glad we had the chance to work with her and will think of her again for next time.”
Shirley M. Tsunoda - Professor
“Julie is very organized and extremely responsive. She is a great communicator and explains why she needs certain paperwork. She was great at strategizing how to get the best rate. I really appreciate all her hard work and energy in making the process relatively easy and painless!”
Janette Goggins
“Julie Grove Miller was a constant, consistent guide during my loan process. Her experience and continual help made the process easy that would of other wise been stressful. I will highly recommend her to all my friends colleagues and family. Thankful for Julie!!! ”
Lynda Wennerstrom - Realtor® Windermere Homes & Estates
“I can't say enough good things about Julie! She has helped me and many of my clients get the loans they needed and close on time. She is a seasoned veteran who goes the extra mile day in and day out. She is highly reliable and trustworthy and you know you are always in good hands with Julie!”

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