About Judy Krawiec

Legendary Service Driven by a Lifetime of Experience!

Judy joined Homebridge Financial Services in 2019, bringing over three decades of valuable experience in the Real Estate Industry. Before joining the Mortgage Industry, she served as a licensed Realtor, a Deputy Assessor and a Certified State Appraiser. Having exposure to multiple facets of the Real Estate business has helped Judy bring a different perspective that incorporates a level of understanding that is unsurpassed. She delivers Legendary Service Driven by a Lifetime of Experience to everyone she meets!

Judy has successfully built a business by cultivating strong relationships with all business associates and referrals. She understands that purchasing a home is the biggest financial decision in the lives of her clients. For this very reason, Judy takes the time to consult, educate and ask questions to ensure she understands what the client truly wants. The ultimate goal is to ascertain both short term and long-term goals, making sure the client is confident as we progress through the process. Judy’s product knowledge is paramount in matching the proper product to her client’s needs.

If you are considering a refinance, a first-time purchase, a downsize or you need more space; please reach out to Judy. You can find her in DFW at judy.krawiec@homebridge.com or text her at #303-862-2502.

Legendary Service Driven by a Lifetime of Experience!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Matthew D. Dec-20
“Judy and her team went above and beyond to make this process very painless for me! I have a very hectic, busy work scedual day to day and the still worked with me to get my close in the expected timeframe. Being a 1st time home buyer, I was told by many that it would be a terribly stressful and confusing process but with Judy and her staff being so knowledgable, any and all questions that I had we answered and also explained as to why. They made everything easy to understand and truthfully prepared me to be a home owner in only a few months time. Beyond that, Judy offered and requested that I could use her as a resource for any questions that I have in the future, and will also touch base with me to make sure that everything is still going as smoothly as they had left it! 11/10 home buying experience and they will come highly recommended by me for anyone going into the home buying process.”
Dalton T. Dec-20
“The closing was fast and easy. It was a little difficult finding time to answer,email and meet up with the notary since I was very busy. That was my fault. Judy and her partner was very helpful and always answered when me or my wife had a question. I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to everyone I know. Matter of fact, I'm going to post about HomeBridge on my Facebook. May have a few contacts that wants to refinance.”
Kristi L. Oct-20
“I really enjoyed working with Judy.”
Kevin W. Sep-20
“Awesome service, very detailed and knowledgeable!”
Yolanda G. Aug-20
“Judith went above and beyond to explain every detail on my application and loan. She is a wonderful loan advisor.”
Jennifer H. Jun-20
“Judy is one of the best people I've ever met. She's knowledgeable and helpful.”
“Judith K. is beyond helpful and the best lender rep I have ever worked with. She gives you the best case and worse. She is very knowledgable and educated you. The level of communication is excellent.”
“Judith K. is beyond helpful and the best lender rep I have ever worked with. She gives you the best case and worse. She is very knowledgable and educated you. The level of communication is excellent.”
Malia B. May-19
“Judy has never failed me and I've had the pleasure of her Lending Expertise on many occasions. She is my "go to" Lender the very BEST! I actually used her on our own Home Re-Finance as well as many transactions in my Real Estate Brokerage Business. ”
Rashi J. Jan-18
“Judy is an excellent lender who works with you to not only secure the loan also makes sure she is helping you make the right decision. She is highly experienced in almost everything that comes with home buying. Judy worked with us like a family member and is highly patient through the tedious loan process. She is very detail oriented and makes sure she crosses her T's and dots the I's. This helped our loan process clear in the first go. She is defintely the "Dream Lender" and we were lucky to work with her. Her assion to help customers and knowledgeof Real estate was very helpful for us to make the right decision at the right time. You can count on Judy to help you at every step with her expert advice and connections in the real estate/mortgage industry. We will definitely be going back to her and recommending to our friends and family!”
Cherie H. Jan-18
“Judy Krawiec was very helpful throughout our home purchase. There were times that we got frustrated with how long the process takes but she always reassured us that she was going to make it happen. We like how down to earth and direct she is.”
Megan C. Nov-17
“Judy worked tirelessly to help us secure funding and purchase our home. She is organized thorough, and meticulous. She was able to make things happen when others couldn't. I can not sing her praises enough. We will be buying another house at some point, and we won't work with anyone but Judy.”
Louis C. Sep-17
“I am a first time buyer and feel very fortunate to have had Judy handling this process for me. She went above and beyond my expectations to get my loan done. She was very passionate about helping me get into my new home. She made it simple and easy. All I had to do was follow her directions. I highly recommend her if your thinking of buying a home. I give her a 10!”
Bobby H. Jul-17
“Judy's service was vital to my home purchase. She helped make the process simple by providing guidance and work that was both fast and yielded results that were better than I expected. Can't imagine not having her.”
Jaclyn A. Dec-16
“Judy was very knowledgable and didn't make any promises she didn't or couldn't keep. We didn't have the best credit to work with and she still managed to get the job done and we bought our house for less than we were paying in rent. I will use her again if needed!”
Joe T. Dec-16
“I would heartily recommend doing business with Judy. I was a total novice to the whole mortgage lending process when referred to Judy. She was patient, she was kind, she held my virtual hand - I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Please don't hesitate to go with Judy when you are ready to buy!”
Clark C. Dec-16
“Our lender was exceptional. Couldn't have had a better one in my opinion. Judy is wonderful. Will refer her to anyone we know. I have never experienced anyone like her.”
Kristin P. Nov-16
“Judy has been amazing during this process. First time home buyer. You will understand exactly what you are getting into and she spends so much time explaining everything. Judy felt like a friend during this whole process.”
Lucas R. Oct-16
“Judy not only made this process extraordinarily easy, she made it fun and educational. She understands her business more than anyone we've ever worked with in the past, and that's saying quite a bit. Judy went to bat for us, and understood the necessity for a team approach to a situation like this. She instantly got onboard and did a wonderful job of keeping us informed on the progression of our loan. We would highly recommend Judy!!!”
Jason H. Aug-16
“Judith was very helpful and kept things moving. She was great to work with. She made sure we were kept up to date at all times and responded very quickly. I would recommend her in the future.”

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