About Juanita B-Gonzalez

Juanita B. Gonzalez is a long-time California resident, based at Homebridge’s Lancaster Branch. Juanita has been in the mortgage industry for over 6 years, but in customer service, servicing clients in different industries since 2001.

Juanita enjoys helping clients attain their dream home. She prides herself on being direct and honest. Purchasing a home is a huge step and commitment in life, and she is sensitive to how exciting, but yet how nerve racking, it can be during the process.
Juanita is easily accessible to answer any questions and to ensure a quick and smooth escrow. She is always available to extend the same prompt and courteous service to your friends, family and colleagues.

Contact Juanita B-Gonzalez Anytime
Feel free to contact Juanita anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Juanita B-Gonzalez will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Erika Z. Apr-22
“This is the second time I have worked with Juanita and she has exceeded my expectations both times. She is easy to work with and most importantly very knowledgeable and informative. Not only would I highly recommend but would absolutely use again!”
Alejandro P. Feb-22
“Juanita was very attentive and informative anytime i had questions. She did a great job with the loan process and i was very satisfied with how easy she made the process.”
Salvador J. Jan-22
“Juanita B. Gonzalez and her assistant Caitlyn were very knowledgeable,professional,and very helpful in answering the many questions we had concerning our re-fi loan! She kept us informed throughout the loan process. She went above and beyond to get us us the rate we could afford and wanted.My wife and I will definitely recommend her and her team to our family members and friends! She truly is the best loan officer in the Antelope Valley that we have met ! We were extremely satisfied ! ! !”
Paula S. Dec-21
“As a Realtor, Juanita is my Preferred Lender, so of course I used her for my personal mortgaged needs. She and her assistant, Caitlyn, always go above and beyond, always have an excellent attitude of positiveness and professionalism.”
Florentino A. Aug-21
“It was truly a pleasure working with Juanita B Gonzalez and her team with the refinancing of our mortgage loan. We immediately felt that we were in good hands. Juanita and her team were extremely professional, courteous and keen. Juanita kept in constant communication with us throughout the loan process. She was very knowledgeable and most importantly made an effort to realize our needs. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you!”
Vit S. Jul-21
“Juanita was very professional, informative and available at any given time. I would definitely recommend her and would use her services again without hesitation. We had a great experience and loved that she was always forthcoming with any information and looked out for our best interest. Extremely satisfied!!!”
Charles P. May-21
“Juanita always have been so professional and along with that she's adds a personal touch. She has done a loan for us before and she has done a excellent job both times.”
William R. Apr-21
“I can't say enough good things about Juanita. From beginning to end she exceeded my expectations on how helpful and informative she was throughout the process. She is very diligent and thorough which comes a long way and gives you peace of mind that no issues will arise on closing. Communication is obviously key through the process and Juanita did plenty of that with me to always keep me informed about all that was going on and if any changes would arise. I can't thank her enough for all the help she was to me and my family. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is in search of a amazing loan officer. Thank you Juanita”
Julian B. Nov-20
“Who's very happy with the way things were handled and if I was going to do this again I'd probably go to the same company thank you very much”
Cesar H. Sep-20
“Juanita Gonzalez has always gone above and beyond to ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible! I will absolutely refer her to friends and family! Happy customer for life!”
Moises A. Sep-20
“Great person to work with, she takes the time to explain and answer questions patiently and always available or gets back to you before the end of the day! It was a pleasure for us to have had Juanita handle our loan to refinance.”
Luis T. Sep-20
“From start to finish, Juanita was there to provide peace of mind and guidance throughout the whole process. A very knowledgeable and dedicated professional, Juanita is very passionate about her job and it's reflected in how she answers questions, explains things, and delivers results as she promised. My family and I will always be thankful to her. To put it plain and simple, I truly believe Juanita is a true asset for Homebridge.”
Raul A. Aug-20
“Juanita went over and beyond my expectations. She spent until 11:00pm answering all my questions to ease my concerns. She was a great and understanding person. She knows she job”
Cesar M. Jun-20
“It was a pleasure to work with Juanita Bernal Gozalez, very professional. Easy process loved it.”
TRAVIS A. May-20
“We are so happy with Juanita and how she bent over backwards to get us what we needed and into our dream home! She is God Sent. She is thorough and awesome, she excels at her job!”
TRAVIS A. May-20
“We are so happy with Juanita and how she bent over backwards to get us what we needed and into our dream home! She is God Sent. She is thorough and awesome, she excels at her job!”
JORGE C. Jan-20
“Juanita was amazing. She kept us updated with our process, she worked very hard to make this possible for us. She was honest and patient through this process with us.”
“Juanita Gonzalez Bernal - Great Girl!”
Lamonica D. Oct-19
“I would highly recommend Mrs. Juanita Gonzales she works with excellence and very helpful at answering questions and concerns...thanks Juanita Gonzales you rock!”
Annabel A. May-19
“Juanita was amazing. She answered all our questions and was always available whenever we needed her. Juanita became not only a great professional, but also a friend.”
Owen L. December 2018
“Great customer service.”
Jimmie H. October 2018
“Great service and personality.”

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