About Josh Dougherty

Josh Dougherty is Sales Manager and Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator for Homebridge Financial Services. He has over 20 years of experience as a Mortgage Loan Originator in the state of Florida and began his career by opening a mortgage brokerage business in Clermont, FL. Seeing an opportunity for support, he spent the next 16 years with FBC Mortgage out of Orlando and maintained a Clermont satellite office. Never wanting to miss an opportunity for growth, he now has more than 4 years working for Homebridge Financial Services a multibillion National Direct Mortgage Lender and is based out of their Maitland/Orlando branch, while also maintaining his Clermont satellite office. He is a Florida native, born in St. Petersburg and raised in Clermont, attended school at Valencia and Campbell U., and is an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran. He values service and integrity above all else and is evidenced by his extensive industry professional and past customer client base. He is known as the “Can Do Lender” who is able to get the job done in the most expedient, professional manner possible!


What Our Customers Say About Me

Johanne N. Feb-22
“Josh and his team were great! The buying process was not smooth at all, but think that comes with the territory. However, Josh and his team did everything in their power to ensure us that we were in this process together and fought until the very end to ensure we had a smooth closing! Would definitely recommend!”
Norda H. Nov-21
“It was a pleasure working with your team and facilitating me as best as possible. Great Job!”
Gerardo V. Apr-21
“dedicated, thorough and efficient in getting things done on time”
Catherine L. Apr-21
“Josh and his team were simply amazing! They worked very hard and closed my loan quickly and with a great interest rate! They explained everything in great detail to me and the closing was smooth. I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy or re-fi a home to call Josh!”
Adrienne R. Apr-21
“Once we were pre approved it really was a seamless process. I actually thought it would be more difficult and stressful. Once we were approved for the loan everything moved and closed within the time window. The help us get things done regarding explanations of credit it all went through so well I still can't believe we closed. Josh and James I worked with alot and appreciateate their hard work!”
Joel A. Dec-20
“My experience with Homebridge was an amazing experience. Josh, James, January, Kristy, and Abigail worked together to make my approval process as smooth as possible. The closing process was long and had bumps on the road but they all worked hard and diligently to get me to close. I am grateful for the Homebridge team and will recommend HomeBridge to others.”
Norris A. Dec-20
“Josh and his team did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend.”
Frazier I. Dec-20
“Everyone we worked with was absolutely fantastic! Josh & James & the entire team were more helpful than anyone could imagine. We sought Josh out for our refinance since he had been so amazing on our original mortgage 6 years ago. We highly recommend Josh & his team to anyone seeking a mortgage or refinance as they are the cream of the crop in honest mortgage lenders.”
Victoria C. Aug-20
“Josh and his team were so easy to call and get answers. Very personable. Job well done”
Richard C. Jul-20
“Everyone involved were great”
Richard C. Jul-20
“Everyone involved were great”
John Y. Jun-20
“Josh Dougherty Was so great during the whole process and will be in the future recommending him to all are friends and co workers.”
Sabrina C. Jun-20
“My overall experience with Homebridge was good, the staff was pleasant and Knowledgeable. I would recommend Homebridge to my family and friends.”
Carmen S. Jun-20
“Josh, during the process of my mortgage you were wonderful, when ever i call with a question you would not only answer me but you break it down that i could understand it at my level; since i had no experience in that field. you were prompt with you response, and straight forward, and never too busy to answer me. Very professional that is what you are and i appreciate you. Thank a Million”
“The team worked very hard, and rapidly to get us closed on time after we had a horrible experience with our previous "lender".”
“Josh was great. I appreciate his help wtih my refinancing needs. He is very knowledgeable about the process and efficient. LorraineSankey”
Tom D. Oct-19
“Could not have been more knowledgeable, professional, and diligent.”
Michael P. Sep-19
“Everyone on Josh's team did great. Loved talking to Susan Morgan as she was always ready to answer any questions.”
Jose E. May-19
“Josh was amazing to work with. Was always available and constantly giving update status”
Fred R. December 2018
“We love working with Josh.”
Fred R. December 2018
“Great people.”
Benjamin H. November 2018
“Very helpful, quick to respond to all questions.”
Claudette B. October 2018
“Very helpful and always available to answer questions.”
Eben B. September 2018
“They got what I wanted.”
Parag P. Aug-18
“Excellent service.”
Steven R. Aug-18
“Excellent follow up, clear and concise communication and constantly available.”
Parag P. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Steven R. August 2018
“Excellent follow up, clear and concise communication and constantly available.”
Parag P. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Steven R. August 2018
“Excellent follow up, clear and concise communication and constantly available.”
Casey S. May 2018
“Awesome company! They were very informative with us every step of the way.”
Marc R. May 2018
“This process was extremely quick and full of information.”
Chad S. March 2018
“Josh and his team were great to work with! They were very understanding to my needs.”
Michael F. March 2018
“Excellent experience.”
Clifford S. October 2017
“Super efficient, courteous, business knowledge, very helpful. Could not be happier.”
Katelin H. September 2017
“Josh provided quick responses and he was always available when I had any questions or concerns! He made buying a house easy!”
Allyson L. July 2017
“Josh and his team were great to work with! They were very helpful and diligent throughout the process! Keep up the great work!”

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