About Joseph May

What Makes Joe May the Right Mortgage Loan Originator for You?


I bring 35 years of industry expertise to your loan process. Having worked all of that time with borrowers and real estate agents, I can spot issues before they become problems and ensure the complex loan process is made simple. I work for you – the homebuyer – and will provide all the information you need to stay in the driver’s seat. You can expect:

  • Clear communication and open availability
  • Tailored loan solutions for your unique needs
  • An easy and smooth homeownership journey

Providing Home Loan Education:

You and your goals are the focus of the homebuying process. That’s my approach with every customer and that means keeping you informed about the ins-and-outs of your loan. Throughout the entire process, you will never be out of the loop. You’ll learn about:

  • What exactly goes into your mortgage payment
  • Asset Verification
  • How interest rates and other variables can affect your financial future

Let me help you make the right move. I can ensure a simple, easy and affordable loan process to get you the home you want so you can start investing in yourself!


Advantages of Buying Over Renting:

It’s time to move from paying your landlord to building your own wealth. If you’re renting in the Tri-State area, I can help you take advantage of homeownership benefits such as:

  • Building equity instead of giving money to a landlord
  • Available tax deductions on mortgage payments
  • Possibly paying the same or less in mortgage than in rent


10 Tips For A Successful Loan Process

Click the image below to download your free copy of “10 Tips for a Successful Home Loan Process”!


And It’s Not Just Mortgages…

Through my own personal network and contacts from my Business Network International (BNI) group, I have access to the top professionals in multiple fields. This is a group of dedicated professionals who are here to help you. Dentists, doctors, lawyers, electricians, to name a few. They’re here to provide whatever services you need. Let me know what you’re looking for and who I can connect you with. The Joseph May Team is here to support you in all of your life’s goals.


What Homebridge Offers:

I offer a wide range of loan products backed by the Homebridge brand. Look through a few of our loan options and let’s discuss what loan is right for you.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Call, text, or email me today. Let’s make your dream of homeownership a reality.

1Primary residences only. Income and credit restrictions apply.  Other restrictions may also apply.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jose D. Mar-22
“Joseph May, and Ellen Murphy made my first home buying experience a breeze. They are both knowledgeable, patient, and actually care about the customer.”
Michael G. Jan-22
“Joe May takes the necessary time to explain all aspects of lending, to answer questions clearly and to build a solid relationship with his clients. We have trusted Joe with our mortgage needs for over 10 years and we will continue to do so.”
Socrates P. Nov-21
“Joseph May professionalism and knowledgeable is indeed unquestionable I'm very grateful for his profesional help very attentive and he communicates with the clients in a way you understand and works with you until your problems are resolved thank you very much.”
Erick L. Sep-21
“Joe May was a true professional and great to work with. I greatly appreciate the time he took to explain the process from the first time we spoke and throughout the entire process. His entire team was a pleasure to deal with and all very professional.”
Justine B. Aug-21
“Joe was friendly and responsive. He explained everything thoroughly!”
Jody B. Apr-21
“I recommend Joe May of Homebridge to my home buying clients and for myself personally. Joe was there for me every step of the way. Terrific experience.”
Courtney B. Apr-21
“Joe and his team were great!”
Jason G. Mar-21
“Joe was a professional who clearly outlined the process, the documentation and the information necessary to close. Joe along with his team continually worked with me throughout the process to make it a successful closing. He's the best.”
Andrew Z. Feb-21
“Joe is terrific, very knowledgeable. His team assisted very well with the entire process and we are very happy”
Robert R. Jan-21
“Joe May helped walk me through the process in an easy and friendly manner. Because financing involved loans on other properties, the process was not straight forward. Joe & Nancy took the time to help me get everything in order to close on my loan.”
Assuanta H. Dec-20
“Joe is an expert and a true professional. He ensured that I understood the mortgage process thoroughly.”
John F. Dec-20
“Joe is a true asset to the HomeBridge team, You are lucky to have him!!”
Andy F. Dec-20
“Joseph is very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. Made the home buying process easy to understand. We are very glad we went with Homebridge.”
Frank S. Nov-20
“My experience my experience with Joseph May and the team were more than helpful patient understanding explaining every detail to me as a first time home buyer their service was excellent and they answered every single phone call made to them answering all the questions we needed to know in simple terms I would highly recommend Joseph May and his team homebridge to any family member and fiend. A great job from start to finish.”
Jeffrey S. Nov-20
“Joseph was a pleasure to work with in getting our mortgage! We are very happy with the services provided by Joseph and Homebridge. We would recommend Homebridge to anyone who may need them. Many thanks for making this process as easy as it can be!”
Louis M. Nov-20
“Joe did a very good job from beginning to end. I would recommend Joe and Homebridge to friends and relatives.”
Harry R. Oct-20
“A master”
Anthony M. Oct-20
“Joe May and his group are excellent to work with!! Professional and responsive... I would recommend them to anyone!”
Debra S. Sep-20
“Joe is very knowledgeable about the mortgage process and instilled a lot of confidence in me. Denise was amazing during the process and was quite easy to work with.”
Christopher V. Sep-20
“Joe May was excellent! He explained everything clearly, kept me informed of next steps, and documents needed. I would highly recommend Joe to someone looking for HomeBridge services.”
Arthur H. Aug-20
“Joe and his team were prompt, professional, and were always available for any questions and concerns. I will recommend them to anyone seeking to refinance, buy, or sell a home.”
Robert P. Aug-20
“Joe is terrific. I've been using g him fir years. He is the best there is.”
Paul U. Aug-20
“Joe was highly recommended to me. Right from my first meeting I found Joe to be extremely knowledgable AND likable. I had lots of questions throughout the process and Joe always went above and beyond. We met in person, spoke by phone and also communicated via email and texting. Joe is a great guy and I can't praise him enough.”
Sheryl M. Aug-20
“It was indeed a pleasure working with Homebridge Financial Services. Joseph May was the best in making my dream of owning a home come through.”
Mary M. Jun-20
“Joseph May and his team did an excellent job throughout the entire process.”
Thomas M. Jun-20
“joe, denise kim nancy , the best in the business. Homebridge is luck to have such hard working honest people!”
Ezzeldin H. Jun-20
“Joe is very knowledgeable and professional person. He has explained the process very clearly. He responds quickly and provide solutions to the problems that may rise during the process. he is a pleasure to work with. I will recommend him to my family and friends.”
“Joseph May was kind, knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and very professional. I could not be happier with Joseph's outstanding service. He is the reason I'm a happy homeowner today!”
JUAN M. Mar-20
“I had a very great and easy experience getting my mortgage loan through Joe and I would recommend him to anyone interested in a loan! Thank you so much ??”
DAVID J. Jan-20
“Joe and everyone in his office are so wonderful and so was the gentlemen that was at our closing. I can't say enough about all the help and guidance they all gave us from beginning to the closing day. I would highly recommend Homebridge. This is such a great group of people !!!!!!”
LOLA J. Nov-19
“I've worked with Joe May a number of times over the years and he's excellent at what he does, which is why I keep coming back! Thank you for your partnership!”
Florencia B. Oct-19
“Wonderful team. I am very happy.”
Bruce B. June-19
“Joe and Kim were terrific. We appreciate their help in this refi.”
Ajay D. June-19
“Mr. May and his staff were very helpful and made the entire process a lot less tedious than I expected”
Brendan G. December 2018
“Excellent service.”
Matthew Y. November 2018
“Referred by my realtor.”
Joel L. November 2018
“Out loan officer Joseph May and his colleagues were very helpful through this process. They were capable of addressing the many unexpected situations that arose throughout the process until we made it to the finish line.”
Rebecca M. November 2018
“Very responsive, professional.”
Mercedes V. November 2018
“Honesty and knowledge of the process.”
Johnpierre R. October 2018
“All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.”
John F. October 2018
“Very professional.”
Robert S. October 2018
“Helpful, responsive and informative.”
Steven S. October 2018
“Extremely helpful and informative.”
Tara M. October 2018
“Everything was made simple and easy to understand. The process was smooth.”
Tara M. October 2018
“Everything was made simple and easy to understand. The process was smooth.”
Wilbert R. October 2018
“Very helpful and professional.”
Oswaldo C. September 2018
“Good service and fast.”
Freddy M. September 2018
“They make easy my loan paperwork and easy to understand the process.”
Ramon M. Aug-18
“Very thorough and patient with all information.”
Andrew D. Aug-18
“Joe and Elisa were very helpful.”
Yvonne R. Aug-18
“HomeBridge was always in touch with updates and made this process very easy.”
Andrew D. August 2018
“Joe and Elisa were very helpful.”
Yvonne R. August 2018
“HomeBridge was always in touch with updates and made this process very easy.”
Ramon M. August 2018
“Very thorough and patient with all information.”
Yvonne R. August 2018
“HomeBridge was always in touch with updates and made this process very easy.”
Ramon M. August 2018
“Very thorough and patient with all information.”
Andrew D. August 2018
“Joe and Elisa were very helpful.”
Patty Q. June 2018
“Joe May was very good at explaining the process and guided me through it. His assistant's were very kind and cooperative.”
Nicholas E. April 2018
“Personal attention and help.”
Janet K. March 2018
“Very helpful. Recommended highly!”
Carlos H. December 2017
“Great service.”
Nicholas A. October 2017
“Everyone was extremely helpful and made the usually complicated process of obtaining a mortgage streamlined and as easy as possible.”
Kisha C. October 2017
“The staff is very professional. They are very attentive to client's needs and expedite calls and email concerns or inquiries.”
Theresa R. November 2016
“Joe and his team were courteous, patient and quick to answer all of my questions or concerns!”
Ebonee C. July 2017
“Joe and his entire team were very professional and kind! Thank you!”
Beatrix M. August 2017
“Joe was very polite and he was always ready to answer any questions that I had. It was a pleasure working with him!”
Lisa S. July 2017
“Joe May did a wonderful job! I will definitely recommend him to others due to my positive experience!”
Thomas A. June 2017
“Joseph provided amazing customer service!  He was very helpful and informative throughout the entire process!”
Ivan and Betsy E. December 2016
“Joe and his team were always willing to help!  They were very knowledgeable and informative!  They were very helpful and worked with us at any time!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you!”
Benjamin and Erin B. May 2017
“Joe was great to work with and he provided seamless customer service!  Thank you!”
Elizabeth M. May 2017
“Joe and his team were extremely helpful and informative throughout this process!  I enjoyed working with everyone that was assigned to my loan!  Thank you!”
Bryan and Kate K. May 2017
“Joe and his team were easy to work with and we always felt that they were pulling for us to get to the closing table!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cassandre L. May 2017
“Joe and his staff did an excellent job from the beginning to the end!  They were very informative and patient!  They provided all of the guidance that we needed to get the mortgage that fit us best!  The process was easy and smooth!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joseph K. May 2017
“Joseph May was excellent, he was always available to go over any questions that I had!  He was awesome!  Thank you!”
William M. March 2017
“Joe was very courteous, detail oriented and prompt!  HomeBridge did a great job!  Thank you!”
Julio and Carol R. March 2017
“Joe May was very responsive and he explained everything thoroughly!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
Thomas and Sharon R. March 2017
“Joe May is very helpful and easy to work with!  Thank you for this positive experience at HomeBridge!”
Michael and Marilyn G. March 2017
“Joe and his team were very friendly and easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Santa R. December 2016
“Joe and his team were so professional and courteous!  They were instrumental in making the loan process as smooth as possible!  It is hard to express an improvement on an already spectacular team!”
Edwin R. September 2016
“Both Joe and Denise were very professional and friendly!  They made this process as smooth as it could be!   I had a great experience working with both of them and it would be a pleasure to work with them again in the future!  You guys are awesome!  Thank you for everything!”
Berkley and Annette V. September 2016
“Joe and his staff provided individualized attention and support throughout this process!  They were extremely knowledgeable and patient!”
Joseph and Eileen D. September 2016
“Joe May is a trusted advisor!  He was extremely responsive to questions even during his vacation!  Well done HomeBridge!”
Vivian G. August 2016
“Joe and his entire team were so professional and welcoming!  Joe was always honest and transparent.  He was clear with directions and he answered all of my questions.  The entire process was so smooth!”
Vincent and Kristen C. August 2016
“Joe May was very helpful during this entire process!  We will recommend HomeBridge to everyone due to our positive experience!”
Tobias and Venice B. August 2016
“Joseph and his team were very helpful and friendly!  We would like to return to HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Evan and Marie H. August 2016
“Joe was very helpful with this process.  He answered all of our questions promptly and kept us informed every step of the way!  We were always treated respectfully at HomeBridge!”
Stuart and Keri W. July 2016
“Joe May thoroughly explained all aspects of buying and selling a home.  He worked diligently to ensure that we could close on our new home quickly!  We have purchased two homes with Joe and we trust him tremendously.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Liz S. July 2016
“Joseph made this home buying experience easy and he took the time to explain everything thoroughly.  He provided an excellent response time!  I will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family because of this positive experience!”
Robert and Debra H. July 2016
“Joseph was very responsive and informative throughout the entire process!  He provided very professional service!  We were so glad to work with a professional, reputable company!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Shakira P. July 2016
“The service was excellent!  All details were explained throughout the process.  Joe and his staff were extremely helpful and supportive.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Howard and Janet H. July 2016
“Joe and his team provided us excellent service!  They were readily available to assist us with any areas of concern!  They were outstanding, caring, patient and attentive throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Timothy and Lauren Z. June 2016
“Joe and his team were always available!  You can tell that customer service is HomeBridge's top priority!  We would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Francine L. June 2016
“Joseph was very helpful and informative in this process!  He explained the need for documents and how to obtain.   Thank you HomeBridge!”
Donna H. June 2016
“Joseph May was very responsive to our needs throughout this process.  He was very helpful and provided a fast closing!  I received great service at HomeBridge!”
Alexander K. October 2015
“Everything was done on time and to my complete satisfaction!  I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Brian and Rebecca B. May 2016
“Joe was prompt, professional and very detail oriented!  He did an amazing job!  Everything was wonderful!”
Kenneth and Patrice D. November 2015
“Joseph was very prompt, thorough and accessible!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert and Deirdre S. April 2016
“Joe May was very professional and courteous.  We have already recommended him and HomeBridge to others!”
Anthony and Rosemarie M. December 2015
“Joseph was very efficient and knowledgeable.  He was always available and paid much attention to detail!  He really simplified the process for us!”
Andrea M. April 2016
“Joseph was very friendly and prompt.  He provided great customer service!  Thank you!”
Theresa A. February 2016
“Joseph and the team were all very pleasant, helpful and efficient.  This process was made as smooth as possible for us!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rose Sparkill, NY
“I can never thank Joe May and his mortgage team enough. They go beyond the distance! He always answered my calls and/or emails with a smile ( no matter how many times I asked the same questions). I am grateful to Joe and his team (Denise) for assisting me when others did not. He always came through, was there to give support, and always looking out for my best interest. This is a rare quality to find these days. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks again Joe for a job well done.”
Robert M.
“Joe and his team were incredible with my first time home buying experience,  they were attentive to all of my needs and answered every question of mine.  I was treated like family and would recommend HomeBridge to anyone!”
Oliver L.
“Joseph May and his team were amazing.  They made the process easy and took a lot of the stress off of us.  We had a positive experience.  Joe kept us in the loop every step of the way!”
Alexandra V.
“Joe and all the staff work together to make sure the closing goes smoothly.  Very professional team who takes time to explain the process.”
Evan K. New City, NY
“As a first time home owner, the mortgage process was a scary endeavor. Joseph helped educate me on the process, what to expect and how best to get things in order early on. Joseph and his team kept me informed along the way and drove the process with a great sense of urgency! I could not be more thankful and feel like it was Joseph that made this process a seamless one. I highly recommend Joseph and his team and will go back to him again when its time!”
Cheryl Stony Point, NY
“Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Joe May and the HomeBridge team! My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream possible in buying a new home! Joe went above and beyond normal customer service, overseeing the approval process each step of the way. He also ensured that we got the best possible result! I know that he really worked hard on our loan and showed concern with getting us the best possible rate. We found Joe to be very informative and willing to take the time to help us understand the process, throughout the life cycle from start to finish. Buying a home can be stressful. Joe gained our trust by ensuring we felt comfortable with the process and meeting his commitments to close the deal. Joe's team, along with the underwriters, were extremely helpful and courteous throughout the process. I am looking forward to working with Joe and his team in the future. I highly recommend him to anyone, including my friends and family. You are top-notch!!”
Jonathan Putnam Valley, NY
“I can only say good things about Joe. He and his team are beyond great at what they do. My case or file was a little complicated, but Joseph was there all the way to the end. No matter what challenges came up, they always knew what to do next. I am now a proud homeowner. I got a great rate. I closed on the home in March 2015, and I am just so thankful for HomeBridge. Joe and his team are on point, and they always respond quickly and professionally. Thanks Joe! Oh, and also they give you small gifts in between. I got a gift card.”
Jenna Pearl River, NY
“My fiancée and I were looking to buy our first home together, and we are so pleased we were able to work with Joe during this process. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and we learned a great deal about buying a home from him. We were under some serious time frames, and Joe's dedication to working within that time frame was amazing. Whenever we had questions or concerns, Joe was ALWAYS available to address them. We would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking to buy a home! Thanks for everything Joe!”
Liang Stony Point, NY
“I recently purchased a home in this area. I applied for a mortgage through Joe. During the whole process, I was very happy to work with him. He is very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. He reviewed all the details for me. He always responded to my questions promptly and helped to solve problems. With his help, the mortgage process was very smooth, and the deal closed on time. I will definitely recommend Joe to anyone.”
Jamie New City, NY
“After selling my home in Putnam County, I was in a big rush to find the perfect home in Rockland before my daughter started school in September. Being new to the area, I planned on using a "big bank" mortgage provider until a friend referred me to Joe. I was sold on Joe from the first phone call and couldn't be happier with that decision. Joe literally worked his butt off for my family to get us our home. The available houses were limited and it was a struggle but Joe always managed to get pre approvals over at lightening speed. Joe had spreadsheets with financial breakdowns emailed to me just as fast. He even showed up at a house I was considering for purchase to take a look and assist me with factoring in construction/remodeling costs. I would have never got that individual attention from the "big bank." Once my offer was accepted , Joe once again ran a marathon with me to get to closing before the start of school. We made it with two weeks to spare!! I am so grateful to Joe and his team for all their help.”
Chris Valley Cottage, NY
“I have known Joe for over a decade, and whether it has been refinancing my mortgage or networking, he is always a professional. The current lending environment can be very difficult and confusing. Joe simplifies matters, stays on top of things and gets the job done. If you're looking to purchase a home or refinance, call Joe.”
Stuart Pearl River, NY
“Joe helped my wife and I navigate the difficult and ever-stressful process of purchasing our first home. He walked us through ever step of the process, answering every single one of our questions. He made this experience and enjoyable as it should be as first-time home buyers.”
Anthony G. New City, NY
“Having been a top agent in Rockland & Orange Counties for over 11 years, I have met hundreds of mortgage "professionals." Joe May is one of those REAL-professionals, one I regularly entrust with my buyers and sellers. Clients of The Anthony G Team expect a certain level of professionalism. Getting them in Joe's hands on day 1 is exactly the way to go about it. Whenever I have a question about rates, loan packages, FHA-approved units...he's always there. And he answers in a paragraph, as opposed to a single sentence. His bedside-manner is one of a kind, especially when it comes to first time home buyers. I mean, they love him!! With his mastery-level knowledge of his trade and a welcoming, reassuring disposition...whether you're a seasoned agent, new to the business, or a seller or buyer yourself...you can rest assured...Joe May's got your back.”
Joe Pomona, New york
“I thought my first time buying a home would be a nightmare, but Joe May made it a great experience. He was always a phone call away answering any of my questions fully. I would absolutely recommend Joe And his services to anyone.”
Jennifer Suffern, NY
“My husband and I recently bought our first home with Joe's expertise help! Joe and Denise went above and beyond what was expected of them, without hesitation or compromise. Without their determination and persistence, our deal probably would not have happened. We credit them with the success of buying our home. We are happy to have worked with them, would work with them again, and have referred them to others. Our loan process was easy, smooth and painless! We are positively pleased with the whole process.”
Betsy Garnerville, NY
“I am a very pleased client.  Joe did our mortgage application and we can't be any more grateful and happy to have worked with him. He is just an amazing professional; very knowledgeable, responsible, responsive and diligent which made our application process so smooth and quick. The turn around time was just amazing due to his prompt follow ups. He can make it happen in a very good time frame as long as you follow his instructions and provide information in a timely manner. He will just make it happen!  He will guide you through the process and is always available to answer questions with the best attitude. I can't thank him and his team enough for a great job performed and for making our dream come true.  Thank you, Joe.  You really rock!”
Bob Tarrytown, NY
“I met Joe through BNI over 10 years ago and he is a great guy, a great BNI member and past President of his chapter, and a great rep in his industry.”

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