About John Prom

John Prom graduated from Boston College with an economics degree and has nearly 10 years of experience in home financing. As HomeBridge’s Manhattan Branch Manager, John works hard to ensure his customers, as well as his employees, receive the highest level of service and professionalism. John enjoys helping families achieve the dream of home ownership, but also takes pride in training new loan officers to do the same. He enjoys working with all types of buyers – especially Union members and first time home buyers – educating them throughout the mortgage process and sharing in the excitement of buying a home. Customers immediately notice and appreciate John’s innovative approach to business and emphasis on working as an integrated team. Active in the community, John works extensively with the New York Hotel Trades Council.

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Ivan S. February-19
“John was very professional and responsive during the whole process. His hands on approach helped mitigate any anxiety my wife and experienced during the entire financing process.”
Guido T. April-19
“I want to say that John Prom/ Dana Kimani/ and Caroline Mangano made this process easy. They were great and I will continue to use them and only them to do loans as i frequenly buy property. This is my 3rd loan with homebridge in the past 4 years and i'm currently doing 2 refis right now. I do feel the appraisal company we used was horrible not because of the actual appraisal but of the lack of communication and reponse. They caused so many issues that were not communicated properly actually even at all to me and this caused a major hold up. We were lucky to even close when we did. I highly suggest that homebridge does not use them as they reflect on the company.”
Katrina S. April-19
“John Prom and his colleagues were very helpful throughout the whole loan process. Electronically sending and receiving documents made it very easy.”
Derrick J. December 2018
“Mark Vejack lead us through this process! He was so helpful and we cannot thank him enough.”
Linda L. December 2018
“The clarity and patience was wonderful. She was always available and answered all my questions clearly and without judgement.”
Mamadou D. December 2018
“Good service.”
Nancy N. October 2018
“Very helpful.”
Hugo S. October 2018
“Excellent service.”
Eusebio R. September 2018
“Because of the nice people there.”
Victor P. September 2018
“Very cooperative and easy to work with!”
Tiffany T. September 2018
“John was extremely responsive and was able to provide answers to any and all questions that I had.”
Johnny C. Aug-18
“John Prom was very helpful throughout the loan process.”
John A. Aug-18
“They are amazing. John Prom is a demi-god.”
George C. Aug-18
“Excellent customer service and grade-A craftsmanship.”
Johnny C. August 2018
“John Prom was very helpful throughout the loan process.”
John A. August 2018
“They are amazing. John Prom is a demi-god.”
George C. August 2018
“Excellent customer service and grade-A craftsmanship.”
George C. August 2018
“Excellent customer service and grade-A craftsmanship.”
Johnny C. August 2018
“John Prom was very helpful throughout the loan process.”
John A. August 2018
“They are amazing. John Prom is a demi-god.”
Sanjay T. June 2018
“They are very efficient and responsive.”
Steven S. June 2018
“From beginning to end this was a pleasurable, streamlined experience!”
Jeffrey S. April 2018
“Very helpful with all aspects of our questions.”
Sonia T. March 2018
“They were all very helpful.”
Orlando P. March 2018
“Because of the prompt service.”
Epiphanny P. January 2018
“They were easy to work with and very helpful.”
Jomo P. December 2017
“I like HomeBridge and the people.”
Dorothy L. December 2017
“I appreciate the time and help and what they did for me.”
Mod E. November 2016
“John and his entire team were professional, attentive and detail oriented! John explained everything and walked us through the process very professionally!”
Linda L. November 2016
“John was very efficient with all required documents and he provided great service!”
Roberto and Angiolis D. December 2016
“John provided prompt responses to questions or concerns and very good customer service! I liked working with this crew! They were all courteous!”
Wren and Nathaniel R. December 2016
“John was attentive, helpful and accommodating throughout this entire process! ”
Charles L. August 2017
“John provided easy communication and perfect service!”
Hirenia T. August 2017
“John provided quick responses to all of my questions and concerns! He was friendly and professional at all times. I had a wonderful experience for my first time home buying experience! If I ever buy another home, HomeBridge is first! They were great!”
Ronald and Theresa R. June 2017
“John and his team did a great job! They provided wonderful service throughout the entire process! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Alicia and Jason M. May 2017
“John and his entire team were very responsive and dedicated!  They were truly a pleasure to work with!  I have used HomeBridge before and I have always had a positive experience!  Thank you!”
Colleen and John C. April 2017
“John and his staff were so helpful, friendly and responded very quickly to any questions or concerns we had.  They made this entire experience less stressful!”
Carlos and Jiomy L. April 2017
“John and his team provided everything I needed to close on my loan!  They went above and beyond in helping me get all of the documents together!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Pamela G. April 2017
“John and his team were all so professional and nice!  Thank you!”
William R. March 2017
“John and his team took ownership of mortgage processing and had a sense of urgency due to our tight time frame.  I am very happy with how they worked on our behalf!  Thank you for your help!”
James D. February 2017
“John was very honest and reliable throughout this process!  I will likely return to HomeBridge for any future needs because of the trust that was built!”
Mikhail D. February 2017
“John provided great service and a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Kimberly A. January 2017
“I love John Prom!  He is very helpful!  This is my third time working with HomeBridge, second purchase and a refinance.  John and his team could not have worked any harder!  Thank you!”
Luisa T. January 2017
“John and his team were a great help and provided great service!  The emails and the E-signature on the online page was very helpful also!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert C. November 2016
“John and his team were extremely helpful and available to compliment my needs and concerns!  The process was fluid and I trusted the financial agreements.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
George and Sharon D. October 2016
“John Prom was very helpful and pleasant throughout this transaction!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Francis D. August 2016
“John is an excellent loan originator!  He provided great follow through and has a good personality!  Everything at HomeBridge was superb!”
Pedro C. July 2016
“John and his team were very attentive and helpful!  They treated me nicely and made the entire experience of buying my first home a good one!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Devon B. June 2016
“John and his staff were all very friendly and informative.  They kept in touch with me throughout this entire process.   Everyone was great to work with!”
George and Adriana F. June 2016
“John and his team provided such professionalism in this refinance process!  We are very happy with the service we received at HomeBridge!”
Caroline R. June 2016
“I am very satisfied with the great service that I received at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
James B. June 2016
“John was very knowledgeable and friendly throughout this process.  He has been a pleasure to work with!”
Nathaniel C. June 2016
“I had an excellent experience with John Prom!  I am looking forward to do business with him again in the future!  I am very satisfied with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Nelson and Arabesca D. May 2016
“John provided excellent service to us!  He was very responsive to our needs and was very informative throughout this process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Harriet T. May 2016
“John and his staff provided exemplary service in light of my special circumstance.  Everyone went above and beyond their respective call of duty and it was greatly appreciated!  I would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Martha and Daniel K. May 2016
“John and his team provided amazing customer service!  The process was simple, convenient and prompt!  Everyone we worked with were wonderful!  Don't change a thing HomeBridge!”
Alban B. May 2016
“This was our second time using HomeBridge and both times have been great experiences!  We will definately return again in the future!”
Peter and Victoria S. November 2015
“John and his team were always available, responsive and knowledgeable!  The process was very organized and ran smoothly!”
Jeanette C. December 2015
“John and his team were all very helpful and easy to work with.  This is our second loan through HomeBridge and we are again very pleased with their services.  Thanks again!”
Stacie H. April 2016
“John was very thorough, knowledgeable and accommodating throughout this process.  HomeBridge definitely met my needs!”
Andres D. January 2016
“John and everyone at HomeBridge was very helpful and kind.  They all paid much attention to detail.  Due to the kind nature of the employees, we would gladly use HomeBridge for future needs!  Thank you!”
Adam L. April 2016
“John was very responsive, informative, clear and professional.  This was a great experience first time around!”
Sharna B. February 2016
“John's knowledge and expertise was great!  He was always available to answer any questions I had.  The quality of service was amazing!  I am well satisfied with everything!”
Rodica M. March 2016
“John provided great communication, patience, reliability and honesty!  Thank you!”
Aguid V. February 2016
“The process was professional, efficient and pleasant.  Thank you very much HomeBridge!”
Roberto and Angiolis D.
“I believe that working with people you already know and trust makes the process easier.  Such professionals!  Thanks!”
Bryan R.
“John and his team were very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks!”

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