About Joel Van Asch

Born in North Carolina but raised in Fayetteville, Georgia, Joel Van Asch has a very comprehensive understanding of the local market. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Georgia and currently resides in Buford, GA. Joel is able to explain the complicated loan process in an understandable way, which allows him to guide borrowers to the right loan to meet their needs. He prides himself on helping his customers navigate the ever-changing loan process as smoothly as possible. In his spare time, Joel enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and going to the lake. Joel takes pride in his personal and communication skills. He provides exceptional customer service and has a high regard for quality in his business partnerships. With each customer’s desires and goals as his top priority, Joel is ready to assist with all your home financing needs.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Denzil T. Jul-20
“Thank you Joe for all your help and input”
Hannah W. Jun-20
“I really appreciated how quickly Joel responded to any questions or concerns we had. He couldn't have made the process any easier.”
Daniel O. Jun-20
“Joel was very professional, polite, and knowledgeable.”
Mathan E. Jun-20
“Excellent service by Joel. He kept me in the loop on the process and was available to answer my questions whenever I texted him. As a first time home buyer, the process was much simpler than I expected it to be”
Lester D. Jun-20
“Joel was very responsive and returned calls promptly.”
Alan G. Jun-20
“Very thorough and seamless process. Thank you!”
Daniel W. Jun-20
“Joel made the whole process easy and transparent. He was easily contacted by phone or email if we had questions.”
David L. Jun-20
“Joel and His Team were outstanding and very professional.”
Kimberly F. Jun-20
“I really enjoyed working with Joel. My process took 6months and he answered EVERY phone call I made. He answered every single question. This was the first time I have built a new home and he was patient and told me things to expect and not expect during the process. He was very supportive! I wish everyone had his work ethic. Thank you Joel!”
JANET H. May-20
“Joel was very communicative and answered all my questions professionally and timely. He answered my telephone call and assured me he could help expedite the loan approval process and the closing date was perfect.”
ROBYN R. Mar-20
“I cannot begin to explain how wonderful my experience with Joel has been! This was my first home purchase and I was pretty nervous about the process, but after my initial conversation with Joel, I immediately felt a sense of relief and the excellent service and professionalism of he and the team made this process a breeze for me.”
BRENDA P. Mar-20
“I cannot say anything negative about Joel and his team. They were the best. Joel and his assistant Susan Bush always returned my calls within a timely manner and answered all my questions and calmed my concerns. They are the best.”
“I really liked working with Joel. He communicated well. He answered all my questions in a timely matter. He has great energy.”
SHANTE” F. Jan-20
“Joel was the absolute best. His patient with me and his attention to my concerns were amazing. I'm glad I chose Homebridge financial as my lenders. I wouldn't change a thing.”
SANDRA R. Jan-20
“Awesome job team. Thank you for your professionalism.”
QUASIE F. Dec-19
“Joel- has been nothing less than great! Thank you so much !”
“I appreciate Joel time and hard work through the entire process.Joel was very responsive to any questions we might have had. He made us feel at ease with being first time home buyers. Thank you! We appreciate everything!”
CARLOS B. Nov-19
“I'm so glad we run to Joel van Asch, he was very helpful, quick to call back, knowledgeable and very honest. I will recommend him to my friend and if there was a chance we bought a house again I will give him a call first”
“Joel made thus entire process easy and memorable. He and his team are so professional, yet so polite. I could type an essay on the pleasant experiences that Mr. Van Asch and Mrs. Bush afforded me throughout this entire process. However as my Grandfather would say, "Some things are best left unsaid!" Thank you again!”
James R. Sep-19
“Joel and his team did an excellent job processing our loan. All are very knowledgeable and answered any questions.”
Cleo L. Jul-19
“He did an awesome job! Thanks”
Hurgle T. June-19
“Pleasant experience working with Joel! He explained the process thoroughly and responded to my questions very quickly.”
Leo A. May-19
“Very good with customers and providing customer service. He really came through for me throughout this process. Highly recommend Joel Van Asch!!”
Terrance H. April-19
“Joel is a great man, he was funny, smart and kind to me. Even when I continued to ask what I believed to be stupid questions. He told me there was no such thing as a stupid question and he was right. He is fast, when I talked to him for the first time, I know that this process was going to be smooth, he has a gentle touch and you can immediately tell it. He collected my information, and kept me updated during the whole process, we even talked about my favorite show (Game of Thrones). He is completely awesome! Thank You Joel, Angela, and Susan.”
John P. May-19
“Joel knows how to work with people and him always helping to solve any problems, also they people he works with are very kind and if you any question they give you answers quick”
David S. April-19
“Joel patiently led us through the process and was always willing to answer our questions. He made himself available by phone whenever we had a question. We felt informed all the way through to closing.”
Joseph G. December 2018
“Great, exceptional service!”
Jimmy C. December 2018
“Because, I like you.”
Ida L. December 2018
“It was very basic and the process was too long.”
Angela S. December 2018
“Professional, responded quickly, knowledgeable.”
Fallon B. December 2018
“Joel was very attentive every step of the way. Angela was very personable and relatable, all very pleasant.”
Patricia W. December 2018
“When it comes to finances and friends, I don't get involved.”
David L. December 2018
“Very prompt on requests.”
Taniqua M. December 2018
“Joel was awesome. He was the reason I continued with this transaction.”
David S. December 2018
“Joel was great and responsive.”
Sahdev P. November 2018
“Joel helped me out with everything.”
Rodolfo A. November 2018
“The people we worked with, Joel Van Asch and Angela West were amazing. They were very helpful and informative and made the process easy.”
Devon C. November 2018
“Personnel was professional and helpful.”
James S. November 2018
“Everyone as very responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”
Juan G. November 2018
“Customer service was great.”
Eldridge S. November 2018
“The whole team was awesome especially Joel!”
Kemesha W. November 2018
“They were very helpful and I felt like they really cared.”
Bruce P. November 2018
“Joel was great to work with.”
Edward M. October 2018
“True professionalism and customer service.”
Lynn T. October 2018
“It would have been nice and preferred that a representative from Homebridge attend closing.”
Bridget P. October 2018
“Because this team is the best!”
Quentin B. October 2018
“Joel and Angela were very professional throughout this process.”
Cherly R. October 2018
“The agents were very helpful, the did great!”
Ansley F. October 2018
“The staff worked with me every step to ensure the closing went well.”
Thomas M. October 2018
“Great customer service by Vernie Barley. Great communication with Vernice. Great utilization of square footage and upgrades and quality of home.”
Taquita B. October 2018
“Because they are great people to work with.”
James T. October 2018
“Very thorough with details needed for closing.”
Carrie C. October 2018
“Joel, Susan and Angela were excellent to work with! Very responsive and helpful!”
John N. October 2018
“Great loan officer and fast response.”
Saverelle R. October 2018
“This company works hard to make the loan process easy.”
Ashutosh P. October 2018
“Everything was transparent and we got regular communications and instructions from Joel.”
Andrew H. October 2018
“Everyone is very nice and always called, emailed us with what was going on. On top of everything.”
Michael S. September 2018
“Great customer care.”
Makelle A. September 2018
“Joel was very friendly and available for all of my questions.”
Katherine H. September 2018
“Family friend.”
Gene G. September 2018
“Joel, Angela and Michelle were very informative during the process.”
Tangela W. September 2018
“Very professional and helpful. Always on time and encouraging.”
Erania J. September 2018
“I was very satisfied with the customer service that I received.”
Mikayla G. September 2018
“Very nice. Were always willing to answer questions and concerns I had.”
Elie M. September 2018
“Great service.”
Fredrick D. September 2018
“From day one the process was amazing.”
Bridget E. September 2018
“Amazing service. Impeccable follow-up. Courteous and warm.”
Tamela M. Aug-18
“Very organized and great customer service. Worked well through issues and conditions.”
Ian F. Aug-18
“Good people.”
Steven H. Aug-18
“Very helpful, wonderful customer service and always available.”
Tamara H. Aug-18
“The staff was timely and pleasant to work with. I appreciate the attention that was given to my application after my original lender declined the loan due to collateral issue.”
Michael A. Aug-18
“They did a good job.”
Roland D. Aug-18
“Joel was great to work with and the team communicated extremely well.”
Andres L. Aug-18
“Great communication and follow-up.”
Michael A. August 2018
“They did a good job.”
Roland D. August 2018
“Joel was great to work with and the team communicated extremely well.”
Andres L. August 2018
“Great communication and follow-up.”
Tamela M. August 2018
“Very organized and great customer service. Worked well through issues and conditions.”
Ian F. August 2018
“Good people.”
Steven H. August 2018
“Very helpful, wonderful customer service and always available.”
Tamara H. August 2018
“The staff was timely and pleasant to work with. I appreciate the attention that was given to my application after my original lender declined the loan due to collateral issue.”
Tamela M. August 2018
“Very organized and great customer service. Worked well through issues and conditions.”
Ian F. August 2018
“Good people.”
Steven H. August 2018
“Very helpful, wonderful customer service and always available.”
Tamara H. August 2018
“The staff was timely and pleasant to work with. I appreciate the attention that was given to my application after my original lender declined the loan due to collateral issue.”
Michael A. August 2018
“They did a good job.”
Roland D. August 2018
“Joel was great to work with and the team communicated extremely well.”
Andres L. August 2018
“Great communication and follow-up.”
Peter P. June 2018
“Very helpful, knowledgeable, polite and most of all quick responses.”
Matthew B. June 2018
“The builder recommended we use HomeBridge. Joel answered the phone on the first call and he was great with communication the entire time.”
John H. June 2018
“Joel, Angela and Susan have been more than helpful in assisting with financing. They have all been great to work with! I have recommended the builder to use HomeBridge from now on.”
Sean L. June 2018
“Peace of mind while buying.”
Henrietta J. June 2018
“Loan officer's were prompt to respond.”
Sean R. May 2018
“The staff was very helpful and professional.”
Henry H. May 2018
“Joel and everyone else was very helpful and informative throughout the entire process.”
Gary M. April 2018
“Excellent cooperation and communication! Very professional!”
Anthony H. April 2018
“Great service!”
Jesus B. April 2018
“Friendly staff.”
Charles C. March 2018
“A great agent suggested you!”
Theresa D. March 2018
“Joel was great! There was an ease of working with everybody!”
Rose T. March 2018
“The loan officer was very attentive.”
Temekia F. March 2018
“Everyone was pleasant to work with.”
Donella W. March 2018
“Joel took me last minute and we got everything done quickly, the best we could do given the market.”
Rodney D. March 2018
“Rapid service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Detailed paperwork and instructions.”
Anthony S. March 2018
“Friendly and helpful staff!”
Andrea M. March 2018
“Very helpful and responsive.”
Phyllis D. March 2018
“Susan Bush was always available to me, she answered all my questions in a timely manner.”
John F. March 2018
“I appreciated getting factual information and their efforts to go the extra mile on my behalf.”
Iris I. March 2018
“Excellent, courteous service.”
Kelvin P. March 2018
“Great customer service and supportive. Helpful.”
Melvin W. March 2018
“My experience with HomeBridge was great! Everyone was very helpful and nice. We enjoyed our experience with HomeBridge.”
Mary P. March 2018
“Very prompt and good customer service.”
Stanley B. March 2018
“The representatives I worked with were very professional, informative and thorough. The questions I had were answered swiftly and tactfully. I would definitely recommend this service to others.”
Hayward K. March 2018
“Length of time from start to finish.”
Zandra M. March 2018
“Joel was very professional and helpful. I was always kept in the loop with everything.”
Maryann T. February 2018
“The entire loan process was smooth and the whole staff were professional and extremely pleasant.”
Alica D. January 2018
“Thanks Joel, Susan and Angela for your assistance during this process. Angela was the best. She was very pleasant and always responded to my emails and phone calls. ”
Reganold G. December 2017
“Very good keeping me informed and responding to emails and calls.”
Ousmane B. December 2017
“HomeBridge works with me, responded to all my demands and advised me wisely.”
Gregory L. November 2017
“I've liked the process of HomeBridge from start to finish.”
Mary B. November 2017
“They always responded to my emails promptly.”
Corey K. November 2017
“Joel was great, he got me everything I needed in a timely manner.”
Justin E. November 2017
“Very helpful, rapid response time to questions and concerns. They went the extra mile.”
Michelle L. November 2017
“Joel VanAsch and his team addressed all of my questions and concerns timely. They also did a great job of keeping me updated throughout the process.”
Rachel S. October 2017
“Very responsive when additional information was needed.”
Tammie B. October 2017
“Great customer service.”
Andrew C. October 2017
“The John's Creek HomeBridge team was very responsive to all our needs throughout the process.”
Austin M. October 2017
“Everyone made this as easy as possible. If there was ever any questions or concerns we knew we could call and ask.”
Shannon R. October 2017
“Very professional and friendly. Processed the loan in a very timely manner.”
Alyxsa S. October 2017
“They offer great communication and support.”
Ryan P. October 2017
“Great service and attention. Competitive rates and fees.”
Teekia S. October 2017
“Joel has helped me every step of the way. Joel also called me and informed me about lowering my interest rate and got right to it.”
Denart S. October 2017
“Because they went above and beyond to get us to close. ”
Portia G. November 2016
“Joel and his team were very helpful! They made this process effortless and hassle-free!”
Danna and Antoine C. December 2016
“Joel and his staff were very friendly and informative!”
William W. December 2016
“Joel and his team were always reachable and very helpful! Everyone we worked with was wonderful and they made the transaction smooth! We had a great experience all around at HomeBridge!”
Jaman and Sharmaine L. December 2016
“This entire process, from beginning to end was smooth! Thank you Joel!”
Nicollette J. September 2017
“Joel made this process timely and smooth! He provided great service and communication! I will recommend HomeBridge to others and I will return for any future needs!”
Timothy B. August 2017
“Joel has been very helpful and he explained the loan process in detail!”
Jefferson C. August 2017
“Joel was very helpful and easy to work with! This was a good experience at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Fitzgerald P. August 2017
“Joel and his team were very efficient and provided excellent customer service! ”
James and Teresa G. July 2017
“Joel and his entire team were great to work with! They were quick, easy and professional!”
Donald S. August 2017
“Joel provided great communication and he responded quickly! Thank you!”
Robert and Yolanda R. July 2017
“Joel was courteous, prompt and he provided detailed explanations! Thank you!”
Leonard and Carlah G. July 2017
“Joel and his team were very professional! They treated us with respect and were always there when we needed them! We are very satisfied with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Andrea and Patrick D. July 2017
“Joel provided awesome follow through and he made this process seamless! ”
John and Stephanie B. June 2017
“Joel and his entire team were very helpful in answering questions and getting everything worked out. It was very nice after a bankruptcy to be treated like a person. There was such an ease of application and a helpfulness of everyone we worked with. Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mario and Emily C. June 2017
“Joel provided excellent service! He was professional and he made the process easy! We are happy with HomeBridge's services and we would use them again! ”
Pamela and Fred W. June 2017
“Joel and his team were very professional, pleasant and knowledgeable! They made this entire experience smooth and easy! ”
Michelle B. June 2017
“Joel and his team were fast and reliable!  They provided great service!”
Nicholas B. June 2017
“Joel provided great service and I am very pleased!  I am very happy with this loan process! Thank you!”
Sabrina B. May 2017
“Joel and his team made this entire process easy and painless!  They communicated well every step of the way!  I will continue to use HomeBridge because they are a pleasure to work with!  Everything was great!”
Nicole B. May 2017
“Joel made this process quick and easy!  All of my concerns were addressed immediately and he provided great customer service!”
Zachery M. May 2017
“Joel and his staff provided excellent service throughout this entire process!  I would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future because they were very patient and professional!  They have met all of my expectations!  Thanks!”
Victor and Victoria G. May 2017
“Joel is very professional and attentive to the buyer!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ismael U. May 2017
“Joel was very clear and professional throughout this entire process!”
Lindsey F. May 2017
“Joel and Angela were super friendly, extremely helpful and kind!  Thank you!”
Roger and Sharon T. May 2017
“Joel provided excellent service!  The communication was thorough and all questions we had were answered in a timely manner!  We are extremely satisfied with the service that we received from HomeBridge!”
Detron F. April 2017
“Joel and his staff were very proactive and had everything done to meet the closing date!  HomeBridge is the only mortgage company I use and they are an A+!  Thank you!”
Randolph W. April 2017
“Joel and his team were so courteous and professional!  This was a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Sonya M. April 2017
“Joel and his entire team were great!  They were very helpful and knowledgeable!  They answered all of the questions I had throughout the process to closing and were always on top of things!  Thanks Joel and Angela for everything!”
Carlos H. April 2017
“Joel did a wonderful job getting us into the house of our dreams!  He made the entire process smooth and easy!”
Sharon J. April 2017
“Joel and his team were very professional and provided great service!  They were awesome!”
Khadim S. April 2017
“Joel and his team were very helpful from start to finish!  The communication was perfect!  Every time I called they responded right away!”
Quincy W. March 2017
“Joel and his team were very responsive and professional!  This HomeBridge team did an excellent job with my loan!  Thank you!”
Christiana S. March 2017
“Joel was very helpful and informative!  He answered all of our questions promptly!  HomeBridge made the process very easy and we closed in a timely manner!  Thank you!”
Tamara P. March 2017
“Joel was very professional and he made this process easy!  Thank you!”
Jarryd S. March 2017
“I had a very good experience purchasing this house!  It was my first time home purchase and they helped me every step of the way!  I had no issues and everything was perfect!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Trenton T. March 2017
“Joel and his staff made this a very easy process and a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Tykaleena M. March 2017
“Joel and his team were extremely nice and professional!  They were all great to work with!  I loved the way they took care of business!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Laura A. March 2017
“Joel was very helpful and informative throughout this process!  He explained all of my options well.  Thank you!”
Marques and Monica B. February 2017
“Joel and his team were very helpful and pleasant from start to finish!  They each went above and beyond to ensure completion of all required documents.  Thank you!”
Danielle M. and Everett A. February 2017
“Both Joel and Angela were very efficient and organized!  Everyone showed great hospitality!  We are very pleased with the service that we received at HomeBridge!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you!”
Zoe F. December 2016
“This experience working with HomeBridge has been seamless!  If I choose to purchase another home, I would definitely use HomeBridge again!”
Stephanie R. February 2017
“Joel and his team provided great customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cynthia T. January 2017
“My experience with Joel Van Asch was very detailed and his ability to explain the process was extremely important with this purchase!  The communication was key!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tracy R. February 2017
“Joel and his staff were very knowledgeable and they displayed their expertise through constant communication and awesome customer service!”
Chekquita C. February 2017
“Joel was very supportive and helpful throughout this process! He provided good customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Carissa and Jeffrey T. February 2017
“Joel and Angela were wonderful to work with!  They helped us every step of the way and provided great customer service!”
Michael and Lindsey J. January 2017
“Joel was pleasant and easy to work with!  He was quick to communicate and very helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Reginald C. January 2017
“Joel and his team provided great service!  They made this a fast and easy process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tauheedah D. September 2016
“Joel and his team provided excellent customer service!  They were very prompt and efficient with communication.  I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Heather and Keith D. August 2016
“Joel went the extra mile to make this happen for us!  He made the process easy and friendly!  He kept us up to date and he walked us through step by step!  He was wonderful to work with!”

Our Latest Thinking

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