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I have been in mortgage banking since 2005 and come from a long family line of real estate and financial professionals. My specialty is working with first-time homebuyers, condo sales, short sales, and originating construction loans.

In today’s market, it is very important to work with an experienced professional who you can trust and who is qualified to effectively help you obtain the right loan product. I take great pride in my reputation as an honest Loan Officer and in making the process of obtaining a mortgage as simple as possible for consumers.

My strong commitment to customer service, along with my thorough product knowledge, will make your loan process a very pleasant experience!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Allison W. Feb-22
“Jeanne and her team were professional, responsive and supportive. I could not have asked for anything more in helping me to achieve home ownership in this hyper competitive real estate market. I actually enjoyed the home buying and closing process since I got to work with such a stellar team!”
Matthew S. Feb-22
“We know of Jeanne through another friend and contacted her directly to discuss our home mortgage refinancing options. Jeanne was awesome! Informative, supportive, knowledgeable, personable, always positive. She and her supportive personnel kept us informed all along the way. This was truly the best home refinancing effort we've ever experienced.”
Jennifer L. Nov-21
“Jeanne and the rest of her Homebridge team were extraordinarily good to me. With the highly volatile market we were experiencing, I felt I was in a David and Goliath story where I was David fighting in the home purchasing game. There was a time where I almost lost hope, but Jeanne steered me back in by showing me other options. I am also very grateful to her and her team for dummying all the terms as well as prepping me for the closing itself. The support I received from them just made it easier for me to purchase my dream home.”
Curtis P. Nov-21
“Jeanne is a pro. Every interaction I had with her left me reassured that she was experienced, competent, knowledgeable, and taking care of things. In what can be a pretty stressful process, I can truly say that Jeanne made it smooth and as simple as can be hoped for.”
Dhyani T. Nov-21
“Jeanne and her team were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them. Jeanne has a knack for translating complex mortgage requirements into layman's terms and Renae was diligent with the documentation. The entire process went smoothly thanks to their great communication.”
Raven M. Sep-21
“Jeanne is the best best best!!”
Lylianna A. Aug-21
“Jeanne and her team are incredible. This is the second time I have worked with her and have referred her to others. I am nothing but happy with the support given by Jeanne and her team.”
“Thank you, Jeanne! Our experience was seamless and professional.”
Cassandra P. Jul-21
“Jeanne and her team were simply amazing! They walked us through every step and explained all aspects of our loan. I would absolutely use her again for a home loan. Every time we put in an offer, she was on it with a pre-approval letter. Once we had a home we were working on, she called and walked us through each step right up through the close. She was a joy to work with!!”
Karl V. Jun-21
“Jeanne is great, we've worked with her several times. She would be our first choice for a loan always”
Rian D. May-21
“Jeanne and Renae were fantastic throughout the process, from deciding on loan details, to navigating delays in closing caused by other parties. I'd highly recommend them to anyone, anyday.”
Laura C. Apr-21
“Jeanne at Homebridge always has what is best for the customer in front of all the work she does. Jeanne is a rock star and Homebridge is lucky to have her!”
Guy M. Apr-21
“Jeanne Sickle and Renae Dahlquist were very responsive to our inquiries from the moment we reached out to them. We had tried to get quotes from other lenders when we first started and Jeanne and her team really surpassed everyone else in this regard. We knew we were in good hands and we felt confident that it was a good choice to work with her. They moved the process along smoothly and explained all of the details of the home loan process with crystal clarity. This was very helpful as first time home buyers who had zero experience doing this in the past. Thank you Jeanne!”
LaShanda B. Apr-21
“Jeanne and her team were wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond to make sure my loan closed.”
Emmaline M. Mar-21
“Jeanne was absolutely wonderful to work with, as was Renae. They both went above and beyond to be communicative and helpful every step of the way during a rather complicated closing process due to issues on the Sellers side.”
Colette A. Mar-21
“I was referred to Jeanne by a friend, and I could not be happier. She made us feel heard and valued and important. I was really impressed with her explanations of everything and the time she took to explain the process to us. She was really knowledgeable and kind. My partner and I are working class and have saved all of our money ourselves. Jeanne really made us feel like we had a partner in our mortgage experience every step of the way. She and her team were so responsive and helpful.”
Sarah J. Mar-21
“Jeanne Sickel is the best! We probably would not have refinanced us without Jeanne contacting us and walking us through the process. We trust Jeanne - she is meticulous, responsive and enthusiastic about helping us meet our goals.”
Estevan M. Mar-21
“Jeanne was great! She made the process easy and straightforward. She was available to answer questions via text, phone or email, and was very responsive. I would work with her again 100%, and will certainly refer friends to her if they are looking to buy a home.”
Mammen T. Jan-21
“Jeanne and team were very professional and helpful to get the application approved and the deal closed.”
Gregory D. Jan-21
“I can't imagine there is someone better at her job the Jeanne. She was absolutely amazing.”
Emily C. Jan-21
“It was a pleasure working with Jeanne. She was easy to get a hold of, transparent, thorough, and just generally a pleasant human being to interact with!”
Annie S. Jan-21
“She has been the best, at every step of the way!”
Jennifer F. Nov-20
“Jeanne is stellar at her job and showed her expertise and knowledge every step of the way. She made it easy to move through the refinancing process smoothly and effortlessly and answered all of my questions (and there were a lot!). I also had a last minute change to account for and she was able to rapidly respond and make it happen. I am so grateful to have worked with her and Renae and will recommend her and Homebridge to others. Thank you!”
Dylan K. Nov-20
“Jeanne was so wonderful. She was extremely helpful and did a great job of explaining everything. She was also really responsive and we felt like she really helped us be as competitive as possible in the buying process. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone searching for a mortgage.”
Andrea S. Nov-20
“I'm generally terrified of working with banks/financial institutions/anyone who deals with money, because in every other experience I've had I've felt like just a name on a page whose humanity doesn't matter. Homebridge made me feel like a person applying for a way to fund their first home instead of a collection of numbers and documents, and I really appreciate that. It made the process less painful than I was anticipating!”
Danielle A. Nov-20
“Jeanne and her team were amazing! She answered all our questions, even at the very early stage when we weren't even sure what we would qualify for. Once we made offers she worked very closely with our agent to coordinate everything, and always kept us informed. Our friends recommended Jeanne to us and now we know why - she was an incredible resource to us as first time home buyers. We feel so lucky!”
Lennon B. Nov-20
“Smart, efficient, and always on your side.”
Demetrice L. Oct-20
“Jeanne was awesome!! She was thoughtful, informative, communicated constantly and throughly. She was patient and made sure I understood every aspect of the process.”
Philip F. Oct-20
“Well done!”
Adam K. Oct-20
“Jeanne is on-the-ball and great at explaining process details. She was able to secure very good loans rates quickly and made sure every single step of closing was done in a timely and thorough manner. I can't say enough good things about our experience.”
Sonia E. Oct-20
“Jeanne Sickle processed my refinance years ago when she was at another company and when I started to look at refinancing again I looked her up online. She is a great person to work with.”
Ariana G. Sep-20
“Jeanne was helpful and responsive. She is always on point and easy to work with.”
Kate L. Sep-20
“Jeanne was so helpful and diligent in what was a new process for us. She made us feel like we understood what needed to be done and what everything was at every step in the process and we really felt like she had our best interests at the forefront of her mind. Would not hesitate to recommend her to others in the future.”
Julia W. Aug-20
“Jeanne was fantastic throughout the process. As first time home buyers, we did not know what to expect. Jeanne was informative and communicative. She was on the ball with everything we needed through 4 offers! She even went above and beyond to make phone calls to the selling agents to recommend us. We had a great experience with Homebridge!”
Sean K. Jul-20
“I felt like Jeanne was my partner in this process. She was always there for me, and worked very hard to make it work. I felt like she was as invested in this as I was, and had the knowledge and drive to get it done.”
Maria C. Jul-20
Marilee J. Jul-20
“Jeanne made all the difference in our mortgage process. She is detail-oriented, explains complicated concepts well, is determined and even fun! I never expected to look forward to calls with a mortgage broker. She is phenomenal and I highly recommend her.”
Sean K. Jul-20
“I felt like Jeanne was my partner in this process. She was always there for me, and worked very hard to make it work. I felt like she was as invested in this as I was, and had the knowledge and drive to get it done.”
Stephanie A. Jun-20
“Jeanne Sickel really took her time to explain the steps to us and made us feel very comfortable with the process, which was very important as first time home buyers. She communicated frequently and clearly with our realtors. I was very happy with her work and would recommend to others!”
ANNIE S. May-20
“She's great!”
Brooke F. Apr-20
“She was wonderful. Professional , helpful , attentive and fantastic”
Christopher D. Mar-20
“Jeanne did an incredible job helping us through the purchase of our home during a very strange time. She went above and beyond to organize the closing a little early due to the complexities of COVID-19. Thanks very much - I will definitely recommend her to others going forward.”
Gregory E. Mar-20
“Jeanne is absolutely amazing. We have worked with her several times, and can't recommend her highly enough.”
Laura B. Mar-20
“Jeanne Sickel is a wizard, an educator, someone who knows this field like the back of her hand. She can help anyone navigate this process, no matter how harrowing. She and her staff helped me clean up languishing credit issues, lock in on the best rate, and then took me to the finish line of my purchase with relative ease and during the midst of a global health and economic crisis, no less. Put your trust in her, full stop.”
“Jeanne was amazing, and I have already referred a friend to her. I will be reaching out to Jeanne whenever I need any services she can offer. As a first time homeowner, she was patient and kind, and provided me service above and beyond what is required and expected. We couldn't be happier.”
Julie T. - Research Administrator
“We use Jeanne whenever we have finance or refinance needs and we're always happy when our experience. She is readily available and always able to offer great solutions. We feel very lucky to have such a trusted adviser. I would highly recommend Jeanne and her team. ”

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