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You must be looking for home financing. I can help with that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

H P. Sep-20
“We have worked with Jayne for a number of years and she always exceeds my expectations. I plan on using her again in the future for any mortgage needs we have and would highly recommend her.”
Carlton C. Aug-20
“Jayne went way out of her way to be of service getting this mortgage completed. It was a pleasure working with Jayne through the whole process.”
Edward D. Jul-20
“Good to work with. Stayed in contact.”
Micah S. Jul-20
“Jayne is friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. She made the whole financing process as easy and clear as possible.”
Edward D. Jul-20
“Good to work with. Stayed in contact.”
Aaron G. Jun-20
“Thank you so much for taking my call out of the blue and make our home purchase as easy as could be!”
Agostino B. Jun-20
“Jayne has always been a great resource for us when we have considered financing a new home purchase and did an excellent job again! Thank you”
“Jayne was Homebridge for I had met her about one plus years ago and I knew nothing about Homebridge.”
“Jayne Bick has always been personable and responds to every question I have. She has a wealth of knowledge and that allows her to find ways to explain it to others that aren't savvy with the financing ways. This is the third time since 2014 Jayne has handled my financing (two home purchases and now a refi). Initially she was connected with a realtor I contacted when I was selling my house in KC, Missouri and looking for a home in the Boise area. Ultimately, I decided to go with another realtor but I chose Jayne as the only person I would finance through because Jayne had been so willing to work up cost estimates for me on the different homes I was interested in and she made me feel comfortable asking. And I looked at many. Because she treated me like a good friend, I will always look for Jayne with similar needs in the future.”
SIGRID M. Apr-20
“She's the best. She will continue to be the first person I call and I will continue to refer people to her. I work in the mortgage industry and at every turn, she outperforms every other person I have encountered in the same role.”
“Jayne was the best loan officer I have ever worked with.”
DUSTIN A. Jan-20
“Jayne did an amazing job for us, keeping us informed throughout the process and showing incredible patience and flexibility. Even after we started working with her, other people recommended her to us independently. She is a real pro.”
Lawrence O. Oct-19
“Working with Jayne Bick on our loan was a fantastic experience. She is super knowledgable and works with you to prepare and guide you through the process for a loan that will fit your needs. Excellent experience. Thanks Jayne! Larry and Karen”
Terry H. Sep-19
“Jayne BIck was wonderful. She kept me informed and explained everything as we went along. I never once felt confused or lacking in knowledge of where we were in the process. This was the easiest home purchase I have ever had. Thank You.”
Michael S. Sep-19
“Jayne was awesome to work with. Patient, guided us through the process, provided us with options and alternatives, and pulled off a miracle closing in a short time frame considering the seller and buyer travel out of state for work.”
Devin W. Jul-19
“Jayne went above and beyond on all aspects of this process. I will definitely be using her for any future home purchases”
Brad Larson - owner
“Jayne is very professional,enthusiastic and knowledgable. She takes the sting out of the loan process. Our particular situation does not fit any normal loan requirements, and yet she is able to help us every time we ask. I would give her ten out of ten. Thanx Jayne ”
Melora Kellis - Nursing Instructor, MSN, RN
“Jayne is an absolutely amazing human being, and she's an incredible loan officer too! I have worked with her twice now and neither have been local. I hear horror stories from people going thru the house buying process and how stressful it is for them. I was never stressed while working with Jayne! She let me know everything that she needed me to gather, in a very simplistic and straightforward way, so she could complete everything on her end. There was no hidden items or unexpected things that came up throughout the entire process. She maintained communication very well via phone and e-mail, whichever worked better for me at the time. She always made sure she was doing things in a way that was easiest for me, not what was best or easiest for her. Jayne's positive attitude and expertise in her field make her a pleasure to work with. I will forever be going to her and recommending her as much as I can! ”
KC Robinson - Real Estate Professional
“Janye is extremely professional, knowledgeable, great communicator and her customer service is superior. She really cares about her clients and making sure they get the best loan. I have worked with Jayne for well over a decade and all my clients continue to use her time and time again. I recommend using Jayne for all your lending needs!”
Corey and Tab Stuart
“Jayne was and is the BEST that we've dealt with in her line of work. Really convenient and She was super easy to work with and completely understanding. Jayne was more than patient while working with us and we would and have been recommending her to those in need of her line of work. She deserves a raise! ”
Brad Acker
“I have used Jayne for several mortgage loans over the years. She has always been easy to work with, explains and answers my questions well and has been very timely in resolving any of the last minute mortgage issues which seem to pop up from time to time. I would highly recommend Jayne and Homebridge Bank.”
Ben Acuna
“Jayne's calm, but determined demeanor always helped me feel I was in very good hands. Always available when I needed her. Made promises that she kept. More interested in building a relationship than just a portfolio. Thank you Jayne!”

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