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You must be looking for home financing. I do that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Bryce C. Mar-22
“Jay is fantastic at what he does. Works hard and honestly and keeps you in the loop. I'll always work with Jay”
Curtis S. Mar-22
“Great team! I hope to use you guys again soon!”
Laura G. Feb-22
“Jay Solverson is unparalleled in his level of knowledge and his clear expertise. I recommend him every chance I get and he does not disappoint!”
Mildred B. Feb-22
“Jay was great to work with and communicated with us regularly. Overall, a professional who knows this business!”
David H. Jan-22
“Jay Solverson was fantastic and I really appreciated all his guidance and support throughout the process. I'm very appreciative of his efforts as he went over and above to make our refi happen! Thanks Jay!”
Meghan A. Dec-21
“We couldn't have been more happy with the work Jay provided us. He went above and beyond explaining the process and answering all of our questions. He made time when we called and kept us informed during the entire process. You could tell he sees his job as more than just a transaction and went so far as to speak to the sellers on our behalf. I believe we wouldn't have gotten the house without him.”
Georgina K. Nov-21
“Mahalo for the assistance and experience. It was much appreciated.”
James P. Oct-21
“The loan process was close to perfect. Everything proceeded with no 'hiccups' and Jay kept us informed throughout the process. It made us confident that Jay was engaged and working in our interest. We would definitely recommend Jay and his team to anyone seeking a home loan.”
Ellen B. Sep-21
“Jay was amazing - above and beyond. Highly recommend him.”
Nicole B. Aug-21
“Jay Solverson is a champion! He genuinely cares about meeting the needs of his clients and works hard to get the job done. Many thanks, Jay! It's always a pleasure to work with you.”
Chad W. Jul-21
“Jay was very responsive. I appreciated his patience with my questions. He was very thorough.”
Antonio D. Jul-21
“Jay Solverson is a true professional and that's why we are a repeat customer. A mortgage loan can be a stressful process and he is responsive, knowledgeable, and really great to work with!”
Paige H. May-21
“For a first time home buyer I had a great experience working through the process with Jay.”
Lisa H. Mar-21
“Jay explained everything very clearly, including all options, and made the refi process very easy to understand.”
Emilio S. Mar-21
“Jay always goes above and beyond. We are not an easy loan to process and he always offers suggestions as well as solutions. He is part of our A team and we refer all of our clients to him!”
Kelly L. Mar-21
“Jay was very responsive to my questions throughout the process and very pleasant to work with on my loan. I would definitely recommend Jay to my friends that need financing on their home!”
Jon H. Dec-20
“Very professional and accurate time frame cost And documents needed. Very easy to work with information explained on the way that was easy to grasp!!”
Brent T. Dec-20
“First time buyer, went over process well and knowledgeable.”
James K. Dec-20
“Jay was rock solid throughout the process. It was a Jumbo and he communicated all of the steps we had to get through very clearly. Everything unfolded like he told us and we felt very confident throughout the process. Hope to work with him and his team again someday!”
STACY Z. Nov-20
“Jay and Charles Solverson were both helpful and responsive. I will work with them in the future, regardless of where they work.There was no personal contact due to COVID requirements. ”
Daniel C. Oct-20
“He was very informative and great to work with. He kept me in the loop the whole time and I appreciated that.”
Thomas F. Oct-20
“Excellent service via phone or e-mail, quick responses, clear requirements, excellent website security (no cached info).”
Randi S. Oct-20
“Jay did a fantastic job of understanding my needs and clearly communicating expectations. In the end I was able to close faster than expected and with far less repeat documentation to provide compared with other lenders. I would highly recommend!”
Eric B. Oct-20
“This was the second loan I have done with Jay Solverson, but the first with Homebridge. My first experience was very unique-and part of the aftermath of the 2008 Financial crisis and he went several extra miles. When it came time refi my existing mortgage,I remembered and talked with Jay. Even though every lender is slammed with applications due to the low rates, I appreciate that he talks through the process- credit scores, various options and costs- not just the interest rate or the programs he has to offer. I was considering a standard refi, cash-out, HELOC. I consulted Jay, and I replied to some of the zillion offers I got from "checking rates" on the Internet as My phone and email buzzed immediately. I even thought that I was going to go with another lender who appeared cheaper for the same rate. However, I talked with Jay, sent him the Loan Estimate- and asked if I was missing something in my comparison, which I was! I technically (happily) paid a few hundred dollars more than the other lender, but my loan was done and could be closed. Most importantly,I had conversations and got info from Jay And his team that the Many competitors did not offer. My loan fits me today, and my future goals. To me that was well worth it. I'll definitely consult Jay for future needs as well- especially since he is not limited to a local geography. ”
George A. Jul-20
“Jay was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.”
George A. Jul-20
“Jay was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.”
Kerek E. Jul-20
“Thank you Jay!”
Alex H. Jun-20
“Jay has been great to work with. During the original purchase of our home (prior to this refinance) we were planning to work with a different lender, but after speaking to Jay, we switched to HomeBridge. He made the process seamless and was extremely responsive. When it came time to refinance, the clear choice was to work again with Jay. We had the same great experience. I can't say enough good things about the team, they really take care of you through the entire process. Looking forward to continue to be a customer in the future.”
“Jay knows the business and tells it straight. The turn around from the start was fast and Jay met the scheduled he provided.Appreciate the help and would gladly work with him again.”
Cameron W. Oct-19
“Very pleased with Homebridge & all associates”
Jenell S. Sep-19
“I have worked with Jay both as an agent representing buyers and now for my personal purchase. While he is professional he also makes the process fun. Jay had been my trusted lender for years and i look forward to continuing that relationship. He knows the process in and out! Thank you Jay!”

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