About Janice Quinn

Janice Quinn originates residential mortgage loans and serves clients in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area.  She brings extensive business experience to her clients and can uniquely guide the residential home-buyer and real estate professional. She has been a sought after and trusted business advisor, speaker and counselor for 25 years.   Educated at New York University, Janice holds BA degrees in Economics and Metropolitan Studies and an MA from NYU in Financial Management.  She lends her extensive business experience and innovative approach to finding the right mortgage solution for each client.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Paul G. May-19
“Janice was always incredibly supportive and excellent at her job. She knew exactly what we wanted and helped us achieve that goal. We love the knowledge of the process she shared with us at every step. She not only helped us achieve a dream, but delivered a home we love where she will always be welcome. Thank you Janice you are the absolute best I will forever talk about your greatness.”
Kevin W. December 2018
“Knowledge and customer service.”
William H. December 2018
“Janice was extremely informative and really helped us structure our loan to make it work best for us.”
James P. November 2018
“Janice was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process and made things easy for a first time home buyer.”
John H. November 2018
“Janice Quinn went above and beyond in every step of this process.”
Jessie C. October 2018
“Janice Quinn is awesome. Very thorough and cares! Quick response and honest!”
Shawana J. October 2018
“The lender was/ is excellent to work with. Janice Quinn was very sufficient, honest and walked me through every step of the process.”
Luis C. October 2018
“Janice was with us from beginning to end. I already have recommended her to my friends.”
Orlando C. October 2018
“Janice Quinn was extremely helpful, attentive and provided exceptional service.”
Sandra F. October 2018
“We cannot say enough about Janice, her service is exceptional. She is amazing and went above and beyond to meet all of our needs.”
Vishal P. September 2018
“She is a very helpful person.”
Sana A. September 2018
“Customer service. Loan officer availability.”
Leonard C. June 2018
“Janice Quinn was truly a professional and she answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable.”
Franklin C. May 2018
“My experience with HomeBridge has been amazing. I would absolutely recommend them to family and friends.”
Zack C. May 2018
“Janice was very helpful and informative. She made us feel like we were not lost or alone in the process.”
Dorothy R. April 2018
“Janice was great! She explained every step of the way.”
John T. April 2018
“Always available to answer questions and very easy to work with. They were great at explaining the process!”
Theodore O. March 2018
“Janice was a great help. She was to the point.”
Jose M. March 2018
“Everyone was extremely helpful and they followed up with me every step of the way. I already have a friend that I recommended in the process.”
Robin M. March 2018
“The service was above and beyond expectations.”
James T. March 2018
“My loan officer was extremely knowledgeable and patient.”
Patricia S. January 2018
“Everyone delivered outstanding service. Janice went above and beyond.”
Angelica P. December 2017
“Janice was extremely helpful and through. She made sure that my dream came true. She got everything done on-time for closing. ”
Girish N. December 2017
“Janice was very helpful in providing the information at the right time and she was always available for any questions. Being a first-time homebuyer she could be the best person to work with.”
Toneka G. December 2017
“My experience with HomeBridge has been extremely smooth and I haven't had any problems throughout this entire process. ”
Kathleen C. December 2017
“Ms. Quinn made this process so easy for me. Always there when I had my 100 questions. I am so grateful for being referred to her.”
Kaajal R. December 2017
“HomeBridge worked around our schedule when they found out we worked nightshift.”
Loi C. November 2017
“Friendliness, responsive and very professional.”
Luisa S. November 2017
“She takes her time to explain everything you have questions on. She is understanding and tries to help you feel comfortable with your decision. She is knowledgeable.”
Andres S. September 2017
“Janice was available during weekends and evenings. She kept us on track and was always there to answered questions!”
Alexus M. December 2016
“Janice was wonderful! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! I would definitely use HomeBridge again for all future needs!”
Alexandr U. December 2016
“Janice was always available to talk and could not have been more helpful when things seemed difficult. The process could not have gone more smoothly! Thank you!”
Hector S. December 2016
“Janice was great and she knows her job well! The process was real smooth and wonderful! We will recommend HomeBridge to everyone that we know due to this positive experience! Thank you!”
Kyle J. September 2017
“Janice was very detailed and willing to assist with anything she could! The process was made as simple as possible!”
Carmen S. December 2016
“Janice was very patient and she walked us through the process step by step! She was always available and very, very knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with! Everything was perfect! ”
Monica S. December 2016
“Janice called and kept in tough on numerous occasions. She worked with me throughout the entire process. The assistance that I received was great! I hope to use HomeBridge again in the future!”
Molly R. August 2017
“Janice is a saint! She is thorough, knowledgeable and patient! I like to deal in facts and processes and Janice explained the details every step of the way! She was available whenever we needed her, day or night! If I can work with Janice again, I'd absolutely use HomeBridge again!”
Wayne and Michele M. October 2016
“Janice went above and beyond for us! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gayan W. August 2017
“Janice provided super friendly, trustworthy and fast service! ”
Gabriela B. July 2017
“Janice was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and always accessible! It was a pleasure working with her!”
Edmond and Jaclyn M. July 2017
“Janice and her team provided insane attention to detail! They were super professional and had an above par work ethic! ”
Henry S. July 2017
“Janice was amazing! She was so helpful and I would call on her again when needed! ”
Soujanya K. June 2017
“Janice and her team provided fast, dedicated and reliable service throughout this entire process!”
Kevin C. June 2017
“Janice made this process efficient and nearly a breeze!  She showed tremendous knowledge of the home buying process!  Thank you!”
James and Stephanie P. December 2016
“Janice and her staff were very helpful and they provided good terms and quick service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Edwin G. May 2017
“Janice was very punctual to appointments and very detail oriented in the process!  Everything worked out smoothly!”
Nishtha B. May 2017
“Janice was always very helpful and quick to respond!  She was very informative and provided great customer service!”
Jamari D. May 2017
“Janice was very responsive and knowledgeable!  She answered all of my questions promptly!”
Gisela T. and Henly P. May 2017
“Janice was super helpful!  She answered texts at any time of the day and night!  E-signature was easy, I never thought the closing would occur in such record time!  We are first time home buyers and the process was smooth!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rayhart F. April 2017
“Janice was so patient, informative, professional, considerate and efficient!  She made this experience an enjoyable one!  Thank you!”
Paul and Diana D. April 2017
“Janice is awesome!  The process could not have been easier!  Keep up the great work!”
Paul and Diana D. April 2017
“Janice was fantastic to work with!  She was prompt and provided personalized service!”
Dharampal and Paramjit K. April 2017
“Janice was amazing to work with!  She knows all of the information and is very prompt!  She made this a smooth and easy process!”
Lauren M. March 2017
“Janice loves what she does and is a true professional!  This was the easiest process ever because of Janice! Love her!  Thank you!”
Dawn Q. March 2017
“Janice was great to work with!  I couldn't have asked for a better representation of the mortgage process!  I am a first time home buyer so I could use any assistance possible!  Janice walked me through the entire process and made sure that I understood everything before the closing occurred.  She was readily available when needed!  Thank you!”
Agata W. March 2017
“Janice acted very fast and she kept in touch throughout the process.  She explained everything thoroughly!  I am very satisfied with the service that I received from HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Karthick M. February 2017
“Janice and her team were very impressive in taking care of their customers needs and interests!  HomeBridge provided a reasonable fee, low interest rate and great customer service!”
Peter P. and Barbara C. January 2017
“Janice was always available for assistance through all stages of this process!  She provided excellent service!”
Pratik P. January 2017
“Janice and her team made this entire experience very comfortable.  I was given good support and kept informed throughout the process.  Everyone I worked with was very professional and helpful!”
Aurelio S. November 2016
“Janice walked us through this process with compassion and care while maintaining professionalism!  She became a friend along the way!  Everyone that we worked with at HomeBridge was pleasant and professional!  They made the process run smoothly!  We are very satisfied with HomeBridge!”
Frank A. October 2016
“Janice was very helpful, knowledgeable and informative throughout this process!  She provided great service!”
Nicole S. October 2016
“Janice was extremely helpful throughout this entire process!  She really went above and beyond while working with us!  She made herself available at all times and helped reassure us when complications arose for one reason or another.  Thank you!”
Prabhakar C. and Pratibha P. October 2016
“Janice Quinn was very helpful throughout this process!  She patiently explained everything to us!  We had a very good experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Vincent and Michelle D. September 2016
“Janice has been more than helpful with all of our needs!  She is an exceptional broker and it was a pleasure to work with her!  The process with HomeBridge was a very pleasant one!  We are very satisfied with the service we received!  No improvements needed!  Thank you!”
Daniel W. August 2016
“Janice made herself available 24/7!  She is very efficient and knowledgeable!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Melissa and Eric S. August 2016
“Janice was awesome to work with!  She was supportive every step of the way and super knowledgeable!  This was a seamless transaction!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sunny and Karishma D. August 2016
“Janice was very patient and helpful throughout this process!”
Asia G. August 2016
“Janice was very thorough and professional!  She has made this process seem like a piece of cake!  I will happily recommend Janice and HomeBridge to all of my friends and family!”
Janett Q. July 2016
“Janice is great at what she does!  She puts in a great effort and understanding!  She helped me in every little detail of my finances.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Andrea R. July 2016
“Janice went above and beyond my expectations! She truly exceeded them!  I would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Christopher and Tracy K. June 2016
“Janice and her team were quick, thorough and they provided excellent customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Carla M. October 2015
“Janice was very helpful and made this transaction go so smoothly!  Because of this positive experience, I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Lynette R. June 2016
“Janice was excellent to work with!  She explained everything in detail and made sure that I understood the entire process!  I would definitely use HomeBridge for any future needs!”
George L. May 2016
“Janice was very detail oriented, organized, prompt and responsive to all of our questions.  We would use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Rashidah H. May 2016
“Janice has demonstrated excellence in the field of mortgage!  I am very pleased with the service that I received!   I have already recommended HomeBridge to three people I know!”
Belal E. May 2016
“Janice is the best of the best!  She helped me so much, she was there whenever I needed.  I will refer all of my friends and family to Janice and HomeBridge!  The Best!”
Jasmin O. December 2015
“Janice is amazing!  She did the best job for me.  I will absolutely recommend her and use her for all of my future home purchases!  Everything went great!”
Dawn G. April 2016
“Janice has been extremely helpful.  She was always very patient as she walked me through every step of the way.  She communicated clearly and answered all of my many questions.  Janice was so knowledgeable that it made me feel comfortable with this process.  Thank you!”
Thomas G. April 2016
“Janice was very helpful every step of the way, she got many things accomplished for us!  HomeBridge patiently walked us through the process for our first time home purchase.  Thank you!”
April F. April 2016
“Janice was very thorough, she gave me detailed explanations about every step of the process.  She was very patient and on top of everything that needed to happen.  I knew Janice had my best interest in mind.  Thank you!”
Stephanie F. Toms River, NJ
“This is the time of the year to "give thanks" as they say and it couldn't be further from the truth. To just say thank you to Janice and her team at HomeBridge would be an understatement. The level of service, day or night and seven days a week, made it seem as though we were their only clients. Janice and her team put our family back into a home of their own, and there is no company I would recommend to anyone other than HomeBridge. I would hope, Janice and HomeBridge, go to bed at night knowing what they help give to people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Fredy H. Metuchen, NJ
“Janice Quinn is adorable. I am a first time home buyer and I was totally lost about home purchasing, but she explained everything I needed to know. She walked me through each step using understandable language. She was always available day and night for any questions I had, and was very patient for a dummy like me.”
Matt H. West Orange, NJ
“Janice Quinn and everyone at HomeBridge made the mortgage procedure as easy as it could be. Janice explained each step of the process so anyone could understand. She followed up on every detail and was accessible day or night to answer questions. Everyone at HomeBridge was professional, detailed-oriented and a pleasure to work with. Janice is an incredible individual that went above and beyond what is necessary for a Mortgage Loan Originator. I would recommend Janice and HomeBridge to everyone looking to use their services.”
Christine D. South Amboy, NJ
“Janice Quinn has been so wonderful. She was always available any time of day or night and always explained each step of the way. She really cares about her clients. She is very informative and has no pretense about her. She's the real deal and guided me through every single step. She still checks up on me, even after the purchase of my home which was 4 months ago! I can's say enough about how wonderful she and her team are. Thank you so much Janice.”
Maribel N. Hopelawn, NJ
“Janice Quinn and HomeBridge have my dream of home ownership a reality! I can't thank Janice enough for all her guidance through the process, late night questions and clearing up any issues that came up. She's a true professional and amazing human being! I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking for financial/mortgage services. Janice is highly knowledgeable and made this process a rewarding experience. Again, thank you, Janice.”

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