About Jane Qian

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in Massachusetts (NMLS #21523), Jane Qian can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Jane welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Jane has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Jane Qian Anytime

Feel free to contact Jane anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Jane Qian will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Zong-Guo X. Dec-20
“Thanks a million for your outstanding service! You are unquestionably the very best!”
Xiaoliang Q. Nov-20
“Jane is very knowledgeable, and she is capable of getting a loan approved on time. What I like the most is she is always available when I called her with questions. Jane and her team work very hard. She kept checking the change of interest rate even after hours and locked the best mortgage rate late at night. Even with the delay in the appraisal, her team still managed to close on time. I appreciate the help of Jane and her team.”
Jun W. Oct-20
“Jane is a very knowledgeable person always provides the best rates and valuable advice.”
Lin X. Sep-20
“The team of Jane Qian is handling our lending needs in a professional and efficient way. The communications are courteous, timely, and effective. We appreciate their time and efforts and would definitely recommend Homebridge to our friends for their mortgage needs. Thank you all!”
Lydia Z. Sep-20
“My only concern is that I live in Rhode Island and I had to drive 90 minutes to Mass for the closing. I don't understand why the closing couldn't have been done closer to me”
Yuan R. Sep-20
“Jane is really helpful and making our need (client's need) a priority in offering us what we really need. This is the reason why she made the whole process of us buying our home 2 years ago so easy and also the reason why I choose her for the re-financing this time. And of course she did not disappoint us! Her assistant, Wen, is also really helpful in explaining what is needed from us. Both Jane and Wen are really responsive to emails, which makes the whole process a lot easier. I would recommend her service to anyone that needs help!”
Haitao Z. Aug-20
“Great service! Very satisfied to work with Jane Qian!”
Zupeng H. Jul-20
“Jane is not only very professional in financing process but also responses my question very fast.”
Hyungsuk Y. Jul-20
“Jane Qian was extremely efficient and resourceful in helping us applying for the mortgage with Homebridge. She communicated very clearly with us, kept us informed, and was very responsive to our inquiry. Overall, Jane worked very hard to facilitate our application in quick manner, and the results turned out positive as we were able to close 3 days prior to original planned date. Jennifer (processor) was also very helpful and responsive. Overall I had great experience with Homebridge thanks to them.”
MIN X. Mar-20
“I'd like to compliment Jane Qian for her outstanding service she provided me during the loan process. Jane has worked very diligently to keep me updated about the progress and the upcoming request of any documents needed for the process. It helped me tremendously in preparing the documents in advance despite my busy work schedule. When I had questions, Jane was very patient to understand my questions and was able to provide answers very helpful to me. In summary, the process was very smooth because of Jane's hard work, knowledge and professionalism. I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which Jane helped my loan application. This is not the first time she has helped me, and she has been always great. I will refer all of my friends to Home Bridge and Jane.”
“I would like to thank Jane Qian for her professionalism during my refinancing. This is my first refinancing, so we had lots of questions. Jane walks us through all the steps with detail instructions. Her response is quick and clean. I would recommend Jane to my friend/relative if they need a mortgage or refinance service.”
HONGLI Z. Nov-19
“Jane was referred to me a few years ago when I was trying to buy my 2nd resident home. The sellers were extremely unreasonable. We ended up walking away at the last step of the closing. Jane and her team supported our decision, and did not charge us anything except the appraise fee that I was well informed in the beginning. However, I was very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of Jane and her team at Home-bridge. The rate was the best on the market too. This time, I need to refinance my home loan quickly. I called Jane on her mobile and she recalled who I was and immediately provided best options and rates. Within 30 days, my loan is closed at the expected rate and closing cost. Jane is prompt to answer my phone calls, and always have answers for me. Her team is professional, supportive and makes the process easy.”
Xinke Z. June-19
“Jane is amazing. She worked on our application diligently and answered all questions that we have. She was able to coordinate with different parties efficiently and get all things done in a extremely tight timeline. She is absolutely Above and Beyond! We would definitely recommend her to our friends without reservation. Thank you, Jane!”
Gang Z. May-19
“Jane is very responsible and proactively helps us to choose ARM to reduce the rate further.”
Ye J. May-19
“very good”
Yin Z. December 2018
“Professional service. Knowledgeable and nice people.”
Yaochien C. December 2018
“Very helpful.”
Yunmei L. November 2018
“Because they are professional and trustworthy.”
Bingyu S. November 2018
“Jianhua was very nice and patient when I asked about questions related to loans.”
Parvathy S. November 2018
“Good customer service. Known face.”
Hongkang Z. October 2018
“Patient explanation, low interest, efficient.”
Thomas S. September 2018
“Nice and easy.”
Tongyu X. September 2018
“Responsible, quick reply.”
Nam N. Aug-18
“Very responsive and up front with information. Provided information to help me as the borrower to make the best decision.”
Mohammad S. Aug-18
“Very satisfied with their help.”
Nam N. Aug-18
“Very responsive and up front with information. Provided information to help me as the borrower to make the best decision.”
Mohammad S. Aug-18
“Very satisfied with their help.”
Nam N. August 2018
“Very responsive and up front with information. Provided information to help me as the borrower to make the best decision.”
Mohammad S. August 2018
“Very satisfied with their help.”
Nam N. August 2018
“Very responsive and up front with information. Provided information to help me as the borrower to make the best decision.”
Mohammad S. August 2018
“Very satisfied with their help.”
Qi X. June 2018
“Very quick and responsive for questions. Suggest and make recommendations from client's perspective.”
Yuyu L. June 2018
“Very smooth process and knowledgeable staff. Good online document system. Jane is very helpful.”
Yong Z. March 2018
“Excellent and professional service!”
Xiaoxue D. March 2018
“Quick response time and professional staff.”
Jiaxian C. December 2017
“Quick response. ”
Weiyao X. November 2017
“This is our third time working with Jane. She's very professional and able to get things done right and efficiently. It's always peace-of-mind working with her. She is trustworthy. ”
Aijing Y. November 2017
“Accessibility and responsiveness.”
Yu W. November 2017
“Jane is very responsible, easy to talk to and responsible.”
William P. October 2017
“Walked us through the process every step of the way. ”
Mi L. October 2017
“Professional and patient to explain.”
Jinyu Z. October 2017
“All representatives were very helpful and responsive to all of our inquiries. They worked to make the deal happen smoothly.”
Pan Y. Manchester, NH
“Very impressive and fast!!!”
Weihua S. Lowell, MA
“This Loan Officer goes above and beyond to make a deal happen. The woman works all day every day, answers all emails no matter what time of day. I mean that. I have never worked with Jane before, however anyone who needs a mortgage that comes to me will be referred to her, she really was amazing and best in the business!!!! Thank you for everything.”
Yanfeng Z. Hopkinton , MA
“Thanks to the Loan Officer for rushing to prepare my loan docs. I closed within a month after our inital offer submittion and a week earlier than dated on the agreement. I had a lot of suggestions and support from them.”
Dongsheng Z. Newton, MA
Lanyu L. Watertown, MA
“She is responsive and efficient. And she knows what loan fits me best. It was a very pleasant experience to work with her.”
Jing M. Tewksbury, MA
“response quickly and professionally”
Cheng Z. Waltham, MA
“Our loan officer Jane is very knowledgeable. She answered our questions promptly, got the process done well and quickly. The rate floating-down policy is one of the best things that really helped reduce the pressure for our home purchase.”
Wenshuai L. Lexington, MA
“My situation is very rare and almost unique. Jane and her team fought very hard to justify and get the loan. I appareciate it a lot. They did it and it may be a mission impossible for other persons.”
Yu P. Billerica, MA
“My Loan Officer Jane is exceptional! She is very patient, professional and trustful. It was a great experience to work with her in the past couple weeks. I will definitely recommend her to my family, friends and colleagues if they are seeking mortgage services.”
Qiaobing X. Lexington , MA
“Ms. Qian is very helpful. She explained everything clearly and addressed all concerns that I had. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a loan when buying a house!”
Joan X. Sharon, MA
“Knowledge, patience and understanding.”
Dongsheng Z. Newton Highlands, MA
“Jane was so helpful with everything.”
Patrick N. Lynn, MA
“Jane was very communicative, always keeping me informed of what was needed and what was next. I always felt she was on top of things.”
Joe L. Belmont, MA
“Jane is very professional and caring about her client. The transaction was very smooth and successful. Will do business with her again.”
Kershen H. Acton, MA
“Jane is very responsive and very knowledgeable. She is always available to help me and very patient with us. I will definitely refer her to all my friends.”
Junsheng W. Hopkinton, MA
“Jane Qian applied her industry insights to my case and provided information and guidance accurately and timely through the whole refinance process. She has demonstrated outstanding sense and skills of client-focus and problem-solving.”
Yi S. Acton, MA
“Jane Qian is my Loan Officer, she did an awesome job! Our situation was a little special and she helped us throughout the process, gave us lots of useful advice. She answered my questions promptly, even on the weekend. I will strongly recommend her to my friends.”
Qiaobing X. Lexington, MA
“Jane Qian is responsible and helpful. She is always willing to answer any questions or concerns the customer has. I recommend her to you.”
Zhihui B. Winchester, MA
“Jane Qian is thorough in explaining the terms, the professionalism is quite impressive. Thanks”
Ling S. Wellesley, MA
“Jane Qian is very helpful and responsive.”
Yi S. Belmont, MA
“Jane and her team was very professional with us the whole process. Everything went well. Very appreciated.”
Haitao G. Southborough, MA
“Jane has always been very responsive and patient to answer my questions.”
Ming G. Boxborough, MA
“Jane is the best.”
Dongpu L. Hopkinton, MA
“I worked with Jane Qian to my mortgage. The whole process was very smooth and she provided help and insight on every step of the process. Really appreciated.”
Xianghui J. Belmont, MA
“Great service, glad to work with you.”
Anh N. Andover, MA
“Great job.”
Ke Y. Natick, MA
“Good communication, quick response.”
Chaowei W. Belmont, MA
“Good communication! Prompt response! Nice person to work with. The transaction moved very smoothly.”
Lin D. Salem, NH
Fujian Y. Lexington, MA
“1. very knowledgeable, accurately answered all my questions; 2. give the best rate; 3. very nice to talk with;”

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