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You must be looking for home financing. I do that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Michael A. Aug-21
“Jamie did a great job for us & represents Homebridge very well. She is easy to work with & we felt she was on top of our process.”
Michael R. Aug-21
“Jamie and Meghan were great. No complaints.”
Eric R. Aug-21
“Jamie and Meghan were both awesome to work. they communicated well and the process was very efficient. I felt they understood the importance of buying our first home and worked hard to get us there.”
Bernardita C. Aug-21
“I am very thankful for Homebridge for processing. my loan on time even when I'm out of state.”
Eric F. Jul-21
“Jamie and her team were excellent. Extremely friendly and responsive throughout the entire home loan process. We really appreciate everything they did to make the process quick and easy.”
Kayla M. Jul-21
“Jamie has a great team, Meghan, Jamie's assistant is a huge asset and worked my refinance flawlessly. I cannot thank her enough for her hard work!”
Edward S. May-21
“Enjoyed working with Jamie and the others at Homebridge. Very professional and courteous. Would go through them in the future if I need a loan or mortgage.”
Deborah M. May-21
“Thank you so much for making the loan process so seemingly effortless. Your consistent communication helped alleviate any undue stress which was so appreciated. What a great Team you have!”
Richard F. May-21
“Everything explained upfront and process very smooth, easy to finalize loan. Great Experience!”
Cameron B. May-21
“Jamie and her team were great to work with once again, she helped with our first home purchase in 2014. I won't lie, I didn't shop any other lenders for our recent purchase because she has/had been super helpful the last year when we started looking and had no reservations about working with her again. Thanks again!”
Nancy L. Apr-21
“Thank you for your professionalism and answering my email questions day or night!”
Laura H. Apr-21
“Loved working with Jamie and her team. They answered all of my questions and kept me apprised of what was next. Better than professional, more like a warm security blanket.”
Daniel A. Mar-21
“We are so thankful for Jamie, Meghan and their team. They felt like family who always had our best interest at heart. From the beginning to the end we felt cared for and supported during a time when searching and obtaining a home is very stressful. Homebridge has given us a gift! The most stress free easy to navigate and quick mortgage process we have EVER experienced in any of our previous home purchases. They care and it is reflected in every interaction that we had with Jamie and her team. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts ?? Dan and Crystal Atkisson”
Yolanda D. Mar-21
“Good job!”
David H. Jan-21
“Jamie Parisotto, has always looked out for her clients, she goes out of her way to ensure clients have the information and directions they need to buy or refinance a loan. Jamie, even answers questions on the weekends even though those answers aren't expect until business hours. This is our second loan with Jamie, she makes sure you feel welcomed and informed about the process and problems that might occur due to volume of loans, like currently. It went smooth and we are very pleased. Thank You Jamie, our friends and family will be referred to you.”
Alan B. Jan-21
“Jamie and her team provided excellent service and fully explained the need for required documentation by the lender. It was a good experience and I would definitely recommend Jamie/Homebridge”
Abraham L. Dec-20
“Jamie was excellent on all levels. We recommended Homebridge/her to Friends. Kyla and Meghan were excellent too. They went above and beyond.”
Kathy K. Oct-20
“I used Jamie Parisotto because of a previous stellar mortgage loan origination experience. Jamie is incredibly knowledgeable. I have total confidence in her representations and her ability to get the job done.”
Ashley P. Oct-20
“Jamie was great to work with. I mostly worked with Meghan Frederick who is a friend of my sister-in-law that referred us. The whole team and process was amazing and saved us hundreds on our mortgage each month. It almost seemed too good to be true. We are very satisfied! Thank you!”
Martin T. Oct-20
“Jamie was an absolute blessing to us.”
Barbara S. Oct-20
“Jamie was great, answered all my questions, very friendly and knowledgeable. Others in her office also were friendly and were able to answer any of my many questions. Overall a great experience.”
Dawn M. Sep-20
“Jamie Parisotto is the gold standard in the business and it is not only evinced in her world class products and services she always provides, but as well in the top notch extraordinary team she surrounds herself. Meghan and Kyla - these are two incredibly talented strong women championing the process to the standards and heights Jamie is well known for in the business. To work with the two of them was to work alongside confidence and trust that Jamie earned over the years and they went above and beyond expectations. These two individuals are the next great Jamie Parisottos of the business and I could not be more thankful for this amazing team of 3 who took care of me on both my refi and purchase. Thank you for the opportunity to elevate their great work! Homebridge is incredibly fortunate to have them championing your brand in our region.”
Alvin T. Sep-20
“Jamie and Meghan were very courteous and professional throughout the entire process. The problems I experienced were not their fault, but due to some type of shortcomings with the website.”
Kennan J. Sep-20
“Jamie is an out of the box thinker that helped put us in the most ideal situation we could have asked for. I am very impressed!”
Jason G. Aug-20
“Jamie and Kyla were great. Made the process very smooth. Thank you”
Marilynn M. Aug-20
“Jamie was a delight to work with. She is friendly caring and most knowledgeable.”
Kendall E. Aug-20
“Thank you to Jamie, Kyla, Megan and Shannon! What a great team to work with. This was my first time buying a home and I was extremely nervous and didn't know a lot about the process. I felt very taken care of. I always felt like the members on the team explained things really well and never felt rushed through a phone call. They were able to walk me through what I was signing, what things meant, and what was expected to come next. They always kept me in the loop on the status of my loan. Special thanks to Kyla Dainty for all her help. Couldn't be happier with her, Jamie and the team!”
Toni S. Jul-20
“Jamie was exceptional to work with, very attentive, knowledgeable, and present during our process. She kept us on track and informed. Jamie is the real deal and you can count on her and her commitment to finalizing our refinancing. !”
Brian P. Jul-20
“Jamie has been our mortgage advisor for years. She's never led us astray and has always been wonderful to work with! Thank you Jamie, you're the best!!! Brian & Kim Prisock”
Kevin C. Jul-20
“I want to thank Jamie for an outstanding job with all aspects of the process! Very professional and I couldn't be more happy! Thank you Homebridge!!!! Kevin Coleman”
Samantha G. Jul-20
“Jamie was amazing and lifelong connection built with her. She was great to work with- emailed/texted for ease of communication, really felt like she was on our side and a reliable expert that we could trust with the biggest purchase of our lives! So glad we met her!”
Hamilton C. Jul-20
“Jamie was FABULOUS!!! Very knowledgeable; quickly grasped our situation (long-distance purchase); both personable and professional. We've gotten new loans/re-fi'd about a dozen times - this was the easiest. The only mortgage company that's even close is Rocket Mortgage (Quicken); I wanted to use them, but HomeBridge made a better offer. Very, very pleased we used HomeBridge in general, and Jamie in particular!”
Toni S. Jul-20
“Jamie was exceptional to work with, very attentive, knowledgeable, and present during our process. She kept us on track and informed. Jamie is the real deal and you can count on her and her commitment to finalizing our refinancing. !”
Samantha G. Jul-20
“Jamie was amazing and lifelong connection built with her. She was great to work with- emailed/texted for ease of communication, really felt like she was on our side and a reliable expert that we could trust with the biggest purchase of our lives! So glad we met her!”
Mike V. Jul-20
“Jamie was extremely helpful, professional and made this transaction easy. We enjoyed working with her again.”
Jeremy N. Jun-20
“Jamie and her team did great!”
Brooke M. Jun-20
“Jamie is amazing!!!! We have worked with her twice now and wouldn't work with anyone else. I work in real estate and Jamie is fantastic!!! Will definitely work with Jamie again!!!”
“Jamie was great to work with and very professional.”
TRAVIS H. May-20
“Jamie was great. IF we ever need anything in the future. We will most definitely use here.”
DOUG H. May-20
“Jamie is the most professional mortgage consultant I have ever worked with. She has been an angel on our shoulder since we met her and bought our new home. Our refinance was painless and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you Jamie”
JOHN S. Mar-20
“Jamie is very friendly and was a pleasure to work with again. The process with very smooth and fast. She is a pro! Thank you!”
JOHN T. Jan-20
“My wife and I enjoyed meeting and working with Jamie and her staff. She knows her job and was there with us all the way to make sure we had a good experience with our loan. Thank you”
GARY G. Dec-19
“Jamie was excellent”
LANCE W. Dec-19
“We have worked with Jamie 3 times now. She is wonderful and very knowledgeable. We will always call Jamie about our home financing needs.”
“Jamie is the best loan officer we've worked with. Friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and professional. We have already recommended Hombridge loan servicing to other buyers in the area.”
Robert L. Oct-19
“Jamie was available for every need and very patient with our most rudimentary of questions. This was our first home-buying experience and, with that came many fears and anxieties. Jamie alleviated our nervousness and made a daunting process so easy. She's great at what she does! We're massively appreciative.”
JUDITH K. Sep-19
“I have never purchased a home on my own before and I was completely and thoroughly walked through the process from start to finish with such professionalism and genuine care that the entire experience was a positive experience. Thank you Jaime Parisotto for patience with the many questions I had and all the time you spent making sure I was informed and kept current on what was happening in the process. Thank you Homebridge- I love my new home. Judy Kent”

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