About James Gay

James Gay is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. James is committed to providing each customer and referral partner with the highest level of service and professionalism. This is the reason so many of James’s clients come back to him time and again. James’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let James bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

George H. December 2018
“My assistant in the process, James Gay, was outstanding and helpful.”
David P. November 2018
“James Gay was outstanding!”
Tara M. October 2018
“Jim was very helpful and honest, up front and moved the process quickly.”
Kimberly M. September 2018
“James was always available to help me when I needed it.”
Stephen L. May 2018
“James made it very easy to refinance.”
Matthew R. December 2017
“Jim is fantastic; highly recommend.”
Erica G. December 2017
“Very informative. Helpful throughout entire process. ”
Thomas G. November 2016
“Jim was excellent to work with and he stayed on top of everything throughout the process and made it very easy!”
Richard W. November 2016
“Jim was very helpful in this entire process! I would use HomeBridge again in the future because, I like to be able to purchase a home easily with the help of a professional such as Jim!”
Jorge and Daisy F. November 2016
“James and his team provided quick and easy service! Thank you for the great interest rate HomeBridge!”
Darren S. August 2017
“James was very good to work with! He was quick with any and all questions and he made the process very easy! We have used HomeBridge in the past and are always very happy with them.”
Melissa and Kevin V. May 2017
“James was incredible handling all the business with our refinance!  He stayed on top of everything in regards to communication and getting the loan done quickly!  Thank you!”
Stephen and Katherine L. April 2017
“James was very detail oriented and he did a great job with this refinance!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kristin S. and Joan M. March 2017
“Jim provided constant communication!  He answered all questions promptly and even handled it when I was stressing out!  Jim has been a pleasure to work with!  HomeBridge has always been easy to work with.  I appreciated them reaching out to me to offer me this FHA streamline to save me money and to keep me with them!  Thank you!”
Steven and Charlene E. February 2017
“James made this a responsive and speedy process!  All went well!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sarah and Kou X. December 2016
“Jim has been very easy to work with and he has made this experience hassle free!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ian and Lauren N. September 2016
“James was great to work with and he was always quick to respond!  I am already making referrals to HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Douglas and Nicole H. August 2016
“James was very knowledgeable and friendly!  He went above and beyond to make this experience as easy as possible.  He was always very responsive and immediately answered questions that we had!”
Mark Z. August 2016
“Jim was very responsive and he explained everything thoroughly.  The process was very efficient and the loan closed as he said it would!  Keep up the good work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
“James was very helpful and he delivered on his promises!  Thank you for the easy refinance with a timely closing!  We were very pleased with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Daniel and Alyson P. August 2016
“This entire process was very smooth and easy!  The closing was wonderful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Javier G. and Stefany S. June 2016
“James and his team were very friendly and attentive.  They explained everything clearly so that I could understand the process clearly.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Darwin and Denise V. June 2016
“James provided good information and excellent customer service!”
Anthony M. May 2016
“James is very honest, friendly and easy to contact!  I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Lynne R. April 2016
“James and his team were always very pleasant and professional.  Everyone I have worked with at HomeBridge has been terrific!”
David and Leigh O. April 2016
“Jim and his team were all courteous and professional.  The process was smooth and efficient!  Thanks!”
Joshua V. January 2016
“Jim provided good communication, attention to detail and friendliness.  Thank you for everything!”
Brian and Colleen P.
“Jim was extremely responsive and always answered my questions so I understood everything.  Jim and the staff were all professional and friendly!  This process was smooth and quick with good rates available.”

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