About Henry Rackliff

Henry Rackliff graduated from the University of Vermont and has nearly 20 years of experience in home financing. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Henry is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Henry’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Active in the industry, Henry is a member of the Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Karen W. Jul-20
“My home buying process coincided pretty much exactly with all of the shut downs related to Covid-19. Henry was prompt and professional in all of his interactions, informative, patient with my questions, and a pleasure to speak with as I navigated my first home buying experience in the middle of a global pandemic. All delays were due to shut downs due to the pandemic and Henry was incredibly thorough in his support throughout the process. I am so grateful to him and his team!”
Kimberly M. Jul-20
“Henry was great. I talked quite a bit on the phone with him helping me understand my next steps in the process.”
“All went exceedingly well especially during quarantine! I was able to pick up documents to be signed at Henry's house and return them to him so he could scan and email them in for us. Top notch customer service and care!”
MARK M. 20-Apr
“Henry Rackliff is a true professional! You'll never be the person more connected than he has been. He calls on a regular basis to check in, answers all questions and has a thorough knowledge of the mortgage industry. Whether it's a preapproval letter late at night or on the weekend, he is always there to provide services. When I purchased my first home, I was very anxious about getting it because it was my dream home and didn't want to lose it. I knew many mortgage professionals and had many options, however I knew there was only one person I trusted to get the job done and that was Henry! Five years later I called him to refinance the house because of lower interest rates and the process went flawless! If you're looking to purchase a home, Henry is the person to contact!”
Andrea P. December 2018
“He was very helpful to us and he did a great job!”
Chelsea G. December 2018
“The experience that we had was exceptional. All questions were answered quickly and they treat you with a lot of respect.”
Ryan W. December 2018
“Everything went smoothly.”
Kyndra D. November 2018
“Very responsive, reliable and friendly.”
Joshua C. November 2018
“Henry has been very clear and prompt with all his help!”
Cherie B. November 2018
“Professionalism, ease of process, easy to talk to, offered good advice.”
Nichole B. November 2018
“Both Kelly and Henry were amazing! Their responsiveness and information made this an amazing experience.”
Richard L. October 2018
“I have worked several times with Henry Rackliff and would definitely recommend him!”
Robert C. October 2018
“Great people to work with. Answered all our questions and made this experience awesome.”
Samuel P. October 2018
“Henry at Homebridge was very helpful and always available when I had questions.”
Geraldine L. October 2018
“Was very helpful.”
Megan B. October 2018
“Quick and thorough responses.”
Coralyn G. October 2018
Cherie B. September 2018
“Because of Henry. He is very friendly, super easy going and I was able to get along with him well.”
Jacob L. Aug-18
“We got the loan.”
Scott B. Aug-18
“Henry is a pleasure to be around and responds quickly.”
Nathan H. Aug-18
“Professional and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and able to recommend solutions to problems that arise.”
Jacob L. Aug-18
“We got the loan.”
Scott B. Aug-18
“Henry is a pleasure to be around and responds quickly.”
Nathan H. Aug-18
“Professional and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and able to recommend solutions to problems that arise.”
Jacob L. August 2018
“We got the loan.”
Scott B. August 2018
“Henry is a pleasure to be around and responds quickly.”
Nathan H. August 2018
“Professional and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and able to recommend solutions to problems that arise.”
Jacob L. August 2018
“We got the loan.”
Scott B. August 2018
“Henry is a pleasure to be around and responds quickly.”
Nathan H. August 2018
“Professional and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and able to recommend solutions to problems that arise.”
Amy C. May 2018
“Very helpful and knowledgeable. Always available for questions. Also, very friendly.”
Jean S. May 2018
“Henry was available when my previous purchase fell through. He was great! When I called him he was responsive on a Sunday.”
Adriane M. March 2018
“We worked with Henry to buy our first home and had a good experience. Same for round two. Everyone is super nice and helpful.”
Elizabeth M. March 2018
“Very helpful and answered all questions very quickly.”
Steven T. March 2018
“They were helpful and fast at getting back to us and keeping us informed.”
Joshua W. December 2017
“Great service, easy to work with and always available.”
Jessica P. December 2017
“Everything worked out well.”
Kimberley D. December 2017
“I love how on top of things and responsive Henry and team were. It was also clear and easy. ”
Alicia and Matthew L. November 2016
“Henry made this process easy! He was accommodating and always available when needed. He explained everything in detail! This was the second time we have used HomeBridge and had no issues and a super easy process!”
Sheryl B. November 2016
“Henry was very helpful, friendly and easy to work with! Thank you!”
William W. August 2017
“Henry was very helpful and great to work with! He stayed on top of everything and is very good at what he does!”
Matthew and Danielle S. July 2017
“Henry was very responsive, friendly and knowledgeable! This was our third time working with Henry and we are again very pleased! Thank you!”
Barnaby M. June 2017
“Henry was very responsive, friendly and helpful! ”
Zachary and Lauren P. June 2017
“Henry was always available and he explained things thoroughly! He and his staff were wonderful to work with! The process went so smoothly!”
Ashley C. May 2017
“Henry was so personable, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy throughout this process!  He is very professional and I feel confident that he has my best interest at heart!  Thank you!”
David C. May 2017
“Henry and HomeBridge were so easy to work with!  This was my second time using HomeBridge and both times have been excellent!  Everyting was perfect!  I Love them!”
Joseph K. and Kimberly S. April 2017
“Henry provided very helpful service especially for first time home buyers!  He was able to walk us through all of the details from collecting documents to the closing process!  Henry and the team were great to work with!  They made a stressful process very easy!  This was an excellent experience at HomeBridge!”
Monique T. March 2017
“Henry went above and beyond in helping us!  He visited us after hours to get paperwork which made it easier!  Thank you!”
Steven R. and Babette L. March 2017
“Henry was great to work with and extremely quick to answer questions!  He went out of his way to ease the process!  The turn around time was excellent!  This was an enjoyable experience.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Adam J. March 2017
“The communication that Henry provided was quick and clear!  He helped me a lot since I was purchasing from across the country!  I feel like I had a good relationship with the folk's at HomeBridge and would prefer sticking with them for any future loans!”
Robin and David C. March 2017
“Henry was very friendly and easy to work with!  HomeBridge gave us more flexibility than our local bank.  Thank you!”
Lisa M. February 2017
“Henry was very efficient and attentive to all of our needs!  Thank you!  ”
Augustus and Moriah F. February 2017
“Henry made this a quick and easy process!  He was able to answer all questions in a timely manner!  He was so friendly and easy to work with!”
Olivia and Southern G. October 2016
“The process was painless and expedient!  The closing date was even moved up for us!  Awesome!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Richard A. October 2016
“Henry made this an easy process!  Keep on doing great work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Colin F. October 2016
“Henry was always accessible and he was great to work with throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nigel D. September 2016
“Henry was extremely helpful when we had issues with our loan application.  Everyone involved was extremely efficient and managed to complete everything incredibly quickly!  This has been an extremely pleasant experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Jacqueline and John H. September 2016
“Henry was great to work with!  He answered all of our questions right away!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Laura P. August 2016
“Henry was always available to help even on nights and weekends!  He was very responsive and he worked hard to get things done!  It was great to work with him!”
Hans A. September 2016
“Henry and his team were quick, easy and thorough!  They were all great to work with!”
Heather J. September 2015
“Henry and his staff went above and beyond to make this dream a reality!”
Shaun L. July 2016
“Henry and his team made this process as smooth as possible.  They were very helpful in answering questions and getting things done fast!  Emails were closely checked and responded to with proper answers.  They all worked fast and efficiently!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Christopher M. September 2015
“Henry was a pleasure to work with!  This is my second time working with him and it went just as smooth as the first time!  I will call on HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Keep on doing what you're doing!  Thanks!”
Lee and Heather L. July 2016
“Henry was extremely fast and helpful when responding to our questions.  The online system made the process very easy!  We would like to recommend HomeBridge to everyone!  Thank you!”
Vicki and James W. September 2015
“Henry and his team were very pleasant and easy to work with!  They worked with us to make our dreams come true!  Our experience at HomeBridge was a wonderful one!”
Sarah M. June 2016
“Henry provided great service and a quick response time!  This was an all around great experience at HomeBridge!”
Christopher and Erin R. June 2016
“This is our second time working with Henry at HomeBridge and it has been another excellent experience!  We would recommend HomeBridge to family and friends!”
Judy D. October 2015
“Henry went above and beyond with our loan and was available at any time day or night!  This was such an ease of transaction with great customer service provided!”
Daniel L. November 2015
“Henry and his associates were all amazing!  They were very helpful, thorough and reachable!  I have already recommended HomeBridge to others!”
Ian O. May 2016
“Henry and the HomeBridge team were all very helpful.  They went above and beyond to help us get our loan!”
Mary W. November 2015
“Working with Henry has been easy and fun.  Henry and his team have been very attentive and thorough.  I felt comfortable doing business with HomeBridge and would contact them again for any future needs!”
Emily T. January 2016
“Henry was very helpful and always kept me well informed.  I had a great experience with HomeBridge!”
Martin B. January 2016
“Henry and his staff were all very friendly and eager to answer all of our questions.  The process went smoothly and I was very pleased with the customer service we received!”
Micah and Tara G.
“Henry and Jen were fantastic to work with!  they answered all of our questions in a timely manner and were supportive of the process.  Keep doing what your doing!”
Ron Middlebury, VT
“Thank you for helping to make our dream come true. We have moved in and we love our new home. Even our pets seem to love it, the cats run around in a herd. You truly made dealing with the mortgage a personal experience, like we were the most important people you had to deal with. Again, thank you.”
Chris and Katrina Milton, VT
“Thank you so much for all your hard work and attention to us throughout our home buying experience. You put us at ease and have a great network of people. We'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy! Thank you!”

Our Latest Thinking

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