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About Heather Ducker

MEM top 1 Percent Loan originator Scotsman Guide Top originator 2022

Heather Ducker, Loan Originator for Homebridge in Eugene Oregon, tailors your financing to your own unique lifestyle and personal goals. A mortgage is not just a loan, but one of the most important financial decisions you can make. With 15 years of lending experience, Heather is passionate about helping people achieve the American Dream of Homeownership. With Heather, you can expect a genuine experience defined by honesty, integrity, and simplicity.

Heather has become an expert in the local industry and is currently president of the Oregon Mortgage Association Willamette Valley Chapter.  Whether you are financing your first home, refinancing, or purchasing an investment, you deserve a smooth, respectful and personal transaction. As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, Heather’s goal is to improve the economic situation of all of her clients.  She reviews each situation individually, looking at the entire financial portfolio with the mind on how to add long term wealth in her client’s portfolios. Best of all, she will go the extra mile to partner with you and share her knowledge by being open and transparent through your entire transaction, start to finish.


What Our Customers Say About Me

Samuel A. Jun-22
“Heather was amazing and knowledgeable through the entire process!!”
Fred P. Mar-22
“I am very happy, with Heather and team. They kept me informed throughout the whole process, I really appreciate the job they did for me.”
Lourie M. Feb-22
“Heather and her team were absolutely amazing! They were quick to respond to questions and needs and processed everything very well. They helped me understand whenever I was confused.”
Michelle C. Dec-21
“Heather Ducker is a dream to work with. Her understanding and ability to communicate in an effective manner is outstanding. She simplifies the information in a way that doesn't make you feel less but makes you feel empowered to make the best financial decision for yourself. I have used Heather in the past and will likely continue to do so in the future. Where I think the growth opportunities could be is with her team. They do not seem to have her same tact, or technical understanding. I believe they are newer to the group and so I am sure they will come along with Heathers assistance and training.”
Bailey S. Dec-21
“Heather and team were exceptional during a difficult time. Thank you!”
Misty V. Dec-21
“I'm very satisfied and would recommend Heather Ducker and Polly. They went above and beyond!”
Mara G. Dec-21
“Heather Ducker and her team were exceptional as always! This is my third time purchasing a home with her. She is always extremely thorough and goes over all options. She's very knowledgeable about her products and the process so there are never any surprises. They were very timely in completing everything and would have been able to close the loan early. They got creative with their financing options to find a product that worked for what I needed.”
Dorothy A. Dec-21
“Heather and her team exceeded expectations. The whole process went easier and faster than anticipated or promised. Heather is so personable and I will refer everyone to her! Everyone involved in the process was amazed at ease and quickness of the loan process.”
Caitlin M. Nov-21
“Heather and her team were absolutely incredible from start to finish. They are excellent communicators and very knowledgeable about the process and were able to clearly explain the refinancing process to me, someone not very knowledgeable about the process. We were very well taken care of and I would choose to work with Heather every time!”
Ian C. Sep-21
“She was very knowledgeable and professional.”
Tarah S. Sep-21
“Heather was a pleasure to work with. She was very detail oriented on the whole process and kept me up to date the whole way through. It was quick and easy, and very timely.”
Howard C. Aug-21
“We've worked with Heather on 2 mortgages now and she is always very supportive and knowledgeable about what is available to help us. I highly recommend her to any one who is looking to finance their home.”
Laura B. Aug-21
“Heather and her team are awesome. They were informative throughout the entire process and I will recommend them to friends and family in the future.”
Aram F. Jul-21
“I love working with Heather and her team, everything from beginning to end was smooth and easy, My income is unique and Heather and her team worked for me to allow me the refinance my house and get to closing fast and on schedule. Thank you”
Kelly J. Jul-21
“Highly professional, communicated well. Timely response and truly cared about me and my needs.”
Rosalynn S. Jul-21
“Heather was amazing, so kind and patient. She answered all of our questions in a way that we could understand. We really felt that she wanted the best for us and that we could trust her.”
Dorothy T. May-21
“She went out of her way to accommodate my limited access to submit everything online. Very friendly and understanding of my limited ability in the process.”
Richard C. May-21
“Thanks for everything your whole staff did a great job”
Arthur P. May-21
“Heather and her team did a great job, working in a challenging loan environment for self-employed individuals. Grateful for her and her team's efforts.”
Daniel M. Apr-21
“Heather helped me when I initially bought my home a few years ago, and again this time when I refinanced my home. Everything went very well and communication was great.”
Monique P. Apr-21
“Heather and her team went above and beyond to help us with our refinance needs! It's been an absolute pleasure working with them!!”
Christie N. Mar-21
“Heather Ducker is amazing. Enthusiastic, responsive, knowledgeable, and gets things done. I couldn't be happier.”
Tym P. Mar-21
“We absolutely loved working with Heather. She was above and beyond helpful and did everything she said she would, which is huge! We've been through this process before and in no way do they compare. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We are very satisfied and happy to start memories in Our new home!”
Rhoberta M. Mar-21
“Heathers Ducker and Harris were great-knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and personable, good with all communication and never made me feel like I was not smart enough to understand what was happening during the re-finance. Fees were higher than other places I reviewed however I got what I wanted and am satisfied. I was surprised my monthly payments were higher than originally stated and I wasn't told, but i would still highly recommend Heather and her Team!”
Arneton F. Feb-21
“Heather Ducker and her team are exceptional in the industry. I will recommend Heather and her team every time. Thank you!”
Jacob E. Feb-21
“Heather was so knowledgeable and always kept us in the loop. Weekly email check ins, and phone calls to see if we had questions or needed anything! She's absolutely wonderful. A true asset.”
Vonette A. Jan-21
“Heather and her team where very patient, informative and helpful. They supported me during some difficult times I had dealing with other sources to obtain information required. I appreciated their quick response to emails and phone calls. I felt like I was a valued client and all of my question where important and fully answered.”
Aldis W. Jan-21
“Heather Ducker was always very quick to respond to any questions I had. Her team was also very helpful. Heather Harris guided me through the initial steps, kept me on track, and was also easy to communicate with. Their "people skills" are great. Thanks so much.”
Shawn R. Dec-20
“Heather Ducker and the staff were fantastic. The use of online web tools for uploads was extremely helpful and easy to navigate. Best, S. Root”
Steven Y. Oct-20
“Heather Ducker and her team were very friendly and professional and walked me through the whole refinance process step by step. I would recommend Home bridge to anyone. Thank you.”
Lynette F. Oct-20
“This is our 2nd time using Homebridge and Heather. Heather is amazing in so many ways! She is kind, understanding, knowledgeable, helpful and is looking out for our best interest. We are grateful for her! Thank you Heather ??”
Ronald S. Oct-20
“I am always impressed with Heather and her teams ability to make sure we have everything organized and ready. They are super responsive to questions and needs. Their attention to detail is amazing and the care they use demonstrates the pride they have in helping people finance their homes.”
Brittany L. Oct-20
“I love Heather and the service she provides plus the knowledge she has and her go getter attitude. I will follow her wherever she is to always work with her!”
Michael T. Oct-20
“We really Appreciate all your hard work, We worked mainly with Heather Harris and she was Great a!! Thanks again”
Taileigh P. Sep-20
“When my family and I decided to buy a home we started asking around at conglomerate banks because we thought that was what we were supposed to do. We were treated terribly and thought that buying a home was going to be impossible. We reached out to Heather Ducker and the process was easy and informative. She made our dream of owning a home a reality and she did it in a way that felt like family. We appreciate Heather Ducker and her team for making us feel so important and loved. ”
Kathleyn T. Sep-20
“Heather Ducker is so kind and caring! She was so helpful at explaining the process of buying our house and years later refinancing our house. We highly recommend her.”
Mara G. Aug-20
“Heather is exceptional at knowing her products and educating her clients about the process and what to expect. Even in more difficult lending times currently with Covid the process was exceptionally smooth and I could not have been more satisfied with my lending experience.”
Matt C. Aug-20
“Heather Ducker took the time to answer questions even after hours when I was a bit stressed...she always made the time for me! Thank you Heather and your team!!!”
Stephen K. Jul-20
“Heather Ducker and the Heather Ducker Team were amazing! Always there when we need something or if we had a question. They were open to answering questions over the phone as well. I love the relationship we built with the homebridge team and company!”
Dina Y. Jul-20
“I just want to say that Heather Ducker did an AMAZING job for us. She was super knowledgeable about it all, very eager and helpful, and allowed me to ask every dumb question I could think of! She kept her cool when I was frustrated, and she was really great and helping me understand every part of the process! I have already recommended her to other friends and hope to keep getting her more and more clients because she's amazing and I want everyone to have the same great experience I did.”
Nicole E. Jul-20
“Heather Ducker was so thorough and made sure the whole process went as seamless as possible! She heard our goals and helped us accomplish them- heck ya we are in our home and the transaction went so well thanks to Heather's support and tireless work!”
Deborah H. Jul-20
“Heather was very helpful, friendly and helped make the process of buying my first home very easy!”
Marcelino C. Jul-20
“Thank you so much for taking such good care of us we really appreciate you and your team and heather Harris was and you were amazing”
Wade D. Jul-20
“Heather and her team were very responsive. We did a pre-qual in January to get me to the place I needed to be for a purchase in July. I cannot thank Heather and her team enough for the smooth loan process and attentiveness to my needs.”
Deborah H. Jul-20
“Heather was very helpful, friendly and helped make the process of buying my first home very easy!”
Marcelino C. Jul-20
“Thank you so much for taking such good care of us we really appreciate you and your team and heather Harris was and you were amazing”
Brenda M. Jun-20
“Heather Ducker is wonderful!”
Christie N. Jun-20
“Heather Ducker was amazing, helpful, resourceful, and all around amazing. I couldn't have had a better experience.”
Christie N. – June 2020
“Heather was fantastic. Very fast, knowledgeable and responsive. Made my loan happen faster than projected, and helped me the whole way through. I am so pleased!”
MARCO R. Apr-20
“Heather Ducker was a great help with our refinance loan!!! She went above what we were expecting from her. She update us every week on our loan process and answer every question I had. Me and my wife are happy with Heathers customer service!!! Thank you so much Heather!!!!”
“Thank you for all ur hard work to help me get into my very first time.. They were both very helpful, Heather Harris and and Heather ducker”
Todd F. Oct-19
“She was great”
Stephanie L. – Nov 2019
“Heather is phenomenal at what she does. Her personable approach and her ability to educate you on current options is by far the reason we love working with her. Not to mention the speed at which she can get things done is unreal! I tell anyone and everyone she’s the best to work with.”
Vuanita M. – Oct 2019
“It's been a pleasure working with you and the rest of the team. Both Heathers have been very helpful. I will tell people that I know that they can get a home financed,  to go to Homebridge. I am glad you got an award, you work hard and deserve it”
Monique P. Sep-19
“Heather Ducker was absolutely wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgable and works hard to make sure you have a clear understanding of things as well as her determination to complete steps on time. We were very grateful to have her on our side and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage loan :)”
Christina L. – Oct 2019
“Heather has helped me with 2 mortgage loans. Always professional and always takes the time to explain any questions I may have. I have and will continue to recommend my friends and family work with Heather.”
Emily - Sales
“Heather was such a delight to work with! We are first time home buyers and She walked us through the entire process with patience. She was very professional! Thank you, heather! ”
Barb Gonzales - Principal Broker/Owner
“I have been blessed to work with Heather on several transactions since 2013. There will never be enough words available to describe how fantastic Heather is at what she does. Her communication with every client is always in terms that are easily understood and they come away telling me how great she is. For the first time home buyer or veteran, She knows her stuff! ”
Cameron Kiser - Sales Executive
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather Ducker for just over 4 years now. Heather is a phenomenally hard worker-She works hard for clients, always going above and beyond. Heathers knowledge in her field is among the best, she will find the best options for her clients while ensuring a fun, smooth transaction. I would recommend Heather to my personal friends and family because I know she will treat them right! ”
Bailey Boss
“Heather was nothing but good to us! We worked together for quite awhile it felt like. When times got rough I absolutely did want to quit and give up. But Heather did not let us, she always reminded us of how close we were and how much of a good job we were doing to achieve our goal! I would recommend Heather to anyone not only because she worked her butt off for us but she genuinely cared for us also!”
Kyle hager - Customer
“Heather did an outstanding job both times I've worked with her!! She’s very friendly, supper efficient, and very professional! She’s very responsive and does an outstanding job of simplifying things. It's been an honor to work with her on two separate occasions. I highly recommend her! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating ”
Emily - Sales
“Heather was such a delight to work with! We are first time home buyers and She walked us through the entire process with patience. She was very professional! Thank you, heather! ”
Victoria Buchan - Real estate broker
“Heather has helped multiple clients of mine in navigating loan options to purchase homes. She has gone above and beyond to make difficult situations a manageable one and has yet to not get a client of mine financed. She's a fast, clear communicator and a wealth of information. Heather always offers her time to help me grow my knowledge to be a better agent for my clients.”
Caryn Roshto - Escrow Officer
“I have worked with Heather for quite some time in the industry. I have always been impressed by her knowledge in, not only the lending side of transactions, but also her knowledge in every aspect of the transactions we close. She is a fantastic communicator which is key to the many successful closings we have had together. Her clients are well informed from the very beginning and throughout the whole process. Heather is also a sincere, hard working person who cares about everyone and has a GREAT sense of humor. ”
Gina Dhom - Broker
“Heather is an outstanding lender! She excels at communication, providing as smooth a process as possible, treating each borrower as a unique person/situation, and finding the right product for each situation. I highly recommend Heather Ducker!”
Derrick Roser - Real Estate Broker
“Heather took care of my first time buyer exceptionally well. She walked them through the process and found resources for them that made their first home even more affordable than they thought it would be. ”
Debora Place
“Heather is amazing. She was and still is extremely helpful with our Heloc loan. Any questions we had were answered promptly. She is very personable and made us feel like we were her only client. I highly recommend her for your financial needs.”
Henry Luan - Assistant Professor
“Heather is so patient, helpful, and creative! It was such a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommend! ”
Melissa Takush
“Heather was wonderful from start to finish. She was honest about not being able to meet the offer of another lender, but then took the information to her supervisor to see if there was a way Homebridge could match the offer. There were a few logistical challenges to this loan due to a few holidays cutting into our deadlines, but she kept all the moving parts aligned for a super finish JUST under the wire! She's a great communicator, as well. Excellent service! ”
Gerrad Long - Happy Home Owner
“Heather was such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire mortgage process. Always quick to reply and so understanding when it came to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend using her services to anyone. Thank you so much!”
Dayle Smith - Laundry attendant
“Heather was very helpful throughout the entire process. She exhumes a lot of energy and positivity. We really enjoy working with her. Thank you so much for her patience and understanding when we stressed out. ”
Harrison Fechter - Harrison Fechter
“From beginning to end Heather was great to work with! As first home buyers she really made an effort to explain everything we needed and answer any questions we had. Even when we had some obvious questions she was always patient and understanding with us. I would recommend her without a doubt in my mind. And would definitely work with her again! ”
Lauren Neel - Marketing Manager
“Heather was absolutely instrumental and fantastic during the purchase of my first home. She was prompt with answering questions, and worked around the clock to make sure that I had everything I needed to get my loan. I really appreciate how knowledgeable she is with all things home loan related. I really learned a lot working with her! Thank you, Heather! You Rock!”
Paul E. Merrell - Retired
“As a retired lawyer, I truly appreciated Heather's professionalism, skills, and dedication in pushing through a VA-guaranteed loan for my first home purchase, right on schedule. (She has a nice smile too.) ”
Lourie Morgan - RN School Nurse
“Heather was diligent, thorough, and efficient. More importantly she was friendly and fabulous. I am very grateful for everything she did for me and happy to have it all go smoothly for my loan process. Thanks Heather you are wonderful!”
Anthony & Jodie St. Clair
“We recently worked with Heather on a home refinance. She was knowledgeable, professional, and also easy to work with and talk to.”
Nathaniel Feyma - Designer
“Heather was recommended to us by our realtor, and worked with us to get a good loan for our purchase. Her communication was top-notch, and we felt comfortable every step of the way. ”
Jessica Buma - Life Enrichment Coordinator
“Heather was great to work with! She was transparent with me about everything and maintained great communication throughout the whole process. She took time to explain everything to me and did so in a way that made sense! Which meant I felt comfortable and informed when making decisions--especially potentially costly ones. She made me feel like her top priority and was available for questions anytime! I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home!”
Aldis Weible - Senior Research Associate
“Heather helped the whole process move very smoothly. She was accessible, quick to respond to questions (email and phone), and able to explain things clearly. ”
Laryn McCandless
“I highly recommend Heather, she is consistently caring and will walk you through every step of the way!”
Maryanne Bussey - Assistant Property Manager
“I wouldn't have my house if it weren't for Heather. What a wonderful experience it was working with her. She was so professional and on top of every item, even keeping ahead of my real estate agent. From the first contact with Heather, and even up to today, 9 months later, she has always kept the lines of communication open. My escrow was a bit challenging when the first seller and seller's agent were so uncooperative. Heather helped me through cancelling the first escrow and opening the second. Everything fell into place and she was always ahead of the game with what we needed to get this escrow closed. She was even there when I signed my loan documents! I can't say enough about her. I will never use another another lender and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who has any type of mortgage need. Thank you, Heather. I will be forever grateful!”
Ali AAsum
“Heather is a great partner to have on your team! As fist-time home buyers, she kept us up-to-date throughout every step of the process and worked hard to get us the best rate available. Not only was she extremely professional and helpful, but she's a joy to work with. ”

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