About Greg Ersek

Greg Ersek is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Greg is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Greg’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Greg bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Narlito C. Jun-22
“Great to work with”
Ivan H. Nov-21
“The best of the BEST!!! Thanks again Greg Ersek and all your team, my second time working with him and the company and I recommend 100% all fast, grate communication and service. THANK YOU”
Jeannie D. Sep-21
“Thank you Greg for all of your help on getting my loan closed! I appreciate the ease and getting the loan closed within the time frame that was quoted. I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for a mortgage.”
Pamela P. Jul-21
“Thank you so much it was great working with you.”
Karen H. Feb-21
“Thanks, Greg!!! You and your team did a phenomenal job with all the loan paperwork and communication with me. I received an outstanding loan rate - one that we may never see again! Excellence!!”
Robert C. Jul-20
“Greg was awesome. He was prompt, courteous and friendly, and he knows his stuff!”
Robert C. Jul-20
“Greg was awesome. He was prompt, courteous and friendly, and he knows his stuff!”
“Greg you are the best, thank you for everything you did”
“Greg and everyone at Homebridge that was involved with our loan were all amazing and accommodating, especially during this very complicated, crazy and difficult time. We are so very grateful for all the assistance and attentiveness. THANK YOU.”
Carel V. Sep-19
“Greg was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process. He answered my questions and timely and made it a simple process throughout”
Joshua F. November 2018
“Everyone was courteous and handled everything in a professional manner.”
Depetry L. November 2018
“Loan went smooth, no problems.”
Sara B. November 2018
“Greg and his team really made the process easier.”
Corinne B. October 2018
“All the hard work they did to keep me on track.”
Courtni T. October 2018
“Greg was very responsive and friendly. He earned my trust and made the process very simple.”
Ivonne C. October 2018
“She was very helpful and extremely professional.”
Claudia C. June 2018
“Easy, fast and simple.”
Jeff R. March 2018
“Greg, Jacqueline and Brook were outstanding throughout the entire process.”
Maria P. March 2018
“The lender was always informative about everything needed from us.”
Vicky M. March 2018
“Good communication and ease of access.”
Angie G. February 2018
“Fast and efficient.”
Richard I. December 2017
“Attentive, present, knowledgeable, prompt. ”
Jessica F. December 2017
“Very knowledgeable.”
Scott Y. November 2017
“Very helpful.”
Scott S. November 2017
“So very helpful.”
Melette D. November 2017
“Very professional.”
Eduardo G. October 2017
“I applied to five different mortgage companies. HomeBridge surpassed in service, attention, professionalism and beyond. Greg was always available to answer questions. A great help in the whole process.”
Joshua W. October 2017
“Jackie was nothing short of phenomenal and made the process extremely easy.”
Bruce B. October 2017
“She did a lot and helped a lot”
David D. November 2016
“Greg and his staff were excellent to work with and very professional! Thank you!”
Jon R. September 2017
“Greg and his team were very hands on and they walked me through everything! They were all great to work with!”
Heather B. August 2017
“Greg and his team were very efficient and they responded quickly to all emails, etc. Thank you HomeBridge!”
Beverley P. August 2017
“Greg did a great job throughout this entire process! I am very happy with HomeBridge! Thanks!”
Mark H. August 2017
“Greg was prompt and helpful with this process! He made it easy!”
Gregory C. July 2017
“Greg and his team were very helpful and informative! They made the entire process as painless as possible! Everything was great, don't change a thing!”
Jacob B. July 2017
“Greg was very helpful and efficient! He always answered every question that we had promptly! Homebridge is very efficient and professional! ”
Max and Merywendy A. June 2017
“Greg and HomeBridge went above and beyond in assisting us! Thank you!”
Jawan N. June 2017
“It was a pleasure working with Greg! He always answered whenever I called or emailed when I needed something explained. Thank you!”
Cedrick M.
“Greg and his team were very helpful.  They were amazing to work with and I am so grateful for them!  I was able to retain this house relatively sooner than I expected to.  I think they are on top of their game!”
Lawrence M. June 2017
“HomeBridge did what they said they would do!  They were also very helpful with all of my questions.  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Steven O. June 2017
“Greg and his team were very polite, professional and friendly!”
Jamie C. May 2017
“Greg provided amazing communication and made the process easy!  I would definitely return to HomeBridge again for any future needs due to this positive experience!”
Johane C. May 2017
“Greg and his staff contacted me every step of the way!  They always kept me in the loop and had prompt responses to all questions!”
Christopher C. May 2017
“Greg provided constant and consistent communication throughout this process!  He was very helpful and informative!”
Don S. April 2017
“Greg and his team went above and beyond to close this loan!  They made the process easy!”
Evelyn P. March 2017
“Greg was extremely helpful and efficient throughout this entire process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Elena R. March 2017
“Greg and his team were always available to answer any questions and address any concerns that we had.  They were always ready to help! They always contacted us right away and were very efficient!  Thank you!”
Luz A. February 2017
“Greg and his team are truly the best!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Fernando and Melitza O. October 2016
“HomeBridge was great and Greg treated us very well!  Everyone was great to work with!  Thank you!”
Leslie J. October 2016
“Greg and his team were very thorough and they provided excellent customer service!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Jessica H. October 2016
“Greg and his staff were great to work with!  They would quickly respond to any questions or concerns that I had and were able to get everything that was needed for closing!  They were very professional, efficient and prompt!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dale W. September 2016
“Greg and his team were very friendly, informative and easy to contact!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joinette A. September 2016
“Greg and his team provided great help to us during the home purchase process!  All of the requirements that we needed were perfectly met during this experience!”
Marjorie D. August 2016
“Greg and his team were always available to help.  They were very informative and patient.  Don't change a thing HomeBridge, be there for your customer like you were there for me!  Thanks!”
Caroline T. August 2016
“Greg and his team were very helpful and informative!  They provided fast responses and a quick turnaround on the loan process.  I am very happy with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Diogenes F. July 2016
“Greg was very professional!  He provided very clear instructions and was very helpful and punctual!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Julio O. July 2016
“Greg was very professional and provided outstanding service!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to everyone and I will return for any future needs!”
Edward W. June 2016
“There was such professionalism with everyone involved in this process!  Because of my positive experience, I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Philippe P. May 2016
“Greg and his team were all very helpful, professional and transparent!  Great customer service was provided!”

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