About George Rosenfield

George Rosenfield is an experienced mortgage professional who’s been helping customers reach their homeownership goals since 1996. He’s done so by offering a diverse range of loan solutions to meet their unique home financing needs. Needs that include:

  • First-time home purchases
  • Second-home/investment purchases
  • Jumbo loan financing
  • Multi-unit purchases

George’s extensive product knowledge and keen understanding of mortgage regulations, together with his attention to detail, means that he can assist with any home finance situation. That includes helping investors purchase high-end properties or manage their real estate portfolios. George finds solutions that others miss and works hard to assist each customer in getting the funding they need.

When George isn’t working with customers, he’s spending time with his husband of 30 years, their twin daughters and their two dogs. He enjoys exercising, hosting family get-togethers, and volunteer work, having sat on the board of directors for the Human Rights Campaign for almost a decade. George loves serving his community and providing solutions to help his customers establish roots in their chosen neighborhoods.

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Eduardo G. May-22
“We had a great experience with George and Angie Hoover, they were always very helpful and responsive. it was nice to work with them!”
Jeremy B. May-22
“Thank you so much for an amazing process. George and his team were excellent.”
Eduardo G. May-22
“We had a great experience with George and Angie Hoover, they were always very helpful and responsive. it was nice to work with them!”
Leandro D. Feb-22
“George did an exceptional job guiding us thru this journey, always felt like he had all under control and very professional, that gave us confidence. Great job George. Thank you so much.”
Lisa L. Dec-21
“George was great to deal with. While very busy his processor, Angie Hoover, is God's gift. She was extremely thorough, joyful, helpful and got things done quickly. They are an amazing team! I will always refer business to Homebridge. Cheers, Bryan”
Patrick H. Oct-21
“George is an incredible mortgage partner. He moved quickly, was very respectful of my time and worked through the process very efficiently. I would recommend him time and time again, couldn't be happier…10 out of 10!”
Penna D. Sep-21
“Working with George and Angie put the FUN in Funding! Easy and clear communication, quick responses to questions, they are a pleasure to work with for sure!”
Anil S. Aug-21
“George made this process pain free. We were amazed at how quickly we were able to get approved and funded. George is a true professional and his many years of experience and knowledge are invaluable.”

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