About Fred Sisbarro

Fred is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. Fred is committed to providing each customer and referral partner with the highest level of service and professionalism. This is the reason so many of Fred’s clients come back to him time and again. Fred’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Fred bring your home ownership dreams to life!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Arastoo M. Aug-18
“The whole process had the least effort.”
Alexa B. Aug-18
“Very responsive to emails, good communication.”
Joseph G. May 2018
“The loan closed quickly and efficiently within thirty days.”
Gerald D. April 2018
“Everyone was so easy to work with. Every question was responded to in minutes.”
Michael S. April 2018
“They stayed in contact, very informative and answered all of my questions.”
Jami R. April 2018
“Fred was very helpful, caring and willing to assist. He made himself available to us seven days a week. Fred made the process simple.”
Elizabeth A. December 2017
“Friendly and accurate service. Very thorough!”
Rory J. November 2017
“Excellent service and organization.”
Rodolfo V. November 2017
“Fred Sisbarro was very professional, kind and always available for questions, service or support.”
Adrian S. October 2017
“Recommended by buying realtor and HomeBridge did an amazing job.”
Joy C. October 2017
“Great follow through, thorough, patient. Answered all questions. Friendly, great customer service!”
Tamara S. December 2016
“Fred and his entire team at HomeBridge were professional, friendly and prompt! They worked together well to efficiently handle our loan process! Thank you!”
Vincenzo B. September 2017
“Fred and his team were kind, helpful and they truly worked their hardest to make this happen! This was a very comfortable experience at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Giovanni F. August 2017
“Fred provided excellent service! He is very knowledgeable and confident to work with! ”
Eric and Miriam D. August 2017
“Fred was wonderful to work with! He was very responsive, proactive, knowledgeable, patient and helpful! ”
Martha M. July 2017
“Fred is extremely attentive, kind and easy to talk to! He is extremely good at what he does, there should be more Loan Originator's like him! No matter what time I would call he was willing to answer questions and had a pleasant personality! Thank you!”
Joshua and Jaclyn C. June 2017
“Fred provided us an amazing experience at HomeBridge! He was very nice and he worked well with us! He was great!”
Thomas and Andrea S. June 2017
“Fred was very helpful and he provided excellent service!”
Scott and Alison L. June 2017
“Fred and Janet went above and beyond to accommodate all of our questions and provide a quick closing! ”
Shakira R. June 2017
“Fred and his team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout this process!  Everything was professional and wonderful!  Thank you!”
Christopher S. December 2016
“Fred was very helpful and accommodating throughout this process!  Thank you!”
Kevin and Amy M. May 2017
“Fred was great!  He provided quick communication and polite responses!  This was an easy experience with no problems.  Thank you!”
Kerri P. April 2017
“Fred was always very accessible and helpful!  We had a very good experience with no complaints!  Thank you!”
Kristopher A. March 2017
“Fred and his staff were amazing and supportive throughout this entire process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael and Michelle P. March 2017
“Fred was amazing to work with!  We got everything we needed when we needed it!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Andrew O. and Oksana S. September 2016
“Fred has provided very timely, excellent service!  He is so dedicated to customer support!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!  Thanks!”
Joanna and Christopher S. September 2016
“Fred was very helpful and accessible!  He explained all documents, processes and next steps thoroughly and patiently!  He was so timely and attentive!  This transaction went so well that, we would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future if and when necessary!”
Gina M. September 2016
“Fred and his staff were very courteous, respectful and helpful!  The process was very smooth and easy!  I would gladly work with HomeBridge again in the future!”
Jonathan M. August 2016
“Fred was very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive!  The process was very easy and we were able to close in 30 days!”
Eduardo and Martha J. August 2016
“Fred and his team worked very professionally all the way through this process!  Every time that I needed their help or answers to my questions or concerns, they were there.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sarah and John T. August 2016
“Fred was very friendly, helpful and quick to respond!  We would like to work with Fred and HomeBridge again in the future!”
Evan and Cassandra K. August 2016
“Fred provided good guidance and timely processing!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!”
Mark and Anita G. July 2016
“Fred and his team were a pleasure to work with!  They provided wonderful, timely and patient service!  They were really responsive and on top of it!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Colin M. July 2016
“Fred and his team provided a smooth process and a overall solid performance!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sanford and Barbara C. June 2016
“Fred and his team provided an easy and pleasant transaction for us!  Because of our positive experience at HomeBridge, we will recommend to everyone!”
David and Candace D. February 2016
“Fred and his team were all extremely responsive and helpful, I had a great experience with HomeBridge and I highly recommend their services!”
Michael and Lorraine M.
“Fred was terrific to work with, he kept me well informed too.  Thanks!”
Justin V.
“Fred was awesome!”

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