About Donna Buckley

You must be looking for home financing. I do that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

JOSEPH R. Dec-20
“Dealing with Homebridge has been a very pleasant experience, we look forward to doing future business with Bernard and his team they have been beyond exceptional in all they did for me and my family!!!”
Douglas B. Dec-20
“Donna was very informative during the whole process. She was extremely responsive to my questions and made me feel at ease with her knowledge level and expertise during the whole process. Some of my questions may have been amateurish yet she addressed all of my concerns with respect and understanding. She made the whole process an enjoyable learning experience. I am grateful for her help and Homebridge Financial was a pleasure to do business with.”
Sayee V. Dec-20
“I want to thank my loan team who helped me tremedously and special kudos to Donna Holmes Buckley. She was the best.”
Asad R. Dec-20
“Hello, I mostly worked with Josette Alexander who was amazing to work with. She answered all of our questions and got us an amazing rate. She responded to questions and our fears sometimes midnight at night if she had to. Star player to have on your team. We will be contacting to refi in a couple of years.-Asad”

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