About Dianne Y. Ayala Steffey, MBA

Dianne Ayala Steffey has been in the mortgage business since 1996 serving the San Antonio market. She brings with her an incredible amount of expertise in the areas of mortgage lending, financial consulting, and strategic planning. With her background in financial consulting, she works to identify the best mortgage solution for her borrowers’ unique needs, always putting their needs FIRST. Dianne’s approach to business with emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction makes the mortgage process easy for everyone involved.   Dianne will guarantee that she will always do the best job for her borrowers. With that, you can always put your trust in her.

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Eric B. June 2018
“I have worked with Dianne in the past and will continue to use her wherever she is.”
Daniel V. June 2018
“All questions were answered in a timely manner. All was done in a sufficient amount of time.”
Sean W. June 2018
“Dianne Steffey is great! She is very detailed in explaining things and she keeps crazy, stupid late night hours like I do. Her team is very responsive.”
Rebecca M. May 2018
“Dianne is such an awesome broker! She is very awesome at what she is doing and is always telling us what's going on in our loan process.”
Edgar C. April 2018
“Dianne was great! I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.”
Kevin R. April 2018
“They helped with everything we needed as well as questions.”
Rodney A. April 2018
“Quick responses to questions.”
Douglas K. April 2018
“Dianne Steffey has been outstanding!”
Jorge G. April 2018
“Easy to work with. Friendly and dedicated!”
Thomas B. March 2018
“Excellent service!”
Andrew G. March 2018
“Solid, complete professionals.”
Gabriella A. March 2018
“They did an amazing job completing my loan on a short time frame.”
Jonah P. March 2018
“HomeBridge was very communicative and easy to work with.”
Joe E. March 2018
“Dianne was up front with anything we needed. She went above and beyond with everything and stayed late with us.”
Nancy A. March 2018
“Good service. They kept me in the loop on everything.”
Stacy M. March 2018
“Dianne has been extremely helpful throughout the process.”
Matthew Z. March 2018
“Very responsive.”
Renee A. March 2018
“They were awesome.”
Renee A. March 2018
“They were awesome.”
Ignacio L. December 2017
“Dianne was very informative and professional. We enjoy her outgoing and friendly personality.”
Kristofer T. December 2017
“Communication made the home loan process easy.”
Jesus R. December 2017
“We feel we were lucky to have someone that took the time to listen to us and work with us.”
Pablo R. December 2017
“Dianne was great, perfect, helping us and working nights with us. She made us feel like we mattered. ”
Robin A. November 2017
“Dianne is amazing. Totally on top of everything. Easy to reach, quick response. I will refer HomeBridge to all.”
Elena P. November 2017
“Dianne has been extremely helpful regarding the experience we had on the loan. I highly recommend her services for family and friends.”
Eli R. October 2017
“Thought I'd never get a home but it seems they did everything they could to make it possible. Thank you! ”
Maria M. October 2017
“Dianne is very knowledgeable and helped us into our house. ”
Devon R. October 2017
“Constant contact and very friendly. Super flexible and available at all hours of the day, any day of the week. ”
Rolando and Ramona G. December 2016
“Dianne was very professional and fast! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nora and Vicente L. August 2017
“Dianne was very responsive and she provided us a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Zacari G. August 2017
“Dianne was an amazing lender that was very committed to getting us into a house. She went above and beyond to get us what we wanted! Dianne knows what she's doing and gets the job done! I would definitely recommend her to family and friends! Dianne is awesome! I am a very happy client! Thank you!”
Ramon B. August 2017
“Dianne has worked with us well from day one to the last minute at closing! She was extraordinary and very patient working on our loan. We are forever grateful and very thankful! Everything was absolutely great and easy to do! Dianne walked us through each step of the way! Thank you!”
Amanda S. August 2017
“Dianne and her team were awesome to work with! They did everything very quickly and smoothly! Because of the prompt service and the quality of service, I would like to work with HomeBridge again in the future! ”
Jose and Petra G. November 2016
“We had worked with Dianne before and were very pleased! She was very helpful any time we needed her!”
Nora A. August 2017
“Dianne and her team were always very professional, patient and helpful throughout this process! Please remain as you are because, you have done an excellent job! Thank you!”
Patrick R. August 2017
“Dianne provided excellent customer service! ”
Aaron A. July 2017
“Dianne was very helpful at explaining every detail that I needed! She always answered or returned my calls on the same day and she looked into every way possible to find me the best deal! I would like to use HomeBridge again in the future because, I would not want to take a chance on another company when everything went so well for my first buy!”
Laura and Dominick W. July 2017
“Dianne provided great customer service! I love the service and the help that I received from her and her team! Thank you!”
Kateri M. July 2017
“Dianne was very helpful and courteous in this entire process! ”
Duke P. August 2017
“Dianne was always there for me and she answered any question I had day or night! She was very polite and I cannot say enough about how helpful her staff was also! The service was very quick and everyone was very helpful! Thank you!”
Lisa R. July 2017
“Dianne was very professional, readily available and friendly! I would use HomeBridge again because I feel like a relationship has been built!”
Jose H. June 2017
“Dianne is very knowledgeable of the entire mortgage process! She walked me through step by step and form by form! I would definitely work with HomeBridge again for any future needs because they gave me the opportunity to purchase my first home!”
Annjanette and Kenneth A. June 2017
“Dianne was very friendly and detailed!  She went above and beyond to make sure that we were informed on all options.  I am very confident in the work that HomeBridge provided!”
Carolina N. December 2016
“Initially we were working with another lending company who was not meeting our needs.  Dianne was able to get the job done and she made us feel confident throughout the process!  She answered all of our questions and was very timely!  Thank you!”
Luciano G. December 2016
“Dianne was very efficient and informative throughout this entire process!  Her response times were always exceptional!”
Christina R. December 2016
“Dianne was very helpful and attentive throughout this entire process!  I would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs and I will recommend them to others due to this positive experience!”
Laura S. April 2017
“Dianne walked me through this process and was extremely helpful!  The website was easy to use and documents were easy to sign!  Thank you!”
Daniel R. May 2017
“Dianne went above and beyond in helping us understand and get through the loan process!  Keep up the great work HomeBridge!”
Adriana B. April 2017
“Dianne provided responsive, excellent service!  She was diligent, dedicated, informative, patient and eager to solve any issues!   She went above and beyond all expectations!”
Michael S. April 2017
“Dianne was very friendly and easy to work with!  If I ever need to I would like to work with Dianne again in the future!  Everything was great!”
Paul and April R. April 2017
“Dianne helped make our home buying experience much easier!  She was friendly and got us where we needed to be!  If and when we need to do this again, we will seek out Dianne's help with our next loan!  We would recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Alvaro S. March 2017
“Dianne is so polite and professional!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!  Thank you!”
Xena D. March 2017
“Every time that I needed Dianne she was always available!  I loved the fact that everything up to the closing was digital!  Dianne was very organized and made every step quite simple! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Thomas A. February 2017
“We came into this thinking that we could not get a loan but, were gladly surprised to find out that we could!  Dianne made it happen and she made the entire process quick and easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Francisco O. February 2017
“Dianne and her team went above and beyond to help me purchase my first home!  The entire team is helpful and determined to do whatever it takes to help their clients!  They were great!”
Herlinda L. December 2016
“Dianne and her staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!”
Fedra C. December 2016
“Dianne was a tremendous help!  Her work ethic is truly unbelievable and I will make sure that I recommend her always to all of my friends and family!  I don't believe that there is anyone else as caring and efficient as Dianne!  Her professionalism was amazing!  She is the best at what she does!  HomeBridge and all of the staff there gave me the utmost assistance every step of the way!  I would not have closed on my dream home as promptly with any other mortgage lender.  HomeBridge gave me all the support and made this happen for me!  It could not have been done any better!  Thank you!”
Juan and Dolores G. February 2017
“Dianne made it happen!  From my experience working with Dianne, you can tell that she loves her job!  Keep up the hard work! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brooke S. and Julio A. February 2017
“Dianne has provided great service!  She was very knowledgeable about all of the requirements we needed to meet to achieve our goal!  She always answered any questions and was on top of everything!  She made this a very smooth process!  Keep up the excellent work!”
Alex I. February 2017
“Dianne is very hard working!  She went above and beyond the call of duty!  She was easy to work with and understood all of my needs!  She truly cared about getting the job done!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Catherine T. January 2017
“Dianne made this process seamless!  She was always available to answer questions and to help me through this process!”
Myesha and William B. January 2017
“Dianne is awesome!  She listened to all of my goals and concerns and knocked it out of the park!  She and her team were available to me for my many questions.  Dianne just really cared and she helped make my dream come true!  Dianne Steffey!  I love her!”
Vanessa G. November 2016
“Dianne was very thorough with explaining the process of home buying.  She was also available for any questions when needed!  No-nonsense and very informative to the buyer!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Elena R. October 2016
“Dianne was extremely helpful in organizing the loan documentation as needed.  She was very informative throughout the process.  I felt 100% sure and trusted my finances with her as a person and as a loan originator.  This is my second home purchase with Dianne and I will continue to use her services as long as she is willing to help!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sukania M. October 2016
“Dianne and her team were very attentive and professional!  They answered all questions and concerns and provided great customer service!  Keep on doing what your doing HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Steven and Patricia O. September 2016
“Dianne is awesome!  HomeBridge and Dianne were great to work with!  This was a wonderful experience!  Thank you!”
Juan A. September 2016
“Dianne was so nice and helpful throughout this process!  She is so professional and knowledgeable!  I thank her so much for all the help she provided me!”
Dohanmar M. September 2016
“I had many questions and Dianne was always available to me!”
Marcela R. August 2016
“Dianne made this such an easy process!  Everything was great!”
Mychal and Chelsea S. August 2016
“Dianne was extremely helpful and easy to work with!  She made this entire process smooth and easy!”
Joseph A. August 2016
“Dianne and her team were very helpful with my first time home buying experience!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
George J. August 2016
“Dianne was extremely helpful during this process.  She went above and beyond in keeping us informed of the progress and what was needed along the way!  We really liked the level of service that we received at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Cole and Roxana W. August 2016
“Dianne was amazing to work with!  She worked after hours, any time that we needed her, she was there!  It was obvious that she is very dedicated and hard working!”
Raymond C. August 2016
“Dianne was great to work with!  This was my second time working with her and she is always helpful!”
Vanessa T. July 2016
“Dianne was very friendly and informative throughout this process.  She made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed working with her the entire time!  She stayed on top of everything from the very beginning until the closing.  I was very impressed with her and I had a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Ruby P. July 2016
“Dianne was in constant contact with me from the day I did my application through the day of closing.  I delayed some things due to my time management but as soon as my part was done Dianne was back on top of getting my loan completed.  She was great throughout my loan experience and made it easy for me as a first time home buyer!  This was such a smooth process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Marissa A. September 2015
“Dianne was extremely easy to work with and was so helpful throughout this entire process!  She was amazing and made my first time home buying experience a pleasant one!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jacquelyn N. July 2016
“Finding great people to work with isn't always easy but, I was referred to a Residential Mortgage Loan Originator named Dianne Ayala Steffey with HomeBridge Financial Services.  She called my client immediately and answered every phone call and email promptly regardless of the time of day.  Despite the mountain of paperwork my client needed to deliver she was able to meet our 30 day deadline to close which really only gave her 21 days to do her part!  She made this transaction go smoothly and more importantly, she helped me make my wonderful clients Bob and Rosemary very happy!  Dianne is amazing at her profession and it is always refreshing to meet someone that is passionate about their work.  Cheers to you Dianne!  May there be many more clients that we get to help together!”
Alejandro H. July 2016
“Dianne did everything possible to get us approved!  She was relentless and committed to our best interest!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others and would like to return for any future needs!  Thanks!”
Kelly and Alejandro R. June 2016
“Dianne was always helpful and quick to answer any and all questions regarding our loan.  We will recommend HomeBridge to everyone and we would return for any future needs!”
Michelle and Robert T. September 2015
“Dianne and her team were very knowledgeable and prompt!  We had a very good experience at HomeBridge!  Everything was great!”
George R. June 2016
“Dianne was very quick and efficient!  She always kept me informed of the process!  I would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thanks!”
William and Evan C. June 2016
“Dianne and her team worked fast, smooth and easy!  Because of this positive experience, we will recommend HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
Magaly A. June 2016
“Dianne is very knowledgeable and is always a pleasure to work with!  The staff is great and knows what needs to get done to make a deal happen!  Thank you!”
Mike and Theresa M. October 2015
“Dianne is amazing!  Throughout this entire process, she worked non-stop and was the key factor to making our dream come true!  She is worth her weight in gold!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Louis C. October 2015
“Dianne and her team were great people to work with!  They were all very friendly and efficient!  Everything was perfect!”
Melissa P. May 2016
“Dianne walked me through this whole process!  She was always available and never gave up on me!  I will definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Richard and Claudia Z. October 2015
“Dianne and her team went above and beyond by thinking outside of the box!  They made us feel comfortable and confident in the process!  They really know how to take care of Veterans!  Great job HomeBridge!”
Monica G. November 2015
“Dianne was very professional and made this experience very easy for me.  I hope to work with her again in the future!”
Ronald B. May 2016
“Dianne is a great lender!  She did a wonderful job helping us secure our loan.  I will definitely recommend her to everyone and I will call HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Carl and Birgit T. November 2015
“Dianne and her team were very knowledgeable, helpful and flexible!”
Leigh F. November 2015
“Dianne and her team are professionals who pay close attention to details and always come through.  This is my second time working with Dianne and it was another wonderful experience!”
Erik and Mabel L. November 2015
“Dianne and the HomeBridge team explained this process very well.  She eased our stress during the process by being very helpful and always answering any questions that we had.  HomeBridge has made our dream to own a home in Texas possible.  Everything was great!  Thank you!”
Henry A. November 2015
“Dianne was very helpful and professional throughout this process.  She worked so hard to get us the best loan possible.  We would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Robert and Rosemary M. April 2016
“Dianne and her team were extremely helpful, they could be reached at any time and worked very efficiently!  Keep up the great work!”
Bob M. New Braunfels, Texas
“From the beginning, Dianne was a pleasure to work with. Any time that I had a question about the paperwork that I was completing or anything having to do with the completion of the loan process, she was available. She stayed on top of the every changing interest rates and provided with the necessary information for me to make my selection timely. Dianne stayed closely in touch with the underwriter to make sure that my loan process was completed by the deadline. Dianne has great communication skills and kept me informed of all required action items that needed to be completed to get my final approval before the closing date. I would definitely try to use Dianne again in my next loan process.”
Dora R. Pearsall, TX
“What a great way to start the New Year! Dianne Steffey is anyone's resolution to a New Home....Her passion, expertise, professionalism, and dedication in assisting her customer's dream become a reality is top-rated! We met with Dianne in December 2015 expressing interested in purchasing a second home and on January 20th Dianne delivered. We love our new home and our mortgage experience with Dianne made all the difference. We recommend Dianne's services to anyone looking forward to a flexible and knowledgeable mortgage lender. Dianne get's the job done right!
Jaime R. San Antonio, TX
“Dianne is helpful, knowledgeable, and always very responsive to your needs. As a REALTOR®, I have had several clients use her as their lender in the past, and every time she has gone above and beyond making transactions run almost seamlessly. In an industry that can be very demanding - she has been a breath of fresh air! She's good at what she does and always under promises and over delivers all while keeping all parties up to date and informed. Thank you!”
Robert and Rosemary M. April 2016
“Dianne was extremely helpful.  She completed all work promptly and efficiently and could be reached anytime!  She was very responsive and very detailed.  Keep up the great work!”
Brandon and Nyssa C. December 2015
“Dianne was very helpful,  she worked around the clock to help us!  We would use HomeBridge again for an future needs!”
James and Cynthia H. January 2016
“Dianne is a very helpful and beautiful person!  She helped us with everything we needed.  We have recommended HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Katie and Christopher M. January 2016
“Dianne was amazing!  The HomeBridge team was very efficient and the online system was easy to use!  Ya'll are great!”
Jose S. March 2016
“Dianne was very helpful, she explained everything we needed to do step by step.  She went above and beyond to get us into our first home!  Thanks!”
Arnold T.
“Dianne was always available to answer questions, she always resolved matters quickly.  This was our second loan with HomeBridge and we are very pleased!”
John K.
“Dianne provided excellent service,  all questions were answered promptly.  Interest rates are very good and this was such a smooth process!”
Antonio and Nadine C.
“Dianne provided outstanding customer service and had such a positive attitude! Thank you!”
Juan R.
“Dianne offered great help, guidance and communication!  Wonderful Customer service provided!”
Trisha J.
“Dianne was great to work with.  This was a very good experience overall!  Thanks!”
Celina L. Corpus Christi, Tx
“Dianne is a Godsend. She believed in us and actually treated us like people (not clients). Even though my husband and I are both educated and have good jobs, we were unable to secure a loan through anyone else because of our student loan debts and because I'm self employed. We went to several banks and credit unions, and no one would give us the time of day. Dianne talked to my husband and I for over an hour the first time we consulted with her on the phone. She was realistic, optimistic, and immediately told us what we needed to do. Most importantly, she said that she would help us and that we could make it work. Dianne worked tirelessly to make our loan work. She did everything she possibly could for us, coming up with fast solutions to road blocks we met upon the way. She was always on hand to answer phone calls, emails, and texts. Dianne's actions showed how much cared for us, for our family, and for our future. She came through and got us our beautiful home. We couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you, Dianne!”
Judy Big Lake, TX
“I can't express in words how much Dianne helped me on purchasing my first home. I had been denied by other lenders without even getting an explanation. My brother recommended Dianne to me and within less than a month, she was able to get me approved for my first home. Dianne is truly incredible and amazing person who can truly work miracles. She is the best and if she could help me I know she can help many others. I have a lot of faith and thanks to Dianne's hard work, I am a new home owner. Dianne is an amazing person who deserves the best for helping so many people obtain their goals on being homeowners.”
Cynthia S. Floresville, TX
“Words can't express my feelings for Mrs. Diane. She was for sure heaven-sent and she reassured us that building a home was possible for us. What took years of planning, Diane made possible in several months. Even when we started the process with her, I had my doubts. We had failed so many other times. She reassured us that approval was going to happen and not to doubt it. She is so positive and amazing at her job that nothing is impossible for her. I love her attitude and especially her faith. She is a blessing to our family. I will highly recommend Mrs. Diane to anyone in need of her service.”
Fred S. San Antonio, TX
“Dianne is an angel and a warrior! She was my saving grace, and she fought the battle with us when I thought I could go no further! She went through files of paperwork, contacted state offices from around the country to get paperwork that I didn't even know was attainable. When ever people said NO, she told me not to worry; Dianne and her employees were going to make it happen! The home buying process took me months with no success, but Dianne was able to get the purchase done in 2 weeks, period! Same paperwork I had submitted to other financial people, Dianne combed through and found what others had missed, which means they didn't even really look for it to begin with. Dianne cares, period! Others will promise you the sun and the stars, but Dianne just delivers! She is reachable from morning till noon, and will help you call and explain whatever it is you need to, to whomever you need to to make them understand what needs to be understood. She stands by your side, she guides you through the jungle, and she ushers you into your home from start to finish!”
Mindi S. San Antonio, TX
“You have probably heard the saying, "Get 'er done!" It's a term I use when you feel like something is NEVER going to get done and you need a little attitude, perseverance and determination to make it happen. Well people, Dianne Ayala Steffey will "Get 'er done!" I am a real estate agent in San Antonio, and one of my clients was just about to sign a termination on a contract when Dianne stepped in and said she could make it happen. That she did. She was the third lender to work with my clients who had been victims of a bad bankruptcy attorney who was no longer in practice. It was a challenging case to get them through underwriting, but she did it! They closed on their home less than two weeks later and are so happy to be homeowners again. Not only did Dianne get the contract to closing, she attended the closing on a Saturday and helped explain the financing portion to my clients. She goes above and beyond and better yet, she has a great personality, to work with your clients. I highly recommend Dianne to all my clients and am glad I had the opportunity to see her at work.”
Paula U. San Antonio, TX
“A buyer went to two local mortgage companies and they they both over looked extremely important documents. A third party convinced the buyer to take their file to Dianne. She reviewed all the information that had been twice overlooked previously. Dianne goes the extra mile, and because of those efforts, there is another young family has realized American dream of home ownership. I have known Dianne for several years; she is the person you want on your team. She treats her clients like she herself would like to be treated.”
Juan and Marisol G. Sonora, Texas
“There are not enough words to praise Dianne! When my husband and I decided to purchase an older home that had previously been denied for an FHA loan, Dianne found a way to make it happen! I remember her reassuring me by saying, "we are going to get this closed as a FHA loan. Don't give up." She held true to her word, and we will be forever grateful for that. Throughout the entire purchasing process, Dianne was there at ALL hours of the day, answering questions, sending and receiving information via email or phone calls. She was very easy to talk to, very reassuring, and extremely accessible. There was never a time that I felt neglected, or unimportant. She treated us as though we were her only client. If we ever find the need to purchase another house in the future, I know exactly who to go to. She has earned our business for life, and we consider her help and advice throughout the process a major blessing to our family and its future.”
Matthew A. Live Oak, Texas
“What Dianne has done for me and my family to purchase my house was way above what is expected. Her office made this purchase extremely smooth, and hassle-free, compared to my friends who have purchased a house through other companies. Any issue we had, no matter how big or small, was dealt with immediately, with an answer on any issue on the same day. We gave Dianne a closing date which was sooner than what it usually takes, and it was all completed before that date! Also, Dianne's hard-charging and caring attitude for her customers really makes you feel like she is taking care of you like you're family. She was extremely patient and even made sure we were comfortable with everything going on in the process. Dianne, in my opinion, is a subject matter expert in her field, which is rare when it comes to such a complicated process. Dianne, thank you so much, my family and I are very grateful for all you have done.”
Elizabeth A. San Antonio, Texas
“Dianne made what I thought was the impossible happen. Not only did she help me achieve my dream of home ownership on my own, she also gave me the confidence in knowing I can accomplish great things in life. The loan process was quick and painless; she guided me through every step of the way and made the experience painless. I consider Dianne a part of my family, and I miss the daily communications with her. There are no words to express what she has done for me; she is down-to-earth and that's one of her many great qualities. Thank you so much Dianne.”
Melody K. San Antonio, TX
“When my house sold in 72 hours and I had yet to begin looking for a new home, I turned to my trusted Realtor, who put me in touch with Dianne. I found my new home first day out and met with Dianne the very same day. What could have easily been a very difficult process due to credit issues from my divorce, was actually very comfortable with Dianne. None of the information I provided (or could not provide), nor obstacles we came upon, daunted her tenacity. She moved mountains for me, making certain all of my decisions were well-informed, and she made any and all options known up front. Everyone in her office was wonderful and professional at all times. I will always be ready with a testimony of her value to me and my home buying process. She is remarkable! Thank you, Dianne!”
Monica R. San Antonio, TX
“Dianne Steffey is a person I consider to be an Angel sent straight from Heaven. She was awesome in helping me and my family get into our new forever home. What at first seemed impossible, Dianne got it done! Dianne was very professional throughout the entire process and kept me informed every step of the way. Even when the title company was giving us headaches, Dianne kept pushing for us. I can honestly say Dianne Steffey is a person that I will never forget and will forever be grateful to! I would definitely recommend her to any person or family looking to get into their next home!”
Annette M. Schertz, Texas
“In February of 2014, a friend who had moved to Germany in 2010, decided to sell her house in Schertz, TX. We quickly agreed on the price and terms, but I had never bought a house using a FHA or conventional loan. I approached a Realtor friend of mine who recommended Dianne to me. Neither my husband nor I had high hopes to even qualify for the loan due to credit issues. After first meeting with Dianne, it all changed. All of a sudden, our dream of owning our own home was reachable. Dianne explained to us exactly what to do. To say it wasn't an easy road would be an understatement. We ran into all sorts of bumps, including the fact that the seller was out of the country. If it wouldn't have been for Dianne, with her passion and knowledge, we would have given up. She stayed in daily contact, gave us updates, explained the details and cheered us on. Her in-depth knowledge and attention to detail is amazing. Her "we will get this done" attitude kept us going. In May, we finally moved into our home. Words can not express our gratitude. Even my three year old will tell anybody visiting, this is his house. Dianne also got us a great interest rate, and our closing costs were less than expected. We could not have done this without her. I will continue to recommend her to anybody in need of a loan.”
Dawn T. San Antonio, Texas
“My husband and I were living in North Dakota when he received a transfer opportunity with his company. Having never been to the San Antonio area, I started reading reviews and found Dianne Ayala Steffey. I contacted Dianne and knew from that initial contact that she was trustworthy, knowledgeable and going to work for us! Dianne was very thorough throughout the entire mortgage process. While closing the loan was a somewhat lengthy process which was no fault of Dianne's, we closed on our home and couldn't be happier! Dianne was diligent in finding the very best terms for our loan, worked in the evenings from home, and was constantly in contact, keeping us up-to-date as the loan was going through underwriting. My husband and I both enjoyed working with Dianne and would not hesitate to work with her again! Thanks Dianne, you were fantastic!”
Diana S. San Antonio, Texas
“Dianne Steffey is the best of the best out there! She is the most honest, sincere professional that I have met. Her knowledge and experience in both financial and mortgage services are unbelievable!! She knows her business and does it with pride. She really cares about her clients and that is very rare these days. Her office staff is always professional. We just refinanced our home and she helped us every step of the way. She always kept us informed of everything, each and every day. Applying for a new mortgage or refinance is a scary, uncertain daunting task, but her professionalism and commitment to us kept us confident, no matter what came our way. Her attention to detail is immaculate! No matter how many times we called her or emailed her with our questions, she never made us feel like we were bothering her. She is the nicest, most respectful person in the mortgage industry. I will definitely recommend her to everyone I know. She is truly a blessing that was sent to us and we will forever be indebted to her for everything she did for us. We are so lucky to have found her by chance or should I say, a miracle based on one phone call.”
Virginia A. San Antonio, Texas
“Tony and I appreciate everything you've done for us. You and your staff conducted yourselves in a professional manner, providing us with an up-to-date status of our refinance via email and cell phone. As you know, we tried with our out-of-town lender and had no luck with them. In conclusion, you and Sean made sure that everything was in order before and after our closing. We highly recommend you and your staff and hope to do business with you in the near future.”
Elizabeth M.
“Before I was introduced to Dianne, I had gone through 4 lenders; yes 4. My first impression of her was WOW; she was straightforward and had no time to waste. Looking back now, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dianne knows her business and all the in and outs of the lending world, and if she tells you she can do it, then believe me she will. She won't quit on you and works in a timely manner. Most of all she gives you that one-on-one attention that you deserve. We have been in our home for about two weeks know and couldn't be happier. I would recommend Dianne and HomeBridge to all because they get the job done. So thank you Dianne and Sean for helping me achieve my dream.”
Elizabeth M. LaCoste, TX
“After going through 4 lenders and months of frustration, I was referred to Dianne by a friend, and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. Dianne knows the in and outs of the lending business and is very adamant when it comes to getting the job done. I am so grateful for her and her expertise and would recommend Dianne to all. I am in my home now and am enjoying every day so thank you, Dianne, for making it possible.”
J. Smith San Antonio, TX
“I was referred to Dianne by my Realtor. It was the greatest decision I've ever made when it came to buying our home. She was very patient and understanding about my situation. And to be honest, she was straightforward with what I needed to do to improve the situation. We did it, and now we are in a home we love, all thanks to Ms. Dianne Steffey and her willingness to work with her clients. Thank you. I will be referring her to all my friends and family.”
Pedro C. San Antonio, TX
“I found Dianne on the internet, and she was the only one that took interest in helping me purchase a home. I was very concerned about buying a house - with my credit and all - but Dianne assure me that she could help me and not to worry. Three months later, I'm happy to say I am a proud owner of a house. I believe if it weren't for Ms. Steffey's help, I wouldn't have a home. I recommend Dianne to anybody that is looking for a home - thank you.”
Dale B. San Antonio, TX
“We had been looking at numerous properties for a good long while. Each new, exciting find would have its own challenges. After a number of heartbreaking failures, and discovering some questionable issues with my credit, we were struggling to get things to work. Three Realtors, and four loan officers later, we found Dianne. Not only was she reliable, personable, passionate, and knowledgeable, she was a bulldog on our account! To say she had some clever and slick tricks to fix our problems is an understatement. Dianne didn't quit until we had our dream home, a beautiful 1925 home, which we now in the process of restoring! Ready to win, up on new ways to communicate, down with DropBox and other useful tools, and energetic for your cause! Dianne is who I will be referring ALL my network to!”
Michelle G. San Antonio, TX
“After fumbling around with other potential lenders and feeling frustrated with their lack of good customer service, we found Dianne. From the time we started working with her, we realized how savvy she was and felt like we could trust her to lead us in the right direction. Buying a home is a big move, and we wanted to make good decisions. We know that the decisions we made during this process could impact us for a long time. Having someone in our corner made all the difference and boosted our confidence to move forward. We will readily refer our friends to Dianne for their lending needs.”
Brant M. San Antonio, TX
“The most valuable lesson that I learned in my home buying experience is that everyone assisting you has to be genuinely interested in what is best for you. It needs to be understood that it is a big purchase, responsibility, and commitment that you must be satisfied with for the next 30 years of your life. I received that type of concern from Dianne and her team, and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Help yourself and make sure that she is a part of your home buying experience as well. Sincerely!”
Bev A. San Antonio, TX
“I began working with Dianne in 2012 to qualify for a newly built home. She literally bent over backwards to approve me based on my credit score from a divorce. She worked for several months, helping me clean up old credit and apply for new credit to re-build my overall score. Once approved, Dianne was very aggressive in seeking the very best interest rate with the best mortgage company. From start to finish, it worked simultaneously while our home was being built. So, in 6 months we were scheduled for closing. I was set with a 30-year, FHA fixed rate of 3.875%, with less than anticipated closing costs/down payment. Dianne got my monthly payments down to less than expected. I cannot express the gratitude that I have for Dianne in helping me purchase our new home. I would highly recommend her for her experience and knowledge to diligently work for the best possible provisions for the client. I anticipate this time next year to refer my first daughter to Dianne for her services. Thank you!”

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