About Diana Bachler

Having been in the mortgage business since 2004, Diana Bachler works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Diana knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Diana brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Diana’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Graciela S. Sep-19
“She's amazing person! Amazing customer service!”
Behexhet L. December 2018
“Excellent job!”
Graciela S. November 2018
“Diana has been very helpful through our process. We can't thank her enough. Great person to work with!”
Alicia B. October 2018
“Diana is amazing! She always was there to answer any questions I had. I always felt very comfortable and trusted her.”
Barbara B. October 2018
“Diana is probably the most knowledgeable, most thorough, most dedicated person I have ever worked with.”
Dominique H. October 2018
“Quick, easy, transparent. Accommodating. Diana was amazing every step of the way!”
Victoria A. Aug-18
“Because Diana is really great! I am very pleased with my experience!”
Sara M. Aug-18
“Everyone was super attentive and helpful.”
Victoria A. Aug-18
“Because Diana is really great! I am very pleased with my experience!”
Sara M. Aug-18
“Everyone was super attentive and helpful.”
Victoria A. August 2018
“Because Diana is really great! I am very pleased with my experience!”
Sara M. August 2018
“Everyone was super attentive and helpful.”
Victoria A. August 2018
“Because Diana is really great! I am very pleased with my experience!”
Sara M. August 2018
“Everyone was super attentive and helpful.”
Shena S. June 2018
“They were helpful, answered all my questions. My lender Diana was understanding, listened to everything I asked and helped me in every way. She said I would have my first home and it happened. She was wonderful to work with and I would recommend this company and Diana. I have already 2 times.”
Max P. May 2018
“Prompt, professional and personal service.”
Dawn B. March 2018
“Diana received the loan in mid-stream and did a great job taking over.”
Randall L. November 2017
“Diana was always totally up to date or ahead of everything we needed. She was awesome to work with!”
Terri A. October 2017
“Diana Bachler went above and beyond.”
Rosa B. October 2017
“Diana was amazing!”
Adam and Shannon W. November 2016
“Diana and her team are knowledgeable, friendly and courteous!”
Brett and Kelly P. September 2017
“This process was very smooth and stress free! I have recommended HomeBridge to others before and had very good feedback!”
Dannette W. December 2016
“The process went smoothly! The timing was streamlined to help meet my desired closing date. Everyone was so friendly and helpful!”
Andrew C. August 2017
“Diana was great to work with! She got things taken care of very quickly and she is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the loan process! I thought it would be difficult to get the funding we needed, but Diana was able to get our income verified and our loan approved! Thank you very much!”
Amy K. July 2017
“Diana and her team were extremely helpful! They gave me advice on how to qualify and they walked me through the process and made it easy to understand! Diana was just amazing overall! They did everything that was expected without any headaches!”
Logan and Nicole M. June 2017
“Diana provided absolutely excellent service!  End of story!”
Victoria M. December 2016
“Diana was extremely helpful and she answered all of my questions. I felt extremely comfortable working with her!  Thank you!”
Bright and Susan M. January 2017
“Diana was awesome to work with!  She was very helpful and always there to answer questions!  I would use HomeBridge again because they worked so hard for us to get our loan!”
Sandra G. May 2017
“Diana and her team maintained a professional and patient attitude throughout this entire process!  I would like to use HomeBridge again when needed due to this positive experience!”
Kevin and Carla T. April 2017
“We had awesome communication with Diana Bachler throughout this entire process!  We highly recommend her to anyone!  She was very responsive and willing to go the extra mile to set our minds at ease and to make sure things got done in a timely fashion!”
Eric and Keli M. April 2017
“Diana was amazing!  She made this process super easy and efficient!  Thank you so much!  ”
Hans and Angela M. April 2017
“Diana provided fast response times to all of my emails and was very friendly!  She provided great service!  Thank you!”
Christopher V. April 2017
“Diana and her staff were very friendly, professional and easy to work with!  This has been a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Ashley C. December 2016
“Diana and her staff were very friendly and informative!  They provided good communication and were always willing to help!”
Austin L. February 2017
“Diana was very helpful and friendly!  She helped us understand the process and answered all of our questions!”
Clint and Mindy L. October 2016
“Diana was very responsive and informative throughout this process!  Everything was fine!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sonya A. September 2016
“Diana was very friendly and helpful!  She was easy to contact any time I had a question or concern!  She kept things moving along when I was away from home.  Thank you!”
Jerry and Beverly D. August 2016
“Diana and her team were very friendly and helpful!  They were extremely professional and provided excellent service!  We are so pleased with HomeBridge!”
James and Angela H. August 2016
“Diana and her team were highly communicative, flexible and provided unwavering support!  This experience has been no less than excellent!  Diana is fabulous and is an asset to HomeBridge!”
Brian A. August 2016
“Diana Bachler is the best!  She did an awesome job!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and I will return again for any future needs!”
David and Laura O. June 2016
“Diana and her team were so thorough, informative and helpful throughout this process!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Robert G. May 2016
“Diana provided great communication throughout this entire process.  She was very informative, trustworthy and efficient!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joseph and Toni F. November 2015
“Diana really went above and beyond to make this transaction as easy as possible.  She is truly a professional and is wonderful at what she does!”
Mark and Elena F. April 2016
“Diana was so easy to work with, nice, professional and a pleasure to do business with!  Thank you!”
Stephanie S. January 2016
“Diana is the best!  I received awesome service from the HomeBridge team!  Thanks!”
Cynthia and Core B. April 2016
“We have bought many homes and have never had the wonderful experience we received with HomeBridge.   I cannot think of anything that could have been done better.  We would have full confidence in using HomeBridge again for future needs!”
Michael and Dawn D. April 2016
“Diana was awesome!  She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Whenever we had any questions, she had the answers.  We would absolutely recommend Diana and HomeBridge to everyone!”
Colleen T. March 2016
“Diana was fabulous!  She walked me through the process from start to finish, holding my hand along the way.  She was very professional yet personable.  Her knowledge and advice was excellent!”
Douglas and Laurie O.
“Diana provided all information accurately and timely, she always displayed great care in handling our loan.”

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