About David Orr

David Orr is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, David is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. David’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let David bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Christopher E. May-22
“David did an excellent job helping me to understand the process and coaching me along the way”
James E. Apr-22
“David Orr was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and proactive throughout the loan process. I would definitely recommend him and Homebridge to friends and family!”
Justin V. Apr-22
“We want to thank everyone so much for all of there hard work and great communication thru this whole process. You guys are all awesome.”
Sherrill R. Mar-22
“David was wonderful to work with. He provided excellent explanations and was very patient with me and my specific financial challenges. I know that he is the main reason that I now have a new home!”
Patricia N. Mar-22
“I cannot say enough about the expertise, professionalism, attention to detail and commitment David Orr exhibited throughout the entire loan process. David ensured his communications with me were timely, helpful and of great assistance. David even completed necessary communications on weekends and during his travels. David made the process not only successful but painless! As a Homebridge mortgage customer I couldn't ask for more than that! Thank you.”
Daniel B. Feb-22
“Very helpful. Good guy.”
Mary L. Dec-21
“While the process was complicated dt issues with the seller, David and his team worked very hard and diligently to make this process as fluid as possible. I am very grateful for all the hard work and communication.”
Mahananda P. Oct-21
“Good response,excellent and great service”
Mark W. Sep-21
“David Orr was always very responsive to my emails and calls to answer any questions that I had. He was a very calming person that made me at ease during the whole process of getting my mortgage application approved. He has very good communication skills.”
Edward R. Aug-21
“David was great with communicating throughout the whole process, he helped me to complete all that was needed and to closing right on time!”
Rhonda L. Aug-21
“David Orr provided excellent customer service. He was very responsive to our needs and replied to our questions promptly, even outside of business hours.”
Carolyn H. Jul-21
“David was incredibly thorough and diligent as we went through the home buying process. He reached out regularly to make sure I understood what was needed, where we were in the process and where we were headed. Very friendly and helpful!”
Penny H. May-21
“David Orr was great to work with, always answered my questions, but I never got to meet him in person. I was informed of everything every step of the way, everyone helped me during the process”
Angela F. Apr-21
“David Orr was incredibly responsive during this process. He regularly reached out to me to ask if I had questions rather than waiting for me to call. I greatly appreciated his availability and willingness to explain details, as well as his calm demeanor.”
Garret R. Mar-21
“David Orr, is an excellent resource and very kind person. You are blessed to have him. It was my pleasure to work with him.”
Andrey C. Mar-21
“It was a great experience, my wife and I really enjoyed working with David and his team. Thank you guys for pleasant experience!”
Alana M. Feb-21
“David Orr was professional and always available regarding our loan process and closing. Will refer others to use David and Homebridge as their mortgage lender.”
Kyle S. Feb-21
“David was great! He was able to complete the loan process accurately and in record time! His attention to detail saved us over $1,000”
Ryan E. Feb-21
“David was great in communicating through every step of the process. He answered every question we had in a timely manner and made us feel very comfortable during the mortgage journey! David is extremely knowledgeable in his field and we will definitely recommend him and HomeBridge in the future!”
Almus J. Jan-21
“Excellent service, easy explanation of the process, and helped us along the entire process.”
Anna H. Jan-21
“David was fantastic. Always available whenever we had questions and always willing to talk on the phone, not just a quick email. Even answered questions that weren't relative to the mortgage. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.”
Adam F. Jan-21
“David Orr was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made the entire process very easy to understand and thoroughly explained any questions I had. It's unfortunate I never actually got to meet him in person, he deserves a hand shake! Thanks again David and Homebridge!”
Antonio O. Dec-20
“I was very pleased and satisfied how we were treated though the whole process of our refinance on our house.David Orr was spot on with everything weather calling or via email.Thanks again!!!”
James W. Dec-20
“Mr. Orr was extremely attentive and helpful during the entire process, he made me feel as though I was his only client, and always made time to speak with me. He was very personable and professional from start to finish.”
Yuriy G. Dec-20
“David Orr and his team exceeded my expectations, were very knowledgeable, and made my experience great. Thank You all”
Deborah B. Dec-20
“David was professional, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. I am a 70-year-old woman buying a home on my own for the first time. He made the process painless. I will highly recommend David and Home bridge to others.”
Sonam S. Dec-20
“David Orr was absolutely amazing. Both my fiancee and I were first time home buyers and David made the process seamless. David really made himself available to us at all times, and truly was an advocate for our best interests. I could not recommend David highly enough and look forward to working with him in the future.”
Alexander F. Nov-20
“Excellent job done by David Orr. He was clear and concise about the process and explained everything we needed to know. Worked through the loan process in a timely manner, and solved any issues we had during the application process. Also, he just seems like an overall nice guy. Greatly appreciated his service.”
Caitlin R. Nov-20
“I had a great experience with Homebridge and David Orr. David was very professional and I felt comfortable calling him with any questions I had. The whole process was extremely smooth and I would recommend Homebridge to anyone.”
Jonathan L. Sep-20
“David Orr was excellent to work with. He explained each step of the process to us and was very expedient in giving us updates and answering any questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
Guy A. Sep-20
“David are friends and throughout the process he was super professional and kept personal affairs separate from business. I think this may be my 4th mortgage with David”
Sergey M. Aug-20
“Thank you very much David Orr and everyone else who helped me with my loan, you guys are the best”
Troy H. Aug-20
“The overall process was rather easy. David Orr was on top of any questions I had and was eager to make sure everything was smooth. He was always available and responded quickly. The e-signing made the entire process very easy because I could take care of things after work at home instead of rushing to an office.”
William M. Aug-20
“Davis was a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and communication was timely and diligent. I have already recommended David to friends and will continue to do so in the future.”
Keith P. Aug-20
“David was great to work with. He made the process easy, was very responsive and explained everything in detail. Would highly recommend David in the future.”
Scott H. Jul-20
“Dave was fabulous!! Upfront, direct and alway provided us with the next steps to accomplish our goal of homeownership! Highly recommend Dave for anyone buying a home or refinancing!!”
John O. Jul-20
“David Orr was amazing to work with. He was always available to answer any questions that we had and was always making us aware of what to expect next. It seemed like he genuinely cared about our mortgage outcome. We would highly recommend David Orr to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage!”
Ram S. Jul-20
“Hey- David you're a very interesting and great person of mine. You helped me a lot..I would be working you again near future. Trisha, Abby and Stacy are very wonderful to me.Thanks and keep in touch”
John O. Jul-20
“David Orr was amazing to work with. He was always available to answer any questions that we had and was always making us aware of what to expect next. It seemed like he genuinely cared about our mortgage outcome. We would highly recommend David Orr to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage!”
Lisa A. Jun-20
“I greatly appreciated all the service that I got from David. At times I think he may have felt like he was doing some personal crisis management counseling because of how stressful the process can be and the fact that we didn't have a "clear to close" till 2 days before scheduled settlement. He was quite patient with all my questions and readily available. My experience with Homebridge is really with David and I would highly recommend him.”
Michael C. Jun-20
“David Orr did a fantastic job. Made the process very simple. Thank you!”
STEVEN B. Jan-20
“David was very informative and responsive with the entire loan processing experience!!!”
“David Orr really went to bat for me. He knew my refinancing was a difficult and emotional experience and was with me every step of the way. He truly cared about the outcome and went above and beyond to make my experience as painless as possible under the circumstances. I heard from him every day with "next steps" guidance. There were no promises made, but he assured me he'd give it his all. And he did. My sincere thanks to David Orr and to Trisha and others at Homebridge.”
Marjorie K. April-19
“David Orr was extremely helpful through the whole process. He was prompt to answer all of my many questions. He was thorough in his explanations and supportive throughout the home buying process. There were many ups and downs in finding a home, but he cheered me on the whole way through closing. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home.”
Christine N. December 2018
“Good services.”
Devin G. December 2018
“The experience was great, we were always in the loop and felt good about the whole process.”
Theodore P. November 2018
“David and his team were phenomenal! Explained everything and was there every step of the way!”
Alyssa R. October 2018
“David seemed to really care about being clear and concise throughout the process.”
Bikram D. October 2018
“Very helpful going through the whole process.”
Aaron H. September 2018
“David was almost always available to take my calls and questions, built great rapport and trust. In my opinion, they went above and beyond.”
Maria L. Aug-18
“David was extremely helpful in the process and the loan on my new home. Very patient and informative.”
Maria L. Aug-18
“David was extremely helpful in the process and the loan on my new home. Very patient and informative.”
Maria L. August 2018
“David was extremely helpful in the process and the loan on my new home. Very patient and informative.”
Maria L. August 2018
“David was extremely helpful in the process and the loan on my new home. Very patient and informative.”
Brian R. June 2018
“Professional and timely.”
Jordan B. May 2018
“They were very thorough, kind and kept in good touch.”
Steven B. May 2018
“David Orr is the best! He handled a difficult loan with his best effort and made us feel comfortable during the entire process.”
Kyle R. April 2018
“Excellent company who works well with clients.”
Thomas R. April 2018
“Well organized and professional.”
Timothy L. March 2018
“David and his team were very helpful and took care of the details quickly.”
Ryan W. March 2018
“Smooth and quick process. Quick response to questions.”
James K. December 2017
“David and Loan Processor Trisha Torres have been extremely helpful.”
Kenzie M. November 2017
“Very nice and easy to deal with. Sometimes I forgot I was buying a house.”
Ruvim A. November 2017
“Very easy to work with, great communication.”
Jeffrey D. October 2017
“David and Loan Processor Trisha Torres were both very helpful with any questions we had.”
Robert B. October 2017
“Great communication. Helped explain the process.”
Kevin P. October 2017
“David has been incredibly helpful from our initial mortgage as first-time homebuyers all the way to our loan refinance. He has been attentive, responsive and truly seems to care that we understand our mortgage.”
Kirill R. October 2017
“Easily accessible and explained everything well.”
Christina D. October 2017
“Always responsive, very useful advice. Helped with complexity.”
Brantley and Kaitlin L. September 2017
“Dave provided open communication and quick service! Dave is great! We will never go anywhere else! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Julio A. August 2017
“David Orr made me feel welcome from day one! He covered everything , explained everything and left no question unanswered! I would like to return to HomeBridge again in the future because, I know they will give me the best service! Top of the line service was provided!”
Damian P. July 2017
“David Orr was very helpful and a pleasure to work with! He also provided answers to all of my questions!”
Thomas and Stephanie O. August 2017
“David was very personable and easy to reach! He was also thorough in explaining the mortgage process!”
Michael and Ashley H. July 2017
“David was great to work with and he provided a wonderful experience at HomeBridge!”
Michael and Aimee D. July 2017
“David was awesome to work with! ”
Reed and Kimberly B. July 2017
“David and his team were very thorough and great people! I would like to use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
John and Christie F. June 2017
“David was great to work with! Thank you!”
Rafael D. June 2017
“David and his team were very easy to work with!  They were always easily accessible and made the process easy!  I really enjoyed working with this group!  Anytime I needed something, I got a quick response.  Thank you very much!”
Alexander O. June 2017
“David and his team were extremely helpful and detailed throughout this entire process!  They walked me through step by step!  They made this an extremely efficient and painless process!  Great job HomeBridge!”
Allen F. June 2017
“David was very friendly and easy to work with!”
Lisa B. May 2017
“David was very helpful during any hurdles we hit!  He and his team provided great customer service!  Thank you!”
Jeremy D. February 2017
“David Orr has been extremely helpful and professional!  He was always helpful and never too busy to assist!  This was the best experience I've ever had with a mortgage!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James B. July 2016
“I was always kept informed of any minor or major changes that occurred in the process.  All of my questions or concerns that needed addressed were done so in a professional and timely manner.  I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone and I would return for any future needs!  Thanks!”
Thaddeus R. July 2016
“David and his team did a great job walking me through this process!  They were very friendly and informative!  Thank you HomeBridge!”

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