About David Netzley

David Netzley is an experienced mortgage professional who’s been helping his borrowers reach their homeownership goals since 1988. He’s done so by offering homeowners and buyers a diverse line of loan solutions to fit their unique needs. Needs that include:

  • Loan refinancing
  • First-time home purchases
  • Second home/investment purchases
  • Home renovations
  • Federal loan program access (FHA, USDA, VA)

David’s years in the industry means that he can assist with any homebuying situation by expertly building relationships with agents based on accurate accounting and communication. He works with all parties involved to ensure his client receives a smooth and on-time closing. David’s vast knowledge of mortgage products and requirements includes the VA loan program. As a former Navy Ensign, he enjoys working with military service members and families interested in the financial opportunities that their service has earned them.

When David isn’t working with customers, he’s spending time with his wife and their two hunting dogs. He loves all things aviation and makes it a point to fly about every two weeks or so from the Camarillo Airport to destinations such as Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and others. David enjoys exploring his home state and understands how to help his clients establish roots through better financing.

Contact David today to put his passion, expertise, and dedication to work for you!

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