About David Hogan

David Hogan was born and raised in Brielle, New Jersey, and currently resides in Colchester, Vermont with his wife and two children.  After graduating from Champlain College in Burlington with a Degree in Business and Communications, David began his mortgage career at Countrywide Home Loans.  With over ten years of experience in the mortgage industry, David understands the mortgage process inside and out, and is happy to guide each of his customers through the process from beginning to end.  He is a member of the Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association and an affiliate member of the Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors.  With his passion and commitment to the mortgage industry, David is ready and willing to help each client find the home loan that best fits his or her needs.  Let David guide you to your dream home today!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Laura M. Aug-21
“David is the best loan officer ever. He responded professionally and quickly to my questions to ease my mind during what could have been a stressful process. He made it very easy to understand being a new home buyer. I commend him and his team throughout and will recommend them to the next buyer . Thank you again.”
Amber P. Aug-21
“David was great! He was very responsive, called after normal business hours if I had a question or to even just get the process started. I also worked with Nikki who was amazing! Very professional, organized and responsive team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them!”
Bikash D. May-21
“Very excellent”
Christopher A. May-21
“Thank you David and Susan for everything you did for us”
John C. Mar-21
“David and Susan were very nice to work with, being this was my first experience in an investment as such, my worries were set at ease with their help, I don't think I could be happier!! Thank you!”
Nicholas H. Jan-21
“David did a great job walking me through the entire process. He worked with me to address issues before I applied for the loan and to create an appropriate timeframe to apply. He answered calls in a timely fashion and provided me with an explanation about the process and next steps. Working with him was a pleasure.”
Jennifer B. Dec-20
“David is very helpful and knowledgable; we enjoy working with him and appreciate his thoroughness.”
Leslie H. Nov-20
“David was awsome to work with took my calls almost any time of the day and evening and even weekend he always had the answers when I asked and if he didn't he got rite back to me I couldn't ask for any better than what he did for me”
Kyle L. Nov-20
“David was fantastic from the initial phone call through the closing. Understanding how busy he is currently he always made us feel like our financing was a top priority. Susan Gancarz also helped us a great deal. We will recommend Homebridge and David Hogan to anyone and everyone looking for professionalism at the top level!”
Tsering L. Oct-20
“Great service!”
Claire N. Oct-20
“I was very satisfied with the process and would recommend David Hogan of Homebridge Financial Services, Inc. He was very knowledgeable and helpful (as was his assistant, Susan Gancarz) and gave me confidence that the process was in good hands. Please note I do not use social media, so I would not be likely to make a recommendation to others other than by word of mouth. I did not attend the closing due to the pandemic. I assigned POA to my lawyer.”
August D. Oct-20
“Thank you very much Homebridge Financial team. All of you were very helpful and courteous during our loan process. At times it could be a little difficult to get questions answered quickly, but we know it is a very busy time for all real estate services and we appreciate all your help along our path to homeownership! We would definitely recommend Homebridge as well as use them again for any other mortgage/ home loan needs. Thank you again!”
Andrew H. Oct-20
“Both David, Susan, and their team did great work and we really appreciate them!”
Mark G. Aug-20
“David and Susan were exceptionally helpful and proficient throughout this process that was made longer by the pandemic. After a pause, we rallied back completing the process swiftly. I will always begin and end a process like this one with someone as excellent as David. ”
Sharon G. Jul-20
“David is awesome he found me the best loan and a great interest rate during covid-19 made it difficult to have face-to-face interaction he was always available by phone he made the whole process very easy”
Sharon G. Jul-20
“David is awesome he found me the best loan and a great interest rate during covid-19 made it difficult to have face-to-face interaction he was always available by phone he made the whole process very easy”
TYNAN F. May-20
“David was responsive and kept us informed every step of the way. Great service.”
“David and the team at Homebridge were excellent! They quickly responded to all my needs throughout the entire process. The ease of online processing of the loan and electronic communications was exactly what I needed to get this done! Thanks for walking me through what would have been an unmanageable process with other lenders!”
SARAH N. Jan-20
“David was very receptive and answered my questions in a way I could understand”
Jeffrey B. Oct-19
“David is the best mortgage guy ever!”
Ian D. Sep-19
“David was great! He was available when we needed him and answered all of our questions.”
Rene T. April-19
“David and his team did a fantastic job. He answered questions quickly and many times after normal business hours. As first time home buyers, he and his team made this experience much less stressful!”
Nathan H. May-19
“Good guy wasy to work with!!”
Krista B. December 2018
“Everyone was very helpful and attentive throughout the entire process.”
Cole E. November 2018
“Everyone at this location was very helpful and available. No delays.”
Brett T. November 2018
“Offered very quick responses to any questions.”
Andrei B. November 2018
“David Hogan was very nice and had a lot of patience with us. Thank you.”
Laurie P. October 2018
“Very helpful and informative.”
Miranda B. October 2018
“Buying this house was a pain and everything that could have popped up did but, we got through everything.”
Kayla S. October 2018
“Good to work with.”
Caryn Z. October 2018
“Because David helped me through the process and was great about communication!”
Jeffrey B. September 2018
“Excellent service!”
Jeffrey B. September 2018
“All of the people at Homebridge are so helpful, professional and efficient! We have worked with David Hogan twice now!”
Gary W. September 2018
“They were great with communicating everything that had to be done and made everything simple.”
Christopher S. Aug-18
“David was exceptional, prompt and professional in every aspect of this process. We felt we were in good hands every step of the way!”
Keith C. Aug-18
“Everyone I worked with was helpful with the entire process.”
Christopher S. Aug-18
“David was exceptional, prompt and professional in every aspect of this process. We felt we were in good hands every step of the way!”
Keith C. Aug-18
“Everyone I worked with was helpful with the entire process.”
Keith C. August 2018
“Everyone I worked with was helpful with the entire process.”
Christopher S. August 2018
“David was exceptional, prompt and professional in every aspect of this process. We felt we were in good hands every step of the way!”
Keith C. August 2018
“Everyone I worked with was helpful with the entire process.”
Christopher S. August 2018
“David was exceptional, prompt and professional in every aspect of this process. We felt we were in good hands every step of the way!”
Hollie P. June 2018
“They worked with us financially very nicely and provided a great rate for us.”
Kirk M. June 2018
“Great customer service and communication throughout the process. Local face to face contact and worked hard to get the best interest rate.”
Joel R. April 2018
“Easy process. Everything was done for us.”
Amanda L. April 2018
“Great all the way around and very professional!”
Jeremiah M. March 2018
“David is wonderful to work with and is very responsive and professional.”
Ndidi D. March 2018
“We are happy with their job.”
Brooke A. November 2017
“Everyone worked very hard to make this possible!”
Roy S. October 2017
“Responses were prompt and helpful.”
James P. October 2017
“David Hogan and the entire team were extremely helpful and available to answer all of our questions. ”
Erin M. July 2017
“David and his team were very prompt, responsive and they answered all of my questions! They were all friendly and very easy to work with!”
David and Sarah L. July 2017
“David and his team answered all of our calls no matter what time of day! They walked us through this process step by step which was great for us as first time home buyers! ”
Thomas and Mary S. July 2017
“David is so friendly and helpful! He went out of his way to explain things and to answer all questions that we had! Thank you!”
Daniel S. July 2017
“David and his team have been great to work with! They were very helpful and attentive to our needs!”
Donald B. July 2017
“David was always ready to explain anything that we needed answers to. We have always been pleased with the service that HomeBridge provides! ”
Susan and Mauderith V. July 2017
“David and his team are awesome! They were there every step of the way and answered all of our questions promptly! The service provided was completely outstanding! The process was easy and painless! Everyone was great to work with!”
William S. June 2017
“I have been very pleased with all of the help and the promptness of service! Everyone was very friendly and I liked the convenience of the location! ”
Martha W. June 2017
“I love David! He was very clear, quick and personable! I trust HomeBridge!”
Michelle and Zachary R. May 2017
“David provided very good communication and was easy to work with!  We would return to HomeBridge again in the future because we are familiar with them and the ease of doing business!”
Michael and Aleicia B. March 2017
“David is very knowledgeable, prompt and helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ryan H. March 2017
“David and his staff could not have been more helpful during this process!  They met us on weekends, were in constant communication and were as pleasant as could be!  Thank you!”
Margaret and Reginald M. February 2017
“David and his team were excellent! They provided great customer service and were very timely and wonderful to work with!  It was a very smooth process!”
David and Doreen A. February 2017
“David provided fast, efficient and friendly service!  We are very satisfied with the service that HomeBridge provided!”
Kathryn C. January 2017
“David and his team were very helpful!  They walked us through the lending process step by step!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tynan and Nicole F. October 2016
“David and his team were very helpful.   They answered all of our questions and got us a great deal!  HomeBridge provided good service and we will use them again for future needs!”
Cheri M. October 2016
“I really liked the ease of the online process and the prompt responses from the team!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
Leslie N. October 2016
“David is the best!  Everyone that I worked with at HomeBridge has been great!  Thank you!”
John S. September 2016
“David was very professional and he met all deadlines.  He went the extra mile!”
Courtney and Ion A. September 2015
“David and the other folks at HomeBridge were always helpful, attentive and knowledgeable!  They responded quickly and were always available.  They provided excellent words of advice and were very supportive!  The process was easy and fantastic!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you for all of your help and time!  We look forward to doing business with you again in the future!”
Jing D. August 2016
“David was very helpful and he made this a quick process!  Everything was excellent!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mercedes O. August 2016
“David was always available and very dear!  HomeBridge had the loan we needed and David was very helpful with the process!  Thank you!”
Andrew P. July 2016
“David made this an easy experience!  He answered all of our questions very well.  We have a great working relationship with David and the staff at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Patrick and Alisa Q. September 2015
“David was very thorough, informative and responsive!  We were well informed and prepared for the closing!  It was an easy experience!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lawrence Y. June 2016
“David and his team were on top of everything and met the closing deadline perfectly.  The process went so smoothly and the communication was wonderful!”
Aja V. October 2015
“David and the HomeBridge team were very responsive and efficient!  They were very reassuring and patient with this first time home buyer!  They were all easy to work with and professional!  I couldn't imagine it going smoother!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Erin A. May 2016
“David and his team were very pleasant, helpful, supportive and responsive!  This was such a smooth process!  I would recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Kaji and Mina G. November 2015
“David was very friendly, informative and easy to reach!  I would use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Joseph and Mercedes R. November 2015
“Dave Hogan's service was simply outstanding!  I have never felt so welcome during such a major life decision.  He is a love!”
William and Rose P. April 2016
“David was very communicative and easy to work with.  This whole process was so easy and hassle free.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Neil G. December 2015
“HomeBridge is the best!  They truly define the industry!”
Christine C. April 2016
“David went above and beyond in all aspects of my loan.  He was always extremely helpful!”
Godfrey and Laurie K. January 2016
“David was able to work through difficult scenarios to come up with a solution for us.  He worked hard for us and put in the extra effort.  Keep up the good work!  Thanks!”
Raechel C. March 2016
“David provided great customer service!  He is very knowledgeable and helpful, very responsive and easy to reach.  I used HomeBridge for my purchase and re-finance.  Thank you!”
John and Stephanie D.
“David was very informative and easy to work with.  This process was easier than we thought it would be!”
Ryan C. Essex, VT
“David is professional and great to work with. He has assisted me with both purchases and refinances and I will continue to recomend and use him for all my mortgage needs.”
“I just wanted to thank you for all of your work to make my closing successful. I am super excited! I will definitely refer my friends and family your way.”

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