About David Ell

David Ell has 13 years of experience in the mortgage industry, having participated in every role within the mortgage lending process. From originating loans to working back-office operations, David has a tremendous amount of insight and knowledge on the home financing process. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, upgrading or downsizing, or looking to refinance your current home, David can assist you with all your lending needs.

When David is not helping his clients obtain their dream home, he spends his time outdoors hiking, kayaking and giving back to his community by volunteering with animal safe havens! David thoroughly enjoys spending time with animals—and even has a yellow Labrador of his own named Brodie.

David is incredibly passionate about helping his clients achieve their goal of homeownership. He takes time to educate his clients and strives to ensure that each step of the homebuying journey is seamless. Let David’s professional talent bring your dreams of homeownership to life!


What Our Customers Say

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