About Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Dave is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Dave’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Dave bring your home ownership dreams to life!

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Homebridge may receive compensation for referring you to Service Finance Company, LLC.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Richard S. Aug-18
“David was very professional and cared enough to share all details.”
Lester B. April 2018
“David was there for us all the way from start to finish. He always answered our questions.”
Kenneth T. March 2018
“Thank you very much. Great service!”
Richard Y. March 2018
“Expedited mortgage process.”
Brandon L. March 2018
“Quick responses and nice to work with.”
David C. March 2018
“Everyone has been very helpful.”
Judith M. January 2018
“Very helpful.”
Ashley F. December 2017
“Helpful, friendly and professional.”
Ivone R. October 2017
“Courteous, quick, very good service.”
Myles and Dina C. July 2017
“Dave was very professional, friendly, responsive and he provided personalized service! We are always happy to recommend good business experience to family and friends! This was a very, very positive experience! Thank you HomeBridge!”
John and Christine Z. July 2017
“David provided very good communication! He responded quickly to all questions and concerns!”
Rita L. June 2017
“Dave and his team were very professional and helpful! They were always available to answer any questions, etc. Everything was handled in a timely manner! I really did appreciate Mr. Lewis! Thank you!”
Howard and Barbara G. July 2017
“Dave and his team provided excellent customer service! Thank you!”
David and Mary E. March 2017
“Dave is fabulous!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lisa S. December 2016
“Dave was wonderful!  This entire process was very simple!  We dealt mostly by email making the process very fast.  The secure site is very trustworthy!  The customer service that we received at HomeBridge was excellent!  Thanks to all!”
Randy C. February 2017
“Dave and his team were very informative every step of the way!  They were all great people to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Micah Ormond Beach, FL
“Extremely professional! With the one conversation we've shared, he is knowledgeable and personable. I would recommend his services more than once!”

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