About Dan Chapman

A U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former Captain in the Marine Corps, Dan Chapman is passionate about helping people achieve their dream of home ownership. He began his career immediately upon leaving active duty service in 2007. Dan is very active in his community; he volunteers through his local church and is committed to several Military and Veteran-focused non-profits. He also started a wounded warrior intern program for the real estate and mortgage industries. Dan is passionate about customer service, and his variety of experience in real estate helps him to better understand the entire home buying process from start to finish. Dan lives in Carlsbad with his wife Valishia and his two sons, Blake and Vann.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Mary G. Nov-21
“Dan and his team was great once again. We will use them in the future. The process both times was easy and the communication was awesome! Thank you HomeBridge!!”
John G. Nov-21
“I'm very well satisfied across the board. Thank you”
Jeremy D. Oct-21
“By far the best Lender I've ever dealt with. Y'all ACTUALLY communicate with people. I will definitely be saving you as a point of contact if I'm ever in the process of needing another home loan. I cannot explain how fantastic it was to do business with you and I was able to do it all through email and not have to be by my phone at all hours of the day hoping I don't miss a phone call. Thank you so much for that. Y'all are fantastic.”
Brian H. Oct-21
“Had a great experience with Dan and Amber, and the whole rest of the team! ”
Anne V. Oct-21
“I was not planning on moving but a house came on the market and in a split second I was talking to Mr Chapman - everything fell into place - and here I am a month later sitting on my old couch at my new house - thank you Mr Chapman for making our dream come true -”
Tanya R. Sep-21
“The Homebridge team was very responsive and great at answering any questions I had during my home buying process. They gave me the lowest rates. I would recommend them to friends and family in the future”
Amanda D. Sep-21
“Dan's team was amazing throughout the entire process from pre-approval to closing!”
Gregory C. Aug-21
“Dan is a trusted advisor for me. I do business at Homebridge because of Dan only.”
Ernesto V. Jul-21
“I'd like to thank Dan and his team, Amber, Aimee, Kierra and the rest of the team. I appreciate all your professionalism and hard work. Thanks again!”
Bryan C. May-21
“VERONICA GREGORY was the representative we dealt with and she was outstanding in her communication, knowledge and willingness to help and answer questions.”
Christopher A. Apr-21
“Dan and his team were excellent to deal with. They kept us informed every step of the way of what was going on. Mostly dealt with the loan processor Veronica Gregory who was awesome. The personal attention that she put on our loan was "white gloved". She was phenomenal. I would highly recommend Dan and his team to any friends and family. ”
Lila E. Mar-21
“Daniel and his team we're wonderful to work with! Very professional, accommodating and responsive!! I'm glad I got the opportunity to finance through them.”
Rodney J. Mar-21
“Dan and his team were FANTASTIC!!! Could not have been a better experience. Thank you very much”
Tricia C. Feb-21
“We were very happy with the whole process. Everything was on time and scheduled as planned.”
Mark L. Feb-21
“Thank you and your team so much Dan!! It truly was a pleasure working with you!”
Manan M. Feb-21
“Dan and the team are great at keeping the line of communication open. Veteran-friendly and patient. I liked the open line of communication and how informative they are. I was able to ask any questions to understand the process better, and they were able to help me understand everything and broke it down for a Marine to understand. I recommend to all my friends and family daily about Dan and his team they are the best. It's the little things that make it an incredible experience, such as happy birthday cards or welcome home mat that I received. You guys, keep up the great work, and thank you!”
Bobbie V. Jan-21
“I believe this was the easiest process we've experienced in a home loan. Daniel and the entire processing staff are very likeable and knowledgeable and responded to questions quickly.”
Samuel S. Dec-20
“Thank you for all your help”
Paul H. Dec-20
“Great organization and staff! Always professional and knowledgeable. Got it done when other lenders didn't.”
Tiffany A. Dec-20
“Very friendly and helpful team who were personable and responsive throughout the process. They were a great team to have on my side!”
Mary G. Dec-20
“This was the fastest, easiest refinance of our home ever! I would like to thank Dan and Amber and the rest of the team. It was very relaxing and they made it seem like nothing. We have made referrals to others and we would definitely use HomeBridge again!”
Eric J. Nov-20
“Dan and his team are solid. I didn't question the process at all because he is trusted, transparent and upfront. He was always available if I needed him. Although I had to provide a little more documentation/personal info than I thought was truly necessary for Homebridge (and somewhat redundant), I completely trusted Dan so I was fine with it. He has what you can never replace with a process: trust, competency and character. That's why I went to him for this refinance.”
James D. Nov-20
“Dan Chapman and his team were great...professional and friendly. Excellent work ethic. Extremely knowledgeable. Thanks to them all”
Liberty N. Nov-20
“His team is fabulous. Aimee, Amber, and Jhun we don't deserve such great (and patient) people to work with. You guys and Dan are the reason we keep coming back.”
Jason S. Oct-20
“Awesome Job!!!”
Carmela G. Oct-20
“He followed through and make sure we got a good interest rate”
Joseph M. Sep-20
“Homebridge and Dan Chapman's team was so helpful.”
Ana A. Sep-20
“We were very pleased with the professionalism of all involved and were very glad to receive a phone call from Dan Chapman to let us know the loan had been approved without having to pay points we anticipated having to pay to help reduce the interest rate. The rate was reduced and no points had to be paid!”
John K. Aug-20
“Friendly, knowledgeable, competent, efficient. A great experience”
Wayne K. Aug-20
“Dan was excellent from start to finish. He was very knowledgable and work diligently with us to get the best loan possible. He and his team were always available to talk and were very responsive to our questions. I would highly recommend his team to other people looking for a house in Hawaii.”
Ryan C. Aug-20
“I dealt primarily with Alex Peters and he helped me through out every step of the process and his communication was excellent and he was amazing and went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. Dan Chapman and his team Was Very helpful and amazing as well getting everything done. Thank you all!!!”
Felipe T. Jul-20
“Great team. Extraordinary service and attention to detail. Thank you for the awesome experience.”
Nicholas K. Jul-20
“I was referred to Daniel by a coworker and was thoroughly impressed from start to finish. I had to refer another coworker to him myself simply because of the phenomenal service I received. Top notch experience!”
Roy C. Jul-20
“Excellent experience. I have been referring people to Dan for about 6 years now. This is the first time I've used his team and the process was excellent. I had a unique situation (retiring from USMC and transitioning into new employment) and they worked through everything flawlessly. In fact, before we closed another family member was already working with Dan for a re-fi!”
Brian D. Jun-20
“Dan Chapman is a superbly qualified and skilled mortgage broker who exceeds in maintaining a well informed community. His expert resourcefulness in providing customized products along with building a superior workforce permeates a tremendous client trust.”
GERALD P. May-20
“Dan and his team are friendly, responsive, and trustworthy. What more could you ask for when it comes to home financing.”
GERALD P. May-20
“Dan and his team are friendly, responsive, and trustworthy. What more could you ask for when it comes to home financing.”
DAVID C. 20-Apr
“Homebridge Financial Services Inc. made this so seamless and the savings is phenomenal. Congrats to the entire Homebridge team for all their efforts to make this go through. We couldn't have been more happy with the customer care and attentiveness to our needs.”
“Home bridge Financial Services and Daniel Chapman were truly a pleasure to work with. For starters, Dan was pretty creative in finding us a loan that would work for us where others would have probably said they didn't have anything to offer. Dan and his team were always professional, pleasant, and efficient. They are great communicators. Truly our best mortgage experience over 30 years and 9 properties and 30 years.”
TURHAN C. Dec-19
“Dan and his team are true pros! The communication is always timely and accurate, and they make me feel like a friend - not just a transaction. My family will work with the Chapman Team for years to come when it comes to our home loan needs.”
“Dan and his team did an excellent job as usual. They're always there when I have a question. Amber Taylor you were awesome as well.”
Bryan B. Sep-19
“Dan and his team were great through the whole process.”
Mark B. Sep-19
“Dan and his team's professionalism and technical knowledge created the opportunity for our family to acquire the home we wanted in the time frame we needed. Thank you very, very much!”
Lomer P. Jul-19
“Dan is awesome. He does all of my families home loans and I refer everyone I do business with to him and his team.”
David P. Jul-19
“Dan Chapman was a phenomenal resource and representation of the company's attention to customer service. He was extremely thorough and patient. He appreciated how significant the home purchase was to me and never at any point made me feel like another contract. He earned my appreciation as well as my personal trust throughout the process. I would gladly come to home again for future purchases.”
Rocio T. Jul-19
“Dan and his staff are the ultimate professionals. We would not use any other lender I always know that we are getting the best possible service with Dan. We not only have a professional relationship with him but he is also a friend.”
David S. June-19
“Dan and Amber were tremendous help throughout the whole process. We had great faith that both of them would ensure we would get a great rate and meet every deadline. I would gladly work with Homebridge again and I'm definitely going to refer other officers to speak with Dan for future investments.”
Jeffery S. May-19
“Very pleased with attention to detail and service provided by Dan and his associates. I would definitely use him again. And this survey is too long. You should trim down the number of questions. Thanks.”
Hau N. December 2018
“Very helpful. Go above and beyond with helping us and answered any questions.”
James D. December 2018
“Wonderful people, great communication and excellent service.”
Lomer P. December 2018
“Dan and his team are the best!”
Joseph C. November 2018
“Get your online system fixed so I actually received emails from the computer system.”
Paul H. October 2018
“Great service and knowledgeable staff.”
John E. October 2018
“Great service. Pleasure to deal with and all requests for information were timely. Great work!”
Alice C. Aug-18
“Quick service. They know their information and provide options. Great communication.”
Alice C. Aug-18
“Quick service. They know their information and provide options. Great communication.”
Alice C. August 2018
“Quick service. They know their information and provide options. Great communication.”
Alice C. August 2018
“Quick service. They know their information and provide options. Great communication.”
Kimberly R. June 2018
“Excellent communication.”
Austin K. June 2018
“Competitive price/ rates. On time escrow and document processing. Good communication throughout the process.”
Jason W. December 2017
“Dan the man.”
Harry G. December 2017
“Ease of loan process and response; accuracy of the office.”
Vu H. December 2017
“Great service, went above expectation!”
Tyler W. October 2017
“Great communications!”
Roland H. October 2017
“Efficiency, honesty.”
Jordan D. October 2017
“Dan was an exceptional help for us throughout the entire process, I felt like they would have let us move into their house if we needed to.”
Jose and Yahaira M. November 2016
“Dan and his staff were very knowledgeable and trustworthy! They provided great customer service!”
Jon E. September 2017
“Dan and his team were awesome! They made this a really easy transaction and were always available to answer any questions. They provided awesome customer service and follow-up! Great job! ”
Micah and Jessica G. August 2017
“Dan and his team were nice and thorough! The service provided was impeccable! We had a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Rodrigo and Lupita T. August 2017
“Dan and his team provided great communication and were great to work with!”
Anthony G. August 2017
“Dan and his team are extremely professional and are very helpful to veterans! It was an easy decision to use HomeBridge after being referred by friends and meeting with Dan.”
Shane F. October 2016
“Dan was great to work with! He was very flexible and responsive! ”
Brian D. and Paul A. October 2010
“Customer service plus corporate knowledge= a superior business model! Dan and his team are true professionals at all levels! ”
Matthew T. August 2017
“Dan and his team were nice, helpful and they worked around my schedule for me when I was out of state!”
Jarius G. July 2017
“HomeBridge was very easy to work with and they explained everything thoroughly so that new home buyers could understand the process!”
John S. July 2017
“Dan provided really good, flexible service and he was available around the clock! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Benjamin and Thelma D. June 2017
“Dan and his team were always available to talk and to assist us in any way possible! They were very friendly, professional and helpful! Continue the excellent service! ”
Lomer and Jane P.
“Dan and his entire HomeBridge team were amazing! We would never use anyone else! ”
Steven and Mary M. June 2017
“Dan and his team provided excellent service!  They were honest, communicative and have impeccable integrity!”
Juan N. December 2016
“Dan was very easy to work with!  HomeBridge is always looking out for your best interest!  They are a great company that is constantly striving to get you the best deal!  Thank you!”
David O. May 2017
“Dan was able to match terms found elsewhere.  He was extremely responsive to all inquiries and concerns!  He had no issues closing within a tight 20 day time frame!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rocio and Harrison T. May 2017
“Due to Dan and his entire HomeBridge team, this dream was possible!  Thank you!”
Harry and Stacy G. March 2017
“Dan was very timely, efficient and he made this process easy!  I would refer HomeBridge to a friend or family any time!  All was wonderful!”
Tyler O. March 2017
“Dan provided prompt service and great customer care!  He made this such an easy process!”
Christina P. and Eric G. December 2016
“Dan was very helpful and provided great service!  He was so informative and knowledgeable throughout this process!”
Matthew and Jana K. October 2016
“Dan and his team have been great every step of the way!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!”
Daniel and Martha S. September 2016
“Dan has been extremely helpful and provided prompt service!  I have been extremely pleased with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Matthew C. August 2016
“Dan was very professional and efficient!  He provided clear information at all times!”
Gerald P. August 2016
“HomeBridge stepped up when it counted and made a difficult process a little easier!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!  Thank you!”
Ramon and Jenel L. July 2016
“Dan and his team provided great customer service!  We received prompt processing of required documentation.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Steven and Maryann M. July 2016
“We trust Dan Chapman 100%!  He provided exceptional service and integrity!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brian D. and Paul A. July 2016
“Dan and his team were concise, reliable and truly professional!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and we will return for any future needs!”
Raymond and Kaori E. September 2015
“Dan and his team were great to work with!  They provided outstanding customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Terry and Cathe R. June 2016
“Dan and his team provided great service and communication.  All of our questions were answered thoroughly and promptly!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael and Meghan R. June 2016
“Dan and his team did an amazing job on our loan!  They were very accessible and accommodating!  We had such a great experience this time that we would not hesitate to call on HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Ashley and Nicolas K. May 2016
“Dan and his team were extremely helpful and prompt throughout this entire process!  There were no set backs and everything was done quickly.  We are very happy with the service that we received from HomeBridge!  We will recommend them to everyone!”
Edgar and Rosario P. May 2016
“Dan and his team were very professional and answered all of our questions in a timely and friendly manner!  We would love to work with HomeBridge again in the future!  Everyone did a great job, thank you!”
Terence C. May 2016
“I have had such a good experience with Dan Chapman and his team!  I would definitely refer HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Keith R. November 2015
“I had an outstanding experience with Dan and his HomeBridge team!  Thank you!”
Laura and Blas R. November 2015
“Dan and his team were very professional and always available.  The HomeBridge family was top notch!  You guys are simply amazing!  Thank you!”
Steven and MaryAnn M. November 2015
“Dan was very professional, prompt and courteous!  We would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Matthew S. April 2016
“Dan has been very knowledgeable and helpful.  I have already recommended him to a friend!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rolando and Engracia P. December 2015
“Dan and his team were so friendly and trustworthy.  HomeBridge is a very customer oriented company!  Thanks!”
Philip and Kristin D.
“I know Dan Chapman and trust him and his team, they have been awesome!  Thanks!”
Brian and Paul A.
“Dan guided us through loan options and packages in a clear, concise manner and was an excellent communicator.  Keep up the great work!”
Elizabeth J.
“This was an outstanding, professional team that was invested in their clients to have the most positive house purchasing experience possible!  I would utilize Dan and Michael for any future needs.  Continue to offer exceptional service!”
Trisha and Christopher D.
“Dan was extremely professional and knowledgeable!  Thanks!”
Lomer and Jane P.
“Dan is amazing to work with, we send everyone to him!”
Michael R.
“My experience with HomeBridge Financial Services was great!  they definitely fulfilled my expectations.  The re-finance of my existing loan has greatly helped in reducing my financial obligation for my budget!  I feel confident in this company and their support team.  Keep up the good work!”
Adam L.
“Dan was a great help and the loan process and closing was fast.  HomeBridge is a very friendly and efficient company!”
Timothy and Kristi K.
“I have personally used Dan Chapman at HomeBridge multiple times in the past and he and his team always over delivers on our expectations!”
Salomon C. Fallbrook, CA
“If you are in search of a VA Loan, talk to Dan and his team. He is a great former Marine officer who is helping military personnel and their friends buy homes.”
Ted H. San Diego, CA
“Dan and his team are first class and work to find the best financing options for their clients! I have used them several times. As a Marine Corps veteran, I appreciate that they are not only the top VA Loan experts in San Diego, but they also serve our veteran community year around.”
Phil B. Carlsbad, CA
“Dan and his team, especially Kelly were absolutely amazing! They jumped through hoops and got things done. Great people to work with. Now they are taking care of other family members for us. These are the kind of people you want helping you!”
Alexandria N. San Diego, CA
“Dan is a stand up guy and a decorated veteran. His problem solving skills have really helped in an industry where many loan officers are unable to think through difficult scenarios and where a buyer might even lose their dream home at the fault of an inexperienced lender. This is not the case with Dan. He is always available and cares about the people involved vs just treating us as "just another loan file." Thanks Dan!”
Ed San Marcos, CA
“Dan cares and is quick to respond. He is authentic and a good teacher on what is involved in the lending process. He is my choice for a lending partner.”
Dean and Jane P. Valley Center, CA
“I know for a fact that if we had not used Dan Chapman for our VA Loan, we would never have gotten the funding for our dream home. We first contacted our mortgage provider that we had previously used and were denied because my husband (retired Navy) and I are both self-employed. We were then referred to Dan and he was able to work with the bank and pull it off. Every morning I wake up and smile because of the wonderful home we now live in!”
Elizabeth Encinitas, CA
“I completed a VA loan with Dan and his team in 2015. Dan and Kelli are simply the best. This company represents professional, motivated, and passionate individuals who help with your home investments. They go above and beyond. Semper Fi.”
Sam G. Oceanside, California
“When looking for a professional to help with your home purchase or refinance, Dan is the man. I have had the pleasure of working with Dan for the past 4 years and have found him to be one of the best professionals that I have worked with. Dan is honest, has a great attitude and is someone I trust. I continue to refer my clients and friends to Dan every time.”
Sean P. Oceanside, CA
“I would highly recommend Dan Chapman as a Mortgage Lender. He was able to help me get the most ideal loan for our house and made the process extremely simple. Dan was very knowledgeable when it came to the different loan packages and what made the most sense for me financially.”
Patrick W. Murrieta, California
“Getting financing for my situation was not easy. Dan and his team did everything they could and worked overtime to make it happen. Without them, I would not have gotten a loan and have the opportunity to give my family a brighter future. As a fellow Marine Corps Veteran and a member of the Wounded Warrior Battalion, I am deeply thankful.”

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