About Claudette Khachatourian

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in California (NMLS #399016), Claudette Khachatourian can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Claudette welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Claudette has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Claudette Khachatourian Anytime

Feel free to contact Claudette anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Claudette Khachatourian will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

Mortgage Loan Originator in AmericaMortgage Executive Magazine 2016

What Our Customers Say About Me

Eric A. Jul-20
“Thank you Claudette. You and your team rock!”
Scott L. Jul-20
“This is the second time in 7 years I worked w Claudette, originally on my loan purchase and now refinance of my home! She has maintained great customer service, treated me w respect and kindness, and so professional w the loan process. I highly recommend anyone I know to Claudette and her wonderful assistant Tamar!!! Great employees of your company ??”
Norik C. Jul-20
“She is honest, responsible, and very knowledgeable. I appreciate her for hard working on my loan refinance process.”
Armine Y. Jul-20
“Thank you very much for all your services. It was a pleasure to work with you. Very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely professional.”
Aris M. Jun-20
“Thank you very much for all the work.”
Shawna H. Jun-20
“Claudette and her team are the best in the business. They are an absolutely machine! If you get them the items that they ask for in the beginning, your deal will close on time! They do not rely on just notifications from the HomeBridge site, but personally reach out to you so you can approve time sensitive documents to get your transaction moving on time. I would recommend Claudette to family, friends and strangers.”
Albert S. Jun-20
“Claudette Khachatourian is one of the best. I love her work, and honesty. She is so knowledgeable and patient. I definitely recommend her to my friends and family.”
GUY T. May-20
“From an initial conversation about the possibility of re-financing to the actual closing, the whole process took exactly one month, even though Covid-19 was shutting off all avenues for meetings. Claudette is exceptionally gifted to explain the process and took all the time she had to clarify, streamline and bring the financing to a close. What I appreciated the most was the value of her word: what she told me at the beginning is exactly what unfolded to the end, with an even more competitive interest rate!”
LILLA H. May-20
“Ms Claudette Khachatourian is a very pleasant, knowledgeable, competent, efficient and easy to work with mortgage officer. I am very pleased with her services in every way. She is an asset to your company. Thank you.”
RIMA M. May-20
“She is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and fast. I am very please to work with her. Thanks Claudette”
Hakop A. Sep-19
“Claudette is amazing.”
Edvin S. Sep-19
“Working with Claudette is been the best experience I have had in the past 15 years she is extremely professional and wonderful person and her team is fantastic.I have been recommending her to all family and friends. Thank you so much.”
Vahagn I. Sep-19
“Claudette and her team are absolutely amazing. She's taken care of my family and I for years through multiple purchases and refis.”
Francis Y. Sep-19
“This is the 3rd time we worked with Claudette and each time was a great experience with her. Claudette is very efficient and was able to approve my loans very quickly each time, allowing for a timely close. I will work with Claudette again and again for my future needs.”
Jenik M. Sep-19
“One more time you and your team proved to me that if no one can do it still there is a big chance you can do it. Thanks”
Nasrin M. Aug-19
“Great service, friendly and professional! ”
Norik B. May-19
“It is because of Claudette and agents like her that make any company successful. Homebrige finacial is a great company”
Aron P. December 2018
“Prompt, courteous, excellent service.”
Arsine S. December 2018
“Very efficient, professional and knowledgeable.”
Marta H. November 2018
“Answered all my questions before hand.”
Eliot K. November 2018
“Professional and hassle free.”
Mayis S. October 2018
“She is always available to help by answering the phone and email on time.”
Samuel K. October 2018
“Amazing experience with such a great team of people.”
Arutyun T. October 2018
“Great service, helpful, made the process simple.”
Sarmen H. October 2018
“We had such a smooth experience. We enjoyed working with all of the staff as they were so prompt and experienced.”
Rita D. Aug-18
“Having to use this company before, we had had positive experiences with HomeBridge and Miss Khachatourian.”
Jane C. Aug-18
“The team, especially Claudette Khachatourian is so capable and professional! I keep on returning to HomeBridge because of her!”
Rita D. Aug-18
“Having to use this company before, we had had positive experiences with HomeBridge and Miss Khachatourian.”
Jane C. Aug-18
“The team, especially Claudette Khachatourian is so capable and professional! I keep on returning to HomeBridge because of her!”
Rita D. August 2018
“Having to use this company before, we had had positive experiences with HomeBridge and Miss Khachatourian.”
Jane C. August 2018
“The team, especially Claudette Khachatourian is so capable and professional! I keep on returning to HomeBridge because of her!”
Rita D. August 2018
“Having to use this company before, we had had positive experiences with HomeBridge and Miss Khachatourian.”
Jane C. August 2018
“The team, especially Claudette Khachatourian is so capable and professional! I keep on returning to HomeBridge because of her!”
Razmik M. June 2018
“Great service.”
Marjan R. April 2018
“Everything went very fast, easy and accurately.”
Albert S. April 2018
“This is number 3!”
Gevik H. April 2018
“Great service!”
Julie W. March 2018
“Nice people.”
Yeghia M. March 2018
“Claudette seemed very knowledgeable.”
Jenik M. March 2018
“I did work with them for many years for me and my clients. I am very happy to work with them since I am sure to get it done in a timely manner and the best way possible.”
Kambiz Z. March 2018
“Great team. Exceptional work.”
Kambiz Z. March 2018
“Excellent team. Great job!”
Hakop A. March 2018
“They were excellent.”
Melany M. March 2018
“Exceptional service. Extremely professional and efficient team.”
Shahik K. March 2018
“Customer service is the best and they are very responsible.”
David P. March 2018
“Claudette was excellent. She helped us throughout the entire transaction.”
Kambiz Z. March 2018
“Claudette and her team are amazing.”
Ricardo G. March 2018
“Smooth and swift process.”
Teni M. December 2017
“Good communication and quick follow up.”
Margarit K. December 2017
“Very quick, professional and efficient.”
Ricardo G. December 2017
“Smooth and swift process.”
Arsine S. December 2017
“All was excellent.”
Bryan A. November 2017
“Claudette and Licensed Branch Assistant Tamar were very responsive to my questions. They also were very thorough regarding the steps for the loan process.”
Eddie S. October 2017
“Great, easy service! Excellent!”
Aron P. October 2017
“Very helpful, persistent, competent, efficient, very professional. Prompt service.”
Kambiz Z. October 2017
“The quality of service I received was exceptional.”
Hamid H. October 2017
“They are good.”
Anick Y. October 2017
“Very professional and helpful.”
Cyrus J. October 2017
“Claudette is amazing. Always available to answer my questions and a true professional. Awesome job. Her whole team is great including Tamar. Amazing all around.”
Kambiz Z. October 2017
“Great service from Claudette and Norma.”
Agavni S. Van Nuys, CA
“Amazing, simply amazing staff.”
Masood E. Stevenson Ranch, CA
“Exceptional service! Thank you.”
Michael C. Hawthorne, CA
“Awesome experiance with everyone will refer new clients over.”
Edik B. Sugarloaf, CA
“She did excellent and very fast job.”
Hamid A. Los Angeles, CA
“You guys pulled it together in a short amount of time with a very good rate. Thank you.”
Edmond G. Tujunga, CA
“Very helpful, always follows up and always on time.”
Roobik O. Glendale, CA
“They have been very caring, very nice, very organized, very on time. I am very happy with the work that she did for me. She did excellent job I will refer her to all of my friends and family.”
Valod R. Tujunga, CA
“The whole process was very smooth, very professional and very timely.”
Edwin N. Glendale, CA
“The most important aspect as a client is to deal with professionals that are knowledgeable, energetic, passionate, and demonstrate a can-do attitude. I can proudly say Ms. Khachatourian demonstrated all the characteristics that one can ask for. Her knowledge, teamwork, and professionalism made the entire loan process pleasurable and easy, both for myself and my client. Her hard work is truly appreciated.”
Robert M. Fresno, CA
“The Loan Officer and her team kept us updated on the status of the loan as we moved through escrow. We appreciated being kept informed.”
Melinda Z. Los Angeles, CA
Araks A. Los Angeles, CA
“Thank you Claudette and all personelle who worked on our case, you did great job. Thanks again.”
Karo K. Van Nuys, CA
“She was very well prepared and got the loan funded in no time.”
Val H. Panorama City, CA
“She went out of her way to make sure we closed by end of the year, otherwise the sellers would have been very disappointed. She closed the deal in 20 days. Claudette Khachatourian has been one of the best Loan Officers I have ever worked in the past 26 years of being in the business. I always recommend her to all of my clients and colleagues.”
Herina S. Sun Valley, CA
“She was very helpful and professional. Happy to be working with her. Thank you Claudette for all your help.”
Andre G. Glendale, CA
“She was very knowledgeable and professional. She delivered her promise, timely and I received the best customer service.”
Kimberly R. Burbank, CA
“She was terrific and fast!”
Tanya D. Lake Hughes, CA
“She was there every step of the way. Answered calls and emails promptly. We closed 2 weeks early on a VA loan! Thank you Claudette and your team!”
Albert S. La Crescenta, CA
“She was top of everything. I'”
Bryant S. Carson, CA
“She was patience in listening and understanding my needs. Explained on the spot what she could do for my situation. Great loan officer.”
Vahagn I. Glendale, CA
“She was EXCEPTIONAL!! Extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed during each step of the loan process. Will definitely be back and will be referring everyone I know to Claudette!”
Sevada N. Glendale, CA
“She is very knowledgeable with what she does. She is very trustworthy and reliable person. She answered all my questions with accuracy and truthfulness.”
Saysana M. Littlerock, CA
“Quick and hassle free! Claudette and the team and the agent, Sandra Hernandez, you guy are the best!!”
Annik K. Glendale, CA
“Prompt, on time, professional, full knowledge.”
Val H. Glendale, CA
“Pre-Approve the client, correct answers, on time responses. excellent service all together.”
Vahik A. Sunland, CA
“Outstanding work ethic, knowledgeable, prompt and caring personality is the reason why this transaction achieved its milestones. Thank you Claudette Khachatourian and team.”
Seroj D. Panorama City, CA
“Our Loan Officer worked very hard to ensure our escrow closed on time. We could not thank her enough. We would have lost the house had it not been for her hard work. We could recommend her to all! She truly made the process so much less burdensome and as efficient as possible. Thank you!”
Nick K. Los Angeles, CA
“Nothing really Claudette is an amazing person and Loan Officer!”
Goorgen P. Azusa, CA
“My Loan Officer was Claudette Khachatourian and her assistant, they both did excellent job from A to Z in my transaction. I could not be happier with their service. Looking forward to working with them again.”
Maria H. Studio City, CA
“My Loan Officer was Claudette Khachatourian who was extremely efficient in her approach to the whole project. She kept me abreast of what was going on, and was extremely helpful with any question I posed to her. Her patience and demeanor was that of a top-notch professional. Thank you very much for the excellent service.”
Sevada N. Glendale, CA
“Ms. Claudette Khachatourian and her team are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I will definitely introduce her to my friends and family who are trying to get a loan.”
Amir N. Tujunga, CA
“Knowledgeable, professional and friendly service.”
Hrair Y. Glendale, CA
“Job well done from start to finish.”
Shant S. Los Angeles, CA
“It 's hard to explain the professionalism and hard work of Claudette and her team, perfection. I leave it open to your judgment what can perfection be but it was flawless amazing service, on-time, the best. Thank you. Call Claudette Khachatourian for any loan needs then it will be clear what I meant.”
Henrik A. La Crescenta, CA
“It cannot be better than what you guys did, thank you!”
Herina S. Sun Valley, CA
Avetik K. Glendale, CA
“I liked my Loan Officer Claudette Khachatourian. She was very fast , well informed and has a good communication skills. I enjoy closing deals with her and the team. They are on top of the transactions until close of escrow. I will refer her to my clients. Thank you.”
Jenik M. Los Angeles, CA
“I have been working with Claudette Khachatourian for years, if she says she can do it, she will do it.”
Zareh G. Burbank, CA
“I have had the best and the smoothest loan experience ever. Claudette and Tamar are simply the best. They are very knowledgeable, quick and responsive. Thank you very much for all your help and professionalism.”
Anahit M. Burbank, CA
“I had a very special treatment by my agent Claudette Khachatourian. She is knowledgeable and very professional.”
Mayis S. Glendale, CA
“I am looking forward to working with this company again. They are so nice with their customers.”
Fred Z. La Crescenta, CA
“I am extremely pleased with professional work presented by my Loan Officer. She was amazing to follow through with all aspects of the process. She was very easy to contact and very prompt to reply to any questions that I had. I definitely recommend her to others.”
Syuzanna Z. Burbank, CA
“Great job. Thanks for my new home.”
Tevan O. Glendale, CA
“Good and created very special customer relationship, very smooth and flawless transaction.”
Narine H. North Hollywood, CA
“Explain all process, lock the rate on time.Outstanding performance. Very very satisfied.”
Abgar A. Burbank, CA
“Excellent service and great job.”
Artin M. Reseda, CA
“Excellent service from the beginning to the end.”
Varoojan O. Toluca Lake, CA
“Everything went fine.”
Annik K. Glendale, CA
“Did every thing excellent and on time.”
Jim C. North Hollywood, CA
“Claudette is the best. Her attention to detail and hard work always end up with a solid transaction.”
Sero E. Reseda, CA
“Claudette Khachatourian and her assistant, Tamar Vartanian were amazing and very professional. They were fast and proficient.”
Thinh N. Long Beach, CA
“Claudette Khachatourian was very knowledgeable and helpful through our refinance and purchase of second home. She and her assistant Tamar, were always available to answer any questions or to provide additional clarification, and both worked efficiently and professionally to help us throughout both transactions.”
Nick K. Tujunga, CA
“Claudette was amazing from start to finish. She was always there to answer any questions that I had.”
Alik A. Tujunga, CA
“Claudette was our Loan Officer and she was great through the whole process.”
Susan M. Fresno, CA
“Claudette, the Loan Officer assisted me for my home loan as it was by far the most positive experience my family and I have ever encountered. She is respectful, knowledgeable, prepared, attentive listener, and the most importantly she did get the loan closed on time. I would recommend Claudette to anyone. What a great experience!!”
Evelyn G. Los Angeles, CA
“Claudette and her team were professional, courteous and proficient.”
Nick K. Tujunga, CA
“Claudette is an amazing Loan Officer, she provides amazing customer service. I recommend her to anyone looking to buy or refinance.”
Argin N. Glendale, CA
“Claudette is by far the best! Always goes above and beyond my expectations on every transaction.”
Art B. La Crescenta, CA
“Claudette is some go getter person. On top of her game and knows the detail. She is a asset to your company. Thanks to her. In my Refi I end up saving $750 a month.”
Jenik M. Glendale, CA
“As usual she delivered the promise she made. If she says she can do it then I do not need to worry, it is done deal. If no one can do it, still she might be able to do it. She is amazing person and very knowledgeable Loan Officer.”
Henrik A. San Fernando, CA
“Always available, great Loan Officer. Quick on follow up's and honest and straight forward.”
Artur M. Arleta, CA
“Always a pleasure to do business with my Loan Officer, Claudette Khachatourian, and her staff. Professional service!!!”

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