About Christy Cagle

Christy Cagle works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Christy knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Christy brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Christy’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Paul P. May-22
“Christy and her team were extremely responsive, helpful in guidance and professional friendly. Christy,my primary contact, is delightfully friendly, superbly responsive and a genuine colleague in the process. Always a good ear and equally responsive with advice and guidance. The interaction with her accomplished what was needed simply in what can be an anxiety- provoking process. She is Homebridge to me. You can't have a better representative.”
James C. Mar-22
“Christy did an excellent job of getting our morgage loan in a timely mantner, the seller wanted to close at the end of the month and Homebridge and Christy got our funding in time. We would like to thank Cristy and her team for their hard work and excellent communication.”
Georgia M. Mar-22
“I am selling my home of 46 years and just purchased a new one, following my husband's death a year ago. Christy Cagle has extended every possible courtesy and understanding required to make this transaction as seamless as possible. I can't thank her enough. Christy Cagle is an undeniable asset to your company. 5 stars aren't enough.”
Candace M. Feb-22
“Christy was amazing! We greatly appreciate everything she and her team did for us!”
Teri B. Oct-21
“Christy was very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Always answered my calls.”
Kenneth C. Oct-21
“thank you Christie very smooth loan process. Ken”
Jamie M. Sep-21
“Christy Cagle was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire loan process! Her guidance was extremely helpful to say the least! Christy made the experience more than enjoyable, she has our business for life. She went over and beyond our expectations of home buying. Thank you Christy for always being available and making this possible for me and my family. Jamie M”
Nhi D. Aug-21
“We LOVE Christy!! She has been such an angel and we so appreciate her. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Christy and my realtor and look forward to working with both of them again in the near future once we expand our family down the road. ”
Dennis G. Jul-21
“Christy was great! Very knowledgeable and Friendly!”
Kevin G. May-21
“I live out of state and did not attend the closing. I had a signing agent at home. Christy Cagle was very professional and instrumental during the process. She emailed me with requirements, texted with immediate needs and called when there were questions. I would highly recommend Homebridge loans in the future or recommending to someone for a loan.”
Nicholas L. Apr-21
“Christy was very helpful and informative. Her team also did a very good job! Really appreciate the support!”
Glenn N. Jan-21
“All the individuals on Christies team were excellent.”
Ashley C. Dec-20
“Christy Cagle was beyond polite and helpful, went beyond expectations by listening to my needs and unique concerns, Christy genuinely cared and took her time to answer any questions and explained things not once but twice a time or two! If there were over a 10 I would rate her that! I'm very thankful to have worked with such a professional, knowledgeable and patient person! Thank you!”
Jeffery M. Nov-20
“Christy really helped me a lot and she set mind mind at ease during some of the more stressful points of the loan process. I really like her and would certainly recommend working with her.”
Karen E. Nov-20
Steven B. Oct-20
“She has the patience of a saint. Works after hours, and always communicates The homebridge online program needs to be simplified.”
Brian T. Oct-20
“My last home loan was with Wells Fargo and it wasn't pleasant at all I would live in a Box rather than use them ever again they took the wind out my sails with the purchase on my last home Christy and her associates were on point with everything they did They made my purchase as smooth as. It could be would definetly recommend them Thank You for having such an incredible team to work with”
Ralph R. Aug-20
“Christy was always available, or returned calls or emails on a very timely basis. She was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.”
Michelle H. Aug-20
“From beginning to end - very well organized. The staff was friendly & professional.”
Bradley B. Jun-20
“Christy Cagle truly represents her profession. It was a very gratifying experience working with her to achieve our dream home.”
Richard B. Jun-20
“Christy is the BEST!”
“Christy was very knowledgable and proficient during the loan process. She was easily assessable and was a tremendous help.”
DONALD G. Mar-20
“Christy Cagle is awesome to work with. Very understanding and goes above and beyond to help yoy.”
“Christy is great and working with her was easy and fun and I highly recommend her services !!!”
“It was a pleasure working with Christy. Great job.”
HARRY B. Jan-20
“I felt very lucky to have Christy's oversight and coordination of my mortgage process. I'm sure the closing would have been delayed without her round the clock attention, problems developed up to the last day that required time sensitive actions. Her competence and fast action, makes her an extremely valuable asset, and a pleasure to work with.”
“She is great to work with during this stressful process. She always accommodated my limited availability and was very prompt with all of my inquiries.”
Donald M. Oct-19
“Working with Christy and her team was a wonderful experience. Thank you.”
Ralph C. Sep-19
“Christy went well beyond the adjectives "helpful" and "professional". She took all the time I needed to have things explained, in detail and sometimes more than once, She responded to inquiries in a VERY timely manner, often after normal business hours. I could not have asked for more. She is an invaluable asset to Homebridge and should be recognized accordingly.”
Keith M. Sep-19
“Christy was very helpful, and answered our questions quickly. Always a pleasure to work with her!”
Patricia D. Aug-19
“Cristy Cagle was very professional and knowledgeable and the entire process went very well”
John B. March-19
“We have bought and sold at least many homes in our lives, and Christy was by far the best we have worked with! She got the ball rolling very quickly, asked all the right questions up front, and made the entire process very easy.”
Antoinette M. May-19
“Christy was amazing thank you so much”
Jeffrey P. December 2018
“Excellent communication.”
Amy P. December 2018
“Everyone was very helpful and always wiling to answer my questions.”
Toy W. November 2018
“Great service.”
Francis M. October 2018
“All parties were professional and responsive.”
Robert R. October 2018
“Christy Cage was great.”
Norbert B. October 2018
“Good service.”
Mohamed S. October 2018
“They are very helpful and made our buying experience fast and easy!”
Deborah K. September 2018
“Because we are closing on time yea!”
David F. September 2018
“First class service through the process.”
Steven B. Aug-18
“We have went through two loans with HomeBridge and both times they were extremely awesome!”
Lloyd L. Aug-18
“Very easy to work with and very helpful.”
Meredith B. Aug-18
“Christy Cagle is wonderful. Lashell Bush is a wonder.”
John K. Aug-18
“Great service.”
Lloyd L. Aug-18
“Very easy to work with and very helpful.”
Meredith B. Aug-18
“Christy Cagle is wonderful. Lashell Bush is a wonder.”
John K. Aug-18
“Great service.”
Steven B. Aug-18
“We have went through two loans with HomeBridge and both times they were extremely awesome!”
Lloyd L. August 2018
“Very easy to work with and very helpful.”
Meredith B. August 2018
“Christy Cagle is wonderful. Lashell Bush is a wonder.”
John K. August 2018
“Great service.”
Steven B. August 2018
“We have went through two loans with HomeBridge and both times they were extremely awesome!”
Steven B. August 2018
“We have went through two loans with HomeBridge and both times they were extremely awesome!”
Lloyd L. August 2018
“Very easy to work with and very helpful.”
Meredith B. August 2018
“Christy Cagle is wonderful. Lashell Bush is a wonder.”
John K. August 2018
“Great service.”
Lovarnso W. June 2018
“Great service and answered all questions.”
Christopher A. June 2018
“Good service.”
Anthony D. June 2018
“The service was on point and professional. All questions were answered the first call. All were so kind throughout the process.”
Noah T. May 2018
“I chose extremely likely due to the swiftness and the timeliness of the agent.”
Charles C. April 2018
“Christy Cagle was very communicative and helpful.”
Justin M. March 2018
“Very professional.”
John T. March 2018
“Christy Cagle and Lashell Bush are the best I have ever worked with.”
Martika H. March 2018
“So helpful, patient and knowledgeable!”
Christopher W. March 2018
“Very easy to work with and very helpful.”
Roy N. March 2018
“Excellent communication and guidance.”
William S. March 2018
“Christy was extremely helpful and patient working with us through several potential properties all the way through to closing.”
Vittorio T. December 2017
“Christy worked with us every day. She was great! Helped us with everything. Could call her any time with questions. Because of her, we were able to buy our house.”
Gregory A. September 2017
“Christy was very prompt, considerate and she answered all questions in a timely manner! ”
Gail A. December 2016
“Christy provided great communication and she made this a positive experience at HomeBridge! She and her team made the home buying process pleasant!”
Christopher C. August 2017
“Christy was very responsive and informative! She provided great customer service!”
David and Michele E. August 2017
“Christy provided personal service and she always went the extra mile!”
Deborah and Michael E. July 2017
“Christy Cagle is exceptional.....Exceptional!!!”
David and Heather J. July 2017
“Christy was very thorough and considerate throughout a trying process! She provided exemplary service! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kelly R. June 2017
“Christy made this a very quick and clear process! She was wonderful to work with!”
Michael and Christine R. June 2017
“Christy is the best! She made this process so smooth! Thank you!”
Kevin M. June 2017
“Christy, Lashell and Jenn were all fantastic to work with!  Christy has helped me before with mortgages and I am a very loyal customer!”
Paul Z. June 2017
“Christy provided fast responses to any questions and was very professional!  The process was great as is!  Don't change a thing!”
Brian and Gina H. June 2017
“Christy and her entire team went above and beyond what we could expect!  Due to the relationship that we've built with Christy and her team, we will return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Patrick and Sarah N. June 2017
“Christy provided great individual customer service and was extremely friendly!  She is very confident and knowledgeable!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kenneth A. June 2017
“Christy and her team were fantastic people to work with!  They provided excellent service!”
Gustavo T. April 2017
“Christy and her team were very helpful and informative!  They answered any questions that I had and made this a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Dana L. May 2017
“Christy was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Laura E. April 2017
“Christy was recommended to me by a friend.  She has gone above and beyond to assist me in this purchase!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Anthony and Patricia G. April 2017
“Christy and her staff were all easy to work with!  They were very positive and always professional as well as available!  Thank you!”
Guy and Terrie P. April 2017
“Christy provided excellent service!  She truly went the extra mile in helping us!  Thank you!”
Thomas and Mary L. April 2017
“Christy was so friendly and easy to work with!  Her staff were so nice and willing to help also!  Thank you!”
Cody and Deidra T. March 2017
“I am very satisfied with the service that Christy and her team provided us!  Everything that was promised came through!  I would return to HomeBridge in the future because I believe in getting good service and loyalty!  Thank you!”
James B. March 2017
“We had a great experience with all of the HomeBridge staff!  Thank you!”
Robert and Jeanna T. February 2017
“Christy was very organized and easy to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Bonnie D. February 2017
“Our finances were complicated but Christy and her team were very helpful, understanding, reassuring and they put forth extra time and effort to ensure everything got done on time!  If we ever purchase or finance again, we will definitely call on HomeBridge again!”
Robert and Michelle R. December 2016
“Christy is very responsive, knowledgeable, informative and timely!  She is also very personable, friendly and provided great customer service!”
Michael and Janelle C. February 2017
“Christy Cagle and her team were excellent!  This is our second home that we utilized their expertise on!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kimberly P. January 2017
“Christy made this an easy process and provided excellent customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jean and Manuel P. October 2016
“Christy was very pleasant to work with!  She was efficient and thorough during this process!  She worked hard to make for a very quick closing with no hassles!   Christy is wonderful!”
Peter M. October 2016
“Christy and her team were very helpful, available and knowledgeable!  They made the process easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jafaska L. September 2016
“Christy Cagle is awesome!  She kept me informed and helped me all the way through this process!  I would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs due to this positive experience!”
Deanna R. September 2016
“Christy and her team were diligent and professional throughout this process!  They went above and beyond to insure my satisfaction and happiness!   They had such a commitment to customer service!  Keep on making dreams come true!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Wilson and Lisa B. September 2016
“Christy and her team were great to work with!  They were very responsive and they provided great customer service!”
Robert and Eileen S. August 2016
“Christy was very professional and knowledgeable in her dealings with us!  I will definitely recommend her and HomeBridge to anyone and I will return again in the future!”
Lynn R. August 2016
“Christy was very professional and efficient!  I was very pleased with the services provided in every aspect of the loan process!”
Margaret R. August 2016
“Christy was very easy to work with!  She was very knowledgeable and friendly!  She provided good, quick follow through throughout this process!”
Dawn W. August 2016
“Christy Cagle is the reason I chose HomeBridge!  She is fantastic to work with!  Thank you!”
Kim A. August 2016
“Christy was extremely helpful!  She went above and beyond to help in every possible way!  She made the purchase of this home smooth with no problems at all!  Thank you for all of your hard work!”
Kenneth C. August 2016
“Christy provided easy and efficient service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Marnee W. July 2016
“Christy was very professional and helpful!  She dealt with many issues on our loan and always kept us informed!  Thank you for getting us financed!”
Shon M. July 2016
“Christy was very helpful throughout this process!  She was always there to explain everything and to answer any questions that I had!  HomeBridge made this home buying experience easy and stress free!  Everyone was great to work with!  Thanks!”
Julie D. October 2015
“Christy and her team were wonderful to work with!  They were prompt, professional and caring people!  They answered every phone call and question that I had along the way.  I have no complaints!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Melissa H. June 2016
“Christy and her team were very informative and helpful.  They made the process easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Neal S. May 2016
“Christy and her team were awesome to work with!  Everything was so smooth and easy!  I had a great experience at HomeBridge!  They did a great job!  Thank you!”
October 2015 Kevin and Brenda B.
“Christy and her team were all very, very helpful!  They always followed through and were there to answer any questions or concerns that we had.  Please keep Christy forever!!  We would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future!  Thank you!”
Traci G. November 2015
“Christy was easy to contact, thorough and very personable.  Thank you for making my first time home buying experience so smooth and easy!   This has been an excellent experience”
Thomas and Margaret A. April 2016
“I am very familiar with HomeBridge and Christy Cagle.  I love working with them!  My experience has always been very satisfactory!”
Andrew C. April 2016
“Christy and her team were all very nice and helpful.  I received excellent customer service!  Thanks!”
Larry Q. January 2016
“Christy was wonderful, she was always there to answer any questions that we had.  She was kind and knowledgeable, everything was wonderful!  Thanks!”
Lon and Kelly H. January 2016
“This was such an easy transaction, I have worked with Christy in the past and will work with her again in the future!”
Ruben and Jazmine A.
“The professionalism and friendly service made it easy  to accomplish all that is involved in purchasing a new home!    We will recommend HomeBridge with great confidence!”
Tonia Daytona Beach, FL
“I just wanted to say that Christy Cagle was the most personable, helpful loan officer I think I could have had! She did not mind that I called to ask even the simplest of questions, and would always get back to me the same day. She did an excellent job on working up a hypothetical situation for my loan, and was very thorough in covering all the information and getting what she needed from me. She really did find me the best loan situation I qualified for, and kept me informed along the way. We spoke several times in the months it took us to find our home, and had to work fast to meet quite a few deadlines on the way as it was a short sale. She was really great and I'd recommend her to anyone!”

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