About Christopher Bartlett

Christopher Bartlett is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Christopher is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Christopher’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Christopher bring your home ownership dreams to life!


christopher bartlett five star mortgage professional

What Our Customers Say About Me

Gaelle P. Jun-22
“They provided us with good services very patient very nice”
Ro-Anna T. Jun-22
“A big THANK YOU to Chris for being such a great help. He was very knowledgeable and worked hard in helping us to secure our loan. He was also great at getting back to us with answers to our questions. Ana was also phenomenal! She kept us updated and was very detailed in what documentation she needed from us. She was also quick to reach out to us when there was an issue.”
Laquaya D. May-22
“Chris and his team is the BEST !!!!!”
Daniel M. May-22
“From my first phone call with Chris Bartlett, I was very confident of his professionalism, taking into account the way he explains the mortgage process and requirements. based on that expertise in being able to provide accurate information on time and efficiently I believe that Chris is a best Banker I ever met.”
Maria S. Apr-22
“Homebridge Financial thanks to Chris Bartlett and his team I was able to secure a mortgage as a first time homebuyer. There attentiveness,the professional way they took care of my needs, always took my calls and listen a gave great advice, I will recommend this team to everyone I meet. Thank you Ana Molina you rocked for dedication. You're the perfect team.”
Joshua J. Apr-22
“It was my first very good and pleasant experience with the help of Chris Bartlett, Ana Molina and there team without it it would have been difficult. homebridge the best”
Luisa D. Apr-22
“Chris Bartlett , I give Chris Bartlett 5 Stars. He is available 7 days a week, always answers his calls and most of all he treats all his clients with respect and a smile.”
Rebecca T. Apr-22
“Chris Bartlett and his team were outstanding. We came to them after we had started working with another firm and quickly realized that we were not getting what we were promised. They turned around a terrible situation and made it enjoyable. A million thanks!!”
Jonathan B. Apr-22
“Chris and his team are the best in the business. Made it easier than i could imagine and was very fast”
Dibiandry R. Feb-22
“Everyone did an amazing job. I would recommend Homebridge to friends and family. Everything went smooth and we closed on expected date.”
Betty A. Feb-22
“I enjoy working with Chris and Dave and all the staff. I appreciate their efforts and time.”
Shernette H. Feb-22
“I really enjoy working with homebridge services Professional on time I would recommend them to anyone very good company hi 5 to homebridge serivce”
Laquisha E. Feb-22
“Chris Bartlett is amazing. Informative, explained the process. Honest. Worked hard! Great communication. At one point he said to me he felt comfortable with the mortgage i was pre approved for. He considered my situation and didn't treat me like another sale. I can go on and on, i will be sending everyone i know to Chris. He really gets it done. Prior to Chris i was ready to give up on my home owner dreams!”
Kenny O. Feb-22
Kedeisha F. Feb-22
“I enjoyed working with Chris Bartlett and his team they were very efficient and was able to get things done in record timing. I am very impressed with their work and most definitely will refer them to others as well as work using Homebridge in the future.”
Carolyn M. Jan-22
“Thank you for breaking things down to me and always answering all of my questions with ease.”
Bryan A. Jan-22
“Chris Bartlett did an outstanding job. I'm very pleased the refi process went as well as it did. Thank you!”
Wayne L. Jan-22
“Chris is always professional and is always available to answer questions and address concerns. His knowledge was key to guiding me from start to finish.”
Warren C. Jan-22
“A big thank you to the Homebridge Financial team. It was a pleasures working with Chris and Anna. My family is so overwhelmed with owing our very first home. I would recommend Homebridge Financial team 100%”
Carlos M. Jan-22
“I want to thank Chris Bartlett and Homebridge financial Services Inc. for helping to obtain this mortgage. If you're thinking of buying an home Homebridge is the company to go too. They will help you through the whole process.”
Iyeika M. Dec-21
“Chris Bartlett and Ana Molina were very knowledgeable on all questions and aspects of query that I may have had. They were very prompt in their reposnses to my queries via texts, emails and phone calls. I am thoroughly satisfied with how they made the process easy from start to finish.”
Governor J. Dec-21
“Thanks Chris and team for everything”
Nyokna T. Dec-21
“Good team that delivered in a timely manner. Thanks again I'm happy to be in my new home before the new years.”
Lapriah M. Dec-21
“Chris Bartlett And Ana Molina were amazing ! Chris worked with my husband and I to get pre approved day in and out! Ana held my hand throughout the whole processing time. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner regardless of day or time. They worked with me. Couldn't have been a better experience.”
Kemmar L. Nov-21
“Respectable gentleman very very good to deal with he's the best”
Edgar T. Oct-21
“I'm very happy and thank you all the team.”
Victoria C. Oct-21
“Chris I would like to thank you for all your help and input on purchasing my new home I can't be more happier thanks again and God bless you”
Sharon D. Oct-21
“Professional and informative communication was great”
Maryhelen S. Oct-21
“working with Chris Bartlett and Ana Molina was awesome! One or the other always answered my questions very quickly and both displayed amazing patience with me and my questions! They were even able to get everything done so we could close earlier than originally planned which was amazing and a relief! I really appreciate all their hard work and persistence! I would definitely recommend Chris and Homebridge to anyone who asks me.”
Nina M. Oct-21
“Wonderful experience on behalf of Homebridge. Thank you so much.”
Lazarus C. Oct-21
“Very grateful, Chris is a great financial adviser”
Everet C. Sep-21
“Chris i thank you for everything you guide me through this when I didn't know what I was doing thanks to you and your staff thank you.”
Unity W. Sep-21
“Chris Bartlett was very knowledgeable and considerate to my needs. He was prompt in answering my questions and and getting the necessary information that I needed to help me make my decision during the house buying process. Chris is a great asset to Homebridge Financial Services. This was an excellent experience for me and my family.”
Mayra S. Sep-21
“I was help by Chris and financial officer they made themselves avalible at Al time for any questions I may had they are very good.”
Clarence L. Sep-21
“Chris and his support staff were excellent.”
Rose L. Sep-21
“Christ Bartlett and his team was excellent in helping make my family dreams come true. They were straight forward, told me exactly what i needed to do. Ana kept me informed and eased my mind of anxiety. I thank the team from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you all.”
Dale B. Sep-21
“Chris and his team were great to work with. Their experience, knowledge and process was key to closing my loan. I am so pleased that I have sent several clients to Chris and look forward to sending many more clients in the future. Great team, great service...”
Radjindre S. Sep-21
“I want to thank you Chris for making it possible for us to have our own home. Thank you and may God bless you”
Felix E. Sep-21
“Thank you!!”
Tamara P. Sep-21
“Chris an Ana was very good working with them ,they were very efficient on getting me to the closing table on time I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to buy.”
Joseph M. Sep-21
“Thank you so much. I know it wasn't easy dealing with the sellers pushing the closing date back, but we got it done.”
Almanda P. Aug-21
“I am very Grateful to Chris Barlett and his team for turning around my loan process to purchase my dream home. Chris heard my story from my Realtor Shavonne Newton and they both worked very hard to help me become a home owner. Ana Molina was there to answer questions and give updates about what documentation was needed and where we where in the process. Nothing felt better than receiving the email that we were clear to close. I am forever thankful to Homebridge Financial Service.”
Winzy L. Aug-21
“I am so lucky to work with Christ and.his team. They are extremely professional, understanding, patient and amazing people.”
Joan E. Aug-21
“M. Bartlett was wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help, I am very satisfied with everything.”
Nicolette D. Aug-21
“He was very professional, patient and reliable. He provided excellent service. He responded to my text messages, and phone calls which makes the entire process easier for me. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”
Michael W. Aug-21
“I find Chris to be a man to his word. He knew his stuff and worked very very well with me. He stayed with me from the beginning to the end. I cannot help but say Kudos Chris continue to work with and for others. You are a wonderful person and I am so happy I got you to work with me on getting a home and mortgage. Good work Mr. Bartlett.”
Birman D. Aug-21
“Chris Bartlett and Ana Molina, they are a big help and nice to answer questions. They arr exellent help during the all procces”
Newton W. Jul-21
“Excellent only the best”
Nicole T. Jul-21
“Chris Bartlett and his team were excellent to work with! It was very intimidating buying my first house at 26, but Chris (and his team) made it as easy as possible for Ali and I. We can't believe how smooth everything went. We couldn't have done it without them. Would definitely recommend to anyone buying a house and will be using them again in the future!”
Yvette M. Jul-21
“The team went above and beyond for this closing to go as smooth as possible. They were on top of everything and when I needed help with no hesitation helped me. They made my family's dream come true by getting this house. The process so smooth. I can't thank you all enough.”
Lucy L. May-21
“From start to finish, I was very pleased. The staff at Homebride are thorough. It was an pleasant experience. Thank you.”
Marie A. May-21
“Smooth process - Ana was outstanding”
Jean Carlos M. Apr-21
“Home bridge is a very very good company I would love to deal with them again”
Eunice R. Apr-21
“He's very knowledgeable and responsive. He was very friendly and helped make a stressful process feel less stressful. I've used him before and was very pleased to have him assist a second time.”
Fatoumata D. Apr-21
“First i would like to thank Chris for his kindness, patience, professionalism. He is very knowledgeable and care for his clients. You can call, text, e-mail him at any time, he is there for you to help. I will recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in loans and will use Chris for my next deal. I give Chris 5 stars. Thank you Chris and May the Blessings of God be upon you and ur entire team. Excellent job. ”
Carlisa E. Apr-21
“good experience for me and my husband as a first time home buyer. thank you!”
Soraya F. Apr-21
“Just want to give a huge thanks to Chris and his team. Thank you for all that you did to help me reach my dream in becoming a home owner. I can't even find the correct words to describe how happy I am. Thank you thank you thank you!! Definitely recommending you to all my friends and family.”
Rafael R. Mar-21
“Chris you were great throughout this process. Thank you for all the great work you did on our behalf.”
Nicola L. Feb-21
“Knowledgeable, honest, understanding, reliable.”
Catherine M. Feb-21
“Chris was great through out the whole processed,no matter how many times I called texted etc, he always got right back to me and made me feel comfortable.If it wasn't for Chris I wouldn't be in my new home.I thank him for all he did for me.”
Syndie B. Feb-21
“Chris, I am thankful and I appreciate you advise and expertise in making my loan process smooth and I timely. You stood by you word when you said "don't worry I will make it happen". Thank you very much. May you continue to be blessed.??”
David P. Feb-21
“Chris and his team were great. Very satisfied with the skill and knowledge of this team.”
Christopher H. Jan-21
“Chris bartlett was organized respectful and very trustworthy I went into this blind and Chris lead the way. best experience hands down”
Kemisha M. Jan-21
“Chris Bartlett...WOW. What can I say? He goes above and beyond. He doesn't let things get in his way. He always has a plan A, B and C. Very professional, as well as helpful. He's great at what he does. He's definitely at the top of my list. Will definitely go back to him in the future, and refer him to ppl(which I already did). Ana, Ana, Ana. Ana Molina! Very down to earth, great personality, and definitely knows her way around the internet. She made getting necessary documents beyond easy. I definitely learned a few things from her. These two make one heck of a team. Phenomenal!!!!”
Sharon B. Jan-21
“We are so pleased with your services. We appreciate all that you've done for us. Without your help we don't know if this would've been possible. We defiantly recommend Homebridge Financial Services to anyone we know that is looking to purchase a home or property. Once again we thank you all for helping us when we needed it. We are so happy and honored. Thank you”
Bianca C. Jan-21
“Chris and his team are truly amazing. They were very supportive through the whole process.”
Cristina H. Jan-21
“From the very first call and email until after closing, Chris Bartlett and Ana Molina were incredible. They were efficient, professional, thorough, and made me and my family feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Thank you again for your service. ????”
Vanessa S. Jan-21
“Everyone at Homebridge Financial was very helpful throughout the loan process. I was kept informed every step of the way, which was much appreciated !”
Olusegun A. Dec-20
“Chris is very knowledgeable and experienced as he has being in the field for more than a decade. He is quick to respond throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend!”
Cedric B. Dec-20
“The team that worked on our Mortgage did a phenomenal job. This was my first time purchasing a home and it was a great experience. Thank you Chris!”
Wilgens D. Dec-20
“Outstanding professional services”
Alyce H. Dec-20
“Chris Bartlett worked with me every step of the way during loan process. He was detailed and succinct I couldn't have asked for a better Loan Officer.”
Havanel A. Dec-20
“The first time talking to Chris, I felt like I've known if forever. His personality is so, warm, kind, loving, caring etc. He's well experienced, great at what he does, and he's doing a phenomenal job. It was a pleasure working with him. LOVE YOU CHRIS.”
Angella Q. Nov-20
“Prior to working with Chris I was trying to get the loan with a different lender and the process was not so pleasant. Then I was referred to Chris, he was an Angel sent from above. He explained the process from beginning to end and how things would process. He was accessible via phone calls, texts and emails. He was fantastic and I was so happy to have worked with him. Chris thank you and your team. You Rock!!”
Sasha C. Nov-20
“Great to work with, no questions left unanswered. Altogether a great experience.”
Nicola C. Nov-20
“I dealt with Chris for my 1st home, used him for this one & will definitely use him again & also recommend him to others”
Odel N. Nov-20
“I was a pleasure working with Mr.Bartlett, he really did his due diligence if I didn't understand something I would call him and he would explain it to me. Definitely looking forward to working with him on my next property.”
John J. Nov-20
“Chris Bartlett was AWESOME!!! My husband and I were truly satisfied with the process! Thank you!”
Princess B. Nov-20
“Chris was indeed a great person who listened and respond to my calls in a timely manner. I was very happy that Chris was available, no matter the day or time he always responded. Chris's team was indeed excellent. I do appreciate working with them including Realtor Maureen Miller. Good job guys, well aprreciated.”
John P. Oct-20
“Chris Bartlett was very easy to work with and made himself available anytime. A true asset to Home bridge”
Carole W. Oct-20
“Well done Chris. Thank you.”
Michael B. Oct-20
“Thank you Chris for an overall outstanding Financial Experience.”
Jeannette V. Oct-20
“I'm very grateful to Chris, Ana, and Katiria with Remax for making our first homeownership not only possible but swift and smooth.”
Oscar A. Oct-20
“Every person at HomeBridge paved the way to our dream house. They were all helpful and informative and always returned a call back when we needed help. Thank you all very much for all the work that went into making this dream happen.”
Ashley B. Oct-20
“Thanks for everything!”
Ferdous K. Sep-20
“I am very appreciative working with Chris Bartlett. He is truly an expert in his field how he handle the loan and how he dealt with me.”
Keiyana G. Sep-20
“Chris and Ana Molina were great to work with! I'm a first time home owner and the process was a breeze for me, thanks to them!”
Jonathan M. Sep-20
“I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work with Chris through this process of the refinance of my home and I look forward to working with him and his colleagues in the future Chris's attitude when I spoke with him was encouraging when he told me that I will do everything I can to help you get this loan approved it felt sincere when he told me that I would like to thank him and homebridge for the time and effort that they put in to make this be fine as possible”
Phyllis L. Sep-20
“Chris was very professional and informative he made my journey in this new area of being a home owner stress free and excited to go the next step”
John I. Sep-20
“Overall very pleased with the service I'd like to sincerely thank homebridge and its staff for providing me with the opportunity to purchase my first ?? home.....”
George C. Sep-20
“Chris Bartlett is warm, patient, and easy to talk with. He seems genuinely interested in helping to meet the desire of the customer. That makes him an excellent agent”
Catessa P. Sep-20
“The process went smoother then I imagined, I enjoyed using the Homebridge site to keep up with the status of my application.”
Waylon W. Sep-20
“Thanks million to the Homebridge team Especially to miss Ana Molana, She was very patient and courteous with me.”
Vesta W. Aug-20
“Chris was the best loan officer I had even gotten to talk to since had started home loan shopping, kept me in the loop on every step. I love the calmness he has. Thanks for making our home buying a reality. We appreciate you and your entire team, Ana and Adena, you guys are the reason why we smile today”
Paul B. Aug-20
“Chris was excellent. Helped the process immensely.”
Ashley D. Aug-20
“Chris and his team were extremely helpful and always available to answer my many questions via phone or email.”

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