About Christine Robison

Christine Robison works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. She knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Christine brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Christine’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Susan G. Nov-20
“Christine was very helpful, patient and accessible. The process was simple and convenient. It was a great experience and would recommend Christine to any of my family, friends or aquaintances.”
James W. Sep-20
“Christine was extremely helpful, always answered my questions quickly and accurately. She was very timely and organized about my application and loan process, i felt very supported during the whole process from application to closing. I will always recommend her to anyone who needs a home loan or refinancing. She's definitely a 10+”
Mihozoty R. Aug-20
“Absolutely loved working with Christine. Thank you.”
John T. Aug-20
“I met Christine Robison quite a few years ago through a mutual friend and kept in touch with her. She was very knowledgeable about the business and kept me informed throughout the process. In the end we both got what we both wanted.”
MARK S. Apr-20
“All around, outstanding!”
ROBERT H. Mar-20
“I already added some thoughts about Christine. She's TRULY a hardcore trooper and a professional without question. We were far from each other the entire time and she always kept me informed of what was next, even when she knew it was going to make me ... less than happy. Whatever required, she was on it and never let me forget she was handling things on that end. Chad and, again, sorry if I'm recalling the wrong name, but Suzanne comes to mind, were also taking time to let me know what I needed and when to and WHAT to expect next. Thanks again to all 3. Special notice to whomever finished the paperwork after 5pm as well. THANK YOU MA'AM!”
Raymond S. June-19
“She was very professional and at the same time had the heart to satisfied us from the beginning to the closing. Great applaud to her and the team.”
Paul S. April-19
“Christine, Chad & Lashell were all really great and I would use them again and recommend them!”
Jonathan Y. December 2018
“Very responsive and great to work with.”
Johnnie C. December 2018
“This company was quick to notify me when paperwork was needed. Communication with this company was excellent. Very friendly staff.”
Fleurette S. November 2018
“Was very detail oriented and explained everything very well.”
Jordan L. November 2018
“Very helpful throughout the process.”
Lora K. October 2018
“Positive attitude, efficient, knowledgeable and super proactive.”
Eniko D. October 2018
“Very helpful and personable.”
Justin H. October 2018
“They assist you every step of the way, disclose each step, want to work and get you information on a house.”
Michael L. October 2018
“Incredible client communication and very knowledgeable about product.”
Joshua S. Aug-18
“Very helpful and professional.”
Robert K. Aug-18
“Good service.”
Joshua S. Aug-18
“Very helpful and professional.”
Robert K. Aug-18
“Good service.”
Joshua S. August 2018
“Very helpful and professional.”
Robert K. August 2018
“Good service.”
Joshua S. August 2018
“Very helpful and professional.”
Robert K. August 2018
“Good service.”
Craig W. June 2018
“Extremely professional and thorough. Excellent!!”
Lora R. April 2018
“I've worked with Christine for many transactions now and I would not consider using anyone else. She's the best!”
William V. March 2018
“We found that everyone at HomeBridge was very attentive, helpful and concerned in making this process timely and smooth.”
Jason P. March 2018
“Everyone has been very helpful and informative when I called. No matter what, always nice to talk to a nice person in a stressful situation.”
Jonathan S. March 2018
“Everything was great!”
William B. January 2018
“Easy to work with.”
Karen S. October 2017
“Great service.”
Edward S. October 2017
“Quick, accurate, answers.”
Corey S. October 2017
“Very good, fast, friendly.”
Larry B. November 2016
“Christine and her team were very responsive and quick to keep me up to date on what was needed. They made this process easy! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Debra B. September 2017
“Christine was always prompt to respond when I had questions or concerns. The process was fairly smooth and everyone I worked with was very helpful and professional!”
Robert F. August 2017
“Christine provided great communication and awesome service! Thank you!”
Steven D. and Doris T. July 2017
“Christine and her staff were very friendly and they provided such an ease of transaction!”
Jerry and Carol B. June 2017
“Christine was very personable and helpful! I have already recommended at least three people to HomeBridge!”
Bouzid H. June 2017
“Christine and HomeBridge did what many companies could not do!  I will recommend them to others and I will use them again for any future needs!”
Diana C. May 2017
“Christine and her team were awesome to work with!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!  Thank you!”
Paul M. May 2017
“Christine and her team did a great job helping me with this refinance!  I am very pleased with everyone's help at HomeBridge!”
Jacob and Mayme A. April 2017
“This was a flawless process that went very smoothly and quickly (30 days)!  We had a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Zachary and Sally K. April 2017
“We have worked with Christine for thirty years and she is the best!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lindsay T. February 2017
“Christine was a pleasure to work with!  She explained every step of the process and was very communicative both through email and phone.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Edward P. February 2017
“Christine provided thorough explanations and held our hand throughout this process!  Keep up the great work HomeBridge!”
Deborah Q. January 2017
“This was a great experience with Christine, she was very professional!  I felt very comfortable with the process every step of the way!  I was recommended to HomeBridge and I am very pleased!”
Estela S. and Jose Z. January 2017
“Christine is the best mortgage broker I have ever known!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!”
Adrian M. October 2016
“Christine provided such professionalism, integrity and a job well done!  Considering this was a long distance transaction, it was handled very well!  Awesome job HomeBridge!”
William and Melinda S. August 2016
“Christine was recommended through a mutual friend.  She was always in touch with us throughout the process.  She started the loan and finished it in a very short time!  That was a huge plus!”
Anne B. August 2016
“Christine and her team made my FHA loan possible!  They helped me with each step and they made sure that I was informed.  I would return to HomeBridge again in the future because I trust them.  I know that they would help me in every way possible!  Everything was perfect!  Thanks!”
Barbara M. August 2016
“Christine provided great customer service!  She was very detail oriented and she explained how the process worked from the beginning to end!  There was great communications between all the staff and myself.  Keep up the good work!”
Robert and Donna V. September 2015
“Christine and her team were very helpful and knowledgeable!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Willie D. June 2016
“Christine did a great job and was very attentive to our needs.  We would highly recommend anyone to use HomeBridge Financial Services!  They did excellent work and we are very satisfied!  Thank you!”
Tara and Ricardo M. October 2015
“Christine was wonderful to work with!  She helped us with several potential home purchases and was very helpful and patient in our home search!  This was a very smooth and easy loan process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jared and Lesley S. May 2016
“Christine and her team were very quick, efficient and understanding!  This was a very easy process for us!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David G. February 2016
“Christine went above and beyond what was expected,  she provided wonderful customer service!  I am actually using HomeBridge for my next purchase!  Don't change a thing!”

Our Latest Thinking

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