About Chrissy Pullis

Chrissy Pullis is a New Jersey native and graduate of Farleigh Dickinson University. She has more than 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry, including work in processing and origination. With this, Chrissy understands all aspects of the mortgage process and can guide her customers quickly and easily from application to closing. She enjoys educating her customers throughout the mortgage process and sharing in the excitement of purchasing a new home or even refinancing a current mortgage. In the end, Chrissy’s commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with her excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jeffrey C. December 2018
“Christine Pullis was always available to answer questions and made me feel as if she was working in my best interest.”
Catherine R. November 2018
“Never had a problem.”
Erica P. October 2018
“Christine was very prompt, helpful and pleasant to work with.”
Tonya G. October 2018
“Always a great experience from beginning to end.”
Tracy H. October 2018
“All was good then the taxes were miscalculated and payment increased.”
Chad D. September 2018
“Everything was flawless, peace of mind.”
Pedro R. September 2018
“Because of the service I got. Very happy!”
Jose B. September 2018
“Attentive and responsive customer service.”
Elyse T. Aug-18
“Chrissy went above and beyond for us!”
Elyse T. Aug-18
“Chrissy went above and beyond for us!”
Elyse T. August 2018
“Chrissy went above and beyond for us!”
Elyse T. August 2018
“Chrissy went above and beyond for us!”
Ernest L. May 2018
“They were very professional and Christine explained everything in detail and made the process an easy one.”
Eric K. March 2018
“Extremely helpful and organized. An amazing person!”
Nitaina M. March 2018
“Excellent customer service.”
Raffaella Z. March 2018
“HomeBridge Financial Services were very professional and able to complete my closing right on time.”
Pedro Q. December 2017
“Christine Pullis is a very helpful person. ”
Christopher B. November 2017
“Excellent service.”
Eddie A. October 2017
“Everyone from Christine to Cynthia the notary were very helpful and patient.”
Mohammed A. November 2016
“Chrissy was very efficient and great to work with! Everything was just fine!”
Catherine C. August 2017
“Chrissy was available at all times to answer any questions or concerns. HomeBridge was fast and easy to work with! I will definitely recommend to everyone!”
Eugene D. July 2017
“Christine was very nice to work with! Our original purchase and our refinance were both easy and low stress experiences! ”
Michael and Morgan H. June 2017
“Chrissy and her staff have been great with providing information and providing great service!”
Cesarina K. and Erick T. June 2017
“We had an excellent experience at HomeBridge!  This was our second time doing business with Chrissy , she was always available for us and she guided us through the entire process!  I feel that she went above and beyond to help us!  Thank you!”
Janice H. May 2017
“Chrissy was very helpful and explained the process thoroughly!  Thank you!”
Miriam C. and Lisa S. May 2017
“Chrissy and her team were so professional, efficient, organized, punctual, knowledgeable, compassionate and passionate about their jobs!”
Francisco G. and Veronica O. May 2017
“Chrissy provided superb customer service and flexibility throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lorraine K. April 2017
“Chrissy and her team were great!  They were very responsive and pleasant!  Great work getting me the best rate!”
Christine S. March 2017
“Chrissy was very helpful!  She was a pleasure to work with and made the process super easy for me!  She was always readily available to answer any questions or concerns!  She made my first home purchase a great experience!  Thank you!”
Erwin W. February 2017
“Chrissy went above and beyond to make this happen!  She answered all of my calls and made me feel at ease throughout the process!”
James and Ewa H. January 2017
“Chrissy and her team provided a high level of professionalism!  They treated us with respect and understanding and provided very fast service.  It was a pleasure working with all of them!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gilberto L. January 2017
“Chrissy and her team provided very fast responses and they made the process easy!  I never had any problem or issue.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Danette S. October 2016
“Chrissy was very nice and easy to work with!  She explained everything in detail and was always available!  I've worked with her in the past and can trust her fully!”
Timothy C. October 2016
“HomeBridge has been great to work with!  Any company or product endorsed or supported by Costco is an excellent deal to check out!  We intend to retire here at our property.  We went from a 30 year to a 15 year loan to achieve this plan.  Thank you!”
Bryan and Sarah S. October 2016
“Chrissy has provided a very smooth process and great customer service throughout this transaction!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sumaya and Kenneth C. October 2016
“Chrissy made this process smooth and easy!  I've had an amazing experience both times that I have worked with HomeBridge!”
Anthony and Kesha M. September 2016
“Chrissy and her team provided great service!  They made the process fast and easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Renee C. September 2016
“HomeBridge has been very professional and excellent to work with!  I would return to HomeBridge again in the future because I can trust them to deliver on their promise and I feel confident in them since this is my second refinance with them already.  Thank you!”
Charles and Beth M. September 2016
“Chrissy and her team provided excellent communication!  They were very professional, patient and informative!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kequette L. September 2016
“Chrissy was very friendly and polite!  That was greatly appreciated!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Franz and Lawra D. July 2016
“Chrissy was very energetic, responsive and friendly throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joy J. June 2016
“Chrissy and her team did an excellent job!  They provided great customer service in a timely manner!  Kudos to Chrissy!”
Jonathan and Rebecca B. July 2016
“Chrissy and her team provided great service and professionalism!  They were always very convenient to work with and easy to access.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Monique K. July 2016
“Chrissy always went above and beyond to make this transaction seamless!  I definitely noticed her personal attention and professionalism!  I would like to return to HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Debra B. July 2016
“Chrissy and her team were very kind, quick and knowledgeable throughout this process!  I will return to HomeBridge for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Margaret G. June 2016
“Chrissy was very helpful and easy to work with!  She made this whole process so easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nicole O. May 2016
“Christine was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout this process!  I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Erika and Pedro P. May 2016
“Chrissy and her team were very nice people to work with!  This was a super easy process to re-finance.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Tammy G. May 2016
“Chrissy was always very helpful!  She got my refinance done in great time and made it very simple for me!  I would return to HomeBridge in the future for any loan needs!”
Jaime G. May 2016
“Chrissy was very personable, professional and did everything she said she would do! Everything was great!”
Pamela R. May 2016
“Chrissy was always very informative and helpful throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nicole and Eric L. November 2015
“Chrissy was very pleasant, informative and easy to work with!  She really made this a great experience!”
Damian R. December 2015
“Chrissy was very efficient and extremely easy to speak with.  She was very patient when I had questions and was always friendly and thorough.  I am very happy with how HomeBridge does business!”
Charles W. January 2016
“Chrissy was so organized which made the process run so smoothly.  I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!  Keep doing what you're doing!”
Barbara S. January 2016
“Chrissy was very accommodating, friendly and professional!  Thank you!”
Asheena T.
“This was a very smooth process, everyone at HomeBridge was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional!”
Maribeth L.
“I loved Chrissy , she was great!  she was very patient.  This was a very nice process!  Thank you!”

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