About Cheryl Kay

With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry and a vast knowledge of the local market, Cheryl Kay is able to provide her customers with the knowledge they need to obtain a home loan. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their dream of home ownership. She knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Cheryl brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Cheryl also loves animals and is a big supporter of the Boys and Girls Club. She really enjoys working with each and every customer, and prides herself on helping buyers find the most economic and suitable mortgage product to fit their specific income and personal situation. Cheryl focuses on customer service and being each client’s go-to expert for mortgage advice. Call her today to get started on your home loan!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Michael G. Aug-18
“Repeat customer.”
Nicholas C. Aug-18
“Customer service, friendly, on time and honest.”
Brian H. Aug-18
“They are awesome!”
Nicholas C. Aug-18
“Customer service, friendly, on time and honest.”
Brian H. Aug-18
“They are awesome!”
Michael G. Aug-18
“Repeat customer.”
Nicholas C. August 2018
“Customer service, friendly, on time and honest.”
Brian H. August 2018
“They are awesome!”
Michael G. August 2018
“Repeat customer.”
Michael G. August 2018
“Repeat customer.”
Nicholas C. August 2018
“Customer service, friendly, on time and honest.”
Brian H. August 2018
“They are awesome!”
Clyde W. April 2018
“I have always had a great experience.”
Michael M. March 2018
“The service was very good! Cheryl and her team were very helpful throughout the process.”
Paul H. March 2018
“This is our second loan through HomeBridge and it was explained very clearly. They cared about us through personal family issues.”
Vernon H. March 2018
“Outstanding team!”
Sharon L. March 2018
“Everything went smooth and easy!”
Richard S. March 2018
“Flawless process.”
Paul P. January 2018
“Cheryl Kay is excellent! A true and dedicated professional! Excellent communication skills, on time and on task. Cheryl and her team did an awesome job. Highly recommended her to all!”
Shimea T. December 2017
“Cheryl Kay and her team are beyond amazing!”
Garrett A. December 2017
“Cheryl was very easy to work with and very prompt to answer questions, and make it easy for us. ”
Pamela L. October 2017
“Always very friendly, well informed and quick to respond to any questions.”
William E. October 2017
“Excellent service.”
Jerome H. November 2016
“Cheryl explained everything in detail. She took the time to answer all questions that I had. She was always available to help with the entire process. I would highly recommend HomeBridge to anyone! Everything was absolutely perfect!”
Donna F. November 2016
“Cheryl went over and beyond my expectations so much more than any other mortgage representative I have ever been associated with! I am very pleased with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Stephen S. December 2016
“I have worked with Cheryl for many years and I trust her with anything! She is a gem!”
Mandy G. August 2017
“Cheryl has been so amazing to work with! She was always available to us and she made the process easy and painless! Everything was great!”
Mark A. August 2017
“Cheryl did a great job! She was a referral by our agent Gus. Cheryl was very proactive, personable and engaged on a daily basis. She also provided great follow-up and was always available to help. This was a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Keith and Jennifer S. July 2017
“Cheryl has provided great communication and made the process go very smoothly! We would definitely be comfortable using HomeBridge again in the future when needed! Thank you!”
Sarah M. July 2017
“Cheryl made this process easy and quick! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ricardo and Victoria L. July 2017
“Cheryl was extremely informational throughout this entire process! She was so considerate to us as first time home buyers and being new to this process! Her entire team worked very promptly!”
Juan A. June 2017
“Cheryl is an awesome person to work with! She is very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you Cheryl for making it happen! Keep up the great work!”
Tyler and Brooke L. June 2017
“Cheryl went above and beyond to make this an easy process!  She is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone!”
Dallin and Sydney G. June 2017
“Cheryl and her entire team were so easy to work with and very responsive, even late at night when needed.  We would return to HomeBridge again in the future because of how easy the process was!”
Stephen and Amy P. May 2017
“It has been a pleasure working with Cheryl at HomeBridge!  She has been so helpful and has given us such peace of mind during the transaction!  Thank you!”
Chad and Janae E. May 2017
“Cheryl was very prompt and thorough throughout this process!  We will definitely recommend her to others due to this positive experience at HomeBridge!”
Lee M. May 2017
“Cheryl and her team have all been wonderful to work with!  Any questions or concerns that we had were answered very quickly!  Cheryl has been amazing to work with!  Cheryl was the best so, I would definitely return to HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
David and Felicia S. May 2017
“Cheryl and her team were attentive, reliable and easy to reach!  They were all a pleasure to work with!  True gems!  Thank you!”
Rachel R. April 2017
“Cheryl was very helpful and friendly throughout the process!  She was able to work around my schedule!  Thank you!”
Larry and Terry M. April 2017
“I have worked with Cheryl in the past and she has always gone above and beyond for us!  This was another great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Abimael and Shawna A.
“Cheryl kept in contact with us every step of the way!  We are repeat customers and we will continue to use HomeBridge and refer other people to them!  I have already done a refinance through them and it was smooth and easy!  Thank you!”
Vicki P. March 2017
“Cheryl worked hard on our loan and she kept in touch every step of the way!  She always answered my calls and questions and provided great customer service!”
“Cheryl was always there when we had questions and she answered them so that a first time home buyer could understand!  We feel like we really developed a great relationship with Cheryl!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert and Beverly S. October 2016
“Cheryl was very pleasant to work with!  She kept us informed throughout the loan process.  She gave us information on the loan, costs and payment info up front.  She was always available to answer questions!  We would return to HomeBridge again in the future because we were treated so well!  Keep on doing what you're doing!  Thank you!”
Abimael and Shawna A. October 2016
“Cheryl was clear and concise throughout this process!  She provided great communication!  This has been a wonderful experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Michael and Lonna W. September 2016
“Cheryl Barber is no hassles and easy to work with!  We have used Cheryl and her team in the past and we will continue to use them in the future!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ashley F. September 2016
“Cheryl and her team made this process quick, seamless and detail oriented!  They were all great to work with!”
William and Lisa K. August 2016
“Cheryl provided excellent customer service!  We will definitely recommend her to family and friends!”
Susan D.
“Cheryl was very prompt and always there when I needed her!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jack and Linda A. August 2016
“We have worked with Cheryl several times before. She and HomeBridge went above and beyond to help us!  Cheryl is so caring and professional!  This process was fast and thorough!  HomeBridge provided excellent service!”
Michael J. July 2016
“Cheryl provided prompt and efficient service!  This was my second smooth transaction at HomeBridge!  Thanks!”
Terrell and Christina P. July 2016
“Cheryl worked hard to get this done!  She was amazing to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert O. July 2016
“Cheryl was very professional and organized which made for a seamless transaction!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others because of my positive experience!  Thanks!”
Kevin and Diana C. June 2016
“Cheryl and her team were very thorough and easy to work with!  They were extremely patient and accommodating!”
Deborah C. October 2015
“Cheryl has been wonderful to work with!  She was very helpful and informative throughout this process!  I would recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Michael J. October 2015
“Cheryl provided us an excellent experience in a timely fashion!  Keep on doing what you're doing!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Misty P. April 2016
“Cheryl Barber is great, knowledgeable and professional!  I will use HomeBridge again for future needs!”
Donna F. December 2015
“Cheryl and the entire HomeBridge team were great to work with.  They provided excellent customer service.  Everyone went above and beyond throughout the entire process!  They were great!”
John F. April 2016
“Cheryl was very professional, informative, prompt and communicative.  This has been a very positive experience for me!”
Erica F. April 2016
“Cheryl was always ahead of the ball, she explained every step of the process.  I appreciate all of her efforts and making this a stress free experience.  This has been a very professional and pleasant experience.  I would use HomeBridge for all future home purchase needs!”
Natalie A. January 2016
“Cheryl Barber was extremely proactive and helpful, her services were invaluable to the successful conclusion of my loan.  Thanks!”
Javier F. April 2016
“Cheryl has been very knowledgeable, professional and kind throughout this process.  This has been smooth and easy for me!  You guys are very professional and know your business very well!  Thanks!”
Joseph M. April 2016
“Cheryl was knowledgeable, communicative, accessible, thorough and very easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Crystal W. April 2016
“Cheryl and her team were very knowledgeable, thorough and helpful!  Thanks!”
Raymond H.
“Cheryl walked us through this whole process and helped each step of the way, she made everything so easy to understand.  This is our second experience with HomeBridge and both were very positive!”
Michael B.
“Cheryl Barber went above and beyond providing great customer service!  It doesn't get any better!  Thanks!”
Christopher and Cherry J.
“Cheryl has been a pleasure to work with, she was always at the ready to help or explain anything!  Thanks!”

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