About Cecilia Sensenig

Cecilia Sensenig works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Cecilia knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Cecilia brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Cecilia’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Kenia D. December 2018
“Super, extremely, incredibly helpful. Always available whenever we had any and all questions. Literally walked us through the entire process.”
Samuel N. December 2018
“Very knowledgeable and helpful. Easy to reach.”
Giovanna C. November 2018
“Always available and went above and beyond.”
Reinaldo R. October 2018
“Great service.”
Curtis T. October 2018
“She was great through everything. Our experience was great.”
Brandon S. October 2018
“Cecilia was very informative and kept us up to speed with the process.”
Matthew S. October 2018
“Cecilia made the entire process understandable and easy.”
Ilsy G. September 2018
“Wonderful and friendly.”
Christopher K. September 2018
“Cecilia was quick and easy to work with!”
Javier M. Aug-18
“Recommended by a friend to see Cecilia because she went above and beyond to help him buy his house. Cecilia went above and beyond to help us buy the house.”
Kyle G. Aug-18
“Very helpful.”
Eric M. Aug-18
“I had a great experience!”
Javier M. Aug-18
“Recommended by a friend to see Cecilia because she went above and beyond to help him buy his house. Cecilia went above and beyond to help us buy the house.”
Kyle G. Aug-18
“Very helpful.”
Eric M. Aug-18
“I had a great experience!”
Eric M. August 2018
“I had a great experience!”
Javier M. August 2018
“Recommended by a friend to see Cecilia because she went above and beyond to help him buy his house. Cecilia went above and beyond to help us buy the house.”
Kyle G. August 2018
“Very helpful.”
Javier M. August 2018
“Recommended by a friend to see Cecilia because she went above and beyond to help him buy his house. Cecilia went above and beyond to help us buy the house.”
Kyle G. August 2018
“Very helpful.”
Eric M. August 2018
“I had a great experience!”
Cynthia R. June 2018
“Cecilia is simply amazing!”
Carol R. April 2018
“They were helpful and explained the process.”
Harold G. April 2018
“Cecilia was very responsive and informative throughout the whole loan process. She was able to work with us so we were able to get a loan rate that works for us.”
William H. December 2017
“Knowledgeable, pleasant, relaxed and confident in her ability.”
Amber B. December 2017
“I had a positive experience with Cecilia. She was very helpful and made everything very smooth.”
Kelena M. November 2017
“Cecilia was great getting everything sent in quickly and answered my questions as needed.”
Wendy J. October 2017
“She is very nice.”
Brandon J. October 2017
“Cecilia was great and always kept on top of everything. She was quick to inform us of changes, gave great rates and was friendly. She was a pleasure to work with!”
Dustin R. October 2017
“Our realtor and mortgage agent did an excellent job and made the HomeBridge buying process as easy as possible ”
Wayne E. December 2016
“Cecilia is awesome! She made this seem easy! She is so kind and wonderful!”
Krista M. December 2016
“Cecilia made this process seamless for me. She was patient, understanding and extremely helpful! I would definitely like to work with HomeBridge again due to this positive experience!”
Bonnie Z. December 2016
“Cecilia was very kind and through throughout this process! This transaction was very easy and Cecilia guided me through every step of the way! I would use Cecilia for all of my mortgage needs!”
Melissa C. September 2017
“Cecilia and her team provided very good service! They were excellent people to work with!”
Monica and Carl G. August 2017
“Cecilia made this process seamless and I felt like I was well informed throughout the entire process! Our team did a great job and it was a good experience!”
Charity and Travis B. August 2017
“Cecilia and her team were great to work with! They made the process easy and I didn't have to worry!”
Liana P. July 2017
“Cecilia was amazing to work with! She made this process very easy for me! She was easy to work with and provided great service!”
Shawnie S. July 2017
“Cecilia was always available, very helpful and she went above and beyond my expectations! She helped me in every aspect of the loan!”
William C. July 2017
“Cecilia was organized, efficient, communicative and she provided great follow-up! She was also very thorough and there were no issues throughout the process!”
Gerson D. July 2017
“Cecilia and her team did a great job! All paper was done properly and the process went smooth and fast! ”
Jonathan V. June 2017
“Cecilia was wonderful to work with! She was very helpful and extremely thorough!”
Carlos R. June 2017
“I am very pleased with the services that HomeBridge provided! I would definitely return to HomeBridge again for any future needs because of all the personal attention that they gave! Everything was excellent!”
Jennifer and Freddie J. May 2017
“Cecilia was very responsive to phone calls and emails.  She was very helpful with all questions!  She is a very positive and upbeat person that was always there with answers!  It was a very streamlined process and I liked all of the online options!”
Jay and Veronica S. May 2017
“Cecilia and her team were very helpful in getting things done!  They made this process excellent and were very easy to work with! Cecilia was a great help in all that we needed!  Thank you HomeBridge!@”
Chelsea S. May 2017
“Cecilia was very knowledgeable and easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Larry and Virginia K. April 2017
“Cecilia and her staff are very knowledgeable and informative!  They made this process easy and convenient!”
Cornelia W., April 2017
“Cecilia was extremely friendly, professional, prompt and informative throughout this process!  HomeBridge provided the very best service ever!”
Steven and Tiffany F. March 2017
“Cecilia was extremely helpful and she made this process smooth and easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Larry and Delisa L. March 2017
“Cecilia is a huge asset to HomeBridge!  She gave 110% to assist us!  Thank you!”
Richard G. February 2017
“Cecilia was helpful and friendly!  She provided excellent service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brandon and Brittany S. October 2016
“Cecilia and her team were all very informative and helpful throughout this process!  They answered all of our questions promptly! The process was thorough and easy on our end!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Larry G. October 2016
“Cecilia made this entire process extremely easy!  The communication between her and I was great!  Everyone involved was so pleasant and they did a great job!”
Patricia C. September 2016
“Cecilia is very pleasant, professional and responsive!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Richard P. August 2016
“Cecilia was easily reachable throughout this process.  She quickly answered any questions that I had without any obstacles!  She kept me immediately informed of any changes or concerns and provided great customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Alexander and Ellen B. August 2016
“Cecilia was excellent to work with throughout our entire transaction at HomeBridge!  She was prompt, truthful and courteous!  Thank you for providing prompt, excellent service!  This was an excellent experience!”
Cleotilde F. July 2015
“Cecilia provided a lot of support and was always on my side!  I am very satisfied with the service that I received at HomeBridge!  They definitely meet my expectations!  Thank you!”
Jeffrey B. June 2016
“Cecilia was extremely helpful and easy to work with!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Kevin and Melissa G. September 2015
“Cecilia worked fast and communicated well throughout this process!  We will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!  Thank you!”
Charles T. June 2016
“Cecilia was very professional, helpful and pleasant!  She worked hard for us to get our home!”
Daniel and Larissa N. October 2015
“Cecilia and her team were all very friendly, helpful, informative and thorough throughout this process!”
Douglas and Charlene G. May 2016
“Cecilia has been very knowledgeable, honest, diligent and helpful throughout this process!”
William and Sophie C. October 2015
“Cecilia explained the process well and was able to answer all of our questions quickly.  All the information was clear and concise.  Cecilia really went above and beyond to address our needs.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Maria C. November 2015
“Cecilia and her team were the nicest people!  They were very helpful and informative throughout this process!”
Kenneth H. May 2016
“Cecilia was very helpful.  She quickly responded to all requests and answered any questions that we had.  This was a very pleasant and easy transaction!”
Connie K. April 2016
“Cecilia was very helpful and easy to work with.  She was always willing to answer any questions I had.  Everything went great!”
Brett and Crystal G. December 2015
“Cecilia was always very helpful throughout this entire process.  She has a high level of knowledge and was able to answer questions at any time.”
Adrian and Leslye R. December 2015
“Cecilia was available at all times, everything we needed we received in a timely manner.  We were kept well informed throughout the process. Everything was great!  We would definitely use HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Malcolm and Wilma G. January 2016
“I received very personable service, extremely fast and dependable!  Fast! Fast! Fast!  Thanks HomeBridge!”
Joel P. January 2016
“Cecilia was very helpful, as a first time home buyer she walked me through everything, she couldn't have been better!  Cecilia and the whole HomeBridge company has been amazing the whole time!”
Daniel M. April 2016
“Cecilia and everyone at HomeBridge has been on top of all aspects of this transaction and made it stress free for me.  Everything was easy and informative.  Cecilia was so knowledgeable with all available options and did everything in her power to make my loan affordable.”
Wesley K.
“This has been a very good experience, Cecilia provided a lot of patience and understanding for a first-time home buyer! Everything was wonderful!”
Phillip and Lindsay S.
“We received a recommendation from our friend and it definitely worked well for us!  Perfectly satisfied.  Cecilia was easy to contact and she went the extra mile to help us!”

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