About Cathy Hickey

Cathy Hickey works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Cathy knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Cathy brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Cathy’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Man T. Feb-22
“Cathy is truly a rockstar of your organization”
Christopher T. Dec-21
“Cathy and her team are beyond AMAZING. I was well informed throughout the process and given the "Red Carpet Experience". It was an absolute pleasure working with Cathy and her team of dedicated professionals. I will certainly refer Cathy and her team to my family, friends and will soley use Cathy and her team for any future purchases. Thank you!”
Amarjit S. Dec-21
“Cathy was very nice and very helpful. We will always use her and refer our friends. She always answered her phone when we called and answered our questions.”
John M. Aug-21
“Cathy and her team did a great job.”
Alfred A. Jul-21
“Super team. Thank you all”
Terrence C. Nov-20
“Cathy was the greatest. Very professional at all times and kept us updated on all aspects as we went through this process of purchasing a home.”
Milven K. Oct-20
“Over my years of buying and selling, I have never had an experience as well as with Cathy. I had never met her until my realtor introduced us. She made the process so smooth for me. I will never forget her. Although at my age I do not expect to purchase another home, I will refer others to her.”
Sandy J. Sep-20
“I was very satisfied with the way I was treated and would recommend Homebridge to anyone who needs you.”
Adrian R. Jun-20
“Shes awesome”
“Excellent and knowledgeable. Extremely friendly and she obviously cares about her clients. She goes above and beyond and I will recommend her to anyone I know in the home buying process”
JOSE D. Nov-19
“Lindsey Bennet, Cathy, and Marsha were wonderful. We truly appreciate the time and efforts given to help us FINALLY lower our interest rate and close the door to a very frustrating, previous mortgage experience. Thank you.”
STEVEN Y. Nov-19
“Cathy was great to work with from beginning to end. Very professional and personable.”
Jana T. June-19
“Working with Cathy Hickey was a joy. She is very knowledgeable and translates the mortgage process into very understandable language and makes the whole experience actually easy to get through. I definitely plan to use her again for my future purchases.”
James L. November 2018
“Because of the warm and patient direction Cathy gave us. She was wonderful and very helpful.”
John H. November 2018
“It was the service recommended by our agent. Cathy worked endlessly with me to provide the best options for our mortgage.”
Gilbert L. October 2018
“The initial loan officer was undependable. Cathy Hickey literally reached my home loan and explored many options to help make my loan successful. She and her team worked hard and were amazing and easy to work with.”
Sherri Y. October 2018
“Cathy was extremely friendly through the process and made me feel welcome and possible.”
Joseph R. October 2018
“Best rate in town, hard working, excellent service!”
Nicolas G. October 2018
“They were very efficient and communicated well with us.”
Oscar M. October 2018
“Cathy Hickey was the best!”
Michael B. October 2018
“Incredibly detailed. ”
Cheryl G. September 2018
“Lindsey Bennett and Cathy Hickey were very knowledgeable and provided extreme customer service. The best team. If I buy another home I will consult with them again.”
Leah R. June 2018
“Cathy was incredible.”
Meghan G. April 2018
“They kept me updated on everything. It was fast to get approval, they always asked if I had questions and were quick to answer.”
Ronald D. April 2018
“Cathy Hickey is always available to help us and this is the third home we have purchased with her help.”
Noe D. March 2018
“The personal assistance and loan processing was excellent!”
Michael C. November 2017
“Extremely helpful.”
Ronald W. November 2017
“Very good people, very nice and they helped me out a lot.”
Mark S. November 2017
“Cathy walked with me through the whole process, love this woman!”
Timothy E. and Andrea H. September 2017
“Cathy went above and beyond to get us to closing! We now have a friend in banking! She was available whenever we had a question and provided an easy understanding of the process!”
Jared G. September 2017
“Cathy handled all issues with great care and in a timely manner! She answered all questions and was great to work with! Exchanging information was easy. I was kept up to date with all progress so I knew exactly what was going on! I had a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Russell W. July 2017
“Cathy and her team were so helpful every step of the way! Cathy answered questions so quickly! HomeBridge is an amazing company!”
Lisa P.
“Cathy and her team provided exceptional service! I am very likely to return to HomeBridge again in the future because of the outstanding responses and the exceptional service!”
Shirley M. June 2017
“Cathy was very kind, thoughtful, helpful and professional! ”
Nathan and Chloe G. June 2017
“Cathy is the best!  She is extremely helpful and the best at what she does!  We are so thankful for her!”
Carlos and Erolinda R. December 2016
“Upon referral by our realtor, we contacted Cathy.  We are very happy with her assistance and her prompt responses!  She was most cordial and eager to help no matter what the circumstance!  Keep up the good work!”
Judith M. May 2017
“Cathy is very conscientious and extremely hands on at all times.  She is dedicated to pleasing the home owners and getting the job done!  Cathy Hickey made our dream become a reality!   Thank you!”
Adoracion S. May 2017
“I am very pleased with the communication and the excellent customer service that Cathy provided!”
Randall H. April 2017
“Cathy and her team were very accommodating and efficient in handling my mortgage needs.  They walked me through this process entirely with a friendly attitude!   I think that everything went well and I am happy with the results!  Thank you!”
Daniel G. April 2017
“Cathy was always there to answer questions.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home!  I am very pleased with the service that she provided!  Thank you!”
Consuelo R. April 2017
“Every question that I had was answered and options were brought to light that I didn't even know I had.  This entire process was painless and organized!  Everyone on the team communicated and helped keep me at peace!  They all made this miracle possible!  Everyone I worked with was fantastic!   Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kathy G. March 2017
“Cathy Hickey was amazing!  She was very thoughtful and communicative throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joseph R. January 2017
“Cathy was very helpful throughout this entire process!  Since this was my first time purchasing a house, I had many questions and she was always there to help.  Thank you Cathy!  You are fantastic!”
Joan O. October 2016
“My experience with HomeBridge was wonderful!  Cathy and her team kept in close contact and answered every question I had throughout this process!  This team was very efficient and they worked well together!  They were very thorough in all aspects of the transaction.  This was a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Chad and Crystal R. August 2016
“We loved working with Cathy and HomeBridge!  They made the entire process so easy!”
Patrick and Teresa F. August 2016
“Cathy always responded quickly and would and could answer any of our questions!  She was so professional and easy to work with!  Keep up the great work HomeBridge!”
Veronica M. July 2016
“Cathy and her team were very prompt, knowledgeable and pleasant!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
Brian and Erica M. May 2016
“Cathy and her team were extremely helpful in this process.  They went above and beyond to assist us!  Everything was perfect!”
Alexandra S. May 2016
“Cathy and her team were very prompt and knowledgeable!  This has been an absolutely great experience!  Thank you for everything HomeBridge!”

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