About Cari Crites


I am a Certified Mortgage Planner and a licensed California Real Estate Broker with more than 40 years of combined real estate transaction experience in financing, escrow, title and real estate sales. My vast experience in all areas of transactional real estate can give you the confidence and peace of mind you need when purchasing a new home.   I do Jumbo, Conventional, FHA, and VA financing for Primary, Investment, or Vacation Homes.


As a licensed mortgage professional for more than twenty years, I know how to navigate the loan and escrow process to get things done for you.  I am described as a caring, approachable and a trustworthy resource for my clients. I work closely with each client to get the best loan and rate that fits their needs. I am proud to be working with a company that shares my core values; trust, knowledge and community. Call, email, or text me and let’s start today. Homeownership is easier than you think.

What Our Customers Say About Me

John B. Jan-22
“Cari Crites was beyond spectacular, beyond outstanding. I made a personal friend in the process. I owe her”
Nazan G. Oct-21
“We would work with Cari Crites at Homebridge again, and again. To us, she was the 'unicorn' of lenders. Cari is courteous, motivated and wholly accountable for her results. We used her service based on a referral from a good friend who raved about her. We will refer her without hesitation. Unicorn quality # 1: Cari is highly knowledgeable on most aspects of the home-buying process. She was able to offer insight on most questions we had - a few of which seemed to stump our 'not so smart' realtors. She acted as a sounding board when we experienced various wrinkles in our process that were unrelated to lending. Experience is valuable and to us, Cari's vast and varied experience makes her very RARE. Unicorn quality # 2: The home-buying process is stressful and filled with 'interested' parties who are supposed to look out for YOUR best interest - but really don't. Cari is the counter-balance to those failing individuals because she is the lender who actually cares. Cari took every phone call we placed - and there were many. She put herself in our shoes and was a voice of reason, offering guidance that was way above the call of duty. And when needed to, she fought for us. You can't pay for that... Cari is a tribute to her profession. She defines excellence. And we are beyond grateful for her. ”
John P. Sep-21
“If you are looking for a mortgage loan, or refinance, Cari Crites is the one to call. She make the whole process simple, she always reply's immediately to any questions/concerns. Cari also keeps you up-to-date, so you never are wondering where you are at in the process. If you want an easy to process loan, call Cari Crites! This is our second refi with her, and if we have a need for another, or if a family member does, we will call Cari, guaranteed!”
Darlene H. Aug-21
“Cari was outstanding. Very helpful and more than willing to carry the burdens of refinancing.”
Fante Z. Aug-21
“Cari is and was fantastic as usual. She is truly a gem. She is the reason we keep coming back to Homebridge for our refinancing needs.”
Donna K. Jul-21
“Cari was professional, timely and great to work with. I worked with her before 5 years ago and was so impressed by her and the overall process that I chose to work with her again. Would highly recommend her to friends and family.”
Jebi M. Jul-21
“Hands down best professional in the mortgage business I've worked with. She's a star. Knowledgeable, honest, responsive. She is the best”
Nicole S. Mar-21
“I have known Cari professionally for 8 years. Being able to work with her as a first time home buyer was incredibly special and I can't imagine having gone through this process with anybody else. Cari made time to explain every step of the process, the way she does with my clients. Cari is patient and beyond kind, which I think is something that all Buyers need whether it's their 10th or 1st home purchase.”
Carlos O. Feb-21
“The mortgage application process was overwhelming at times, but Cari Crites' patience, clear explanations, and prompt responses made me feel in safe hands throughout the process. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her to others who are looking for a mortgage.”
Steven H. Feb-21
“If I could give Cari higher than a 10 I would. She made it happen and overcame every obstacle and kept us calm during a rough transaction. She is simply the best out there.”
Dino H. Jan-21
“Cari was very patient with me and guided me through the entire process. I would recommend Cari to my friends.”
Romelle H. Dec-20
“I can't imagine working with any one else. I am not that comfortable on the computer and she stayed with me every step of the way. She kept me updated through the whole process. Her knowledge was priceless. She explained the process with me, with great patience and kindness. I have done this before, was not a pleasant experience, and never was I treated as wonderfully as I was by Cari Crites. She took all the negative out of the process and made it a very pleasant journey . I am now spoiled. Thank you so much Cari Crites”
Jensen R. Nov-20
“Cari is the best and we ONLY go to her on those occasions where we have purchased a home or sought a refi. Thank you, Cari!!!!!!!!!”
Jim T. Sep-20
“Her grit is remarkable, she always makes a difference on someone's life. She goes above and beyond!”
Travis K. Sep-20
“Cari was great to work with”
Andrea S. Aug-20
“I've worked with Cari several times now and each time has been a pleasure. She's knowledgeable, responsive, and generally on top of things in all the stages. Great to work with!”
Scott M. Jul-20
“Cari Crites is delightful.”
Scott M. Jul-20
“Cari Crites is delightful.”
Karolyn K. Feb-20
“Cari is amazingly responsive and incredibly patient. She's thorough and made it a point to keep us informed on the status throughout the process. I wouldn't trust this process to any other human being. It's always a pleasure working with Cari.”
Erin J. Jan-20
“Cari was a dream to work with. She walked me through every single step and explained what to expect from this process! She really made a stressful and complicated process VERY easy. She helped me tremendously. I would recommend her over and over again!”
Kenneth L. Jul-19
“Cari Crites was great. Getting a mortgage is an onerous process at best but she made it much easier. She pushed hard to get us through the whole process om 21 days. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to someone looking to buy a house. She answered questions quickly, even in the seeings and weekends with helpful answers. If we buy another house in California, I would not need to decide what company to go to. I'd contact Cari. She rocks!”

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