About Cal Russell

Cal Russell graduated from the University of Delaware and has nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Cal has worked in mortgage sales, operations and management, so he understands the mortgage process from all angles. Cal’s vast knowledge of what it takes to get to the closing table smoothly allows him to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Cal is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Cal’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Active in the community, Cal is a member of the YMCA, Pennsylvania Association of Mortgage Bankers and Brokers, National Association of Mortgage Bankers and Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.


What Our Customers Say About Me

Frank S. Apr-22
“Cal is a consummate professional who works very hard to answer my questions and get things right. Excellent work!”
Patricia P. Feb-22
“Cal was wonderful during the process. He is quite vivacious and very knowledgeable and competent. Janet was a godsend. She was courteous, patient and very helpful in explaining what paperwork needed to be sent along with an explanation. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her during this process. ”
Jacqueline T. Feb-22
“Professional service and quick response to my questions. Knowledge of company procedures.”
Stephanie C. Dec-21
“Cal and Becky were both incredibly helpful, both went above and beyond to make this process go as smooth as possible. Any questions no matter what day or time they were answered.”
Brian D. Sep-21
“Cal was extremely professional, responsive and kept me informed throughout the process. Once the loan went to the next phase, Becky was very helpful as well. This was the best loan experience to date. I have already mentioned to my family and friends!”
Richard C. Aug-21
“Words CANNOT describe how superb Cal Russel (my Mortgage Loan Originator) and Becky Stewart (my Certified Loan Processor) are as professionals who deliver top-notch world class service! They are both Rockstar's who are caring, passionate, and fought for me every step of the way while keeping professionalism and true spirit steering the HomeBridge Financial Services ship. Without Cal and Becky, I would have been lost amongst the big sea that is investment reality. They helped me close on another diamond in the rough, and I couldn't be happier! Looking forward to working with them again!”
Karen J. Jul-21
“I had Cal when I made the purchase of my home and the process went great. I had the same experience with my Refinance. I am glad I refinance with my original mortgage company.”
Dolapo O. Jul-21
“Cal I'd such a professional at what he does, timily in response and very detailed in his processes of obtaining all necessary information. Dealing with makes the process goes smoothly from conception to closing.”
Brian S. Apr-21
“Process was super smooth and Cal was always super easy to get a hold of and communicated proactively.”
Wayne W. Feb-21
“Cal, my boy. He is always down to business but doesn't forget you are a person. He takes care of business and informs you about your options. But always has time to ask about you and your family and have a pleasant conversation about whatever you want. You will never forget him.”
Bilon J. Dec-20
“Cal is great!”
Hawah B. Dec-20
“I just want to thank you to Homebridge giving a good interest rate. just keep on doing what you are doing. You're the best.”
Harkiran S. Dec-20
“This was the first home my husband and I were buying and we were quite apprehensive. Cal was awesome and would make an effort to follow up an email with a phone call to explain anything that was needed.”
Tierney B. Nov-20
“I can't say enough praises for Cal and the Homebridge team! Great experience is a hectic COVID time! If they didn't get us such an AMAZING rate I'd say we'd use them for refinancing and any other purchases!”
Andrey K. Oct-20
“This was a 5 star experience for me. Every email and phone call with Cal and Becky was very valuable in guiding me thru the process I know little about. I love the video messages. All the worries I had about getting a mortgage never materialized because I found the best in business right away. That is Cal and Becky with Homebridge. I feel very fortunate and no longer a rookie in the mortgage business realm. My expectations were shattered (exceeded) and I hope we can do this again when and if needed. Thank you.”
Kimberly S. Sep-20
“I had excellent experience. Everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner. There were some issues with the sell of my previous home that was handled by another company so I was able to compare and appreciate first hand the difference with working with Cal and HomeBridge. Thank you for making the purchase of my new home a smooth one.”
Gregory L. Sep-20
“Cal has been great - he is always available for a phone call for any questions I might have, and makes sure to follow through with answers on those questions on a timely basis. ”
Leon B. Aug-20
“Cal is a great guy and very knowledgeable about the product that best suited our needs. Becky was also very helpful when I had questions. Would use Homebridge again in the future and have also recommended to friends that are interested in home purchases or refinancing.”
Aaron W. Aug-20
“Cal is very knowledgeable. So glad we met and were able to work together.”
Brandon B. Jul-20
“Cal was awesome! Super helpful and responsive every single step. Cal is the man!!”
Brandon B. Jul-20
“Cal was awesome! Super helpful and responsive every single step. Cal is the man!!”
“Did a tremendous job in handling every aspect of the process; and a shout out to his assistant Becky she was great too!”
Thomas W. Oct-19
“Cal answered all my questions and was always available. His team also responded immediately when I needed more information. I genuinely felt that they cared about me.”
Sarah E. June-19
“Treated me like family answered all my questions and worked late odd hours around my schedule :)”
Brent S. December 2018
“Great services.”
Kimberly A. December 2018
“All parties above went above and beyond to make this process the most pleasant experience possible.”
James C. November 2018
“This is the second time we used them. We are satisfied with the service.”
Zachary B. October 2018
“Excellent service and response. Excellent communication.”
Zachary B. September 2018
“Excellent service and response. Excellent communication.”
Brett W. Aug-18
“Good care.”
Michele O. Aug-18
“Very helpful with everything.”
Robert G. Aug-18
“Because Cal and Becky are awesome!”
Senthil A. Aug-18
“Very good.”
Robert G. Aug-18
“Because Cal and Becky are awesome!”
Senthil A. Aug-18
“Very good.”
Brett W. Aug-18
“Good care.”
Michele O. Aug-18
“Very helpful with everything.”
Brett W. August 2018
“Good care.”
Michele O. August 2018
“Very helpful with everything.”
Robert G. August 2018
“Because Cal and Becky are awesome!”
Senthil A. August 2018
“Very good.”
Michele O. August 2018
“Very helpful with everything.”
Robert G. August 2018
“Because Cal and Becky are awesome!”
Senthil A. August 2018
“Very good.”
Brett W. August 2018
“Good care.”
Michael S. May 2018
“I was able to contact the lender with any question and they were very helpful.”
Julia N. May 2018
“The service was wonderful. Cal was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout everything.”
Amy A. April 2018
“The people at HomeBridge were very helpful in getting us to where we needed to be for settlement.”
Robert K. March 2018
“Thanks Cal!”
Joshua L. December 2017
“Cal is like family and the entire team at HomeBridge has been so helpful. Everything was made so easy.”
Jayne T. December 2017
“The process was clear and organized. Cal was always available, as was his team.”
Terry L. December 2017
“Good experience.”
Archit P. December 2017
“Cal and team was amazing throughout the process. So patient with us. Amazing and timely service.”
Scott W. November 2017
“Professional and knowledgeable.”
Paul A. November 2017
“Easy to work with. Honest and helpful.”
Caphtor M. October 2017
“HomeBridge Loan Originator Cal Russel was very great and supportive in helping me get my loan. ”
Aaron and Amia J. August 2017
“Cal was always available to assist! He was so honest and sincere and we loved working with him! You judge a company by what happens when things go wrong, when we had an issue HomeBridge was excellent!”
Thomas and Lisa R. June 2017
“Cal and his team answered all of our questions and worked very quickly! Cal even answered his cell phone after hours! We were very impressed!”
James M. June 2017
“Cal and Denise were incredible in helping with this entire process! Everyone that we dealt with at HomeBridge was easy to work with and very helpful! All is good!”
Mac and Michelle E. February 2017
“Cal Russell was extremely helpful and assisted us the entire time!  He was great to work with!”
Jackalyn B. January 2017
“Cal was always available and great with follow-up.  He answered every question that I had and was able to complete my loan within thirty days!  He walked me through the process and was always helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Zachary T. January 2017
“Cal and his entire team were very friendly and helpful throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James and Jennifer M. September 2016
“Cal and his team were very knowledgeable and fast!  They provided great customer service!”
Rachel and Mark S. August 2016
“Cal and his team were prompt, efficient and responded quickly to questions!  They were very detail oriented!  HomeBridge has a great renovation loan program!  Thank you!”
Steven P. August 2016
“Cal provided very timely service and good explanations of the mortgage process!  I enjoyed the ease of use of the website and the availability of the employees!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gerald and Susan S. May 2016
“We have had a very pleasant experience with Cal and his team!  They were very efficient, pleasant and communicative throughout this process!  We would certainly call on HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Lisa P. May 2016
“Everything went so well.  No complications.  Everyone involved helped with every aspect!”
Keith H. April 2016
“Cal has been a true professional.  This was a smooth and easy transaction for me!  Thanks!”
Scott and Kimberly W.
“Cal was fast, clear, honest and professional.  Everyone at HomeBridge was fantastic!  Amazing experience!”

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