About Brian Sacks

Brian Sacks is a nationally known mortgage and real-estate expert. Since 1985, he has closed over 5,325 mortgage transactions totaling over $1 Billion in production. Locally, Brian has been awarded the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors coveted affiliate of the year award. He has authored courses for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and has written for numerous industry publications. Brian has conducted classes for Realtors and Realtists in the Baltimore area for over 2 decades and has authored courses approved for Realtors and Realtists continuing credit accreditation. He has appeared on over 43 radio stations as a mortgage expert as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Comcast TV. He has also been featured in and written for the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal as well as the Daily Record as a mortgage financing and Real Estate expert. With each customer’s desires and goals as his top priority, Brian Sacks is ready to assist with all your home financing needs!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Steven S. Jul-20
“As I said earlier, the experience working with Brian was exemplary in every way! Brian is an unusually kind and nurturing person who guided us gently through a rather testing process. At every turn he was there to personally encourage us though we were required to submit a mountain of documentation, understandably.I would recommend Brian to any of my closest friends should they need a home loan.”
Andrew C. Jun-20
“Brian was extremely generous with his time and was genuinely available whenever we needed him. He was a trusted source of information on the home buying process which was much appreciated for this first time home buyer!”
Milton W. Jun-20
“Brian was amazing! His professionalism, knowledge, and patience absolutely put out mind at ease. He explained every step to the T.”
Luther W. Jun-20
“Only one thing to say...i could see his candor in his eyes. Thanks Brian for being FAMILY TO ME THROUGH THIS PROCESS...”
“Brian was top notch. Went above and beyond to answer all my questions with clear and concise answers. Very polite and responsive. Made it possible for us to get exactly what we wanted.”
“Mr. Sacks was very helpful and went through the process step by step with me. He and his team are awesome”
Danielle G. Sep-19
“Brians Sacks provided 5 star customer service. Brian is extremely personable, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to navigate me through my entire 2year process of obtaining my pre-approval letter to the day of close on my dream home!!!”
Richard M. November 2018
“Excellent customer service. Brian went above and beyond to make our first time buying experience great.”
Ryan S. November 2018
“Family friend.”
Steven S. October 2018
“Good job.”
Brandi D. October 2018
“Brian and his team did a great job!”
Vernon H. October 2018
“Customer friendly service.”
Ammanuel M. October 2018
“Good referral from India Whitlock. Brian was personable and gave good energy and communication throughout the process.”
Rhonda P. October 2018
“Loan process went smoothly and received regular updates.”
Linwood S. September 2018
“Very professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Vishal T. September 2018
“Very professional and quick to respond to queries.”
Derrick O. September 2018
“Very efficient, helpful and informative. Able to answer questions to get us through the process.”
Tyeast H. September 2018
“They helped me fix my credit and walked me through it. Made it possible for me to purchase my home.”
James R. Aug-18
“Always available for questions. Easy process.”
Shermeta R. Aug-18
“Brian was very friendly and knowledgeable.”
Chalouny S. Aug-18
“Brian was awesome, very attentive and explains everything to you about the process.”
James R. Aug-18
“Always available for questions. Easy process.”
Shermeta R. Aug-18
“Brian was very friendly and knowledgeable.”
Chalouny S. Aug-18
“Brian was awesome, very attentive and explains everything to you about the process.”
James R. August 2018
“Always available for questions. Easy process.”
Shermeta R. August 2018
“Brian was very friendly and knowledgeable.”
Chalouny S. August 2018
“Brian was awesome, very attentive and explains everything to you about the process.”
Chalouny S. August 2018
“Brian was awesome, very attentive and explains everything to you about the process.”
James R. August 2018
“Always available for questions. Easy process.”
Shermeta R. August 2018
“Brian was very friendly and knowledgeable.”
Foday B. June 2018
“Everybody there tried to make the process easier and hassle-free.”
Akia B. June 2018
“Very professional. Communicated well.”
Brian W. May 2018
“Brian was very easy to work with and thorough.”
Ralph L. May 2018
“He was very professional and kind.”
Justin H. April 2018
“Excellent service!”
Kim C. March 2018
“The quality of service, the accuracy and the customer service.”
Kieron A. March 2018
“Brian Sacks was awesome to work with. He has a great team and made sure everything was done at A+ level.”
Steven F. January 2018
“Brian Sacks is awesome however, his smile is better.”
Pecolia D. December 2017
“Brian was very attentive. Helped me to resolve my credit and extremely helpful. ”
John F. October 2017
“Great people to work with, very professional.”
Albert and Evette J. November 2016
“Brian and his entire team were very professional and detailed! The process was simplified and clarified from the beginning to the end!”
Kesha S. December 2016
“The customer service that Brian and his team provided was very pleasant and informative! They were also available to answer all of my many questions!”
Nakeisha R. August 2017
“My process was very smooth and fast! Brian and is team were extremely professional and helpful throughout this entire transaction! With such a positive and precise process, I would use this team again for any future purchases! I am extremely pleased and happy with my experience at HomeBridge!”
Bryant C. August 2017
“Brian was very nice, professional and he explained the process very well! Don't change a thing!”
Michael and Hilary B. August 2017
“Brian was very responsive, friendly and offered competitive rates! ”
Daniel L. and Anke I. August 2017
“The service was excellent! Brian was very helpful and responsive!”
Scott and Randi P. July 2017
“Brian provided good communication throughout and he made this a smooth process!”
Melissa F. July 2017
“Brian and his team made this experience awesome and the process easy!”
Elizabeth and Christopher A. June 2017
“Brian is very personable, knowledgeable and thorough! He made the process effortless!”
Lorraine C. July 2017
“I have never had a loan process go this smoothly! Brian communicated with me every step of the way and his optimism is what allowed me to make the decision to buy! Thank you!”
Alan L. June 2017
“Brian Sacks! Everything he said was true! I would definitely recommend him and HomeBridge to everyone! I already know that if I had a chance to deal with HomeBridge again I would in a heartbeat!”
Nahketah H. June 2017
“Brian provided excellent customer service and a quick closing! Thank you!”
Bankole J. May 2017
“Brian Sacks provided outstanding service!  He is a rock star!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Deborah E. December 2016
“Brian Sacks is the best!  I will definitely recommend him to family and friends due to this positive experience!”
Moshe and Adina M. May 2017
“Brian was a wonderful person to work with!  He was available for questions seemingly 24/7!  He was very patient with us as first time home buyers!  Thank you!”
Stuart A. and Michelle L. April 2017
“Brian provided excellent communication and an ease of follow through!  He is very friendly and professional!  Thank you!”
Stephen L. April 2017
“Brian and his team were very helpful in every way!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sean and Sarah D. April 2017
“Brian provided great service!  HomeBridge provided speedy service and is ranked with the best!  Perfect service!  Thank you!”
Brendan T. and Brenda N. March 2017
“Brian and his team responded quickly, were pleasant, knowledgeable, personable and a pleasure to work with!”
Brad K. March 2017
“Brian is very professional and a great person!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Paige H. December 2016
“Brian provided great service with his explanation of the process, attention to detail and availability to his clients!  We had a great, smooth experience at HomeBridge!”
Cynthia T. December 2016
“Brian always kept me in the loop with what was going on in the process.  He was very informative and aware of what was needed on a consistent basis!”
John E. February 2017
“Brian was very friendly and had a flexible schedule!  Keep up the good work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brandon and Teaira L. January 2017
“Brian Sacks is by far, the best lender representative I've ever met!  His responsiveness and attention to detail made a challenging process clear, understandable and reassuring!  As a businessman, time is expensive.  Brian ensured that my time spent on tasks related to the loan were kept to a minimum.  Such courtesy isn't common and is greatly appreciated!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cecilia B. January 2017
“Brian and Tina were extremely helpful throughout this entire process!  The knowledge and expertise of this company is very impressive.  They were quick to help us and kept us updated from start to finish!  They provided great communication and helpful explanations throughout the home buying process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Bernard H. January 2017
“Brian and his team were very professional and assisted us throughout the entire process!  As first time home buyers, we appreciated all of the information that they provided.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John D. January 2017
“Brian sat down with me and went over every little detail!  He made this process as easy as possible for me along the way.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Aiyeyimika and Janet F. January 2017
“Brian and his team provided customized, professional, personal service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Scot E. November 2016
“Brian and his team were very friendly and helpful! They provided personal service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cheryl F. October 2016
“Brian and his staff closed this loan during a very tight time frame.  They were very personable and always kept me informed with the status of the loan.  They reduced the amount of stress that could have arose.  This has been a pleasurable experience at HomeBridge!”
Phyllis P. October 2016
“Brian and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and informative throughout this process!  They explained the mortgage process to me very well!”
Roosevelt B. October 2016
“Brian and his staff kept me properly informed and up to date.  They were very polite and comfortable to work with!  I would return to HomeBridge again in the future because of their knowledge and expertise!  Thank you!”
Eunice O. August 2016
“Brian and his team were very responsive and pleasant to work with!  I would use HomeBridge again in the future because I am familiar with their services and they offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise!  Everything was great!”
Felicia F. August 2016
“HomeBridge has made this process extremely enjoyable!  My next home, I plan to call Brian again!  Thank you!”
Denia and Yossi B. August 2016
“Brian was very helpful and he made this process smooth and easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sang and Brittney O. August 2016
“Brian kept us informed throughout this entire process!  We could call him any time to get answers to all of our questions!”
Rebecca F. August 2016
“I had a great experience with Brian and his team!  Everything went smoothly throughout the process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Stephanie J. August 2016
“Brian was very responsive and friendly throughout this process!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
Corey and Jessica B. August 2016
“Brian and Tina were a pleasure to work with!  We very much valued all of Brian's knowledge and professionalism!”
Karen W. July 2016
“I had the best team of people working on my side and fighting to make sure this loan happened!  I am very happy with HomeBridge and could not have asked for a better company to work with!  Just perfect!  Thank you!”
Lakia S. July 2016
“Brian and his team were very helpful and understanding.  They were always available to answer any questions that I had and explained things clearly.  HomeBridge provided great customer service!  I will recommend to others!  Thank you!”
Terry and Sheila E. June 2016
“Brian has been very helpful, professional and kind!  We would like to work with HomeBridge again in the future!”
Danny and Denise S. September 2015
“Brian is the most friendly and helpful person that I have ever worked with!  He was very knowledgeable and informative throughout this process!  He was always available and kind!  We really enjoyed working with him!  Keep on doing what you are doing!  Thank you for all of your help!”
Antoinette B. June 2016
“Brian and his team assisted me in every way!  They were a great group of people to work with!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Hector and Janet A. October 2015
“Brian is an awesome and amazing human being!  He and his team were very helpful and professional.  We were very happy that our loan closed within 30 days!”
Norman G. October 2015
“Brian provided great customer service!  He was extremely patient and made everything easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John H. June 2016
“Brian was very helpful and informative!  The loan process was easy and smooth!”
Antonia F. May 2016
“Brian was so easy to work with and helpful throughout this transaction!  He provided such personal service!”
Patrick and Tiffany H. April 2016
“Brian was very informative, knowledgeable, trustworthy and he was always available when needed.”
Justin and Beatrice B. December 2015
“Brian always checked in with us throughout this process to make sure we were ok.  He is an excellent person!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John and Jacqueline C. December 2015
“Brian and his team were very knowledgeable, caring and sincere.  This has been a very informative process, I have learned a lot from this experience.  Awesome customer service!”
Rodney P. April 2016
“Brian was courteous and provided good communication at all times.  We had no issues and received such professional service!”
Karen G. Baltimore, Maryland
“Brian is the most professional and knowledgeable Loan Officer in the business. His ability to work with buyers makes the transaction easy! Once buyers meet with Brian they feel confident to move forward. Call Brian and you can be certain your clients will be his priority. He is the best!”

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